Roswell Dream Fragments

These are pieces of dreams or incomplete Roswell dreams that I remember.
Since most are very short, they are all on the same page.


Dream from 10/16/00

I will just chalk this one up to Roswell obsession or should I say Max obsession. In this dream I was myself.

Max and Michael and I had a class together in high school. I had a huge crush on Max and I kept looking at him in class. A couple of times I caught him looking at me and I was so excited. I thought he probably liked me too but he was just too shy to say anything.

The teacher paired Max and I together to write a report and I was so thrilled that I would get to work with Max. We started to get our materials together and Max was animatedly talking and interacting with me. I was so happy. But while Max and I were trying to work, Michael kept interrupting and saying stupid things. He obviously didn't want us to get together.


Dream from 11/20/00

I had this dream after I had watched Meet the Dupes for the first time. I was sick with a fever and I often have very strange dreams when I am sick. The only thing I can remember is Max shouting at Liz (me). This woke me up and as the dream ended I said, "You can't treat Liz that way, she saved you all."


Dream from 11/29/00

I had this dream after watching Max in the City. I thought it was sad for Max's mother that he missed Thanksgiving and he hadn't even given her an excuse. In this dream I was myself.

Max and Michael and I were preparing Thanksgiving at my grandmother's house. The living room was extended at least twenty feet past where it actually stops and there was an enormous table set up. Someone had starting putting together a jigsaw puzzle at one end.

Max and Michael were vacuuming the carpet in the living room. When they finished, Michael came into the kitchen where I was setting the table and asked if he could help with the salad. I started to reply but he freaked when he saw the salad dressing. He didn't like it and he didn't think that should even be on the table.


Dream from 12/15/00

I was in high school and living at my grandparent's house. My grandparents had died. In this dream I was myself.

Some people that were friends of my grandparents contacted my mother and asked if their daughter and her son could stay with us until they could find a house of their own. My mother agreed and the next day they came to the house. It was Max and his mother (a woman I had never seen).

Max and I felt that we knew each other immediately. I sat down on the couch, practically in his lap, so we could be in contact. We sat and talked for hours just glad to be close to one another.

The next day we went to school and I was glad to be the one to show him around the campus. We had a few classes together and instead of paying attention to the teacher, I took every opportunity to look at Max. It was as if I couldn't get enough of him. Several times I turned to catch him looking at me. He would smile and drop his gaze, embarrassed that I had caught him looking. But a warm feeling spread through me when I did catch him because I knew that he felt what I felt.

As we walked from one class to another, a flyer for a dance, on the wall caught our attention. We reached up at the same time to point out something and our hands brushed. I felt a jolt of electricity go through my arm and I quickly pulled my hand away. Max smiled and looked into my face, knowing the effect that he was having on me. I looked up into his face and we were lost just looking into each others' eyes. All sound and activity fell into the background and gradually faded away. We were the only two people on the face of the earth and nothing else mattered. He reached out and took my hand and I felt the electricity once again but I did not pull away. This is what I wanted and he wanted it too.

The real world came crashing down around us when the tardy bell rang. We both looked around and we were the only two people in the hall. We had been standing in the hall just looking into each others eyes for more than ten minutes, but it had seemed as is no time had passed at all. I was amazed that he could have that effect on me. He smiled and I smiled back, his expression said it all. This adventure was just beginning. We walked hand in hand down the hall.


Dream from 1/25/01

I had this dream after I watched To Serve & Protect for the first time. I was disappointed in the episode. I know it was only the first part in a four part series but it seemed so slow and the plot was ludicrous. There were too many coincidences and too much stupidity. I woke up after the dream in the middle of the night and I remembered most of it. I remember thinking that my dream would have been a more interesting episode than the one that aired. But when I woke up in the morning I could only remember the following. I was Liz.

Max and I were running through the forest at night holding hands. It was a dark and foggy night and the trail ahead was only lighted by the flashlights that we were carrying. Something bad was chasing us and I knew that it was trying to kill us. I was scared but I knew that Max would not let anything happen to us.


Dream from 2/9/01

I had this dream just after I had seen a spoiler picture on the internet for Viva Las Vegas. The picture was of Max and Michael in jail. I, along with all of my friends, were excited for the new episode and I was thinking and talking about it all that day. In this dream I was Liz.

Max and Michael and I were all in jail in a small town. The Sheriff was also the owner of the general store and the jail connected with the store. From the cell, we looked out into the store and the asiles were short enough to see to the other end. I don't remember why we were jail but we were all locked up in a cell together. We waited until it was night and we were alone Max and Michael decided to try out their powers. Max pushed his molecules apart so he could walk through the bars of the cell. Then he bent the bars so I could get out.

We heard the Sheriff coming and we didn't have time to get back into our cell so Max jumped into the next cell. The bars didn't go all the way to the ceiling so it was easier for him to get into that one and I hid behind the wall until the Sheriff left.

