Roswell Fan Campaigns

Did you know that Roswell was nearly canceled several times and was saved by the fans?

Due to low ratings, the network considered shooting fewer episodes of Roswell or ending it
completely in seasons 1, 2 and 3, but it was saved due to the actions of the fans

Roswell Fans were involved in several campaigns concerning the show, during it's run and after it ended, and some even continued long after the show was over.

Almost every Roswell site either participated in one or more save Roswell campaings and had pages dedicated to saving Roswell. There were even entire sites dedicated to saving Roswell like Save our Show (SOS). There were tons of groups of dedicated fans, like the Save Roswell Brigade, who got together to come up with new and interesting things to get the attention of TPTB.

Without the hard work and determination of these fans, along with the thousands of participants who sent emails, postcards, letters and tabasco, Roswell wouldn't have lasted as long as it did!


Here are some quotes about campaigns:"

Absolutely keep it up-- I'll tell you, the campaigning that they have done from the first two seasons, I really do think is responsible for the show coming back." "I will say in all honesty that this year it seems less likely that we have a chance, and in all honesty I'll say that, but absolutely I think that if there is any chance for the show its really up to the fan's support."
- Jason Katims on campaigning the show's return

"If people still want the show to be on, I'm more than happy to be providing something for them. I've really enjoyed my experience on the show. As long as the story is around, and wants to be told, I'll be here to tell it."
- Shiri Appleby on save the show campaigns

"It makes me feel really honored to be a part of something that got that going." "I think its one of the most moving things about my involvement in the show." And "I'm blown away by that."
- Jason Katims on Roswell fans and their charity campagins.

"Roswell fans have shown their true good nature beyond all expectations. It's just been incredible, and it makes something awful like this disease make you see something good in humanity"
- Garrett Lerner, who's son Zeke inspired this campaign, on Roswell fans support of FSMA

Active Campaigns

These are campaigns that still continue today - or at least the last time I checked ;)

We want a Roswell Movie Campaign

In 2011 a new Roswell fan - Erin W., started a website with a petition for Roswell fans to sign and show support for a Roswell movie.

If you'd like to view or sign the petition - click here

Past Campaigns

I have attempted to separate the campaigns into seasons, but some I really don't remember when they occurred so I made my best guess.

So if anyone has additional info, please let me know.

Season 1

Tabasco Campaigns

At the end of both season 1 & 2, Roswell was in danger of being canceled, so the fans decided to make sure that the networks knew there were loyal fans who wanted the show to continue. So they decided to send in bottles of Tabasco, which is a favorite condiment of the aliens on the show.

The end of season 1, there were a few campaings going to try and get Roswell renewed. Fans started an online WB petition, there were letter writing campaings and people sent Tabasco to the WB, to keep the show alive in a campaign called "Roswell is Hot!'. It was started by Mel, Galor, and others at the Roswell Delphi Forum.

Here is the campaign

The Campaign to Save Roswell: Roswell is hot!
"Roswell's HOT!"

It's time to get the WBs attention. So in addition to writing our letters of support for our favorite show, we're starting a "Roswell's HOT!" campaign. This will involve everyone sending in a bottle of Tabasco with their letters. We want to have a united front and bombard the WB with the bottles within a 3 week period. Various internet clubs for different shows have attempted similar campaigns with great results!

Here's what you can do:

Purchase a bottle of Tabasco, any size (they sell packs of mini bottles in some stores, check for more info).

Mail Tabasco and a letter of support to the following:

Mr. Jamie Kellner, Chief Executive Officer
Ms. Susanne Daniels, President, Entertainment
Mr. Jordan Levin, Executive Vice-President, Programming

The WB
3701 Oak Street
Burbank, CA 91522

Individual mailings to the three people above will be most effective.

Somewhere at the top of your letter (but NOT on the outside of your package) write our slogan "Roswell's HOT!". Remember to be courteous and encouraging in your letter. And be concise- keep it short! The visual of the Tabasco will be the important part, but your letter will be the connection between the show and our campaign.

The key to this campaign is timing. For the next three weeks beginning March 6th, let's overflow the WB with Tabasco and show them how strongly we feel about our show! Let's set a deadline of March 27th as the deadline for sending in your Tabasco and letters. The decision for renewal will be made soon, so we want to keep Roswell fresh in their minds.

