Pop Culture Reference

In the episodes, many references are made to popular culture,
entertainers, movies, songs, slang, etc.

Below is a list by episode, and a brief explanation.


Beavis & Butthead -

When Maria is trying to describe the Crashdown gunmen, she
describes them as a muscular Beavis and a beefy Butthead.
Beavis & Butthead were cartoon characters in an MTV cartoon of the same name, who were known for their stupidity.

Sigourney Weaver -
star of the sci-fi movie franchise Alien.
The name is used for a burger on the Crashdown menu.

Will Smith -
star of the sci-fi movie Men in Black.
The name is used for a burger on the Crashdown menu.

Morning After

Morning After -

a slang term that usually refers to the morning after a couple has had sex. Sometimes it is uncomfortable and the individuals don't know how to act around each other.

James Bond -
Maria wants to tell Alex about the aliens, because she thinks she and Liz need help. But she says, "Admittedly he isn't James Bond."
Bond is the character in the James Bond movies, about an English spy

Madonna -
Maria calls Liz Madonna when Liz asks Maria to cover for her at the Crashdown.
Madonna is a huge pop star and known to be a diva

Ricky Martin -
When Isabel touches the key that Max and Michael took from the Sheriff's office, she pretends she gets a vision of Ricky Martin in the shower.
Ricky Martin was a latino singer, that many people considered handsome.

Einstein -
one of the greatest scientific minds in history, best known for his theory of relativity

wiggle their noses and poof us into oblivion -
refers to Samantha on the TV show 'Bewitched', a 60s series about a witch trying to live as a normal human.

Czechoslovakia -
country in the Soviet block that changed its name to Serbia when the wall fell


Monsters -

Liz explains it perfectly. People might think aliens are the monsters that are sometimes portrayed in movies and on TV, and it turns out that Maria is wondering exactly that.

Jeanie in a Bottle -
A song by Christina Augelara that Maria is singing in her Jetta

Queen Amidala -
Maria refers to Isabel as Queen Amidala, a character from Star Wars, who was Luke and Leia's mother

Denny's -
American dinner chain
Maria mentions it as a possible employer for some of her loser classmates

Metallica -
one of the most successful heavy metal bands of all time
one of the gang's classmates mentions it as a dream job to be in the band

Houston Astros -
Houston Baseball team
Kyle mentions it is his dream job to play for the team

Brad Pitt -
one of the biggest American actors, known for his good looks
one of the gang's classmates mentions it as a dream job to be Brad Pitt's love slave

Leaving Normal

Leaving Normal -

probably from the 1992 movie title of the same name. 
refers to Liz's observation that once you receive life-altering knowledge, you have left normal.

Gandhi -
Michael mockingly calls Max Ghandi when he loses his cool.
Gandhi was a spiritual leader who taught non-violence.

Meg Ryan -
American actress known for being cute and having short hair.
Maira says that she was going for a Meg Ryan hairstyle

Rosie -
Rosie O'Donnell, a comedian turned talk show host, who at the time, had her own afternoon talk show focused to women.
Maria tells Liz that while her Grandmother is in the hospital, she shouldn't be at school, but at home watching Rosie.

Wings of Boringness -
Kyle mockingly refers to 'Wings of a Dove' as 'Wings of Boringness'.  "Wings of a Dove" is a period movie from  1997 based on a Henry James novel.
Kyle mentions it as he and Liz are returning from the video store as an undesirable movie.


McCarthy -

A US Senator who caused nation-wide hysteria with his Communism hunt. He held 'trials' and investigations of people who were accused of being Communists, and basically turned up nothing. But many people's lives were ruined.
Alex mentions to Liz that they are doing an oral report on McCarthy.

285 South

The View -

An American talk show with a panel of four women who discuss various topics.
Michael sarcastically says it is his favorite show

Big Gulp -
As an excuse for speeding, Maria tells a cop she drank a Big Gulp and had to pee.
A Big Gulp is a large sized soft drink sold at 7-11 convenience stores.

America's Most Wanted -
A TV show that focuses on capturing criminals on the 'Most Wanted' list.
Kyle says it is his favorite tv show.

Win Ben Stein's Money -
TV game show where contestants answer difficult trivia questions to win money. Hosted by economist Ben Stein.
Michael says it is his favorite TV show.

Elle McPherson -
Australian super model, that Liz compares Isabel to.

Aladdin -
fairy tale set in Arabia. Maria says the Arabian themed motel room that she and Michael wind up in is like the porno version of Aladdin

River Dog

Madame Curie -

a famous female scientist. Liz mentions that she was going to watch a program on Biography.

Biography -
A tv program on the A&E station that shows life stories of famous people.

