Roswell Dreams

Buffy and Roswell! – it dosen’t get any better than that

It should be noted that I had been watching a lot of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Roswell.
In this dream I was Liz and myself.


Buffy - Roswell X-over

Dream from 12/20/00

My mom and I were living together in this gigantic monstrosity of a house. It was vaguely U-shaped, gothic and constructed of gray stone. There were three floors and a basement. A covered balcony encircled the second floor and looked down into the courtyard that the house surrounded on three sides.

The yard itself was full of flowers, plants and trees of all kinds with a slowly flowing, moss covered fountain that poured into a stagnant, algae-infested pond. On one side of the house, nearest the woods, there was an old graveyard with tombs and a hangman tree. It was near a lake and was often foggy at night because of it.

The house itself was very large, each room with twenty foot ceilings. The entry hall had a giant curved staircase made of the same stone as the facade. There were wine cellars and subterranean storage beneath the house with so many winding passages it was like a maze. Of course this was one of the last places that we explored with so many rooms to get to.

We had recently moved into the house and it still had all the possessions from the previous owners. Everything was in good condition and we were slowing working our way through the contents of the house to see what we wanted to keep.

The first few nights that we were in the house everything was quiet, but after that we started hearing noises that sounded like people were in the house at night. Each time I would get up and start following the noises, I lost them in the house. I would leave my bedroom, follow the sounds down the main staircase and into the front hall but I could never figure out where they went after that. So I decided to wait in another part of the house, closer to where I thought the noises were originating.

The next night I hid above the main staircase and saw the people come into the main hall. I followed them down into the wine cellar and through the maze and into a large candlelit chamber far in the back. They gathered in the room and I hid outside to get a good look. I noticed that the room was carved out of the rock and it had a dirt floor. There were no furnishing at all, only an alter of sorts near the back. I studied the people and realized they were vampires and it looked as if they had been living there for a while. I wondered why they hadn’t come into the house after us and I realized t that they had not been invited into the main part of the house.

I sneaked out of the basement and went to mom so we could devise a plan to get rid of the vampire. We didn’t want to confront them directly and so we began setting traps for them, experimenting with different kinds of chemicals, metals and weapons. We finally found a mixture of chemicals that seemed to work very well in killing them, bleach and mercury with some other stuff. And over the next few weeks we succeeded in killing most of them.

One day I returned from the store with some more ingredients for our chemical mixture and I saw a muscular man with his shirt off, digging in the courtyard. He had his back to me and my first impression was that he was a total babe but I wondered what he was doing in our garden. “What are you doing here?”

He turned and I recognized him immediately, it was Max Evans. Somehow I immediately knew him and I knew he was an alien but I also knew he didn’t want people to know so I didn’t say anything to him.

He smiled, “I was looking for work and your mom hired me to be a gardener-slash-handyman to help out around the house.”

I was glad and disappointed. After all he is a babe and I wanted him to stay but I also didn't want him to find out about the vampires or get hurt.

I didn’t know if he would believe me but decided to warn him about the vampires and he could make up his own mind whether he wanted to stay or not. “Don’t get me wrong, I am glad to have help around here but you might not want to stay.”

“Why not?” he asked.

“Well, you’ll probably think I’m crazy but there are a large number of vampires living in the catacombs and I it isn’t really safe here.”

He smiled again, “I already know. I’m kind of a free-lance vampire hunter. I travel around tracking vampires and killing them.”

It was my turn to smile. He wouldn’t be leaving after all. “My mom and I have developed a mixture of chemicals that we’ve been using to kill the vampires. It’s been really successful.” I held out the bag, “Here are the ingredients.”

He look into the bag, intrugued, “I’ve never heard of anything like this. I can’t believe you just figured it out.”

“We’ve had a lot of practice. There seems to be a never-ending supply of vampires here. I’m glad that you’re here to help but I think we should keep my mom in the dark. I don’t know how she will react to a professional vampire killer.”