And they were successful in getting a second season.

The end of season 2, the WB had already decided to ditch Roswell, but a new network, the UPN, was considering buying Roswell. Fans sent Tabasco to UPN and helped convince them to give Roswell a third season.

Unfortunately, by the end of season 3 there were a lot fewer fans who wanted it to continue. The story and the characters had changed so radically that the show lost many fans.

Save Roswell Campaign

There were several campaigns called Save Roswell to save season 1, 2 and 3.
Here are some of the banners.

Here is one of the campaign postings

To show support for the show to get it renewed for a second season, they asked that you write to the following -

The WB
3701 Oak St.
Burbank CA 91522
to Susanne Daniels - President,
Jordan Levin - Executive V.P. of Programming,
or Jamie Kellner - CEO

Roswell Campaign - unknown title

This is a report about a campaign in New York - Sorry I don't know the title if it had one.

And then these kids in New York got these tiny little bottles of Tabasco sauce, printed [on them] that Roswell was moving to Monday nights, and handed them out on the streets of New York. It's the coolest thing in the world, just to think they got up in the morning and stood out there the whole day passing out these bottles to help the show."

Oh What a Night Roswell Media Campaign

A group of fans called the 'Roswell Media Group' started a campaign to focus on sending Roswell reminders to media outlets, magazines, newspapers, TV shows, and radio to raise awareness about Roswell and hopefully get more viewers to raise ratings.

Save Roswell Petition

Here's the idea: Create a petition in favor of the renewal of Roswell, which will later be mailed to the WB. She is aiming for 1000 names (real, not made up). You can also include a short statement on why you want the show to be renewed, or compare it to Popular.

To sign the petition email Andrea at

Another Roswell Campaign

The Roswell cancelation has become a huge issue lately. We need to save the show we love!! Those of you that haven't already heard, Roswell is in serious trouble. Only 1 show out of Roswell, Popular, and Jack&Jill will move on for another season. Roswell must be picked! Please help out by writing to the addresses below.

*I recently heard that Jack&Jill is out of the running, all we have left is 1 to compete with. Popular is going down!*

Write to these 3 people.

1) Susanne Daniels - President
2) Jordan Levin - Executive V.P. of Programming
3) Jamie Kellner - CEO

To this address:

The WB
3701 Oak St.
Burbank CA 91522
...Or you can email them:

Some key info:
Do not mention cancellation, do mention how much you love the show and why you love it. Be polite, keep it short, nothing long winded. Please please put this up on your boards. We need to save Roswell.

Roswell's Renewal Campaign

Prominent television programs, newspapers, radio stations, magazines and Web sites were bombarded with messages of support for the program, This encouraging many media outlets to publicize the fans' efforts. ROSWELL's renewal campaign received press from The New York Daily News, Entertainment Weekly, TV Guide, The Toronto Star, The New York Post and Time magazine, among many others.

Teen People online, one of the most popular teen destinations on the Internet, even created a page on their Web site dedicated to save Roswell and the renewal efforts -- a page through which over 22,000 e-mails were sent to the executives at the WB!

We Believe Campaign

At the end of season 1, when it was in doubt whether Roswell would be picked up for a second season, fans got together and raised money to put an ad in the daily Variety, thanking the production staff for Roswell, and saying that they looked forward to another season.

Roswell Fans Rally

"Roswell Fans Rally"

LOS ANGELES - Fans of the WB teen, sci-fi drama, Roswell are joining forces to show their support for this unique Jason Katims Production. "We (the fans) have incorporated ourselves as ALIEN BLAST" says Kristi Bergman, co-founder of the fan movement.

