Roswell Cliches

Over the years many cliches have sprung up about Roswell, in fanfiction, or
just in the fandom. Some true, some not so true.

Max cliches - is obsessed with Liz's hair
- becomes a doctor or teacher
- didn't really have sex with Tess - it was a mindwarp
    or did have sex with Tess, but she mindwarped him to do it

Liz cliches - smells like strawberries or vanillia
- becomes a scientist or doctor

Max & Liz as a couple cliches - Liz goes into some kind of sexual heat because she was changed

Alien cliches - no one ever asks questions of friendly aliens about the past, how to use their powers, or what is going on
- when an alien first has sex, a bond is formed and they will never desire anyone else.

General Roswell cliches - none of the parents or townies notice any of the bizarre alien stuff going on

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