In Nov 2000, the company Inkworks produced a set of 90 cards + extras for season 1 of Roswell.
(A card set for Roswell season 2 was announced, but unfortunately never produced due to poor sales of the season 1 cards.)

Trading cards are sold in packs that contain 7 cards. You have to buy a lot of packs to put together a
90-card set and all the chase cards such as autograph cards, foil cards and puzzle cards.

Below is all the info I gathered about them including pics.

Complete set will include:
* 90-card Base Set
* 9-card Foil Puzzle "Aliens Among Us" Chase Set
* 6-card "Roswell Files" Chase Set
* 2-card "Alein Orbs" Die Cut Chase Set
* Autograph Cards
* 36 packs in each box
* 6 cards in each pack

(Some info from the Inkworks website.
Inkworks is out of business, and their site is gone, but if anyone is interested, I did save the parts and reposted it - here.)

This page is graphics intensive. It may take a few minutes to load.

Premium Trading Cards
from Inkworks

Released November 2000

Advertising Packet

The advertising packets are distributed by the card
manufacturer to potential sellers, like card and comic stores.

They included a sell sheet, a PR-1 promo card, an info sheet and an order sheet.

Sell Sheet

Sell sheets are double-sided advertising slicks distributed by the card
manufacturer to potential sellers, like card and comic stores.

Promo Cards

Promo cards are distributed by the card manufacturer to potential sellers,
like card and comic stores to advertise the upcoming trading card set release.

PR-1 - in general distribution

PR-1 - Variant
In general distribution

It is hard to see the differences.
On the back, the copyright info is in light green
letters instead of white, & the whole card is a bit darker.

PR-2 - distributed in Non-Sport Update Magazine

PR-3 - distributed in the UK

PR-i - distributed online
Inkworks free card offer

Inkworks typically offers a free promo card for each card set they produce.
These cards are only available through the Inkworks website by sending in an SASE.

Box Loader Card

RL-1 - distributed in sealed display boxes

Box loader cards are exactly what the name says. One of these cards is slipped into a sealed box of card packs.

This card advertises Roswell Season 2 card set, but it was never released.
Inkworks explained that Season 1 didn't sell as expected.

Base Set
The 90 card set is considered the 'base set'
It is shown below divided into its different subsets
(Note: In almost all card base sets, card #1 is a 'title' card, and the last
card in the set is a checklist that names all the cards.)

1 - Roswell
4 - Isabel Evans
7 - Alex Whitman
2 - Liz Parker
5 - Maria De Luca
8 - Kyle Valenti
3 - Max Evans
6 - Michael Guerin
9 - Sheriff Jim Valenti

10 - Saved By An Alien
11 - The Truth About Max
12 - �Pilot�
13 - Spying On A Spy
14 - Key To The Past
15 - �The Morning After�
16 - Suspicion
17 - The Unearthly
18 - �Monsters�

19 - Ganging Up On Max
20 - A Final Farewell
21 - �Leaving Normal�
22 - Vision On Canvas
23 - Topolsky�s Mission
24 - �Missing�
25 - The House
26 - Out Of The Darkness
27 - �285 South�

28 - A Symbol Of Home
29 - The Cave
30 - �River Dog�
31 - The Desperate Hours
32 - Alex Saves The Day
33 - �Blood Brother�
34 - The Dream Dance
35 - First Kiss
36 - �Heat Wave�

37 - Michael�s Ordeal
38 - Flash Memories
39 - �The Balance�
40 - Peril In The Kitchen
41 - The Big Game
42 - �Toy House�
43 - The Human Connection
44 - Closer To The Truth
45 - �Into The Woods�

46 - Roswell�s Special Guest
47 - A Hunter Obsessed
48 - �The Convention�
49 - Love Is Universal
50 - Responding To The Signal
51 - �Blind Date�
52 - Battered And Bitter
53 - Striking Back
54 - �Independence Day�

55 - Liz�s Fantasy
56 - The Orb
57 - �Sexual Healing�
58 - The Return Of Topolsky
59 - The Shape-Shifter
60 - �Crazy�
61 - Alien Seduction
62 - Valenti�s Gamble
63 - �Tess, Lies And Videotape�

64 - The Threat Of Tess
65 - The Book
66 - �Four-Square�
67 - Deadly Reflections
68 - Max -- Captured!
69 - �Max To The Max�
70 - Tortured By Agent Pierce
71 - Isabel�s Psychic Link
72 - �The White Room�
73 - Ruthless Protector
74 - No Place For Liz
75 - �Destiny�

76 - Max And Liz
79 - Destined For Each Other?
77 - Michael And Maria
80 - Kyle And Liz
78 - Isabel And Alex
81 - The Sheriff And The Ex-Hippie

82 - Resurrection
83 - Not Of This Earth
84 - Clues To Their Origin
85 - Powers From Beyond
86 - The Hand Of Life And Death
87 - The Signal
88 - Cosmic Reunion
89 - A Message From Mother
90 - Checklist

Chase Cards

Chase cards, also known as subsets, bonus cards, extras, insert cards or extension cards, are other
cards released with the set that are not in the base set, such as foil, puzzle cards, etc.
Some people consider Autograph cards to be chase cards and some do not.

