Dreamer Declaration of Faith

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LSS wrote this on behalf of all Dreamers:

Dreamsisters/brothers of Roswell 1 we feel your pain (actually being "spoiled" means we
have felt it for almost two months now). Unlike you, who are still no doubt reeling
from that lab scene, we've had weeks to analyze, cry, speculate, vent, and work through
the anguish of this episode. With this in mind, we would like to declare our faith in
Max and Liz's relationship, and share with you ten articles culled from hours of
reflection on TLV (and yes--even beyond this episode):

Declaration of Faith

WE BELIEVE that the Max and Liz relationship is at the center of Roswell's romantic mythic core. Thus, it is impossible to replace without sabotaging the very essence of Roswell.

WE BELIEVE that Katim's writing staff has carefully nurtured our faith in Max and Liz's relationship in over 16 episodes of plot development. They do not intend to throw this away now.

WE BELIEVE that Katim's writers have cast Max and Liz into the role of soulmates and have convinced us of this association. Thus, it is not accidental(or simply wishful thinking) that we hold their relationship in such high regard.

WE BELIEVE that Grandma Claudia's warning (that if it's not complicated it's probably not a soulmate) is intended to warn us that Max and Liz will face difficulties as they seek to explore and develop their love.

WE BELIEVE that the character Tess is one such obstacle.

WE BELIEVE that Tess will function to help us explore (not destroy) Max and Liz's relationship.

WE BELIEVE that the Tess incident, in the long run, will bring Max and Liz closer NOT permanently drive a wedge between them.

WE BELIEVE that love untested is not as strong and sure as love challenged and affirmed. Therefore, we accept the necessity of Max and Liz to face and conquer this newest obstacle.

WE BELIEVE that Max and Liz are soulmates and represent the highest of romantic ideals -- and that the writers, intending us to believe this, will not destroy their own creation.

WE BELIEVE that dreamgirls/guys can rest secure in their faith that Max and Liz will do more than survive--they will grow in the love and admiration for each other we've all come to cherish and respect.

WE, the following, BELIEVE: LSS, sham, Citygirl, CourtneyR, roswelalien, parrothead, Dawn, Schmoo, GraceKel, simplyaddicted, bdb, Denise, RosJenn, behrycute9, ChrissyC1, SallyKims, RachelBrightEyes, mattia, sterlingsilver, Liz&Max Are Roswell, AmandaB, Elliot, tepp, BabyBlue_00, saphire, nermal, GEMS, Cookie2697, Stephie, Faith Evans, Arctic Lurker, EmilyluvsRoswell, AlienMom, Dagaz, whisperpoe, HookedAussie, pieface, Adela, RemyS, blackbird, LizEvans, Daisy0920, and Kate6058, Miss Kris, Min, Dempsgurl,Breathless, Little Willow, romantic@heart, Myah, Magge, Clint, AngelzGal, cshoe53, ChaseaTaos, bluesky, pjaysam, Thescoobygang, majorRfan, OlderFan, amx, JulieB, twoods, Dr.AfterShave, Rosangel, mathnerd_girl, DreamAngelBehr, crzyroswellchic, Hanalulu, diamondgurl, msblt, Wisty, Roswellgurl, groovygirl, Minabehr, rye82, maxfan, Legs, HeartofIce, Linda, HappyPlace, provence

excerpts from the thread����.

There is more coming.
And there always shall be.

There will be more tests of strength,
of willpower,
of character,
of faith.

Of truth and of love.

These tests will be faced by Liz and by Max -
sometimes together, sometimes separately.

But always with their fans right in step beside them.

If you love something, set it free.
If it comes back to you, it is yours.
If it doesn't, it never was.

from Little Willow

I am so proud to be part of your Declaration of Faith. I have anguished over this episode for weeks, and now that I have seen it, can only say, "Wow!!! What a powerful and intense episode." It had me on the edge of my seat, screaming, sighing, laughing, crying, and emoting with feelings I did not know existed in my being. I absolutely loved this episode -- this episode that I was so dreading. Max/Liz handled this uncontrollable "indiscretion" with more maturity and love than I could ever have imagined or dreamed. Yes, I BELIEVE now more than ever that NOTHING will ever permanently come between them. Each adversity will strengthen their bond and love for each other. What a powerhouse this couple has become!!!! Oooohhhh, be still my heart. I didn't think it possible to be more a dreamgirl than I already was, but, yes, they have put the capitals in the word -- DREAMGIRL --. Long live our glorious couple!!!!!! from RemyS

The power of myth:
One girl; one guy.
Two souls entwined,
No more to die.

from Amx

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