When it was quiet again we decided to get something to eat from the store. We let ourselves out of the cells and gathered some food. We were obviously in the desert but we didn't know what town we were in so we started to look around for some information. By the cash register I found some post cards with tourist attractions on them but we weren't sure if they were for the town we were in.

We discussed just leaving while we could but since we knew that someone was after us, we decided it might be safer to stay where we were. We played around in the store for a while until it started to get light and then we got back into the cell. The Sheriff and his wife came into the store and noticed that some of the inventory was missing and could not figure out what happened to it.

The Sheriff let us out the next evening and as we were leaving I bumped into something. I looked around but I couldn't see anything. Suddenly I heard a familiar giggle. It was Scooby Doo and he was materializing in front of my eyes. He had been invisible. The rest of the gang came around the side of the building and we decided to join forces to help solve a crime.

We searched the area outside and found a large machine that looked like a catapult and we went to investigate. Scooby came with Max and me and we started to climb the stairs up to the machine. Somehow Scooby and I got caught by the catapult and were thrown into the air. But we didn't come down, we just floated and Max had to use his powers to make sure we landed safely.


Dream from 2/12/01

In this dream I was Liz and myself at the same time.

I was on a flight and I was supposed to meet Max. He was flying from another city and we were going to meet at the airport where both our flights ended. My fight landed at the layover airport and we were informed that there would be a delay on taking off again. I waited on the plane, getting more and more worried because I though I would miss Max.

Finally it was announced that there was another fight going to the same destination if we wanted to take it instead. I debated for a few minutes about whether to take it or not. Looking around I saw a black lady wearing a leopard print dress.

She could tell that I was worried. "You should take that other flight," she said. "It will get you where you're going much faster."

I decided to go for it and I gathered my luggage.

Of course the flight was on the other side of the airport and it was leaving soon. I ran as far as I could but I got tired because I had a lot of luggage with me. The closer I got to the gate the more crowded the airport was. It seemed that everyone was taller than me and I could barely see where I was going. I followed the crowd the best I could and when it finally started thinning out I realized that I had taken a wrong turn somewhere. I had found the maintenance area somehow and I looked around to see if someone could give me directions but the place was suddenly empty.

As I turned to leave I had a vision of Max. He was thinking of me and he was anxious to be reunited. I felt happy but even more determined to get to the plane.

I backtracked to the turn where I went the wrong direction and hurried down the correct hall. It was as busy as before and I was having a hard time making my way through the people.

As I struggled through the crowds a man appeared in front of me. "Follow me. I'll get you to Max."

I didn't know who he was or how he knew about Max but something told me to trust him and I turned to follow him. He pushed though the crowd, shoving people aside to let me through until finally we reached the correct gate. The man indicated it with a sweep of his hand and then disappeared back into the crowd before I could thank him.

Suddenly the people were gone and there was no one present at the gate, not even an attendant, and I opened the door and walked out onto the tarmac. I couldn't see a plane and I started to walk around the side of the building to see if it was there, fearing that I had missed it. And there was Max. We just stood looking at each other for a minute not really believing we were together.

Then we ran to each other and embraced.

"Max, it's the strangest thing," I said and I told him about the delay and the new flight, including the lady on the plane and how the mysterious man led me to the gate.

Max shook his head incredious, "That's really weird. My flight was detoured here and I was told that this gate is where I would catch my connecting flight."

I smiled, "I was so afraid that I was going to miss you when the flight was delayed."

He smiled, "You shouldn't have worried because fate made sure we ended up together and it always would."


Dream from 2/18/01

I had this dream after the end of the Hybrid Chronicles and I was Liz.

Somehow the Ganderium had infected humans and many people were dying. Max and I were trying to stop the spread of the virus and we took sample we had gathered to a lab. There were all kinds of instruments and an assortment of beakers, test tubes and other glass wear and we took the samples and started doing tests.


Dream from 3/28/01

In this dream I was myself.

I was married to Max and we lived on a space station with his people. I began to suspect that some of the people were plotting against him. I didn't want to alarm him until I had proof, so I concocted a plan to gather information.

I had my cat on the space station with me and he was allowed free access to the ship. I decided I would take him to the offices and quarters of people whom I suspected and I would encourage him to go inside. The doors were all automatic and opened with movement so when the cat approached, the door would open and I would listen to any conversation inside. I reasoned that if I were caught poking around in unusual places I could use the excuse that I was looking for my cat.

I approached the office of some of the people that I suspected and gently urged the cat to go inside. He didn't need much encouragement. He knew there were people inside and that meant he would be petted. I heard the people inside talking but the conversation didn't mean anything to me. One of them exclaimed suddenly and I knew the cat had been spotted.