Blood Brothers

Blood Brothers -

typically refers to a ritual where two individuals cut their fingers or hands and press them together to 'exchange' blood and become blood brothers.
Alex gives blood to be used in tests at the hospital for Max

Mr. Ed -
A talking horse in a TV show of the same name.
Michael jokes that Max saved Mr. Ed, when he swerved the Jeep to avoid a horse and ended up crashing.

Sherlock -
Sherlock Holmes. The most famous fictional detective in history
Maria sarcastically calls Micheal Sherlock when they are searching the FBI agent's room.

Heat Wave

Pollyanna -

A fictional girl, in a book of the same name, who always sees the bright side and the best in people
Maria tells Michael she is not a Pollyanna. She doesn't think they have true love.


Prince Charming -

refers to princes in fairy tales who are perfect and always save their true love.
Maria calls Max Prince Charming, and Michael Quasimodo, to show she thinks Max is perfect while Michael isn't.

Ouasimodo -
character in the Hunchback of Notre Dame who is disfigured and in love with a beautiful woman
Maria calls Max Prince Charming, and Michael Quasimodo, to show she thinks Max is perfect while Michael isn't.

Teflon -
a chemical compound that renders surfaces non-stick
Maria refers to herself as Teflon, because she won't let her relationship with Michael get too serious and break her heart

Crop Circles -
man made patterns in crop fields that some people attributed to aliens
Isabel tells Alex that it is a hoax, just like other supposed alien things they've checked out.

Toy House

Bob Vila -

a crafts man and carpenter who hosted a well-known show on PBS called 'This Old House' where he would use his skills to fix up houses
Maria jokes that she is a regular Bob Vila because of her poor skill in wood shop class at school.

Sally Jesse -
Sally Jesse Raphael was a daytime talk show host, known to have a trashy program
Kyle mentions that he was watching the show when he was laid-up with his ankle injury and saw a story about 'Exes on a Rampage' that made him realize he was treating Liz like a jerk.

Dr. Dolittle -
famous fictional character who can talk to animals
Michael calls Max Dr. Dolittle because he healed a pigeon when he was a child

Frick & Frack -
two comic characters from the 40s who were constantly bickering.
Michael refers to Maria and Liz as Frick & Frack

Into The Woods

Into the Woods -

the title was taken from a musical of the same title. They are similar in the fact that the characters in both the episode and the musical head into the woods to find answers about their lives.

Echinacea -
a herbal remedy that some claim will prevent cold symptoms or reduce the duration of a cold
Maria gives some to Liz when she is getting a cold.

Fellini -
a famous movie director who made esoteric films
Alex invites Isabel to a Fellini film festival, but she says she just wants to see a normal movie

USA Today -
Nationwide US Newspaper. Sheriff Valenti mentions that the man who had the supposed alien sighting in the woods is having his story reported in the newspaper USA Today, and is negotiating with Dateline.

Dateline -
American TV news program. Sheriff Valenti mentions that the man who had the supposed alien sighting in the woods is having his story reported in the newspaper USA Today, and is negotiating with Dateline.

Area 51 -
a top secret US government base in Nevada, where they supposedly have wrecked alien craft, alien artifacts and technology, and possibly alien beings.
Kyle tells a story around the campfire about a woman who claimed aliens put an implant in her head. His story ends with her skull being kept at Area 51

Ixnay on the Iningpay -
this is 'pig-latin', a made up language or code, where you take the first letter of a word and stick it on the end with a 'ay' sound after it.
Maria is really saying 'Nix the pining', telling Liz to stop pining because of Max.

UFO Convention

Frakes -

Jonathan Frakes was a star on the TV scifi show Star Trek the Next Generation who played Commander Riker, also called 'Number One'
Frakes, Shatner and Stewart are the celebrity guest stars who are scheduled at the Roswell UFO Convention

Shatner -
William Shatner was a star on the TV scifi show Star Trek who played Captain Kirk
Frakes, Shatner and Stewart are the celebrity guest stars who are scheduled at the Roswell UFO Convention

Stewart -
Patrick Stewart was a star on the TV scifi show Star Trek the Next Generation who played Captain Pickard
Frakes, Shatner and Stewart are the celebrity guest stars who are scheduled at the Roswell UFO Convention

Number One -
Refers to Jonathan Frakes character on Star Trek the Next Generation, Commander Riker, who was also called 'Number One' because he was the first officer, or second in command
Frakes, Shatner and Stewart are the celebrity guest stars who are scheduled at the Roswell UFO Convention

Captain Kirk -
Refers to William Shatner's character on Star Trek

Clapton -
Eric Clapton, one of the greatest rock performers.
Larry, at the conventions compares Johathon Frakes to Clapton, saying Clapton isn't God, Frakes is.

