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Roswell City Directory

Here is a quick reference of all known businesses and services in Roswell, and a Community Calendar.
For full info on a specific business or location see the Places Guide.

Roswell, NM

Roswell is a small town in south-central NM, known for one thing;
aliens supposed crashed in the desert in 1947.

The latitude and longitude coordinates are 33.3935 N/104.519 W (Sndtrk)

Roswell is in Chavez county.
Roswell has a City Council who has power over the Sheriff.

Mayor - Mayor Sandler (P)
Mayor - Mayor Higgins (ITW)
Sheriff - Sheriff James Valenti Jr. (from P - WAF)
Sheriff - Sheriff Hansen (from WAF - Graduation)

Community Calendar
Events in Roswell

Jan Father's Camping Weekend at West Roswell High School - Jan 8 & 9 in 2000
Annual UFO Convention at the UFO Center - started 1990 - Jan 14 in 1999

Feb Roswell Library Book Sale - Feb 13th-15th Thurs-Sat 9:00am-5:00pm in 2000

Sept Annual Crash Festival at 'The Pit' - started 1989 - Sept 22 in 1999

Dec Christmas Toy Drive
Christmas Hunger Drive - Dec 20th 6:00pm in 2000
Christmas dinner at the Nursing Home - Dec 20th 7:30pm in 2000
Holiday Pagent rehersal - Dec 20th 8:30pm in 2000
Christmas Dog Show - Dec 21st in 2000
Holiday Pagent - started 1977 - Dec 21st or 23rd in 2000
Enigma New Year's Party - Dec 31st - it has been going on since Jeff Parker was a kid - it is in a different location every year. You have to find clues and figure them out to get to the party. - in 2001 Enigma was held in Blue Moon Canyon.

Businesses & Services

Automotive Services

  • Gas Station
  • Gas World
  • Pete's Lift Off - gas, auto repairs, body work

City/County Services

  • Coroner's Office
  • Homeless Shelter
  • Roswell County Hall
  • Roswell City Council
  • Roswell Library
  • Sheriff's Station


  • Bowling Alley
  • Club - where the Blind Date Concert takes place
  • New Performance Space - Maria has a performance there that she cancels


  • Roswell Memorial Hospital


  • Cheese Factory
  • Old Soap Factory
  • Quarry
  • Warehouse - where Alex sets up the reciever to watch the camera Liz puts in Tess' house


  • Pineview Lodge
  • Tumbleweed Motel


  • Museum
  • Roswell Observatory
  • UFO Center

Professional Offices

  • Congresswoman Vanessa Whitaker's Office
  • Philip Evans Law Office

Recreation in and around Roswell

  • Blue Moon Canyon - where the Enigma party takes place
  • Buckly Point - where Max and Liz go to make out
  • Calhoun Park
  • Frazier Woods - where the Fathers' Camping Weekend took place
  • Hansen Dam
  • Mesaliko Reservation
  • The Pit - where the Crash Festival takes place
  • Ruidoso - some kind of water recreation area
  • Summerhaven Park - across the street from the Evans' house
  • YMCA


  • Courtney's Apartment Building
  • Old Chisholm Trail Trailer Park - where Michael and Hank lived


  • Chez Pierre - fine dining
  • Crashdown Cafe
  • House of Pies
  • Malee Thai Palace
  • Pizza Pan - karaoke on Wed nights
  • Senior Chow - Chinese/Mexican
  • Taco Stand - Mexican
  • Tastee Freeze


  • Elementary School - where Max, Liz, Isabel, Maria and Alex attended school
  • Possibly another Elementary School - it is unclear if all the kids attended the same elementary school
  • Junior High/Middle School - possibly there is more than one that the kids attended. It is only vaguely mentioned that Liz and Maria were in 8th grade together.
  • Goddard High School - where Melissa Foster attends school
  • West Roswell High School - where Max, Liz, Maria, Michael, Isabel, Kyle, Alex and Tess attend school

Service Industry

  • Ballard's Funeral Home
  • Graveyard
  • Nursing Home - where Isabel attends Christmas dinner
  • Sunrise Retirement Center - where Jim Valenti Sr. lives
  • Westlake Orphanage


  • Deluca Alien Collectibles
  • Garrison's Hardware Store
  • Jensen's- unclear what they sell but Tess went there to buy a gift for Isabel
  • Mall
  • Vic's Shoe Service - shoe repair?
  • Victor's - flower shop


  • Airport
  • Roswell Bus Depot
  • Taxi Service


  • The Gallery - no info know other than the name, perhaps an art gallery


  • Chavez County Power Plant

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