Roswell Dreams

I get to be Max!
As aliens invade Earth, I discover the truth about my past life.


Remembering the Past
Dream from 12/23/00

I was living in San Francisco. The evil aliens had openly come to earth and were preparing to attack. Their main ship was on the Golden Gate Bridge and the navy had them surrounded in the bay below. A woman came to me and told me that the aliens had taken her daughter. The child was prophesied as being a chosen one and the aliens had found out and taken her so they could control what was done with her. The woman said she heard that I was an alien too and she thought that I was the only one who could save her daughter.

I agreed to help her and we got in my car and drove toward the bridge. There was a lot of traffic because people were trying to get a look at the ship and they had parked all over the streets. I had to do some fancy driving to get around everybody, driving up on two wheels, and jumping over cars that were blocking the road. Finally we made it to the bridge but it was completely blocked off and the only way I could see to reach the ship was to jump the car onto it. I let the lady out of the car and drove it off the end of the bridge.

Suddenly I was inside the ship and it was huge. The interior was completely composed of a gray metal and the hallways went as far as I could see in all directions. I had no idea where to start looking for the girl so I just picked a hall. I searched corridor after corridor, room after room but I didn't see anyone. I kept walking and eventually I could hear voices faintly ahead.

I crept along, staying close to the wall, trying to hear what they were saying. I realized it was a war council and the aliens were talking about their plans.

One gruff voice spoke, “We are using the camoflage that the skin technology provides to infiltrate the warships and our teams are stealing all of the humans’ weapons, leaving them defenseless.”

I backed away from the room knowing that I had to get this information to the ships below but first I had to save the girl. There was no telling what the aliens might be able to do with her power.

I continued to search, encountering no one, and I thought that they must all be in another part of the ship preparing for the invasion. I tied to hurry but there were so many rooms. Finally I came across a small ship that was attached to the side of the main ship. I thought it would be a good place to hide when I finally found the girl, reasoning that the aliens wouldn’t think of looking there.

I kept searching empty halls and rooms, wondering where everyone was. It seemed like the ship went on forever but finally I came to a large central hall with a seven foot high, chain link fence running down both sides. I could hear a voice and I ducked behind part of the fence that was covered with wood, sheltering it from the main hall. I could see an alien in a helmet and a long flowing cape, walking up the hall, leading the little girl. Somehow I knew that it was the leader of the aliens.

He walked quickly and the small girl lagged behind but he called out harshly to her over his shoulder, “I will take care of you now and you will do what you are told.”

They passed close to the fence. I waited until he had passed and then I looked around the fence to get the child’s attention. She saw me immediately and I motioned for her to be quiet and to come to me. She walked closer to the fence and when she was on the other side I used my super speed to jump over the fence. I quickly picked her up and glanced down the hall, noting that the alien was still walking away and then I jumped back over.

The girl was not scared of me, she seemed to know I was there to help her. With her in my arms I ran back the way I came as quickly as I could. I knew it wouldn't be long before the alien missed her, although he would probably just think she was lost. Finally we made it to the other ship, without anyone seeing us, and I started to feel safe. I put the child down inside and I started to look around the small ship. It seemed very familiar to me, like I had been there before. I crossed to the control console and ran my hand over it and I suddenly got a flash of my former life.

My mother and father, the King and Queen, myself and Isabel as children, were boarding the same ship. It had been a royal transport. I quickly pulled my hand away from the console as the emotions rushed through me. The images were so clear. We had been so happy, so loved and it made me sad to think of how it all must have ended.

I sat down in the chair and I was hit with another rush of images. It was when I was twenty-five and my father brought Tess to live with us. She was five years old and the daughter of one of my father’s childhood friends, a nobleman with a lot of influence. Tess was an only child and her parents had died in an accident. My father had agreed to look after her until she came of age and could manage her estate herself. I remembered thinking of her as a little sister. I was a man learning how to govern my people and I did not have much time for a child but I would play with her and read to her when I got the chance.