The movement started as a letter writing campaign, prompting all devoted fans to drop a note to the WB telling them how much they enjoy the show. Letters came pouring in and soon after, Tabasco bottles were also mailed. "Roswell is HOT! is another facet of our campaign. The aliens have a dietary quirk which has them using Tabasco sauce on just about everything: fries, nachos... chocolate cake!" says Kim Hedland, co-founder and ad-designer for ALIEN BLAST. "It�s definitely attracting attention", says Bergman. Support has been received from all over the world, including France, England, Australia, Puerto Rico, Canada and of course, the US. Word was sent out over the Internet that it was time to rally! Fans who frequent came together and annex sites were quickly created, like Fionna Boyle�s "Save Our Show - Roswell" site at

So, is the show in danger of being cancelled? "We don�t believe the show will be cancelled, but it has not been picked up by The WB yet" says Lena Dangcil, co-founder and LA party coordinator. "We wanted them to know what a huge fan base the show has, especially on the Internet", continues Dangcil. Look for the first of the series of ads launched, paid for, and designed by ALIEN BLAST on April 10th in Variety. "The ads were a group effort done completely over the Internet. The response has been amazing", says ALIEN BLAST publicist, Kelly Lyons "We raised enough money in donations to place a series of ads and make some charitable contributions".

ROSWELL will be moving it�s airtime from Wednesdays at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT to Mondays at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT on The WB starting April 10th. If you hadn�t had a chance to tune in you may want to. They have a talented cast of young actors including: Jason Behr, Katherine Heigl, and Brendan Fehr as resident aliens, as well as Shiri Appleby, Majandra Delfino, Colin Hanks, Nick Wechsler, and William Sadler. The writers are also truly out of this world. Don�t miss it, Monday nights 9 p.m. on The WB. ALIEN BLAST�S final statement: "

NORoswellCanellation Campaign

A group of fans called NORoswellCancellation used to bombard different teen fan magazines (like J-14, Teen, Teen Beat, etc) with requests to put the Roswell cast on the cover to help with Roswell's exposure.

Operation Save Roswell

I am not exactly sure when this took place or who started it, but it was another campaign to save Roswell.

Silver Handprint Campaign

Fans from the Crashdown site started a 'Silver Handprint Campaign' through the summer between seasons 1 & 2, to try and raise awareness and ratings for Roswell. They mailed fan made postcards with a silver handprint on them to the various magazines to try and get covers or stories about Roswell, and to talk shows to urge them to have Roswell cast members as guests.

As u may or may not know - the show could be cancelled very soon, so read this if u don't want that to happen. Thanx

Roswell Cancellation Crisis. We need to keep on top of this. Continue to write letters to show your support for the show. Do not mention cancellation in the letter. Just tell them why you love Roswell. Keep sending them. Throughout the season. We need to save this show.

WEBMASTERS: please put this on your homepage. Draw attention to this. Many websites have joined in this campaign. If you have any questions, please email me or check the site.


Ms. Susanne Daniels - President

Mr. Jordan Levin - Executive V.P. of Programming

Mr. Jamie Kellner - CEO

The WB 3701 Oak St. Burbank, CA 91522

Silver Handprint Campaign-Part 2

As you already know, in an effort to gain more publicity for Roswell, the first phase of the silver handprint campaign has involved mailing handprints to specified press/media. Our next targets are Rosie O'Donnell and People Magazine. There will continue to be 2 new targets probably every 2 weeks so please stay tuned and keep stocking up on your handprints!

Handprints: should be simple; a silver handprint (with paint or silver ink) on a piece of black paper - construction or tagboard. Somewhere on the page it should say in silver ink Roswell and We Believe. **Attach a short handwritten note stating our cause to see a cover story/feature story on The WB television show Roswell.** For ROSIE, stress how much she'd love Roswell and request that she have some or all of the cast members on her show. AND SEND HER EPISODE TAPES IF YOU WANT!


The Rosie O'Donnell Show
Rosie O'Donnell
30 Rockefeller Plaza Suite 800E
New York, NY 10112

People Magazine
Letters to the Editor
Time & Life Building
Rockefeller Center
New York, NY 10020


Mr. Ken Tucker
Editorial Office Entertainment Weekly
1675 Broadway
New York, NY 10019

TV Guide
Mr. Matt Roush
1211 Avenue of the Americas
New York, NY 10036

Let the mailing continue! Please post on the Ros 2 thread when you've mailed! **And please publicize this info when you're over at Roswell 1, and on as many other Roswell sites/boards/clubs as you can! Thank you!**

In the fall, they sent the postcards to the WB execs to thank them for renewing Roswell for a second season.

We Believe Campaign #2

In July of 2000, before season 2 of Roswell was even in production, a group of fans at the Crashdown started a 'We Believe Campaign', to try and get a full season of Roswell for season 2. They sent various objects including fan made postcards with the alien symbol or a handprint on them to the WB and media.