We agreed to work together to get rid of the rest of the vampires. We were together almost constantly. By day we were shopping and setting traps and at night were staking out various locations and watching each-others backs. It was somewhat scary work but I felt exhilarated, alive and I was very attracted to Max and I thought he was attracted to me too. Sometimes I would catch him looking at me and he would always stay close to me, to protect me, but romantically, he annoyingly kept his distance. I wondered why he stayed away from me but I thought maybe I was just imagining his feelings, because that was what I wanted.

Over the next few days we were able to eliminate all but one of the vampires. We tried to get him a couple of times over the next week but he seemed to have left and we decided to go into the basement to check. We went down during the day in case we had to escape quickly. There was electric lighting, bare bulbs on a strung on a single wire, but we also took torches with us, along with the usual supplies of stakes, weapons and holy water.

We slowly walked through the passageways keeping careful watch. I knew the way to the lair but Max insisted on going first. The hall were damp and the closer we got to the room, the more anxious I was becoming. The last vampire had to be smart to avoid the traps that we had laid for him and I was starting to wonder if maybe this was a trap he was setting for us. “Max,” I whispered, “what if this is a trap?”

He stopped and whispered over his shoulder, “I was wondering the same thing. I want you to go back and wait outside.”

I shook my head, disappointed, “There is no way I’m going to leave you here alone. We have a better change with two of us than you would alone.”

Max just smiled and nodded, “Okay.”

We continued down the hall, finally reaching the lair but we could tell almost immediately that it was empty. We searched the whole place anyway and were quickly satisfied no one was there. Then we doused the whole place in gas and set it on fire. While it was burning, we waited to make sure the fire didn’t get out of control and we speculated as to where the other vampire could have gone. We decided to steak out the graveyard that evening, thinking he was hiding in one of the tombs. When the fire went out, we spread holy water over everything to discourage the loner from returning.

While it was still light, we decided to search the rest of the house just to make sure that the last vampire wasn’t hiding in one of the rooms. We searched through every room, in each chest, wardrobe and closet that would be large enough for someone to hide in.

As I turned to leave one room, I slipped and fell right into Max's arms.

"Are you okay?", he asked.

I had put out my arms instinctively to catch myself and now they were resting on Max’s chest. I looked into his face and said breathlessly, "Yeah, thanks for catching me." I could feel his strength as he held me and I thought for a moment he was going to kiss me but he gently set me back on my feet and released me.

The moment was broken and we still had work to do. There were more rooms that we had to search and it was slow going. I kept glancing at Max when I thought he wasn't looking but he caught me a few times and just smiled. We spent a good part of the day searching the rooms but we didn’t find anything.

We decided to get some sleep since we would be up all night. When it was getting dark, Max came to my room to get me and I quickly gathered my gear.

I turned to leave but Max blocked my exit, “Are you scared?”

I shook my head, instantly angry, “There is no way I am going to let you go out there by yourself. We’ve already discussed this, two have a better chance of survival than one alone.”

Max just looked at me for a minute and then he pulled me to him and kissed me.

I was surprised at first but then I started to kiss him back and it was wonderful, everything I had imagined and more.

Max broke the kiss and apologized, “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have done that.”

“I’m not sorry, Max,” I said softly. I was a little confused by his apology and I waited for him to say something.

He suddenly seemed nervous. “I want to tell you something about me but I am afraid that it will change the way you think about me. I know I can trust you because you are concerned about my safety. I haven’t lied to you, everything I have said is true. I am a vampire hunter and I travel around but I left out a pretty important detail.”

He motioned for me to sit on the bed and I did. He took a deep breath, “I am an alien.”

I don't know what kind of reaction he was expecting but I just said, “I know. Somehow I knew the first time I saw you.”

He didn't question how I knew he just asked, "And it doesn't bother you."

I shook my head, “No, I thought it was interesting and I hoped that one day he would bring it up so we could talk about it.”

He smiled, “So what do you want to know?”

“Do you have any powers?”

Max nodded, “I have a force field, I can I manipulate molecular structure and I have super speed that I can use in short bursts.”