Blind Date

Blind Date -

refers to a date set up between two people who have never met

Smash Mouth -
An alternative band that Liz speculates will play at the Blind Date concert

Oasis -
An alternative band that Alex speculates will play at the Blind Date concert

Bare Naked Ladies -
An alternative band that Maria speculates will play at the Blind Date concert

Foo Fighters -
An alternative band that one of Alex's friends speculates will play at the Blind Date concert

Blink 182 -
An alternative band whose song is playing on the radio while Liz is getting ready for her blind date.

Ares -
a constellation named after the first sign of the zodiac.
Michael mentions that he used the constellation to read the map of alien symbols and find a location

Celine Dion -
a pop star and diva that the record company execs compare Maria to.

Alanis -
Alanis Morresette is an alternative singer.
Maria says she thinks of herself more as an Alanis than a Celine Dion.

Second Base -
Kyle mentions to Max that he and Liz got to second base.
The 'base system' can vary a little according to the region of the US, but typically first base is making out or french kissing, second base is fondling under the shirt, third base is oral sex, and a home run is intercourse.

Independence Day

Independence Day -

refers to the American holiday that celebrates the US declaring its independence from Great Britian.
Michael is declaring his independence when he decides to become an emancipated minor and not be in the foster system any longer.

Bonnie and Clyde -
a notorious criminal couple who were devoted to each other
Amy Deluca says that Michael is very Bonnie and Clyde for not using Maria as an alibi to protect her reputation

Monopoly -
the world's most famous board game
The Evans and Michael play the game after they eat dinner.

Sexual Healing

Sexual Healing -

title is taken from a Marvin Gaye song of the same name, that refers to sex as being healing to the people and the relationship.

Captain Kirk and the Klingons -
characters on the scifi TV show Star Trek
Isabel jokes that perhaps Liz saw them in the supposed visions that she seems to be getting

Chaka Khan -
a female singer best known in the 80s
Michael mentions that he some of her music in the CD player for when Max and Liz get together to make out and hopefully she will get more visions.

Kermit -
Kermit the Frog, a muppet, known from Sesame Street and various muppet movies
Michael tells Maria that in a vision, he saw her when she was a child with a Kermit patch on her sneakers


Gidget and Moondoogie -

from the 60s tv show Gidget, about 'perfect' American teenagers. Gidget was played by Sally Field and Moondoggie was her boyfriend.

Scream 2 -
Horror movie staring Neve Campbell
Alex mentions that he rented it to watch with Liz and Maria

Notting Hill -
Romantic movie staring Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant
Alex tells Liz and Maria that he rented it as a 'chick flick' in case they didn't want to watch Scream 2

Chick Flick -
Usually a romantic movie geared toward woman
Alex refers to the romantic movie Notting Hill as a chick flick

Tess, Lies & Videotape

Tess, Lies & Videotape -

is a play on a movie title 'Sex, Lies & Videotape'. The movie and the episode really don't have anything else in common.

Sherlock -
Sherlock Holmes. The most famous fictional detective in history
Michael sarcastically calls Maria Sherlock when she berates him for leaving her out of an investigation he is doing.

Four Square

Four Square -

Possibly the name is based on the ball game of the same name.

Welcome Wagon -
friendly people in a neighborhood refer to themselves as the 'welcome wagon' when greeting a new neighbor.
Isabel makes up a welcome wagon type group called the Sunshine Committee, in order to get access to Tess' school records.

Max to the Max

Max to the Max -

Based on the saying ��to the max� shortened from maximum � meaning to take something to the extreme. For example the 80s saying �grody to the max� means something is the worst it possibly could be. .

The White Room

The White Room -

Possibly based on the idea of a clean room or white room used in laboratory work. Also the name of a song by Cream

Skin & Bones

Ward Cleaver -

refers to a fictional character from the TV show 'Leave it to Beaver'. Ward Cleaver was the 'perfect' understanding father, and Tess says that even though Nasedo posed as her father, he was never Ward Cleaver.

a US television station that shows congressional and senate proceedings.
The gang watches the channel to see the congressional hearing where the Special Unit is investigated and dissolved.

One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest -
an excellent movie starring Jack Nicholson as a man in a insane asylum.
Alex suggests to Isabel that they go to the movie

Ask Not

Ask Not -

refers to the line in John F. Kennedy's famous speech, 'And so, my fellow Americans: ask not what your country can do for you - ask what you can do for your country. '

Calvin Klein -
one of the most famous American clothing designers
Tess mentions that she likes the Calvin Klein underwear he has on

John F. Kennedy -
one of the most famous American presidents, known for his progressive leadership and affairs with women.
Max is learning about Kennedy in history class and looks up to him as a good leader. Maria points out that indeed Max and 'Jack' Kennedy do have some things in common, including cheating with tramps, referring to Tess.

patty-cake -
from the children's game Patty-cake, which involves a clapping sequence between two players. It is also used to refer to sexual play or activity.
Maria uses the term to refer to what she suspects Max is doing with Tess, messing around.