Strawberry Applesauce Campaign

Before season 2 even aired, there were rumors and spoilers that Liz and Max were going to be getting back together, and at first the fans were hopeful. But when 'End of the World' aired, some dreamers started losing hope and got angry that their favorite couple seemed doomed.

More promises were made that Max and Liz would be back together in a few episodes, then it was by Christmas, then New Year. Fans were not pleased that the date kept getting pushed back. So in November of 2000, to show the producers that they really wanted Max and Liz back together, someone started a Strawberry Applesauce campaign, similar to the Tobasco campaings. Fans sent in their applesauce to ask the producers to get Max and Liz back together.

Unfortunately, it seems that some of the containers didn't do well on the trip and burst in route, giving the package openers some nasty surprises.

Jason Katims released a nice statement, saying they got the message, and please not to send in any more. Needless to say, this campaign was not successful.

Max and Liz 4ever Fax Campaign

There was a time, either just before or after the Applesauce debacle, when Max and Liz fans somehow got the Fax number for the Roswell production offices. Someone decided to post it and suggest that everyone send faxes saying 'Max and Liz 4ever', to express how much they would like Max and Liz to get back together.

Supposedly the Roswell office was flooded with thousands of faxes, and the Roswell production staff was not amused.

Max & Liz 4ever Petition

I am not exactly sure when it was created, sometime in 2000 after the episode Destiny, but an enterprising fan, Christine M. started an online petition, at to try and get 1,000 signatures to prove to the WB that the fans wanted Max to be together with Liz and not Tess.

It asked the signers for a name, comment, and do you like Tess?

We Hate Tess Campaign

A group of fans who campaigned to have Tess' character taken off the show.
Took place late in season 1 and into season 2.

Season 2

Lend a Hand Campaign

This was campaign started on the Roswell Fanforum boards

By London2LA � Oct 21st, 2000
At this critical time when The WB will be making their decision about giving Roswell a full season, we are launching our BIGGEST CAMPAIGN YET to show The WB all of our support for Roswell!

Here�s what to do:
1. Follow this link and print out the image 3 times:
2. Cut out and glue each image onto the front of 3 regular postcards.
3. On the back of the postcards, in the space provided, write a short, direct note about your love for Roswell. You can mention whether you are a new fan, or like the new direction for the show, or how much you can�t wait to see what happens next, or thank The WB for Roswell and its new, exciting direction, etc. � PLEASE ONLY STRESS THE POSITIVE!
4. Send 1 postcard each to the following at the address below:
a) Mr. Jamie Kellner, Chief Executive Officer
b) Ms. Susanne Daniels, President, Entertainment
c) Mr. Jordan Levin, Vice-President, Programming
The WB Television Network
3701 Oak Street
Building 34-R
Burbank, CA 91522

This is a critical time to be launching this campaign � it is so important to let The WB know how much we are behind Roswell! Let�s go ABOVE AND BEYOND THE TABASCO CAMPAIGN by sending in more postcards than The WB knows what to do with! You can help by getting as many other people as you can to join in � tell your friends, family, neighbors, fellow students, teachers, co-workers, etc. And don�t forget to spread the word to as many other Roswell sites/boards/clubs as you can!

So let�s get mailing! Here we go�AGAIN!
~The Campaign Crew and Roswell 2 Mods

Please don�t forget to join in on the �Lend a Hand to Get Higher Ratings� Campaign. For more info please go to this link:

Here are the next three targets:
Programming Director
220 East 42nd Street
New York, NY 10017

Advertising Department
Sony Computer Entertainment America
919 East Hillsdale Blvd., 2nd Floor
Foster City, CA 94404

TRL/Carson Daly
c/o MTV Viewer Services
155 Broadway
New York, NY 10036

Also send e-mails to MTV here:

Let�s make sure we get MTV on our side. Recommend a Roswell promotion and having cast members on TRL. Thanks, everyone!