“Those talents could come in handy when fighting vampires,” I said.

He laughed.

I smiled but dreaded my next question. “With powers like those, maybe you don’t need or want my help.”

He sat down on the bed and took me into his arms. “I have been hunting vampires for a long time on my own and it’s nice to have someone to talk to about things and have a partner to help me. It ‘s been a lonely life having two big secrets and I am happier now than I can ever remember being. That’s why I’ve been hold back from you so we could take the time to get to know each other and discover what we really feel.”

We went out into the graveyard and searched it thoroughly but we didn't find anything so we decided to stay and see if the vampire would come back. Max chose a spot by a tree that he thought would be more easily defended. We talked softly, waiting for any activity, trying to stay vigilant and awake. As the hours passed the fog started to roll in from the lake and it grew colder and colder. It was very eerie but beautiful as the moon shone down onto the fog. I didn’t complain but Max could see that I was getting cold and he put his arm around me and pulled me to him. I could feel his warmth seeping into me and I leaned closer to him. It felt so good to be there with him.

As the first rays of the sun started to light the sky, we knew that the vampire wouldn’t make an appearance. I started to relax for the first time since we left the house and I stood up to stretch.

Max stood watching me for a minute, then he came toward me, slipped his arms around my waist and pulled me into a kiss. I was surprised but I kissed him back. It felt good being in his arms again and I could feel electricity running all through my body. He finally released me and we stood with our heads together just breathing each other in. I backed up to lean against the tree, not sure if my legs would continue to support me after the kiss. He followed me and placed his hands on the tree on either side of my head and he leaned in for another kiss. This time I was ready for him and I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled him closer to me. When we were both breathless he broke the kiss and just leaned into me.

We stood like that for a long time but we had work to do and we had to work out a plan. The last vampire was still out there somewhere. We knew that we had to find him or he would just make more vampires and we would be in danger from them.

“I know of a flea market,” Max said, “that operated on Saturdays and Sundays where we could possibly get the information about where the vampire is living.”

We were both exhausted from staying up all night and we decided to sleep for a few hours and then go to the market together.

In the car driving to the flea market Max told me what he knew. “There is a vampire, that I know that often comes to theses markets and I’m sure that for the right price, he will tell us what we want to know.”

“Is it safe going to a vampire for info?”

“It’s safe,” he assured me. “This vampire can’t hurt humans. He’s been altered by the government and always needs money to buy blood so he’ll give us the info that we want.”

Max parked the car and we got out. I started toward the booths but Max stopped me. “This flea market is not the typical kind of place. It specializes in items for practitioners of magic and the occult. There can be dangerous characters around and it would be safer if you stay close to me so I can protect you if I have to.”

I nodded and he took my hand and we started through the aisles of booths. “The vampire lives in a trailer that’s always parked near the back.”

As we walked, I noticed all sorts of magical objects, talismans and other unique items for sale. It was truly a different kind of flea market than I was used to.

We walked around the corner of a booth and a large demon was standing directly in our path. Max immediately stopped and pushed me behind him as he addressed the demon, "Lothos."

The demon snarled, "Max Evans. I was beginning to think that I would never see you again and I so wanted to pay you back for killing my brother." His gaze wandered over to me and he smiled. "Or perhaps I should just take your woman." He beckoned and two other demons came out of the shadows.

Max backed me into a booth and stood between me and our attackers. The demons started foward and I desperately tried to think of something to do. Max couldn't fight all of the demons and try to protect me.

The first demon came close, Max kicked him and he fell back as the next one came forward. Max ran toward him and slammed into him, trying to shove him away from us but he only pushed the demon a few feet. Then Lothos came forward and grabbed for me and Max dove at him, knocking him through the next booth. The other two demons got up and rushed us together. Max raised his hand and used his powers, sending them flying through the air. They hit the ground twenty feet away, got up and ran away. Lothos was struggling to get up out of the rubble when a scythe was suddenly shoved through his chest from behind. As he collapsed onto the ground, someone completely covered with a black hood and cape was revealed behind him.

