Pod Chamber

Everything you've ever wanted to know about the Pod Chamber.

The pod chamber is where Max, Isabel, Michael and Tess (possibly) were incubated in their pods for approximately forty years. It is located somewhere on or near Pohlman Ranch and the Mesaliko Reservation.

The Pod Chamber is housed inside a rock formation that juts into the sky. As far as we know, there is only one entrance, a sliding panel in the rocky surface, that is a door inside. To open it, an alien must pass their hand over a certain spot next to the door, causing a glowing handprint to appear, then press their hand on the handprint to trigger the mechanism.

Inside, the chamber has a dirt floor and rocky walls, like a cave, but it is likely 'man-made' because it is pretty regularly shaped. Panels have been installed against the walls on the sides and back, and the pods hang against the back wall.

In the episode 'Destiny' there is a raised rectangle on the floor that is never seen before or after. It is where they put Nasedo to heal him with the healing stones.

In 'Surprise', Isabel discovers an additional hallway and room behind the pods, that leads to the Granolith room.

Incubation Pods

The two sets of pods came to Earth in the ship that crashed in 1947 and taken by the Army.

It is never said exactly, but it is generally believed that Nadeso put the pods in the pod chamber after they were rescued from the Army. At some time, the pods were removed from their casing, seperated and hung in their places.

As far as we know, the pods stayed in the chamber until they 'hatched' sometime in 1989.

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The Granolith

The Granolith is hidden in a room behind the pods. It requires a crystal to make it work, and supposedly is an Antarian holy object which only has one mission, to fly home.

We also know from 'End of the World', it can be altered to be used a time machine.
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Pod Chamber & Granolith Room Floorplan

I made these floorplans by closely watching the episodes.
I may have gotten some proportions a bit wrong, but these are good representations.

***These floorplans are my own creation. DO NOT repost without permission***
2002 - © RoswellOracle & RoswellOracle.com
Feel free to link to the site. Icons are available here

As you can see, I've included a hallway to the left that goes to the Granolith room. This is never exactly seen on the show, I am kind of assuming it is there because in the epi 'Departure' when Michael lets Liz, Maria and Kyle into the pod chamber, they don't crawl through the pods to get to the Granolith, instead, if you watch closely, they come running around the corner before entering the Granolith room.

It makes sense there would be another way in. It is hard to believe that they
were intended to crawl through the pod to get into the Granolith room.

Where the door is to this hallway is up for debate too, but it must be hidden in the pod chamber
somewhere, or they would have found the Granolith much sooner than they did. Perhaps the panels on the wall slide open, or maybe the rock wall is fake like the main door.

Pod Chamber and Granolith Room Images

Pod Chamber Exterior
Pod Chamber Door Mechanism

Pod Chamber Door

Pod Chamber Interior

Granolith Chamber Interior


Granolith Crystal

Granolith Countdown Clock

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