Roswell Christmas Campaign

The 'Roswell Media Group' started a campaign to promote the episode of Roswell called 'A Roswell Christmas Carol' to try and raise awareness, get new viewers, and hopefully lure back disgruntled fans who were upset by the episode 'The End of the World'

The campaign asked fans to print out prepared Roswell Christmas Cards, internet banners, and flyers, and send them to affiliates, sponsors, the media, fans, etc, with the message to watch the Roswell Christmas episode, 'A Roswell Christmas Carol'.

Save Roswell Urgent


The final 6 episodes of Roswell are coming up beginning next week. If Roswell fans don't act together right now, these could be the final new episodes that we ever see. Please join us in helping to keep Roswell on the air for a 3rd season.

According to Ms Carolyn (William Sadler's assistant), we should all be sending fan letters to the WB at this very critical time. Bill has told her that this is very important right now. Please make this your main task over the next week. We would like all Roswell fans to write letters to the WB Executives listed below. These letters should be mailed to arrive during the week of April 16th. The letters should be positive and mention the need for season 3. They can include anything else that you'd like to express regarding how great the show is and what you like about it. EVERY ROSWELL FAN MUST PARTICIPATE IN ORDER FOR US TO GET OUR 3RD SEASON!

Jamie Kellner
The WB Television Network
3701 Oak Street
Building 34-R
Burbank, CA 91522

Susanne Daniels
President, Entertainment
The WB Television Network
3701 Oak Street
Building 34-R
Burbank, CA 91522

Jordan Levin
Vice President, Programming
The WB Television Network
3701 Oak Street
Building 34-R
Burbank, CA 91522

Garth Ancier
Head of Programming
The WB Television Network
3701 Oak Street
Building 34-R
Burbank, CA 91522

If you have time, also send letters to:

Gerald M. Levin
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
Time Warner, Inc. Headquarters
75 Rockefeller Plaza
New York, NY 10019

Barry M. Meyer
Chairman and CEO, Filmed Entertainement
Time Warner, Inc. Headquarters
75 Rockefeller Plaza
New York, NY 10019

Alan Horn
President and CEO, Filmed Entertainment
Time Warner, Inc. Headquarters
75 Rockefeller Plaza
New York, NY 10019

Please remember to e-mail a copy of and letters you write to, and

Max Evans Birthday Card Campaign

From The Jason Behr Board as posted by BuckeyeFan:

As you're probably aware by now, the WB has pulled reruns of Roswell from the schedule for March. Although we're sure they have good reasons for doing this, we want to make sure to remind them that out of sight does not mean out of mind when it comes to our favorite show! So pershing, a fellow Fan Forum poster, came up with a simple, yet eyecatching way just to let the WB know that yes--we're still out here and not to forget about us.

As stated in the episode "Blood Brothers", Max Evans's birthday is coming up--March 15th to be exact. So what better way to remind the WB that we'll miss Roswell than by sending our favorite alien royalty a birthday card!

Please join us in sending birthday cards to the WB in the following ways:

1)Go to your local card shop, and buy a birthday card for Max. It doesn't have to be anything fancy--a simple $1.00 card will do. Be sure to mention on the inside about how much you're looking forward to the return of Roswell in April.

Mail your paper cards to:
Max Evans
c/o Jamie Kellner
The WB Television Network
3701 Oak Street
Building 34-R
Burbank, CA 91522

2)Send a birthday e-card to Max. You can use any of the many free e-card services available on the internet or you can use the card below, designed by FanForum's own Lightstar Angel:

Just save the card to your hard drive and send it as an attachment to your email expressing your birthday wishes for Max. Send e-cards to any (or all) of the following addresses:

Please help us in getting these fun little reminders out to the WB by March 15th. And pass this info along to any Roswell fans you might know, both online and offline--it's not limited to just FanForum members!
Thanks so much,
The Max Birthday Card Campaign Gang

Magazine Cover Campaign

"PLEASE is post a link on your web sites to the email address to J-14 magazine. See, every so often, our group picks a magazine that we bombard with emails begging them to put the cast on the cover. For the next week or so, its J-14 because the readers are the target audience for Roswell. The email address is"

Roswell Orbs Campaign

"The campaign we are starting, has to do with the orbs that they have on the show. Fans are taking plastic Easter eggs, painting them silver/blue and putting that little design on them.(i'm sending you a pic right after I finish this). I'm not sure of the exact name for the campaign yet. We are always e-mailing the WB executives and telling them why Roswell should be renewed for a full season. People can get the WB executives e-mail addys at the"

NORoswellCancellation Campaign

" We, the egroup - NORoswellCancellation - are now in the process of bombarding Teen magazine with requests to put the cast of Roswell on their cover. Please help us again in our quest to promote Roswell. Remember, the more exposure Roswell gets, the more viewers their will be, and the more viewers there are, the more likely the WB will keep the show on for a long, long time!! E-mail address: Thank-you!!"