I ran to Max and he walked toward the hooded man, pulling me behind him.

The hooded man was cloaked in the shadows but he lit a cigarette and pushed the hood back to reveal short blond hair. It was Spike, the vampire that we had come searching for. He took a drag from the ciragarette, "Well if it isn’t Max Evans." He motioned toward Lothos’ body on the ground, "It looks like you owe me one." He glanced at me and back at Max, nodding in my direction, "Who is this?"

Max stepped back, putting his arm around my shoulders, "This is Liz, and she’s with me."

Spike looked at me and said, "Okay, I was just asking." He took another puff from his cigarette. "So did you come here for a reason or are you just slumming?"

Max stepped forward and lowered his voice, "I’m looking for some information." He glanced around to see if anyone was close. "But maybe it would be better if we didn't discuss it out in the open."

"Right," Spike said, "my place is just over here."

We walked to his trailer that was parked a few feet away and he let us in. I looked around, curious about what a vampire's trailer would have in it but I was somewhat disappointed. It had a couch and TV just like any other trailer I had seen, no coffin, no pentagrams.

Spike motioned for us to sit on the couch and he took a recliner opposite. Max explained about the vampires that had been living in our house and how we had killed all but one. He said that we were looking for the last vampire and we hoped to find him before he brought back reinforcements.

"I haven't heard anything about this." Spike said. "I can do some asking around if you like," he leaned forward grinning, "but it will cost you Evans."

On the way home Max and I decided that we had better stock up on supplies just in case the vampires attacked tonight. When we arrived home we set up an arsenal in the room with access to the basement, figuring the vampire would be likely to go through that room to enter the house. The room used to be some kind of chapel and rose at least forty feet to the ceiling. It had stained glass windows and many of the pews were still standing around the alter but piles of rubble and layers of dust attested to years of disuse. We had gallons of the chemical mixture and holy water in large drums stacked near the back wall, along with a cache of stakes and crossbows. We worked until dark filling balloons with the chemical mixture and then we waited.

Everything was quiet that night and the next day but by afternoon, we had still not heard from Spike and we were starting to get worried. We decided to go and see him, drove to the flea market and found his trailer but Spike was nowhere to be found. We were worried that something might have happened to him and decided to look for him. We drove to a few places that Max knew Spike frequented but we couldn’t find him. It was getting late, the sun would be going down soon and we had to return to the house. We arrived just as it was getting dark and as we got out of the car we could hear the vampires laughing in the trees around us. We ran into the chapel where we had set up the arsenal and as we entered so did the vampires. They flew in behind us and perched up in the rafters, taunting us and I noticed that Spike was with them. Max pushed me into the far corner of the room and turned to face them. I grabbed some balloons that we had filled with the chemical and waited for the vampires to come closer.

Two of the vampires rushed toward us and I threw the balloons at them. The balloons broke and the gas was released but it seemed to have no effect on the vampires. I saw Max use his alien speed to steak the one that got the closest and I grabbed a cup of holy water and threw it at the other vampire but it didn’t have an effect either.

The vampire simply laughed, "We found out about your little plan and we switched the holy water and the chemical. It’s all just plain water."

I backed up into the corner and grasped for a weapon as the vampire dove for me. Suddenly Max was in front of me and he put up a shield around us while he used his powers to throw the vampire back.

The door to the room opened and in came Buffy the Vampire Slayer and her entourage, Willow, Zander and Giles. They started attacking the vampires and I noticed that Spike was helping. Vampires and people were getting thrown around, punches were being thrown, vampires were getting staked. Max was using his speed to help fight and stake the vampires and I was just trying to stay out of the way and not get bitten.

At one point Buffy turned to Max and said, "I wish you amateurs would leave this to those who know what they are doing. If Spike hadn't called me you’d both be dead."

Finally all of the vampires were dead.

Spike explained what had happened. “I found out about the vampires plan and pretended to join up with them. Then I called Buffy to have her come to the house just in case.”

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