My father died five years later and I was crowned king. I didn’t feel ready for all of the responsibility that was forced on me but I did my best. I wanted to be a good leader but there was dissent among the people and over time there it caused a rift in the kingdom. Tess' relatives were some of the loudest and most powerful and as the years passed they demanded to have control of her estate and her power. When she turned sixteen, my mother suggested that to consolidate the power and to heal the rift, I should marry Tess.

I remembered asking my mother how I could marry her when I thought of her almost as a daughter. I had raised her for the last five years not groomed her to become my wife.

My mother told me that sometimes royalty must do things they don't want to do for the greater good. I argued that Tess was too young to be married, especially to someone twenty years older than herself. But my advisors backed my mother and I was forced to marry the child for the sake of the kingdom.

Just then a rumble went through the ship, bringing me out of my memories, the alien ship was taking off. I thought they might have figured out that someone had taken the child and they didn’t want to risk us getting off the ship.

I looked around, trying to figure out how we were going to get off the ship. I risked touching the console again thinking that perhaps I would remember something useful and I immediately got another memory flash. My father was teaching a teenage Max how to control the ship, and it all started coming back to me, how the controls worked, where everything was, how to use the communicator.

The communicator! I suddenly realized I could send a message to the warships in the bay, warning them that they were being infiltrated. I sat down and quickly manipulated the controls sending a message on all known bands, hoping that one of them would reach the ships in time. But I also knew that the aliens would be able to intercept the message and probably track the source. I had to get us back to Earth.

As the aliens' ship left the atmosphere I detached the smaller ship from it. I allowed us to float for few minutes to put some distance between the ships and then I started the engines and piloted the ship back toward Earth. I was watching the alien ship closely for signs that they might have noticed us and we had just entered Earth's atmosphere when I saw them fire. A huge ball of blue-white energy headed toward us.

I didn’t know if the ship would be able to withstand the blast so I used my powers to erect a force field around the whole ship. It took a tremendous amount of my strength and when the blast hit the ship I was knocked to the floor, feeling as if every cell in my body had been fried. My first thought was for the safety of the child and I struggled to clear my vision to see if she was all right. She appeared to be fine but scared. I knew that I couldn’t withstand too many more of those blasts and I pushed the ship to it's highest speed, intending to hide in the clouds. I had to save the child for all our sakes.

Before we reached the clouds, I saw the alien ship fire again. This time, as I erected the shield, I used my powers to alter the course of the ship and the ball of energy passed by us as we slipped into the clouds. I knew that the aliens wouldn’t be able to find us now and I still had to get the child to a safe place and help the navy ships.

Suddenly I was a soldier on one of the navy ships in the bay and I received the message telling of the alien infiltrators on the ships. I relayed the message to the captain and he sent me and a few trusted men to check the weapons rooms around the ship. I ran down the corridor and burst in on seven people I didn't recognize attempting to lower a door in the rear of the ship. There was a small boat filled with weapons and they were trying to push it into the water. I was alone so I tried to play it cool and offered to help them push the boat. They looked suspicious but they accepted my help.

I waited until they were all busy pushing the boat and then I grabbed a gun and started shooting them as quickly as I could while diving for cover. I continued to shoot and I took down two or three aliens but there were just too many of them and I was running out of ammo. I didn't notice one of the aliens coming up behind me and he grabbed me. I tried to fight him off but he was much stronger than I and soon another alien grabbed me and took the gun. The alien leader smiled, “I congratulate you on putting up a good fight but it is all in vain.” He took a gun, put it to my head and fired.

I could see my body falling to the floor, then the aliens threw me out of the back of the ship and into the ocean. But I was not dead. I had been shot in the head but somehow all it had given me was a headache. I pretended to be dead, floating in the water, using my hands and feet to stay near the ship. Finally the aliens were able to get the boat into the water and they rowed for the shore that was just a few feet away. I stayed near the boat and noticed that the water was becoming more and more shallow and soon it was only a couple of feet deep.

As the boat pulled onto the shore and I noticed a table nearby that had a Maglight flashlight sitting on it. I waited until the aliens weren’t paying attention and I rushed to the table, grabbed the flashlight and started swinging with all of my might.

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