Noriega -
former leader of the country Panama convicted of drug charges
Kyle mistakenly calls Nasedo, Noriega

Planet Vulcan -
refers to a planet on the scifi TV series Star Trek where the people known as the Vulcans lived.
Kyle calls the alien's home planet Vulcan, not knowing the real name.

Jugs, Hustler & Busty Biker Babes -
porn magazines that Tess finds under Kyle's bed. I know Hustler is real, but the other two may or may not be.


Betty Crocker -

Courtney teases Michael asking if he made a misshapen cake he is frosting, and he sarcastically replies that Betty Crocker dropped by and whipped it up. Betty Crocker is a fictional woman used as a logo for the brand that makes mixes for baked goods, like cakes.

NYPD Blue -
Courtney calls Alex this when he is dressed as a cop doing his striptease.
NYPD Blue was a popular television police show.

Dolly Parton -
A country-western singer known for her blonde hair, huge breasts and typically heavy makeup
Courtney refers to Tess as Dolly Parton without the jugs (breasts)

Jugs -
slang for breasts.
Courtney refers to Tess as Dolly Parton without the jugs (breasts)

Run, Lola Run -
independent film popular at the time, known for it's unique story and interesting music.
Liz is listening to the soundtrack at Congresswoman Whitaker's office

Victoria's Secret -
a women's lingerie store
Kyle says that Tess leaves her underwear all around the bathroom making it look like Victoria's Secret

Jay Leno -
host of the 'Tonight Show'
Whitaker mentions that she watches Jay Leno, meaning the 'Tonight Show'

Uzi -
a semi or fully automatic machine gun
Maria says that the last time she lent out her car, the back window was shot out by an Uzi.

Deputy Dawg -
refers to a lazy cartoon dog in the 60s who was a deputy, and often fell asleep in the middle of investigations
Grant calls Max Deputy Dawg when he catches Max and the Sheriff searching his room.

Summer of '47

Summer of '47 -

Possibly based on the pop culture notion of �Summer of �69�, aka the summer of love, that people who lived through reflect back on as being a pinnacle time.

Zagnut -
A candy bar with a sort of Butterfinger center, covered with coconut.

Portishead -
alternative band, that Maria mentions as coming to Roswell to give a concert. She wants to buy tickets to go with Michael but he doesn't answer her message.

Jane Russell -
Famous actress from the forties
Hal sarcastically asks Michael if he ever heard of her, meaning he doesn't know anything about what the war was like

Omaha Beach -
Code name in world war 2 for where the allies landed at Normandy beach to try and take if from the Germans
Hal sarcastically asks Michael if he ever heard of it, meaning he doesn't know anything about what the war was like

V-1 flying bomb -
a flying bomb, similar to a cruise missle, that the Germans developed to bomb London
Hal sarcastically asks Michael if he ever heard of it, meaning he doesn't know anything about what the war was like

Yalta -
The Yalta conference, where the final treaty to end world war 2 was signed
Hal sarcastically asks Michael if he ever heard of it, meaning he doesn't know anything about what the war was like

Flying Fortress -
a bomber aircraft used by the US in world war 2
Hal sees Michael looking at a picture of one and tells him what it is

Global Warming -
the theory that the Earth's temperature is gradually rising due to trapped 'green-house' gases due to pollution
Hal says that the sissies who complains about global warming should spend a hot summer day on a military base with no air conditioning

Bill Gates -
inventor of the Windows computer operating system and founder of Microsoft corporation
Hal mentions that they used to be able to write an invoice without Bill Gates, meaning he could do it without a computer.

Commies -
short for Communists, the greatest enemy of the US after World War 2
Hal tells Michael he thought the crash debris might be from a Communist craft.

John Wayne -
famous actor known for his many tough cowboy and war hero roles in the 40s and 50s
Hal says to his friend Richie that he is tired of sitting around and wants to blast whoever sent the pods to Earth. Richie says it isn't a John Wayne movie

Old Man River -
reference to a song about the Mississippi River, also known as Old Man River
Maria refers to Hal as Old Man River because he is old

Bottle Job -
refers to someone who is not a natural blonde but has dyed her hair blonde
Maria used the term as a derogitory name for Courtney

End of the World

Bewitched -

a TV show about a witch with magical powers trying to live a normal human life.
Kyle walks in on Tess using her powers in his room and says he told her not to do that 'Bewitched' crap in the house.

Steinbeck -
a well-known author of several thought-provoking novels.
Liz mentions that Steinbeck is Max's favorite author.