Roswell Bill Campaign

Sorry, I don't have pics of any of the bills. That would have been cool!

Please write to the WB, and send them a ROSWELL BILL, which you can find and print off at the this site:

Thanks to Liz_Maria47 for coming up with this great idea. Thanks to Brett
for posting up the bill, and thanks to anyone else who has helped spread the word.


Jamie Kellner
The WB Television Network
3701 Oak Street
Building 34-R
Burbank, CA 91522

Susanne Daniels
President, Entertainment
The WB Television Network
3701 Oak Street
Building 34-R
Burbank, CA 91522

Jordan Levin
Vice President, Programming
The WB Television Network
3701 Oak Street
Building 34-R
Burbank, CA 91522

Roswell Stars Site Save Roswell Campaign

Ok ... I have VERY important news for everyone. And believe me, I wouldn't be posting this if it wasn't important. Roswell is in SERIOUSE endangerment of being canceled. And it's very important that everyone takes part in this. It's no longer good enough to just send emails to the WB. We need to send real letters, as in writing or typing and mailing ect. It is REALLY important that everyone does this, cause our show, really might be canceled. So please write at least 1 letter to some of these adressess.

Jamie Kellner
The WB Television Network
3701 Oak Street Building 34-R
Burbank, CA 91522

Susanne Daniels
President, Entertainment
The WB Television Network
3701 Oak Street Building 34-R
Burbank, CA 91522

Jordan Levin
President, Entertainment
The WB Television Network
3701 Oak Street Building 34-R
Burbank, CA 91522

Garth Ancier
Head of Programming
The WB Television Network
3701 Oak Street Building 34-R
Burbank, CA 91522

If you have time, also send letters to:

Gerald M. Levin
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
Time Warner, Inc. Headquarters
75 Rockefeller Plaza
New York, NY 10019

Barry M. Meyer
Chairman and CEO, Filmed Entertainement
Time Warner, Inc. Headquarters

Roswell Season 3 Petition

A petition to get Roswell season 3.

Season 3

DDD Roswell Giveaway Campaign

Urgent Campaign

We can't stress enough how important it is to promote Roswell right now. Many fans have done a lot of hard work e-mailing the WB, Sponsors, WB Affiliates and the Media. Others have been recruiting like crazy. We would like to reward some of that hard work. In addition, we are hoping to encourage more fans to participate in the campaigning.

Effective immediately, we are starting a new Giveaway Campaign. Fans should now include the following e-mail address in the bcc: portion of their e-mails to the WB, Roswell Sponsors, WB Affiliates, Media organizations and any people that you are recruiting. This should be in addition to putting the 4 WB addresses on the cc: bar. We would also like to know about any activities that you do to promote the show. Have you been handing out Roswell Flyers in your city? Are you sending e-mails to friends to create new fans? We definitely want to know about it. Send all such information to us as well.

In recognition for all of your hard work, we will be giving away prizes and Roswell merchandise. Each week, a really active Roswell Promoter will be recognized for their efforts. We have a Lexmark Z32 color jet printer 1200 dpi (7.5 pages per minute) to give away. We also have Roswell trading cards and copies of various Roswell scripts to give away. This is going to be really fun! Please join us. We want to make sure that season 3 becomes a reality.

Go here for more information about what you can be doing:

Any questions can be directed to: , , , or
Thanks again for everyone's help!
The Campaign Crew and theDDD

Spice Up Your Lineup! - Add Roswell to UPN! Campaign

When season 2 was ending and there were rumors that the WB was going to cancel Roswell. For weeks we had no idea if Roswell was coming back or not. Then our worst fears were realized and it was officially canceled. But almost immediately, rumors started that UPN was thinking of picking up Roswell. This was a campaign to show UPN how many fans wanted Roswell to come back. And as you know, it was successful!

