What are CHADs?

Well, that question doesn't have an easy or single answer.

The term CHAD originally referred to the small piece of paper that is punched out of voting ballots by a manual voting machine.
aka CHAD = card hole aggregate debris

In the 2000 US Presidential election, if you recall, there was a huge controversy in Florida when some CHADs were not completely detached from the ballots, either by faulty voting machines or by voters not pushing hard enough, or just imperfections of the paper. It was hard to tell in some cases if there was a vote or not.

A recount was demanded and the Presidential election hung on the outcome.

What does this have to do with Roswell?

Well . . .
Some enterprising Roswellian made the term CHAD into an acronym for Roswell -


And those who discussed them are CHADDs - Continuity Holes And Discrepancies Discussers.

There used to be a thread on the Roswell Fanforum board where all things CHAD were discussed. The official thread closed after the show ended, and I saved some of the parts and reposted them here.

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CHAD Final Thread CHAD Farwell

CHADS Introduction for Newbies

The CHADS thread is a place for posting questions about those little things that have been bothering you when you've been watching (and rewatching) the show. We address Loose Ends, Nagging Questions and Continuity Issues of all shapes and sizes.

Don't worry about sounding too picky or critical. Everyone who is here loves the show. This is just a place to try to either figure out things that are bugging you, to try to come up with alternate explanations that fit the information we have and to try and make sense of it, or just to laugh together about some silly overlooked continuity point that just can't be explained away. It's all in fun, and no one takes offense at a few jokes at our favorite's expense here.

One note: This thread is character/couple neutral. So any and all are welcome here.


CHAD Thread Rules

Rule Number 1: Never trust anything that anyone says. All second hand information is freely discountable if it doesn't fit your pet theory The only things that are considered hard facts for our purposes are those events that we've actually seen with our own eyes onscreen.

Rule Number 2: Do not trust anything shown in a Roswell promo. The WB lies, lies, lies. For CHAD purposes, it's better to pretend those scenes do not exist.

Rule Number 3: There is no limit on the types of questions you can discuss. And it can't be too nitpicky for us to want to discuss it to death It can be inconsistent characterization, illogical plotting, dropped plot points, questions about the mythology, or anything that just makes you go "Huh?" It can be a small point internal to one episode, or an issue regarding the basic premise of the show. Anything goes here, so long as it's in fun.

Rule Number 4 The caveat to Rule Three. To save our collective sanities, we ask that no one brings up any questions regarding the discrepancies in the ages or grades of the Pod Squad. We call this the CHAD that cannot be named. If you are curious about our thoughts on the issue, check out the archives. It's been hashed over in every past thread up to about Part 7. Parts 6 and 7 particularly go over this issue in detail. If you feel after reading those threads, however, that you have something to add that hasn't already been brought up, feel free to do so.

Rule Number 5: The dreaded name A**** shall never be used on this thread as the name of the home planet. Is this planet bashing? Perhaps. But I just feel that strongly about it.

Rule Number 6: No bashing other posters. Ever. This is the only "rule" here that is meant to be taken seriously.

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