Roswell Fan Contests

Contests involving Roswell, that were either sponsored by the WB or UPN,
or were sponsored by others with Roswell prizes.

If anyone knows of other contests, send in the info!

Seattle's WB 22 Watch and Win

This contest was sponsored by WB 22 in Seattle, Coke, and the Bon Marche. The videos were distributed in September and October of 1999 and introduced the shows for the WBs fall 1999 season.

The contest required that you watch 5 of the WB shows, write the plots on an included postcard, and submit it. Winners would get a trip to four to Maui.

New Roswell Ebay Auction - Visit The Set

This was an auction offered by the producers of Roswell on ebay for a fan to win a trip
to the shooting of the final episode of season two.

**The auction is long over, it is not currently running. You cannot bid.**

Producers Jason Katims and Ronald Moore are offering a trip to the set of Roswell... if you can win this Ebay Auction. Currently the price is at $1000 and is sure to keep rising. This could be a great visit because it is for the 'season' finale, but as most of us suspect most likely the 'series' finale. So this is the chance of a lifetime for Roswell fans.

Here is the description posted with the auction: Sci-Fi drama ROSWELL is entering production on the final episode written by Jason Katims and Ron Moore. This is an opportunity for you and a guest to visit the set as well as meet the writers of the show. INCLUDED is a tour of the ROSWELL sets at Paramount Studios including the Crashdown, a visit to the set of the final episode of this season (whether it be at Paramount or on location which in case you would be personally escorted to by one of the writers), a season finale script signed by Jason Katims and Ron Moore, and finally lunch with the writers. Use this as an opportunity to pick the writers' brains on the past season and gain insight into the story telling process.

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