The '47 Crash

Here is the info we know about the crash, from various sources

We know that on July 4, 1947, an alien ship crashed to Earth near Roswell, NM on Pohlman Ranch. The ranch is approx. 30 miles away from the Eagle Rock military base and is now under government ownership.

The ship was carrying two sets of pods, and at least 4 other aliens, perhaps all shapeshifters, as well as two orbs and perhaps the Granolith. But we are never given a reason for the crash.

Some of the debris from the crash was lightweight shiny metal that regains it original shape after being crushed.


Milton Ross was the owner of the Roswell UFO Center and he briefly explains the events surrounding the '47 crash, as far as he knows.

And so on July 4th, 1947, after all the fireworks had been shot off, after all the apple pie had been eaten, they came. The evidence suggests that they had been studying us for quite some time. To what end we'll never know, but on that fateful night something went terribly wrong, and one, though some say more than one, of the alien crafts crashed onto our planet, starting what was to become one of the most elaborate cover-ups mankind has ever known.

There are eyewitness accounts from people still living in Roswell today of debris found in the desert made of strange metals, inscribed with purple hieroglyphs. There are those who on their deathbeds spoke of being present at alien autopsies, and of the threats made to their lives and the lives of their families if they ever spoke of what they saw.


The Military

The military has a little more info.

Cleanup of the crash began at 4am, on July 4th, 1947. At approx 4:30am screams were heard from the NW sector.

Two Privates were sent to investigate the scene, and found Privates Bill Pifer and Jim McCarthy dead with silver hand prints on their chests. (The official report says the two men died in a Jeep accident) (SHP)

They were found near two large sacks that contained four pods each. Also found were two live aliens and two dead ones, and they were taken to the military base.

Hal Carver and Ritchie Dodie are ordered to drive a cargo truck from the crash site to hanger 20. En route the truck loses power and they appear to hit a small glowing figure in the road. When they stop they find no figure, but look in the back of the truck to see 2 glowing sacks.

After the crash sometime, one of the aliens was able to bury an orb communicator at the base of the old radio tower outside the pod chamber approximately 2 miles from the crash site. The other orb was found by the military and later ended up in the Special Unit vault in Washington D.C.

Not found in the crash was the Granolith, the healing stones, the pendant necklace, or the a second communication orb. So possibly they were hidden, or came to Earth on another ship?

According to Nurse Yvonne White, the 2 dead aliens were autopsied, and were unlike anything she'd ever seen, complete not human. The bodies were not mammals. Epidermis, hands and organs were unlike anything she'd ever seen. Black eyes that were empty, vacant, ageless.

Yvonne White tells her story to Hal, and says she is transfered to London, but disappears before she boards the bus. Unknown what happened to her.

At some time, the military starts to examine the sacks by removing some of the protective outer shell to expose 4 pods beneath, and inside them is what appears to be a human fetus inside each one.

Two glowing aliens kill at least two doctors near the sacks. Possibly they were the doctors cutting into the sacks.

Hal investigates and finds the room with the sacks, dead doctors and aliens, and causes a distraction so the aliens can save the sacks.

We learn from Pierce that one of the captured aliens escaped almost immediately (Nasedo), and the other was held and tortured in the White Room for 3 years, before it either died, escaped or was killed. So one of the two aliens Hal saw gets recaptured? or was it a different alien?

Crash site fatalities and autopsy report (SHP)

Official report on Crash fatalities (SHP)


After Summer of '47

We saw what happened on the episode, but several things happened that we really don't have the exact timing on.

One or more of the aliens escaped from the military. Why do I think maybe more than one alien escaped? Well, it would be pretty tough for one alien to get all eight pods out of the base alone.

The escaping alien(s) took the two sacks with the 8 pods in them. One set of pods was put in the pod chamber, and the other set was taken to New York.

One of the orbs was buried near the pod chamber, either before or after the aliens were captured.

The Granolith was installed in the pod chamber, either before or after the aliens were captured.


Questions about the Crash

There are several remaining question about the events surrounding the crash.

The first of which is what caused the crash?
the weather, the military, an accidental collision, faulty equipment, a fight on the ship, and accident on the ship, sabotage, another alien ship or weapon, etc.


How many ships came to Earth? (not counting the Skins, of course)
It appears from Liz's flashes of the crash that the ship flew straight to Earth and crashed in 1947. But we also know aliens were on Earth in 1936 (and perhaps a lot earlier) collecting DNA to make the clones. So were there two ships? Or was the ship that was here in 1936 the same one that crashed in 1947?

If there were two or more ships, where did the other one(s) go? Surely not back to Antar where they would be seen as enemies to Khivar.


How many aliens were on the ship that crashed?
We know there were at least 4. Pierce tells Max there were 2 dead and 2 alive, but there could have been others the military never knew about. And were all the aliens on board shapeshifters? They might have been other types of aliens.

And what about the alien that Hal and Richie saw when they were driving the truck back to the base with the pods onboard? Was it real, or a mindwarp? And if it was real, what happened to it?


When was the Granolith put in the pod chamber?
We know the military didn't find the Granolith at the crash site, so was it in the pod chamber already? Possibly it came on an earlier ship and wasn't in the crash. Or perhaps it was sent to Earth alone, like when it took Tess back to Antar.

If the Granolith was in the crash, was it hidden so the military wouldn't get it? But why didn't the aliens hide the pods too? Or hide the whole dang crash? Perhaps the aliens were injured in the crash and not able to hide it.

Some people believe that the aliens quickly hid the granolith and other items after the crash. It is possible, I suppose. The granolith and pods are the most important things, so I'm sure the aliens would have hidden them first. But if the debris was spread out over a wide area, it is possible that they hid the granolith before they found the pods and then the military got there before they could hide the pods.

According to the military reports, two live aliens were found near the pods, so maybe they had just found them and were discovered before they could hide them?


When was the communication orb buried near the pod chamber?
From Liz's flashes, it appears that someone was chased by the military and quickly buried the orb, but when exactly did that happen? Before the aliens were captured, or perhaps after they escaped with the pods.

The pod chamber is two miles from the crash site. So an alien takes one orb, and nothing else, and runs two miles from the crash to bury it, but he didn't take the pods? Unlikely, I think. But if it was buried after the escape, where was it hidden while they were captured?


Where were the healing stones and the pendant necklace after the crash?
The military overlooked them at the crash site? lol or where they possibly hidden or maybe on another ship.


Exactly how many aliens lived and escaped the military? Did only one of the aliens escape from the military, or were there more? Why do I think maybe more than one alien escaped? Well it would be pretty tough for one alien to get all eight pods out of the base alone.

We know that the military captured the two live aliens at the crash site. Then later, Hal sees two aliens in the room with the pods. So were those the same two aliens that were captured? Or possibly one of them was the alien that Hal and Richie thought they ran over in the truck? Or were two dead aliens really dead? Possibly they were healed and escaped? At least one of them was autopsied. Could it be healed after that?

One alien was held for 3 years in the white room, so either the alien was recaptured or it wasn't able to get away.

And what about the alien Hal and Richie thought they hit with the truck? What that one of the captured aliens, or another alien, or a mindwarp?

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