The man didn't seem to know what a cat was and I heard one of the others say, "It is nothing to worry about. It is the consort's pet cat." I waited a little longer and they began to speak of a plan to overthrow Max. I tried to get even closer to hear better what the plan was. I could see in through the crack between the door and the wall and I tried to see who was inside. I only recognized the man who was speaking but I could not remember who he was. I studied his face, making sure it was burned in my mind. Max's life could depend on it.

He started outlining the plan when someone came up the hall. I was forced to reveal myself to them, and I fell back on the plan of searching for the cat. They told me that he was there and I saw him, up on a filing cabinet just as he was about to relieve himself on some of their books.


Dream from 4/19/01

In this dream I was myself and Liz.

Max was in trouble and I had to help him. People were after him and Nasedo was looking for him. Nasedo was a bad guy and I was afraid of what Nasedo would do to Max If I didn't get to him first.

I somehow knew Max was hiding in a certain house and found him in the bathroom. I took him by the hand and told him we had to get out of there because Nasedo was coming.

He smiled, "Thanks for helping me against Nasedo. I just want you to be careful."

I touched his face, "Of course I'm helping you. I love you and we can get through this together."

He pulled me to him for a quick kiss and we headed out to find a hiding place.

Everywhere we went I could sense people following us. I could tell Nasedo was one of them and I was terrified of what would happen to us if he caught us.

We ran into a restaurant and thought that we could go out the back door but we took a wrong turn and ended up in a dead end alley.

But in the alley by the dumpsters, there was a mirror. I knew it was gateway and I used my powers to activate it hoping that we could escape through it. But the gateway didn't open as I expected it to and I had to quickly alter our appearance because I could sense that Nasedo was getting closer. We went back into the restaurant and sneaked around behind tables. I saw Nasedo come into the restaurant and we ducked. He walked toward the back, where we had been hiding and we ran out.


Dream from 5/21/01

In this dream I was myself.

I had just moved into a new town and for some reason my high school diploma didn't transfer there and I go back to high school to receive additional credits. It was about two weeks after school had started but I was not really worried about catching up. I was a college grad after all, how hard could high school be? I was actually looking forward to some of my classes.

I choose Trig and Chemistry, thinking that if I had passed them in college then the high school classes should be a snap. I noticed Max in my Trig class and I was surprised to see him there but thought that it would be a good opportunity to get to know him. I went to my Chemistry class and he came in and sat down beside me. The teacher assigned us as lab partners and handed us the assignment list for the next few weeks.

I glanced over the front of the sheet and noticed that they were all fairly simple experiments. Then I turned the paper over and noticed that it was full of reduction experiments. I was dumbfounded. I had done those types of experiments in college and they were hard. I really had not expected to see those types of problems in high school and I looked toward Max.

He seemed to share my shock but smiled, "Don't worry. We'll be able to figure them out together. I really good Math and if you need any help in trig I would be glad to help."


Dream from 6/2/01

In this dream I was myself.

It was winter and there was snow on the ground. Max and I were together and we needed a ride home. I looked back at the building that we were leaving. It was only a couple of stories tall and made of brick, it appeared to be a school but we had boxes of files like we were leaving work. It was night and very cold and we were anxious to get going.

We approached a horse-drawn carriage that we apparently owned and quickly piled the boxes in and climbed inside. I noticed that the horse was mechanical and no driver was needed, since we had both climbed in the back. Max put his arm around me and I settled closer to him trying to warm myself and simply wanting to be closer to him. The carriage was open and it was cold but being close to him was helping warm me. The carriage took off down the road without our having to navigate, it seemed to know where it was going. I was sure that I had never seen anything like it, but Max assured me it was safe. I was still somewhat apprehensive and I closely watched where it was taking us and making sure that it obeyed the laws.

We started down a steep hill with a traffic light at the bottom. The hill was long and we kept gaining speed until I was afraid that we were going too fast on the snowy road to stop in time. I yelled to Max as I tried to climb into the front seat to get to the controls. He grabbed me and pulled me back into the seat. He said that the machine could stop. I was still freaked but I believed him. The horse decelerated rapidly and was able to stop on a dime at the light. I leaned back, finally relaxing and let Max comfort me.


Dream from 6/5/01

In this dream I was myself.

I was at some kind of gathering in an auditorium at work, sitting on the front row in a chair that was elevated about four feet off the ground. Max worked with me and I had a crush on him. I watched as he came into the room and practically jumped out of my chair with joy when he took the seat next to me.

There was a stage and floor-to-ceiling curtains just like you would expect in an auditorium but one wall was gone and it opened up into the office. The cubicle rows started just a few feet from our chairs and a man was handing out mail. He came over to us and reached up, saying my name and handing me an envelope.

My first thought was that it was a mistake and I turned the envelope over to check the name. Max was curious and leaned over to see the envelope. I turned it to him so he could see my name printed on it. I wasn't expecting any mail and I was very curious to see what it was so I opened it immediately, even though I had some feeling that it might be inappropriate to do so. Max was leaning over, trying not to be too obvious but he wanted to see what was in it.

