Cut Scenes

These are scenes that were originally written to be in the show but were cut,
or scenes that were rewritten before they made it into the show.

I don't know how accurate they are, or if they are all real.
Supposedly they were transcribed by people who obtained scripts of the episodes,
or by people who were on set when the episodes were being made.
The scripts that I have match some of the cut scenes, so at least some are real.

The most of following cut scenes were taken from a now defunct site called The Cutting Room Floor, but some were taken from various other Roswell sites.
I didn't keep track of where some of them came from so sorry if I haven't given you credit for a cut scene you posted. Just let me know which one and I will get you listed.

These are all from seasons 1 and 2. Again, really not caring about season 3 so I didn't save any, even if there were any.

Here is a small excerpt from the Cutting Room floor -

The drafts of the scripts from which the cut scenes on this web site have been transcribed from are called Shooting Scripts and this means the particualr script has gone through several revsions (rewrites) and camera angles have been inserted in certain scenes to help the director while he/she is on set. While most of what is in a shooting script is usually shot verbatim, it is important to remember that a script is only a rough guide in terms of the actual story as improvisation often occurs between actors and directors while on set. Therefore, this is why even a shooting script may differ from what was finally aired.

It is also important to remember that once an episode has been shot, it may go through even more changes during the post production (editing) phase. An editor's job is to keep the story flowing at a steady pace, and given the time constraints of prime time dramas (47 minutes without commercials) this is the most common reason why a cut scene, even if initially filmed, did not make it to the final version of the episode.

The cut scenes and the scripts presented on this site have been compiled from scripts which can be purchased either on the internet or at your local movie memoribilia store. Every effort has been made to verify the legitamacy of the scripts and their content. The cut scenes and selected scripts are presented purely for educational purposes only and may not be reproduced without permission from the maintainers of this site. No copyright infringement is inferred and acknowledgement of the original parites claim to ownership has been duely noted.

For Videos of cut scenes, chere here - Cut Scenes Vids

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Ask Not
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End of the World
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