Romeo & Juliet -
a romantic couple in the Shakespeare play of the same name, known for their star-crossed love that ended in their deaths.
Liz compares Max and herself to Romeo and Juliet because circumstances are against them being together.

Elvis -
Elvis Pressley, one of the most well-known singers of all time
Future Max tells Liz that he and his Liz eloped and got married at an Elvis themed chapel in Las Vegas.

I Shall Believe -
a song by Sheryl Crow
Future Max tells Liz that the song played the night of their wedding and it became their song.

Gomez -
a rock band
Max asks Liz to go with him to the concert. A Gomez song was playing when their first kissed.


Skully and Mulder -

FBI agents from the TV show the X-Files
Maria refers to herself and Michael as Mulder and Skully when they are searching Courtney's house

Culture Club, Wham -
well-known 80s bands
Maria finds CDs from the bands in Courtney's house, mentioning that she really is an alien because she still listens to the bands.

Backstreet Boys -
well-known boy band
Maria finds CDs from the bands in Courtney's house, mentioning that she really is an alien because she still listens to the band.

Graceland -
the home of Elvis Pressley
Maria finds a shrine to Michael in Courtney's house and says that it is Graceland, and he is Elvis.

Metallica -
one of the most successful heavy metal bands of all time
one of the gang's classmates mentions it as a dream job to be in the band

Ho Jo -
abbreviation of Howard Johnson, a hotel chain.
A local in Copper Summit mentions that the town is dead, and 63 miles from the nearest Ho-Jos.

Main Drag -
slang for the main street in a town
Max asks a local in Copper Summit where the main drag is, thinking there must be a more populated part of town, but he is informed that they are on the main drag.

Elks -
the Elks club, a charitable organization that sets up scholarships and helps in their local communities
Tess says that the Universal Friendship League is supposed to be a civic organization like the Elks.


Kathy Lee -

Kathy Lee Gifford, a talk show host, who was involved in a scandal about child labor in factories that made her clothing brand
Liz's father sent Liz and Maria out of town on an errand for the Crashdown, and Maria says it is Kathy Lee, meaning it is beyond what they should be expected to do.

Martha Stewart -
known as the ultimate in home crafts and entertaining
Mrs. Evans makes a recipe that goes wrong out of one of her magazines, Martha Stewart Living, and Max tells Isabel that she never should have gotten their mother a subscription.

die like Elvis -
Elvis Presley died in a bathroom on the toilet.
Maria mentions that she doesn't want to die like Elvis, because she and the others are hiding in the bathroom from evil aliens.

Elvis Costello -
a British singer, most popular in the 80s
Liz says that her mother always listens to Elvis Costello on laundry day.

Pacific/Eastern/Central/Mountain -
refers to the time zones across the US
Courtney tells the gang that on their planet many times exist at the same time, like being on pacific, eastern, central and mountain times simultaneously.

Meet the Dupes

Meet the Dupes -

Over the years there are been several movies and tv shows and even the title of a Beatle�s album that started with �Meet the��, and it has kind of become a joke and a saying to describe meeting unusual or unexpected people.

Queen Latifah -
a female rap singer, actress and spokes-person
Mr Evans sees Lonnie and mistakes her for his daughter Isabel, saying that her clothes and makeup make her look like a rapper, like Queen Latisha. He means Queen Latifah.

Romeo & Juliet, A Mid-summer Night's Dream -
plays by Shakespeare. Lonnie pretends to Mr. Evans to be Isabel, saying she is dressed differently because it is her costume for a rock and roll version of Romeo and Juliet. Excited that Isabel is joining in at school, he tells her he was in another Shakespeare play, A Mid-summer Night's Dream and played the character Puck.

Benedict Arnold -
a general in the American army during the revolutionary war known for being a traitor to the British. While pretending to be a loyal Colonist, he plotted to turn over control of West Point military academy to the British, but was unsuccessful.

Conway's -
a discount department store similar to K-Mart or Wal-Mart
Lonnie and Rath make fun of Max's clothes, saying they look like they come from Conway's and he probably thinks it is cool.

Ricki Lake Show -
a trashy day time talk show, known for its outrageous topics
Alex mistakes Lonnie, Rath and Ava for Michael, Isabel and Tess, and comments that he didn't know they were supposed to wear costumes, and what is the occasion. He says it is too early for Mardi Gras, so are they going on the Ricki Lake show?