There were a lot of papers in the envelope and it took me a moment to realize what it was. It was a proposal for a novel I was writing that I had submitted to a publisher. When I saw what it was, my first instinct was to turn it away from Max to see what it said, thinking it must be bad news. But my action caused him to become more intrigued and he practically stood in his chair, trying to get a look over my shoulder, while still trying not to let me see what he was doing.

I sorted through the papers and was puzzled to see that all of my original paperwork had been returned to me. Then I found a slip of paper that the publisher had included, saying that I had sent the proposal to the old address. They had moved their offices and I should resubmit my proposal to that address.

I relaxed when I realized that it was not a rejection letter and I turned the contents toward Max. He settled back in his chair, glanced at the papers but obviously did not know what they were and looked at me for an explanation.

I was kind of embarrassed but I told him what it was and the mistake I had made.

He was a bit surprised that I had written a novel but he said that it was great that I had accomplished it and he wished me luck on getting it published.


Dream from 7/14/01

In this dream I was Liz and myself but it was really weird. It was like I was watching an episode of Roswell but I was in it at the same time. In the dream I was so excited to see a new Roswell episode and I had been looking forward to seeing it. But while I was watching it I kept thinking what a dumb episode it was.

I watched the episode as Pierce drove Isabel and Michael in an old beat-up pick-up truck to the dump. Somehow he had convinced them that he wasn't bad and he was trying to help them find some evidence from their homeworld. He stopped the truck in the dump and they got out and started to search.

Then I was in the episode and Max, Maria and I were suddenly at the dump too. There were huge piles of trash, smashed cars were stacked all around and the skeletons of buildings in various stages of decay were all around. It almost looked like a war zone more than a dump.

The three of us starting searching and then suddenly people starting shooting at us. We ran through the rubble looking for a place to hide, thinking that Pierce must have set us up. We rounded a corner and stopped because Pierce was standing there pointing a gun at us. We thought it was the end, but he shot someone behind us and I thought that maybe he had been telling the truth about being good.

Then I was out of the story, watching the episode as they continued to run, still looking for the artifact. I turned to my friend who was watching with me and I said what a dump episode it was.

Then I was in the episode again. All of us had found one another and ended up in a building that had it's roof blown off. There were piles of rubble everywhere, concrete and re-bar and we ran from room to room and the only thing we found was a mirror.

Pierce said it was a portal and if we could figure out how to activate it, we could get away.


Dream from 6/3/01

In this dream I was Liz and myself.

Khivar had brought a huge warship to Earth. Tess had taken the Granolith to him and he was very powerful. Michael, Maria, Isabel, Kyle, Max and I knew that we were the only ones who could stop him from conquering Earth.

Somehow we figured out how to use their technology to beam all of us on board. We arrived in a large room that seemed to be made of tan and maroon metal in a swirling, ornate pattern. It was beautiful but I immediately had a bad feeling. Part of the wall slid away to reveal a large throne, were Khivar was seated, with Nicholas on one side and Tess on the other and behind him stood a large number of troops.

Khivar laughed, "Did you really think it would be so easy? I activated the machine that brought you into this trap. You children would still be trying to figure out how to turn it on."

Max stepped forward, "What do you want Khivar?"

"All of you dead," Khivar bellowed.

We all ran for the door and got on some kind of dune buggy thing, that we rode through the hall. People were chasing us and shooting at us and somehow we lost the dune buggy and had to run.

Max and I got separated from the others and started searching the rooms for them. The hallways were cool because they were mostly made of a transparant material and you could see all of the stars outside. I thought it would be really romantic if we weren't running for our lives.

We opened one door and there was a giant plant thing, with a huge bulbous head and teeth, in the middle of the room.

Khivar stepped out from behind it and said that he would finally win and the end had come for us. The plant started snapping at us and Max put up a shield.

I tried to use my powers but I wasn't strong enough to do anything to Khivar.


Dream from 12/18/01

In this dream I was myself.

We were on a high school class trip. The school was taking us to an island, on which a small fishing community had turned into an upper-class weekend retreat and tourist trap. The only way on or off the island was a ferryboat that ran only when the sea was not too rough.

Most of the class were people that I didn't know but my two best friends were there as were Isabel and Max. I was dating Max.

We arrived on the island and started to walk around the shops. Soon Max and I had wandered away from everyone else and we decided to walk on the beach. It was so romantic. We walked hand in hand and watched the waves roll in while we made plans for the future. While we walked and talked we noticed that the water was getting rougher and the sky was becoming dark. We knew that a storm was coming in and we decided to go and find our friends and get back to the boat before the water became too rough to get back. We returned to the village but couldn't see anyone so we separated, promising each other to get off the island even if we didn't see each other on the ferry.