The Campaign Crew is strongly encouraging everyone to participate in this. Please do your part now!!

Spice Up Your Lineup -- Add Roswell to UPN! Okay everyone ... listen up! Hot off the presses -- we've just gotten a green light (or "red" light ) to start sending in tabasco bottles to the UPN network, to let them know what kind of fanbase and support roswell has!

Just like last year, we're asking EVERYONE to send in a short, polite, positive letter about roswell explaining how much you'd love to see roswell on UPN, along with a bottle of tabasco.

Emily_A came up with the brilliant tag line: "Spice Up Your Lineup -- Add Roswell to UPN!"

We want to make the tabasco mail in from last year look lukewarm by comparison -- we're aiming to surpass the 6,000 bottles we sent in last year! but time is of the essence here! UPN makes their decision on may 17 -- which is just over 3 weeks away! we need to get everyone working together ASAP to pull this off!

Here's who you should be sending your letters and tabasco to:
Dean Valentine, President & CEO,
United Paramount Network,
11800 Wilshire Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA, 90025

Tom Nunan, President, Entertainment,
United Paramount Network,
11800 Wilshire Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA, 90025

please do your part and write now! may 17th is not that far away!

For those who hold the couples of Roswell, particularly Max and Liz, Michael and Maria, close to your hearts, this information would most benefit you - although even if you aren't a shipper, this is still definitely information to read.

"Jason Katims has not had the free reign that he did last year to do what he wanted to do this year. TPTB at theWB having been strongly influencing the direction the show this year. If Viva Las Vegas gets a high rating then JK will be able to write the next two scripts as he wants to without out the influence.

Our impact: yes, we did make an impact and our voices were heard. We might even have helped to strengthen JKs case on the shows direction. While we dont know for certain that he actually read our posts, he does have someone print messages from the boards for him to take a look at, so most likely, yep, he saw them. Where do we go from here?:

first: we need to keep our messages constructive and non-inflammatory. This is very important! We do not want to be perceived as childish whiners. We are not asking to post only warm, fuzzy, feel good messages unless that is what you want to do, but be constructive in any criticisms that you make. Absolutely DO NOT BASH ANYONE in your messages.

Second: keep emailing those messages at theWB. They are printed out daily for tptb to review, it is the fastest way to let them know what you think and feel. And FYI they receive many more messages from 7th Heaven fans than Roswell fans, we need to change that people! Lets rise to the occasion here!

Third: contact your local WB affiliate and emphasize how much you love Roswell. It is the affiliate that can greatly impact how much advertising Roswell gets. Keep in mind this is NOT the place to express any criticism of the show, in fact it would be counterproductive to do so. If we can keep our messages constructive and get the ratings on an upward swing then according to KKB we stand a good chance of getting the Roswell that we want for the end of S2 and a S3 in which to enjoy it."

The fight is once again on to keep Roswell alive, by successfully guiding it into a third season. The only way we can do that is remind TPTB what makes Roswell great, and why fans would continue to support it.

Want to do something, but am unsure what to do? Go to and there is a full list of sponsers to get into contact with, including a newsletter and news of efforts that are being made, and campaigns you can join.

Don't forget to let The WB know how much you support the show, by sending positive comments to the following people. Remember, every little bit helps!

Mr Jamie Kellner [Chief Executive Officer]
Ms Susanne Daniels [President, Entertainment]
Mr Jordan Levin [Vice President, Programming]
at this address:
The WB Television Network
3701 Oak Street
Building 34-R
Burbank, CA 91522
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Roswell Wish List Campaign

When it was announced that Roswell was moving to UPN, a group of industrious fans started a campaign to hopefully convince TPTB to give us the 'old' Roswell that we all loved and made a wish list of things they would like to see on the show.

They had an elaborate plan in place and asked fans to send letters to the writers and producers of Roswell to let they know what the fans would like to see in the new season. Unfortunately, for legal reasons, the writers are not allowed to look at letters containing story ideas or directions the show might go, so all the letters with the Wish List in them were sent back.