Mardi Gras -
a yearly festival that takes place in New Orleans
Alex mistakes Lonnie, Rath and Ava for Michael, Isabel and Tess, and comments that he didn't know they were supposed to wear costumes, and what is the occasion. He says it is too early for Mardi Gras.

start spreading the news -
lines from the famous song 'New York, New York.'
Rath says 'start spreading the news' meaning that they are headed to New York

Opie -
refers to a character in the 'Andy Griffith Show', Opie who is the son of the main character. He was a freckle-faced, somewhat naive kid.
Lonnie calls Alex Opie

three-way -
a sexual encounter between three people
Alex offers Isabel and Lonnie a Coke, and Lonnie tells him that there won't be any three-ways tonight

Max in the City

"Max in the City" -

Based on the television series title �Sex in the City�

"I'm the king of the world" -
one of the famous lines from the movie 'Titanic', when one of the characters is on the bow of the ship overlooking the ocean
At the top of the Empire State Building while looking down on the city, Max says the same lines

Linda Blair -
character that was possessed in the movie 'The Exorcist'
Rath mentions that aliens from their homeworld can 'possess' or take over a human body and use it to navigate around Earth without ever traveling an inch.

Star Trek -
a scifi TV show where explorers travel all over the space.
Rath mentions that in real life people don't go zipping around the galaxy and it will be a bit harder to get back to their home planet

Holy Grail -
a religious artifact, usually believed to be the cup that Jesus Christ drank from at the last supper.
Lonnie explains that Khivar will want the Granolith as part of the deal in the Summit. Max asks what it is, and she says it is a religious artifact, like the Holy Grail to their people.

done the deed -
a slang term for having sex
Rath asks Max and Tess if they have had sex, or done the deed

beast with two backs -
a slang term for having sex, from the Shakespeare play Othello
Rath asks Max and Tess if they have had sex, or made the beast with two backs

get you to the church on time -
lines from a song, referring to getting to the church on time for a wedding.
Rath uses the term to say that he will get Max to see the Emmisary on time

For a list of the Dupes speak, click here

A Roswell Christmas Carol

A Roswell Christmas Carol -

Based on the book title �A Christmas Carol� by Charles Dickens � it has become common to use the title with additions, �A Disney Christmas Carol�, �A Muppet Christmas Carol�, �Mickey Christmas Carol�, �All Dogs Christmas Carol�, etc

Christmas Nazi -
a term used by Isabel's friends and family that refers to her fanatical preparations and requirements for the holiday season. I believe it was derived from a similar term, Soup Nazi, from the TV show Seinfeld, that referred to a fanatical restaurant owner who requires that his customers meet his exacting rules.

National Football League, the American football organization
Tess mentions that she made Christmas for the Valentis on a day when there was a break in the NFL schedule, meaning she choose a day when there were no football games.

To Serve & Protect

To Serve & Protect -

Based on the quote often seen on police logos � to serve and protect

Brad -
probably a reference to Brad Pitt, a popular movie star, considered to be very handsome
Liz has a dream about a new boyfriend named Brad, but a dream-Max interrupts them, saying Brad isn't what she wants.

to thine own self be true -
a quote from the Shakespeare play Hamlet
Kyle dreams that the Buddha give him that advice, which makes Isabel laugh because it is not a Buddhist quote, but from Shakespeare

Standby to beam us aboard -
a reference to the scifi TV show Star Trek. Crew members were transported from place to place through a teleporter that they called beaming.
In Kyle's dream the Buddha is an alien who gets a call from his ship, and he says to 'beam us aboard'.

circling up the wagons -
refers to the time in American history when pioneers were heading west across the plains that were inhabited by hostile Native Americans, who sometimes attacked the wagon trains. To defend themselves, they would drive the wagons into a circle and get inside for cover. the term circling the wagons has come to mean pulling together all of your resources
When Dan finds out how much effort Sheriff Valenti is putting into an investigation to find a missing girl, he says that Valenti is really circling up the wagons

dine and dash -
term for eating at a restaurant and leaving without paying
Maria tells her cousin Sean that if he dines and dashes at the Crashdown he will die. She doesn't want him stealing from where she works.

develop superpowers and start flying all over Roswell in a big cape -
clearly referring to Superman who has superpowers, including flying and wears a big red cape
Tess teases Kyle about what might happen to him because Max healed him

We are Family

We are Family -

Based on the song of the same name by Sister Sledge

Frieda -
Maria calls Liz Frieda, after Alex returns from Sweden. It might be just a generic Swedish name, or it could possibly be referring to one of the members of the band ABBA who were from Sweden.

Oprah -
queen of the daytime talk shows
Agent Duff invites Sheriff Valenti to join her investigation after he gets suspended. She says helping her will be better than watching Oprah.

CC -
abbreviation for the term carbon copy. Of course carbon paper isn't used any more, so CC has come to mean send me a copy, or a copy is to be sent to the people named.
Agent Duff asks Valenti to CC her Laurie Dupree's hospital records, meaning to send her a copy.