I searched for a long time and the weather became rougher and rougher but I finally found my friends. They were at the house of one of the prominent business people on the island. The house was only a few feet from the water but was protected by a concrete break water. The house had a balcony with floor-to-ceiling windows that overlooked the sea and I stood and watched the wind blowing the trees and the waves breaking over the beach and wondered if it wasn't already too late to leave. I hoped that Max was able to get off the island before now but I had a feeling he was still there. My friend and I decided to try to get to the boat and see if it was still running.

When we reached the ferry it was just about to leave with the last group of the day. We saw Isabel there but not Max and she said she hadn't been able to find him. I frantically searched the area for Max but I couldn't find him anywhere. I knew that he wouldn't leave Isabel behind but I asked the captain of the boat anyway and he didn't remember Max getting on the ferry. The Captain said he had waited as long as he could and finally I insisted that the others leave. They tried to get me to come with them but I wouldn't. I didn't know what had happened to Max but I wouldn't leave him there.

I watched the ferry pull away from the shore and huge waves crashed onto the beach. The storm was starting to look like a hurricane and I knew that I had to find Max quickly and get to shelter. I ran to the village and searched through the stores and streets but I still couldn't find him. The storm was getting worse and I finally had to admit that I needed shelter and hoped Max had found shelter already.

I had to pass the docks in order to get back to the beach house and then I finally saw him. He was standing at the docks watching the ferry that was almost out of sight. I ran to him, calling out. He turned, surprised to see me but quickly pulled me into an embrace.

"I don't know what happened to Isabel," he shouted over the wind.

"I made sure she got on the ferry," I shouted back.

"Why didn't you go?" he asked. "You promised."

I could tell that he was worried about me and upset that I had broken the promise and I tried to explain. "I couldn't leave without knowing what happened to you. I love you too much to just leave you here."

He smiled and kissed me hard.

I let myself lean into him and felt the warmth coming from him.

Finally he pulled back, "I was worried that you wouldn't make it off the island because we waited too long and when I saw the last ferry had left, I feared the worst. But I'm glad you stayed to find me."

The wind was blowing harder and harder and we knew that we had to get to the shelter. Hand in hand, we ran along the shore to the beach house. We finally made it and the owner welcomed us out of the storm. We walked into the room with the huge windows, just in time to see a gigantic wave crash across the breakwater and smash out the glass, flooding the whole room. We rushed to help block the windows with pieces of wood that were sitting nearby. The rain was pouring through the windows and the wind was blowing in all sorts of debris.

We went to find buckets and mops to help with the clean-up and when we returned, my friends and Isabel were there. The boat had been forced back to the island and they had just arrived.


Dream from 4/24/04

In this dream I was mostly Liz but there was a point where I became another person. And throughout the dream it was as if I were participating and watching at the same time so I knew things that Liz didn't.

And remember this is a dream and obviously my subconscious is a strange place.

Max and I were married and we lived in an old apartment complex. Each apartment was two stories and they all looked into a courtyard with a fountain in the middle. The faces of the buildings were covered with moss and ivy and there was a garden in the courtyard with a gray cobblestone path.

Isabel and her new husband had just moved into the complex too and we all really loved it there but Max and I knew Khivar was looking for us and we felt we all should move. We were worried that the apartment wasn't safe and we wanted to go somewhere else. And somehow we knew that Khivar was getting close.

Isabel and her husband loved the apartments though and didn't feel that we were in danger. Isabel's husband was especially adamant that we shouldn't leave and Max and I had more than one argument with them about it.

I suddenly became ill with a strange aliment and somehow Max knew what to do. He tied me in a large container filled with water so that just my head floated out. Then he put stacks of leather bound books into the water, piled up almost to the surface.

I remember floating in the water and crying because so many books had to be ruined to cure me. I could see some of the gold embossed titles under the surface, Wuthering Heights, Moby Dick, Pride and Prejudice. All the books were classics and obviously very expensive.

While I spent the time in the tank my dream self went into another character in the dream. There was a maid that worked in the complex and cleaned all of the apartments and I became her.

As the maid, I found myself outside of Isabel's apartment. I could see her and her husband inside and he had his hands on her head. Somehow I knew he was mind warping her and I figured out that he was Khivar. He had married Isabel and she hadn't figured out who he was until later but he kept mind warping her to do what he wanted. He didn't want us to move out of the apartment until his troops could get there.

Then I was back in Liz's body again and Max took me out of the tank, fully cured. My mom, or Liz's mom, came to visit and she told me about how she was a golf pro in her younger days and she wanted me to follow in her footsteps. I am not really a golf fan but I didn't want to let my mom down so I went golfing with her.

