Definitive Dreamgirl Dictionary

Our dreamgirls cherish Max and Liz so much, they've invented a whole new language to show their love and support! Here are some excerpts from the Definitive Dreamgirl Dictionary, contributed to by the numerous 'craxy' Crashdowners

Ahhhhhhhh Factor (coined by MyrnaLynne) Descriptive measurement for the level of affect that photos of 'our brunette beauties' (phrase used by new Dreamer Sopia191) Max & Liz have on Dreamers!

Bob - Name given to (now deceased) Max and Isabel's jeep.

Cemented, to cement - Phrase used by FMax to tell Liz that they had, on the night of the Gomez concert 'cemented' their relationship! Thanks to CantonGuy for this definition of CEMENT! Cement is one of the most popular building materials. It's used for foundation walls in buildings, sidewalks, driveways, parking lots, and many other places. To use it at a site, it has to first be mixed and then delivered. Both of these things are done with a cement mixer. A cement mixer is a big drum on a truck. The driver has the drum loaded with cement mix, sand, gravel, and water, and then turns on the motor that makes the drum slowly spin. As the drum spins, it mixes the cement while the truck drives to the job site. Once there, the driver sets up a long chute and tips the drum to pour the cement into the chute. It flows down the chute and into the area where cement is needed.

Craxy - Craxu - To be in a state of hyper-craziness due to prolonged contact or non-contact with all things M&L or JB/SA; as in Craxy for Maxy first uttered by MyrnaLynne.

'detesstable' - Dreamers call her by many names; troll, alien troll mouse, tarantula, hussy - anything but her real name which is unmentionable and unprintable! - because she has come to cause trouble for our Max and Liz. It must be made clear that she can only try - for Max and Liz's love is so strong that nothing will keep them a part for long - not even their own nobility! However, she is 'detesstable' for even trying! Therefore her name is unmentionable and per our dear Romantic@Heart the following are the only ACCEPTABLE pics of the 'detesstable' one!

D.A. - Droolers Anonymous - A 12 step program for Dreamers affected with Dreamgirl Haxe, EAS, Dreamgirl Trance and other associated conditions please see The Twelve Step Program provided by resident therapist unBEHRablycute.

Dreamer Dust - invented by arabella ingredients: hope, faith, smile powder, giggle elixer, rose petals (aroma and vision), endurance, lovers' tears, passion tonic, stardust; This should lift spirits, too when used liberally!

"In case of emergency: Take 1 cement pill per thread page until effects of RL have been relieved. WARNING: Use of Dreamer Dust may intensify side effects. USUAL SIDE-EFFECTS: lustful thoughts, romantic notions, cravings for soft music and candle-light; in not-so-rare cases subjects developed an addiction to ULATDDDFAB (uncontrollable lurking at the DDD fan art board)."

Dreamer's Disease - to have a need to cherish Liz and Max everyday. to hold their love close to your heart. to recognize and be in awe of such a powerful, wonderful love. By Audrey11

DREAMGIRL TRANCE or DREAM BRAIN CLOUD - an extreme condition whereby dreamgirls and guys all over the world are sent into a comma like state with the mere glimpse of a SH promo pic. This condition is evidenced by inability to breath which in turn causes short, quick panting spells; rapidly accelerated heart rate; silly, lopesided cheesy grins; hot and steamy stares at computer screens displaying a pic of Jason Behr's bare back; and a general inability of the afflicted to function in any normal capacity. Prognosis- Permanent Only possible remedy- Full viewing of the Sexual Healing episode. However this remedy is untested and may cause severe side effects as yet unknown.

Dreamgirl Haze/Haxe - Describes trance-like state achieved by Dreamgirls when in the presence of photo or written word about JB, Max and/or Max & Liz; hypnotic euphoria; also causes 'body rushes' reports by Dreamgirl JKBosco when viewing/posting M&L pic! Dreamgirl jig - Danced only when M&L reunite

DreamGirl - M&L 'shippers who also adore Jason Behr and his portrayal of Max! Dreamteam, Dreamateers - See Dreamgirl above!

DreamGuy - Male counterpart of Dreamgirl And let it be known that Enigma81 was the first official Dreamguy!

DreamGirl Prayer - please let me have hot & heavy HP with Liz Parker in the near future. I no longer have the restraint to control myself when I'm close to her. And please let me have the strength to distribute steamy smooches to each & everyone of the Dream Girls. Amen.