Skittles -
Candy with a outer shell and a soft fruity center
Kyle tells Tess to get him some Skittles when they are at the store buying junk food

Swedish fish -
a candy that is shaped like little fish that come in several colors and are similar in texture to gum drops
Maria gets Swedish fish to serve at the party to welcome Alex back from Sweden

Swedish company that produces low cost furniture and house goods
Maria buys a bowl from IKEA to use at the party to welcome Alex back from Sweden

smorgasbord -
a Swedish version of a buffet
Maria has set up a smorgasbord for the party to welcome Alex back from Sweden

slides -
a type of film negative in a sleeve that allows it to be used in a projector. in the age of digital images, slides are rarely used any more
Alex had his photos of his trip to Sweden made into slides so he could share them with his friends

My Favourite Martian -
a 60s TV show about a martian who lived on Earth
Kyle refers to Tess as 'my favorite Martian', meaning she is his favorite of the aliens.

Windex -
a blue spray window and glass cleaner
Alex asks for some windex to clean the lens on the slide projector

loon -
slang for lunatic
Kyle overhears a woman saying that his grandfather was a loon.

juvie -
slang for juvenile detention center, where underage criminal kids are sent instead of jail with adults.
Sean Deluca just got out of juvie.

Disturbing Behavior

Disturbing Behavior -

Based on the movie of the same title from 1998

psychobabble -
slang term for what some consider to be the useless advice of Psychology
Michael asks Maria what psychobabble, Oprah crap he needs to tell Laurie to get her to trust him.

Oprah -
queen of the daytime talk shows, known for her in-depth examination of feelings
Michael asks Maria what psychobabble, Oprah crap he needs to tell Laurie to get her to trust him.

military abbreviation for Abscent Without Leave. it has come to mean that someone is not where they are supposed to be, or can't be located
Sean tells Liz that Amy is upset about Maria being gone and not knowing where she is

How the Other Half Lives

How the Other Half Lives -

Based on the saying � to see how the other half lives � it means to see what it is like to live like the rich .

chain gang -
Prison inmates used to be chained together by the legs and made to work outside the prison.  The group of prisoners were called chain gangs. 
Kyle asks how to get off the chain gang when he and Alex are digging holes in the woods looking for the ganderium cave.

ebay - an online auction site where people can list merchandise for sale. 
Kyle wonders how much aliens crystals are worth on ebay.

American Pie -
song by Don Mclean from 1971 that Alex and Kyle sing while they are trapped in the ganderium cave.

Columbus/Queen of Spain -
Christopher Columbus was an explorer who 'discovered' new places in honor of the queen.
When Alex and Kyle go into the ganderium cave, Alex jokes that Kyle is Columbus and claims the land for the Queen of Spain. 

Braveheart -
Mel Gibson movie from 1995 about Scottish folk hero William Wallace. 
Michael says it feels like a Braveheart night, meaning he wants to watch it.

Viva Las Vegas

Viva Las Vegas -

movie and song of the same name, starring and sung by Elvis.  The song has been remade numerous times by all kinds of singers.

Charo -
a latin dancer/performer known for her small outfits and showgirl type performances. 
When Tess and Liz are trying to get into the casino they claim to be 21 but the security guard is doubtful and says if they are 21 he is Charo

bring your own . . . 
Maria neglected to read the fine print on the audition advertisement she found or she might have realized she was trying out to be a stripper.  It said to byo g-string.

foosball -
a game played on a specialized table, where there are two sets of plastic teams of men. The players use knobs to spin the plastic men to knock a ball around the table and into a goal to score points
Tess mocks Liz by saying they can play foosball, meaning that Liz is no fun and Tess wants to do more grownup activities

A Kennedy -
the family of rich and famous politicians. 
Dave asks Isabel why she is in such a fancy suite and does it belong to a Kennedy.  She says it is more like a prince referring to Michael.

Playstation -
game console. 
Maria says she is wants to be more sophisticated but Michael in stuck in a world of play station and armpit farts.

Armpit Farts -
A noise made by putting your hand under your arm and pumping your arm up and down to force out air.  The sound can resemble a fart.
Maria says she is wants to be more sophisticated but Michael in stuck in a world of play station and armpit farts.