The first hole on the course was on top of a huge pillar of earth that rose hundreds of feet into the air. In the distance, we could see the flag, sticking out of the hole, also on another pillar of earth. My mom was explaining how to hit the ball and suddenly we saw some skin soldiers near the hole. My mom's golf club was suddenly a large gun and she put the ball inside and shot it at the skin, killing it. She acted as if nothing had happened though, and continued with her explanation of the golf swing.

Then I was with Max, having dinner at Isabel's apartment. Neither of us knew that Isabel's husband was Khivar and Max was really angry because Isabel wouldn't listen to him about moving. Khivar took Max aside and mind warped him, telling him I didn't want to move and suddenly Max turned on me.

Max shoved me into the kitchen and pushed me against the counter. He grabbed a potato masher and pressed it against my face as he questioned me. He said he thought I had been mind warped when I was in the tank because suddenly I had changed my mind about moving.

I told him I hadn't changed my mind. I still wanted to leave.

Khivar pulled Max off of me and made sure I was okay and Max lost it. He grabbed a knife and lunged at Khivar.

I thought he was going to kill him and I tried to do something but I couldn't move so I screamed. I startled Max and he missed but nicked Khivar's forehead, causing blood to run down his face.

A cop came running in and got between Max and Khivar and told Max to calm down.

But Max was still angry and he grabbed my arm and started pulling me out of the room. But he turned back and yelled at the cop, "No way Tchaikovsky."


First Part - I don't remember the date but it was at least six months before

I remember being in a school gym and there was some kind of craft project going on. I remember being on a plane and it crashed and Alex died.

Second Part - 4/31/04

I was Liz and myself.

My friend Jenn and I were in a car and it was bad weather. We stopped at a cafe and ordered food and I noticed Sheriff Valenti at the next table. At first I didn't recognize him and I was trying to remember who he was.

Then Max and Isabel joined us and I realized who the Sheriff was and why he was there. He was undercover, meeting us there to talk about Alex's death.

The Sheriff leaned over and whispered, "I been investigating and I've found evidence that Alex's death was not an accident. There were a lot of suspicious circumstances including the presence of a woman who worked for a big company. I think that company is covering up what really happened."

I had a brief flash of the woman he was talking about. A beautiful woman with dark hair, pulled back, wearing a beige suite.

The Sheriff looked around to see if anyone was watching, "At the company I also found evidence of blue and red cups."

Alex appeared next to me as a ghost and spoke to me, "There were blue cups on my plane."

We all got up to leave and walked outside. The wind was blowing hard and the tall flowers near the sidewalk were bent almost to the ground.

I felt something on my head. I thought it was some flowers that had been blown into my hair and I reached up but I didn"t feel anything and then a woman"s voice spoke in my mind.

"Alex isn't dead. The company took him and used the explosion to cover up his disappearance."

I had never heard the voice before but I knew it was the Granolith.


Dream from 3/14/05

This was a very bizarre dream. I wasn't in it at all, it was like I was watching an episode of Roswell. I even remember thinking a couple of times how great it was to have new episodes, even if they were totally strange. I also remember thinking how much the episode reminded me of Twin Peaks. I expected at any minute for a dwarf to come out and start dancing with a handful of creamed corn, quoting poetry.
"One chance out between two worlds. Fire walk with me."
Sorry, Twin Peaks reference.

Isabel, Michael, and Max were in the basement of their house. They were talking about something and they noticed that there was a huge cabinet in the corner that had never been there before. All of the drawers were see-through plastic and it was filled with office supplies; pens, highlighters, white out, etc. Max opened a drawer that was full markers and got a flash that his father had assembled the cabinet while in a trance.

He turned to Michael and Isabel. "They chose our parents and put us here," He pointed to Isabel, "And you were sent here to make it more normal for me."

Suddenly they heard a rustling in the corner. Isabel rushed over to see, and Michael and Max were right behind her, saying to be careful.

But Isabel wasn't scared, she knew what it was. A small ball of dust, with arms and legs came out of a pile of trash. (After the dream, I remembered that I had another dream a while ago, where Isabel accidently made two balls of dust come to life. One was small and sometimes took the form of a little girl. It was named Bodie. The other was larger and sometimes took the form of a man. It was named Twist. They could communicate telepathically with her. And yeah I stopped wondering where my mind comes up with this stuff a long time ago.)

Isabel, Max and Michael watched as Bodie and Twist came out of the trash, and Isabel bent down to see them. Then a huge ball of dust came out. It was in the shape of a collie dog and it's name was Fluffy. It started growling at Max and Michael and they backed up.

I remember thinking that the dog wasn't a dust creature at all, I thought it was a shape shifter.

Bodie changed into a little girl, made of dust, and Twist changed into a man. He started to pull off his pants, also made of dust.

Max shook his head. "This is getting really distrubing."

But before Twist could get his pants down all the way, Bodie's mouth opened really wide and she bit off Twist's head.