Dreamerville - I think I'm at that in between place---
Halfway between happiness and nausea.
What is the name of that place? Oh yeah that's right Dreamerville
Posted by Magic
Yes, since the EOTW aired this is definitely true!

Dr. Max Since viewing photos and/or episodes of Max makes Dreamers so 'healthy' (see YM reference below), Dreamateers sometimes refer to Max as Dr. Max and have begun listing him, per Dreamgirl Lillia's example, as their 'Preferred Provider' on all health forms!

Episode Anticipation Syndrome - symptoms my include any or all of the following; goofy grins and wide smiles; increased heart rate; inability to concentrate on and loss of interest in anything NOT ROSWELL related; induces DreamGirl Haze that interferes with normal brain functions; increased heart rate; recitation of dialogue from every episode in order by favorite character; numbness in the extremities; excessive butterflies; and an uncontrollable urge for strawBEHRies.

If you or anyone you know experiences these or other symptoms please report them immediately to FanForum- Roswell, for immediate sympathy and understanding - there is no known cure, only intermittent relief during actual episode viewing; syndrome returns immediately upon episode conclusion.

Snow_White has defined the Dreamer State of Mind during the tesdiny era of the Max and Liz Romance!

Monday- Anticipation runs wild, trouble sitting in one spot, constant looking at clock.
Tuesday- stunned expression on face, numbness, must be called several times before answering to given name.
Wednesday- Rage and bitterness at horrid events from Monday sets in. Dreamers known to Tess bash, then feel guilt afterwards. Sometimes lasts until Thursday.
Thursday- Rampant posting on FF to pick up on secrets from Mondays ep. Mad search to find anything to comfort fellow dreamers.
Friday- EAS sets in. Mad desire to watch to get a Roswell fix. Constant watching of old tapes, frolicking on boards, playing games with fellow posters.
Saturday and Sunday- EAS intensifying. Constant chatter amongst friends and family over ludicrous behavior.

On Monday it starts all over again! Until the 'tesdiny era' ends!

Going to Gomez - dreamer euphemism for Max and Liz's hot and heavy HPs resulting in the cementing of their relationship.

"Going Topolsky" - noun: How all Dreamteamers feel while waiting for a new eppy of "Roswell". Referred to by non-Roswellians as "going crazy". coined by marph222.

Guttercouch - (gut'erkouch) n. - The place where seemingly innocent comments can and will be skewed to reference portions of Max's body and/or his body in relation to cement at all costs.

Healthy - (Courtesy of YM and Dawn) - when "TV hottie makes you horny" and you experience tingling sensation in certain body parts.

He's 'owning' those �.. - Describes Max's definitive style when wearing�..(fill in the blank).

HP - Horizontal passions - the dream of all DreamGirls for Max & Liz

'hoover moves' - refers to mouth/lip action of Max kisses - there is definite art in how Max 'sucks face'! And wouldn't we all love to experience his vacuum action kisses! Thanks JulieB for this most descriptive phrase!

Lizism - traits that Liz exhibits that seem to lure Max in, and are used by dreamgirls to get a guy that has Maxisms ( by Fire and Ice)

'Making love to her Hand' - Dreamgirl description for the 'breathtaking form ' of Jason/Max!.

'Making love to her mouth' - Dreamgirl description for the 'breathtaking form ' of Jason/Max kisses.

Maria Inter-ruptus - describes Maria's rather bad habit of interupting Max & Liz at the most inopportune times! At least for Dreamgirls!

'Max and Mommy Video' - phrase uttered by little children after witnessing prolonged viewing of Roswell by a Rosmom!

Maxism - Traits that Max exhibits and that all Dreamgirls look for in a guy. (by Fire and Ice)

our Dear Maggie was afraid of Maximum Overload� and sure enough Maggie is the first Dreamgirl to require Emergency Room assistance due to Dreamgirl Brain Cloud! Stitches! Ouch! She broke her wrist! So Dreamers please be careful. There is no stopping the onset of Dreamgirl Brain Cloud or Haxe�.so please be careful and make sure there are no stairs nearby, or sharp objects ��

MTM Movement - More Tongue by Max Movement - We Dreamgirls just don't see enough!

