Roswell Commandments

This list was orig posted on Dreamweaver's site, that is now long gone.
Here it is as it was posted.

Nicole and I, Laura, were just messing around one day and came up with the ten commandments for Roswell. These are how you be a true, conventional, Roswellian.

1:Thou wilt not miss an episode under any preventable circumstances.(deaths and emergencies excluded)

2:Thou must know the content of each episode by simply hearing the name and be able to quote all the episodes.

3:Thou shalt devote 5 full hours to pining over the Roswell boys and girls!

4:Thou wilt not bow before any fake Roswellian; ex. Courtney Banks....Pierce and so on and so forth...

5:Thou shalt exalt Roswell by composing fanfic.

6:Thou shalt make RP contributions as much as possible.

7:Thou wilt not write unconventional fanfic.

8:Thou shalt tape every single episode of Roswell.

9:Thou wilt not bow down and otherwise enjoy Destiny.

10:Thou shalt visit the boards daily.

Like I said, *conventional*. It's ok if you like the unconventional couples and such, just these are the commandments for *conventional* people. Please don't go bashing us for this. We don't mean to offend anyone if we do.

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