Then the dream changed. Isabel was at the Prom, stag, but she was excited to be there because Max and Tess were going together and she thought that someone deserved to be happy.

But then she found Tess, obviously depressed. Tess said that Max had dumped her.

Isabel tried to cheer her up by taking her to this room, that looked like a wedding reception had taken place there, twenty years ago. It had tables with food and a wedding cake, and there were streamers and flowers, but everything was old and covered with a thick layer of dust. (No I haven't recently read Great Expectations.)

Tess and Isabel sat down and Tess asked what they were doing.

Isabel said something about, that's what girls do, they talk and bond.

Tess rolled her eyes and left.

Isabel went to find Max and he was in his room.

Max told her he had broken up with Tess because it was making him so sad not being with Liz.

Isabel tried to comfort him. She said, "I know you're wife is out there somewhere."

As she spoke, the view of the dream changed, focusing on a strange looking bookend sitting on Max's table. It was made of wood and had a small bump on the side.

The view of the camera went into the bookend and then out of another, and the angle panned out. Isabel's voice continued, projecting from the bookend, "It could even be Liz."

I remember thinking that the other bookend was going to be in Liz's room but it wasn't.

It was in some guy's bedroom and he was talking on the phone. He heard Isabel saying, "I know you're wife is out there somewhere, and he said into the phone, "Just a minute." He looked around trying to figure out where the sound was coming from and heard. "It could even be Liz."

The dream changed again. Max was so upset about Liz that he had gone for a walk and somehow ended up in a school gym where a basketball game was being played. The audience was mostly children who were about 12 years old.

Max sat in among them, still in his tux and started crying. But he was effecting the people around him as he did. Some of them starting crying hysterically, some had visions.

Liz came in looking for Max. She went through the crowd, touching each person who had been effected, releasing them from Max's power.

Liz went to a little girl who was crying and touched her shoulder. The girl turned to her. She'd had a vision of a boy who liked her, and she hadn't realized. She looked at Liz. "He looks at me and cries."

Liz nodded. "Remember it. It is very special."

She was about to move on when the girl stopped her and said, "Nasedo is with the ship."

Liz went to Max and told him. They got the cops, (don't ask me why), and drove to the woods and started to look for the ship.

The got seperated from the cops and the dust collie dog Fluffy was there, and starting barking and growling at Liz.

Max pushed Liz aside to save her from the dog and yelled get down.

Liz dropped to the ground and somehow was suddenly naked.

Max threw himself on Liz to protect her and the dog disapperared. But being on top of Liz's naked body was driving him wild and he pulled off his pants and they started having sex.

The view panned away from them and there were two other men who looked like Max watching them. One was completely naked, doing sit-ups. He had very corded muscles, like they were ropes, moving under his skin. His skin was a really dark grey and bumpy and oily looking, like he was made of sand soaked with oil.

The other Max was also a dark grey but his whole body was made of the same type of muscles. He looked like his whole body was a bunch of straining corded muscled, even his face, giving the impression that he was very angry.

The second Max knealt over the first one and grabbed his penis and yanked at it. And after a few pulls it came off. There was an opening underneath and a hand came out, with a black chain wrapped around it, and shook the other Max's hand.

Then my freaking alarm went off.
No, I am not on drugs.


Dream from 1/23/11

This dream was like I was watching an episode of Roswell.
I don't remember all of it and it started in the middle

Liz was somehow lured to a kind of warehouse or lab that had an attached greenhouse. She was suspicious and walked slowly through the place, looking for the person who brought her there, and she is grabbed by someone.

She was drugged and locked in the greenhouse and can't get out. She overhears the people who took her saying something about it is the only way, and they all have to die.

Liz tries to contact Max through their bond, even though she has no idea if it will work. She concentrates on him, and repeats his name over and over, but doesn't know if she is getting through to him.

Max does hear her and is led to the building where she is being held. He searches through the rooms, but can't find Liz. Liz can see Max through a two-way mirror and yells for him, but he can't hear her.

Liz is panicking because she can see a bomb in the room with her that is counting down. She is screaming for Max as she gets more and more scared and has an out of body experience, similar to the one in 'Max in the City.'

She is floating in the air above Max and sees him running around, looking for her everywhere, but he can't see her. She is begging him to save her before it is too late, but he doesn't see or hear her. She tries anything she can think of to get his attention, yells, waves, but she is still floating up high and can't make herself go lower.

Even though she is floating above Max, she can still see the bomb in the room where her body is, and as the numbers get lower and lower she is freaking out. Instead of yelling for Max to save her, she thinks it is too late and starts screaming for Max to get out of the building, but he still can't hear.


Dream from 4/25/20

This is a continuation of a dream a had maybe a year or two ago but didn't remember until I woke up from this dream.
So sorry it is so vague and all over the place but it was cool when I was dreaming it.
It could be the basis of an intresting fanfic if I could pull all the pieces together.

