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Destiny Book Translation

The 'Destiny Book' is the metal book that Tess takes out of the wall at the Roswell Library.

The official name of the book is never mentioned on the show. The fans on the internet named it the
'Destiny Book", because it supposedly shows the podsters' identities and their destiny. The word destiny
specifically comes from Tess, who won't stop talking about what she thinks their destiny should be.

The book has some pages in an alien language, and others that have pictures of the four podsters in the pods,
then as children, then as they appear now. It also shows the four of them pairing up and the girls are pregnant.

Tess claims it is proof of how it is supposed to be between them. But Isabel
is upset that the book proves they were engineered, not born.

But since the metal book is written in the aliens' language, and no one, not even Tess can read it.
Apparently Nasedo never taught her how to read Antarian, or can't read it himself. ;)

Supercomputer Translation

After Nasedo dies, Tess mindwarps Alex to use the supercomputer at the
University or Las Cruces to translate the Antarian symbols into English,
so the aliens can use the Granolith to get home.

As Liz investigates Alex's death, she discovers that when they thought Alex was in Sweden,
he was actually the U of Las Cruces posing as a student while he was doing the translation.

In the episode 'Baby It's You', Liz discovers that Alex was at the University of Las Cruces
secretly using the supercomputer to translate the book. Liz, Michael and Maria
find a rental house where the translation was emailed, and print it out.

The translation gives instructions on how to use the Granolith as a ride back
to their home planet.

Eventually Liz discovers that Tess mindwarped Alex to decode the book, when
everyone else thought he was in Sweden.

When Alex finished the translation, he emailed it to Jennifer Coleman aka Leanna.

Liz, Michael and Maria search Jennifer's mail and find a house she has rented.
When they go there, the translation is on a computer.

The translation starts off with some info about the aliens' past, and then
digresses into typical alien abduction scenarios. How that is supposed to
help the pod squad, I am not sure.

*** A fan, Larry Riedel sent this to me - "I think the stuff in the Destiny Book which is generic alien abduction
stuff is from "The UFO Book: Encyclopedia of the Extraterrestrial" by Jerome Clark."

So the Roswell crew just took random info from a real book and put it in the translation,
probably guessing that no one would ever see it.***

Here is the translation of the first page, which is all we can see of the translation.

You are the Royal four. Zan the king, Ava his queen, Vilandra his sister, Rath his counselor. You were created from the genetic material of your alien predecessors and human subjects. You were given human for so that you could live safely on this planet undetected until the time comes for your return. You have been given the granolith, a transport between this planet and antar. you have also been given communications technology which will allow you to access information from your true home. The chamber containing your hibernation pods and the granolith has been hidden away from human settlement. It can only be accessed by the four of you. You have been provided with a guardian who will protect you from danger and keep you hidden from your enemies both human and antarian.

A fixed sequence of events reoccurs from one abduction to another. The story consists of eight possible episodes - capture, examination, conference, tour of the ship, journey or otherworldly journey, theophany, return and aftermath. Few reports contain every possible episode, but when it appears it usually assumes the same relative position. That is examination precedes conference and conference precedes otherworldly journey. Fidelity to this sequence characterizes 87 of the 100 reports in the (this is a date) study.

This rigid order extended to events in the capture examindation and return episodes as well. In a sequence of escalating strangeness the subject sees a ufo in the sky or light streaming into the bedroom window then notices a stillness or silence, then begins to lose volition and mental control. As paralysis or uncharacteristic behaviors take over. Beings appear and escort the abductee to the craft often with a sense of floating off the ground. Entry into the ship is frequently sudden or often the occasion for a momentary lapse of consciousness.

The examination begins soon after entry as though the beings are impatient to carry it out. The captive lies on the table while a party of beings performs a manual examination by probing or touching the abductee from head to toe wtih either fingers or hand held intruments. An eye-like lens or ray device scans the captives body then the beings may attach tubes or wires and collect samples of blood, skin hair or other bodily material. A key element of the examination is inspection of the reproductive organs, a process that may include extraction of sperm from males or apparent removal of eggs from females by means of a needle inserted into the abdomen. Only reproductive and neurological systems seem of interest to the examiners. They insert or remove a tiny implant from the head or spine of abductees and a being may stare intently into their eyes. Performance tests or staged psychoanalyses presenting a summary. Screams may follow as an apparent way to probe human emotions and behaviors.

Additional Information

There are other pages, but we don't see what is on them.

In other episodes we get small clues as to what some of the other info is -

In the epi 'Departure' Max is telling the others how the Granolith works.
They are in the pod chamber and he has the crystal.

This is a key. When we insert it the Granolith will transport us, home. It will take 24 hours
for it to prepare itself. When it's ready, we have to be onboard or we don't go. The granolith is
capable of one mission. Only one. When we use it, it's gone. It's our only way home.

In the epi 'Ch-Ch-changes' (yes, this is season three, but worth mentioning I
thought), Max is attempting to 'heal' Liz when she is emitting green sparks.
He says - According to the book, I can use the healing stones to amplify my powers

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