Mouthy thing - (mouth thingy) - JB/Max mouth movement that sends Dreamgirls into ecstacy

Pathways to Pleasure - Now that Max has revealed his unearthly sculptured chest to his Lady Liz, it was noted by our dear Schmoo that if Liz were to follow those lines of definition Max worked so hard to create they would be her Pathways to Pleasure! (Thank you Schmoo for that very vivid imagery!)

'Pocket Max' is a pic of Max that is special to you and that you keep close to your heart - in your pocket! (or under your pillow!)

'PWI' Posting While Intoxicated - causes uninhibted responses to any Roswell related stimuli and can prove embarassing upon sober reflection; affects first reported by Adrian.

Repeat Viewing Syndrome - characterized by uncontrolled repeat viewing of the latest Dreamer episode (sometimes involves VCR's in every room to increase access for easy repeat viewing); also known to induce severe bouts of sobbing and/or DreamGirl Haze (see above)

Rosdivorce - This is an acrimonious split caused by wife's extraordinary devotion to being online discussing Max and Liz with her dream friends to excessive measures;not known to have actually occurred,see Roshubby below.

Rosmom - Dreamgirl with children

Roshubby - Stalwart, patient and indulgent hubby's of Dreamgirl's

Ros-somnia - (first reported by Dawn) the inability to sleep due to Episode Anticipation Syndrome (see symptoms above).

SH episode Survival Kit -
1. Asprin to stop a heart attach
2. OXYGEN - because none of us will be able to breathe on our own.
3. Bibs - for all the excessive drooling (Comes with Personalized DreamGirl Drool Bib
4. the official Dreamgirls Fire Extinguisher (or at least your best pic of FIREMAN MAX).
5. Ice w/bucket to cool down those flushed cheeks!

It has been strongly suggested by CITYGIRL that the Personalized Dreamgirl Rain Slicker be onhand just in case!

Sexual Healing Afterglow - experienced by Rosmates due to extremely healthy Dreamgirl responses in aftermath of viewing Sexual Healing episode; no loss of intensity of 'afterglow' reported upon repeated viewing. (All those patient and understanding rosmates finally reaped their reward!)

SFOL - Screaming Fits of Laughter - used to denote 'extreme' humorous reaction to a fellow Dreamgirls post.

Smiley brackets - What JB/Max gets at the corners of his mouth when he does his mouth thingy.

Stop, drop and Roll - Necessary movement prior to HP's

SFEHE - screaming fits of ecstasy and hypnotic euphoria (courtesy of unBEHRablycute)

SPT = Sadistic Production Team ( for definition Click!)

UFO Max - (courtesy of Schmoo) is one that must be seen to be believed (rumors abound that along with 'F' being redefined the 'U' has been reconfigured to mean 'unleashed') *Shirtless Max whose existence was once believed to be only in the minds of the collective dream team has now been confirmed to exist. Thousands have sightings have been confirmed since his first appearance late Wednesday 2/23/00.

S.S.S - Spoiler Support Services - A sister group of D.A. (see above) Motto: "Screw you, Season two! Spoiler free for season three!" This support group recognizes the temptation of spoilers and provides support and guidance to those seeking assistance in staying away from their addicting reach for both virgins (those who have always been spoiler free but are sadly losing their committment) and those previously seduced into the world of rumors, innuendo and misinformation only to find that knowing what is to come can be devastating and detrimental to your health(See Dreamer Stress Reduction Diet above) as well as detracting from your enjoyment of an episode! So Seek out the S.S.S. and Stay Spoiler Free! The following is the S.S.S Cheer written by SSS Sister hibiscuss

SSS sisters, standing tall
Gather Dreamers one and all
Seek us out if you want to be
Spoiler free for Season 3

Spoiler cigarettes?
Just say NO
Stand with us and
Chant our motto

Screw you,
Season two
Spoiler free for
Season three

If you feel the pull to see
What has yet on the show to be
Call us, put us to the test
We'll prove to you why we're the best.

We offer you the best support
You won't be vulnerable to false reports
Slap this patch right on your chest
And come on join the SSS.

StrawBEHRies - official fruit of the dreamgirls, thanks to their importance in Max and Liz's interactions in Sexual Healing

White Room Survival Kit - (suggested by Canton Guy)

Tissues - so you don't miss a second of the show while crying.
Foam Bricks - to throw at anybody hurting Max.
Oxygen - from holding your breath.
Water - to replenish your fluids after several good crys
Nail file - after you finish biting your nails you'll need this.
And finally, somebody to hold you through the worst parts of "The White Room"

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