You Know You're a Dreamer When...

You Know You are a Dreamer when...
By Burgundy

You went out of your way to find every Dreamer episode you could get your hands on.

You know every line in the Pilot, Sexual Healing, Destiny, and the End of the World.

You yell at the screen when Sean makes a pass at Liz or Tess says something destiny-related to Max.

You can name, off the top of your head, every scene where Max says something sweet to (or about) Liz or vice versa.

You were crying (or at least on the verge of tears) when
- In Balance, Max told Liz that they shouldn't be together.
- Max was telling Liz that, when he was in the White Room, what kept him alive was "the thought of you".
- Liz ran away from the cave at the end of Destiny.
- Anything related to Future Max or the "Kyle incident" happened.

Every time Liz sees Max (after EOTW), you say, "Tell him!!! Tell him!!!", especially when she is on the verge of telling him.

You love every thing Jason Behr and Shiri Appleby and go out and buy every magazine that says anything about them, even those can't-be-caught-dead-with teeny bopper ones.

You have begun to harbor a bit of resentment towards TPTB for dragging out this whole Future Max secret for so long.

You were wringing your hands all through To Serve and Protect because there was only one scene between Max and Liz, and it was a dream.

You thought it was just so cute when
- Max said, "I'll have an alien blast," and Liz said, "Me, too." (Leaving Normal)
- "I just wanted to keep you warm." (Max, 285 South)
- Liz wasn't talking about the slugs. (Heatwave)

- "I dropped my pencil." (Liz, Sexual Healing)
- Liz said she was an obsessed Maxaholic. (To Serve and Protect)
- Max just wanted to protect her. (We are Family)
You were so excited when Max had the flash in Vegas that you were practically (or literally) jumping up and down.

People wonder why you're giggling when they say they're from "up north."

You weren't kidding when you said you've seen the Pilot 27 times.

Asked to write a free form essay in Philosophy, you begin with "What's so great about normal?"

Strawberries have taken on new meaning.

You discover that all your favorite songs are from scenes between Max and Liz.

More than half of your CD collection consists of Roswell music.

Your mom/husband/sibling/roommate has gotten so sick of listening to Dido's "Here with Me" that s/he has threatened to hide the CD.

Every Monday night is off limits for social gatherings that do not include watching Roswell.

A big chunk of your free time is spent writing fan fiction that involves Max and Liz getting back together, Max finding out about Future Max, the future of Max and Liz's relationship, what would happen without Destiny and EOTW, etc.

You daydream in class about the names of their children.

You wish you could have taken Liz's place in Sexual Healing.

You just can't get enough of Max and Liz.

'...when your own heartache grows exponentially with each moment that Max doesn't know what Liz sacrificed for him!'

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