Heart of Mine

Heart of Mine -

Based on a song of the same title by the Oak Ridge Boys.

too early to call -
typically used to refer to the outcome in a sporting event, it means it is too soon to tell the outcome. 
Liz says that Michael and Maria are not going to the prom, but Max says it is too early to call.

misread my cards -
misread the situation. 
Sean asks Liz if he misread his cards about the other night when he and Liz were out on a date and he kissed her.  He wanted to know if she was into him or not.

puke -
throw up. 
Sean sees that Liz is upset but she won't admit it, and he says she looks ready to puke at the least. 

sack -
in bed. 
Kyle's friend says that Tess seems like she would be a firecracker in the sack, meaning she would be an enthusiastic sex partner.

eat off another man's taco platter - Sean uses it to describe his philosophy of not going after women who are already with other guys

Cry Your Name

Cry Your Name -

Based on the song of the same title by Beth Orton .

this blows -

this sucks, this is terrible. 
Alex wants to go out with Isabel but Liz and Maria convince him to stay at home so Isabel is chasing him for a change.  He does it but says it blows.

putting the screws to us -
putting pressure on us. 
Alex tells Isabel he has to study for a test because his teacher is putting the screws to them.

nuke it -
put it in the microwave to cook. 
When Alex's delivery food arrives cold, the driver tells him to nuke it, meaning to heat it in the microwave.

semi -
tractor-trailer truck. 
The man who collided with Alex was driving a semi.

the Matrix -
a scifi/action movie starring Keanu Reeves. 
Michael says he perfers the Matrix to the movie Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.

Crouching Tiger -
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, a martial arts film starring Chow Yun-fat about a man who dies for honor. 
Max says he prefers it to the movie the Matrix.

Keanu Reaves -
action movie actor in the Matrix. 
Max says that he won't let Michael prefer Keanu Reaves to Michell Yeoh.

Michelle Yeoh -
martial arts master and actress in Crouching Tiger.
Max says that he won't let Michael prefer Keanu Reaves to Michell Yeoh.

Robert Frost -
American poet who Alex is studying in school.  He wrote the poem 'Stopping by the Woods on a Snowing Evening' that late Liz quotes - I have promises to keep and miles to go before I sleep.

Beth Orton -
emo-ish/pop singer. 
On the day Alex died he bought tickets for the concert and Liz sees it as proof that he didn't kill himself.

It's too Late, and It's too Bad

It's too Late, and It's too Bad -

Possibly based on the song title �It�s too Late� by Carole King .

Swiss Army Knife -
knife brand that is known for having many attachments, like a bottle opener, scissors, tweezers, toothpick, nailfile, etc. 
Liz asks Sean if you can pick a lock with a Swiss Army Knife.

exacto -
brand of small razorblade-like craft knives. 
Maria is having trouble with the year book pages she is working on because the exacto knife disappeared.

buzz kill -
literally means that something was so bad or un-fun that it was able to make you sober when you are buzzed.  Most people use it to mean something that stopped the fun.
When Sean and Liz get caught breaking into the school, Sean tries to protect her by telling the deputy that she wasn't into the crime, she was a buzz kill.

jump on the bandwagon -
Literally meant to get on a wagon in a parade that the band was riding on.  It came to mean join a political movement, but now is mostly used to mean to join in with everyone else.
Isabel tells Max that she is going to college whether he likes it or not so he should jump on the bandwagon or get out of the way.

pull the king card -
a card game term meaning you can win because you are playing a higher value card. 
Isabel tells Max not to pull the king card and try to stop her from going to college.

rain check -
originally it referred to outsides events that had to be postponed because of rain.  The organizers would issues new tickets or rain checks for the event.  Now it is mostly used to describe the policy that stores sometimes offer rain checks on sale items if they run out.  It is also used in personal situations where one person cannot attend an event or a date and would like to reschedule, so they ask for a rain check. 
Maria uses it to tell Michael to back off.  She says if he came to talk smack about Liz then she wants a rain check.

Baby It's You

Baby It's You -

Based on the song and musical of the same title .

Nelly Furtado -
pop singer who appeared as herself in the show. 
She played a concert at the University of Las Cruces that Liz and Maria happened to see.

Jodi Ann Paterson -
a playboy bunny who appeared as herself in the show. 
Kyle asked Isabel to help him dreamwalk her.

Gladiator -
movie about a Gladiator starring Russell Crow. 
Tess and Kyle were supposedly watching it when Alex died.

sonogram -
also known as an ultrasound.
Max says he and Tess can't go get a sonogram to see about the baby's health.

Backlash -
Backlash is a feminist book by Susan Faludi.
Isabel mentions that she will have to read it twice after dreamwalking the playboy bunny with Kyle.

Off the Menu

George W. -
George W. Bush, the president at the time of the show. 
Amy, Sean and Maria are delivering t-shirts to the UFO museum that say George W. is an alien.


Heckle & Jeckle -

two mischievous cartoon birds. 
Kyle refers to Michael and Max as Heckle & Jeckle.

Scooby -
Scooby Doo.  A cartoon dog who solves mysteries with his four human companions. 
Michael mentions that Scooby is Maria's favorite and has purchased dishes with Scooby on them to serve her dinner.

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