First Dream
I still don't remember much of the first dream other than Liz left Roswell and of course Max went looking for her. The dream switched prespective to Isabel who started an investigation that either led her to an old teacher or she was investigating the old teacher for some reason. I don't remember which but she was looking for one of her old teachers.
Then switched to Jim who was also investigating something else I can't remember.
Then switched to Kyle who went looking for Isabel, and he was with two people but I can't remember who they were.

I remember that Max was going to the same places that Liz did but would find out she had already left. Somehow he finally found Liz and she told him that she had left because people were after her and she was afraid they were alien hunters who would find Max and the others. Max tells her that he will stay with her and they can run and fight together.

New Dream
This dream changed prespectives between the people like the last dream did.
The parts are in the order I dreamed them.

Isabel -
She finally found the teacher's house. It was in a condo complex on a piece of land that had a river on two sides. You could get to it by land and there was a small footbridge that connected to it accross the river. The condos attached to another unit, like a duplex, and there were at least three rows of them with several units in each row. Each condo had a side door as well as a front door. Isabel went to the side door. No one answered her knock, but the door was open so she went inside, calling out the teacher's name. It was a nice place with lots of light coming in from the windows but the furniture and other stuff was gone and the place was empty. It looked like the teacher had just moved out.

She entered the kitchen and went down an L-shaped hall into the living room where the front door was. It was also empty except here was a small corkboard mounted on the wall near the door with a piece of white paper with writing pinned to it.

Isabel started to go toward it but heard noises back the way she came. She carefully looked and saw at least 6 men who were wearing identican men in black suits, but they looked a bit weird. Their suits were out of style like they had just come out of the 50s or 60s and they were all wearing hats that were typical of that time period.

As they came through the door one turned toward where Isabel was and she caught a glimpse of glowing red eyes. There were defineately not human and she thought maybe they were aliens or even possibly robots. She wasn't sure if they saw her or not and quickly went back through the hall to the living room and used her powers to put up more walls in the hall to seal it off. She grabbed the paper from the corkboard and went to the door. The doorbell rang just as she got there. Peering through the peephole she could see that it was a young, nicely-dressed couple. She opened the door and said 'Hi', trying not to freak them out, and get past them when there was a huge crash behind her. The men in black had punched through at least one wall. Isabel just pushed past the people and started running, but she saw some more men in black and automatically changed directions. She quickly realized that she had gone the wrong way and was headed toward the river and there was no way out, becuase the bridge was on the other side. She hoped she could take a boat, but there were none, so she dived into the water. She then saw that there were men in black everywhere and they had spotted her but lost her when she went around the side of a condo and jumped in.

She stayed underwater, but used her powers to propell herself just under the surface face up so she could see the men and what they were doing. She also was able to go incredible fast and soon went under the footbridge and thought she might be safe but saw another man in black underneath the bridge somehow clinging onto the bottom and pacing back and forth upside down looking for her. She thought for a moment he saw her underwater but she dove lower and created some bubbles and he looked away. She had gotten away, but she had no idea who they were or what they were after. Where they investigating the same thing she was or were they after her?

Jim -
Still don't remember what he was investigating, but he was in a small dingy room with dingy furniture. A desk in the corner had some papers on it and there was a corkboard on the wall behind it with a lot of different sized and colored papers with info on them.

He had what looked like a rolled up magazine, but it was a camaflaged tool that scanned information when you looked through it at papers or photos. (Don't ask me. It was dream. No idea where he got this thing. I had the impression that it was either military or alien technology. Just reporting the facts lol.) He used it to quickly scan all of the papers, hoping he had finally come across something useful.

Kyle -
I don't remember what Kyle and his group was doing, but they were joking around, being the comedy relief as they were searching. I remember them being at a gas station/convenience store kinda in the middle of nowhere, and then they were suddenly at the condo where Isabel had been.
They came upon the teachers house just after Isabel had fled. They saw the men in black searching around and backed off, going the way they had come, which was also the direction Isabel had been going, so I had the impression that they would meet up.

Max and Liz -
I had the impression that Max had just found Liz and they'd had spent the night together. It was now morning and Liz woke him early, telling him they need to leave. I believe that she thought someone was coming for them.
Liz was living in an appartment complex but she had rented several units and would stay in different ones to try to confuse anyone who was coming after her. They left the appartment they had stayed the night in and went to another one. Liz grabbed a grocery bag and started stuffing things into it, papers and a computer, saying she was packing the necessities so they could go.

As she was doing that Max was looking around at the few things she had. There was hardly anything in the place but on a small bookshelf there were a few books and a couple of knick-knacks. He thought about how lonely and scared she must have been and how depressing it was to live like that. He grabbed another bag and put in her books and the knick-knacks into it, thinking that they had probably brought her comfort and she would at least have a couple of familiar things.

And sorry but that is the end.

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