Chase cards are much rarer than the cards in the base set and you may only get three or four of them in
every box of card packs. The sets of chase cards are much harder to put together than the base set
because you have to buy several boxes of card packs to get all the cards you need.

Below are the chase cards for the Roswell set, listed by type

Not of this Earth
6 foil cards - Approximately 1 card in every 17 Packs
(note - foil doesn't scan very well)

N1 - What Lies Beneath

N2 - Listening to a CD

N3 - Nasedo Transforming

N4 - Emerging from his Pod

N5 - Attacked by an Alien

N6 - Michael Uses His Powers

Aliens Among Us
9-card foil card puzzle - Approximately 1 card in every 11 Packs

A1 - Liz's Journal
A2 - The Wisdom of Max
A3 - Isabel's Fearful Questions
A4 - Babbling with Maria
A5 - The World According to Michael

A6 - Kyle in Denial
A7 - In Alex's Dreams
A8 - The Sheriff's Report
A9 - Topolsky's Warning

Die-cut foil cards - Approximately 1 card in every 72 packs

01 & 02 - create a message when placed together

Strangely, the message on the orbs is a bit different than the one in the show.

My children... You have lived before. On a planet in a galaxy not yet discovered where you live now. My son, you were the beloved leader of our people. My daughter, you were a brave warrior. You both perished in a conflict that enslaved our planet. Your essence was duplicated. Cloned. And combined with human genetic material so that you could be re-created as human beings...

Our enemies have come to Earth. That is why the four of you have been sent. To use your skills, your knowledge, your leadership to combat the enemy and prevent them from taking over another race, another peaceful people. You will know the enemy only by the evil inside them. But be careful, they have learned to mask it well. I ask only one more thing, of you. Learn enough to come back and free us... Help us. I love you.

Autograph Cards
6 cards - randomly inserted in the packs.
(1 guaranteed autograph per box)

The autograph cards are not in the packs. Instead you get an autograph redemption card, which
you send to Inkworks, they punch it & return it with the actual autograph card.

R1 - Autograph Redemption Card

A1 - Jonathan Frakes As Himself

A2 - Shiri Appleby - �Liz Parker�

A3 - Colin Hanks - �Alex Whitman�

A4 - Nick Wechsler - �Kyle Valenti�

A5 - William Sadler - �Sheriff Valenti�

A6 - Julie Benz - �Kathleen Topolsky�


Padded 3-ring binder to store your card set in

Card Packs
Roswell cards were sold in packs with 7 cards per pack
including randomly inserted chase & autograph cards


aka Card Box, Display Box
(Occasionally these are called cases, but they are not. Cases contain several boxes of cards.)
36 packs per box

12 boxes per case

Sorry, I have no pictures.
The case is just a cardboard box in which several boxes of Roswell cards are packed

Mini Press Sheet
Uncut 9-card mini Press Sheet
(called press sheets or mini press sheets, true press sheets are rarely offered - see next section)
Only 500 were made, Sequentially numbered
(usually ones with lower numbers are considered more valuable)

Press Sheets are the same as the puzzle cards, just uncut and fitted with a numbered hologram.

Press Sheet
When cards are manufactured, the entire set is printed together, and then cut into individual cards.
A press sheet is what it is called before it is cut.
So the 'press' in press sheet, refers to the printing press, not the media.

Card Collecting Terminology
If you are looking to collect Roswell cards, it will help to know the following terms to buy online. But be sure to read descriptions carefully because some people will use terms that aren't entirely accurate.

Base Set aka Complete Set
- only includes the 90 numbered cards.
Some sellers include promo cards or wrappers

Chase or Bonus Cards
- these are any cards other than the base set, like foil, puzzle cards or autographs. Usually these are sold seperately than the base set as single cards, or in sets.
(I would suggest buying chase cards in sets. Usually you will save a fortune in postage if you don't buy one at a time.)

Mini Master
- some sellers will offer what is called a mini master set. The term has been used to describe any collected set of items that is NOT a master set - so it may be missing one or more thing.

True mini masters should include a set of base cards, box loader card, usually one or more promo cards, and one set of each of the chase cards (Not of this Earth foil cards 1-6, Aliens Among Us puzzle cards 1-9 and Orb cards 1&2), but NO autographs.
Most sellers consider a binder and sell sheet to be part of a mini master set.
Some sellers will also offer a card wrapper or card box, and occasionally a mini press sheet.

Master set
- by definition a master set should include everything - a base set, box loader card, one each of the promo cards (it is possible you will only be offered PR1 & PR2. PR3 & PRi are kind of rare), one of each chase cards set (Not of this Earth foil cards 1-6, Aliens Among Us puzzle cards 1-9 and Orb cards 1&2), and ALL 6 autographs. Most sellers consider a binder, sell sheet, and mini press sheet to be part of a master.
Some sellers will also offer additional things, a card wrapper, card box, autograph redemption cards, etc.

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