Below was their plan - and how it had to change

Getting the real Roswell back

A group of Roswell fans have been discussing Roswell's first two seasons and particularly the turns Roswell has taken in season 2. We have been trying to reach a consensus on our hopes and expectations for season 3. We would like to send the network a message about what we'd like to see happen on Roswell. This isn't about specific plots we want to see or who we want to see together as a couple; it's about the writing that makes the plots happen and puts the couples together. We're going to be writing letters based on the following list of points, our "wish list," and we thought others might like to do so as well.

Wish List for UPN

First and foremost, thank you for giving Roswell a new home. We look forward to seeing Roswell on UPN next season and are thrilled that we will have the opportunity to see more of this extraordinary show.

There are many things to love about Roswell. Some viewers are fans of one couple and some another. Some watch for the fascinating relationships between complex characters, some enjoy the science fiction, while others appreciate the unique blend of both that Roswell provides.

A number of Roswell viewers decided to come together and try to reach a consensus on what we hope to see in the coming seasons of the show. What follows is the result of long discussion; it's an embodiment of our passion for the show. Roswell has touched our hearts. We would like to show our appreciation by helping the show live up to its extraordinary potential. We hope that you take the following points in the spirit of our affection for the show.

Our Expectations for Roswell's Future

1. New writers must go back and watch the season 1 episodes, so they know what these characters mean to each other, and us.
2. New writers must be familiar with the events and changes that took place in the second season.
3. Work from the show's strengths. Tell stories that interweave relationships and elements of science fiction as was done so successfully in season 1.
4. Consider the messages conveyed by the stories being told. Remember the depictions of friendship, loyalty, love, and overcoming differences that were so central during the first season.
5. Stories should evolve from the characters. Characters should not be altered to fit the plot requirements of a particular episode.
6. Make better use of established characters including those who have been overlooked. Avoid introducing so many new characters that established characters get pushed into the background.
7. Emphasize the strong friendships that exist between the various characters.
8. Acknowledge and make use of the complexity of the characters. Write about romantic and other relationships in a way that depicts this complexity. For example, show the range of feelings that Michael and Maria have toward each other; not just superficial bickering.
9. Tell stories in a coherent way that is consistent with a well thought-out plan for each season and the show as a whole.
10. Improve follow-though. Allow the stories to unfold naturally, rather than rushing headlong into the next big event, leaving a pile of loose ends behind. This follow-through should include the loose ends of past seasons. For example:
a. The continuing consequences of the Hubble shooting.
b. The location of the Dupes.
c. The fate of the Dupes' protector.
11. Allow for the possibility that happy couples can be interesting, particularly in light of the amount of outside conflict these characters face.

How to participate:

For letters to UPN:
1. Send in the list as is. *
2. Send in the list, and elaborate on as many points as you want.*
3. Write a letter based on the points included in the list. Include the list itself, or portions of it, if you want.

The only thing we ask you NOT to do is to contradict any of the points in your letters. If you don't agree with something, please just leave it out. Think of this as a Tabasco sauce campaign with words; if some people had sent in mustard instead it just wouldn't have had the same impact!

By presenting a united front, we increase everyone's chances of being heard.

Finally, please be try to be as positive as possible in your letters. We want to emphasize and encourage the good things that we've seen on Roswell so we can see more of them.

Thank you.
The Getting the Real Roswell Back Gang

*Please include the introduction (the paragraphs at the top of the list) as it sets the tone for the list. Thanks! :)

The UPN Wish List and letters should go to: Letters for Katims Productions should go to:

Jason Katims
c/o Roswell
Paramount Studios
5555 Melrose Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90038
Dean Valentine
President & CEO
United Paramount Network
11800 Wilshire Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90025

Tom Nunan
President, Entertainment
United Paramount Network
11800 Wilshire Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90025

Note: letters for other writers and/or producers could be sent there as well.


Q: Who wrote the Wish List?
A: About 17 different people made suggestions, offered constructive criticism, wrote specific points, and offered support. They included Dreamers, non-Dreamers, Candyfolk, Tess-haters, Tess-supporters, people who preferred season one, people who loved both seasons equally, etc. The goal was to reach a consensus, which we did. We worked on the list for about a month and went through many revisions.

Q: How long will the campaign last?
A: It will continue through September.

Q: Why would TPTB listen to us?
A: Well, if enough of us write letters they might. We are their audience and they do need us. (That should NOT be interpreted as a threat to stop watching if they don't listen.)

Q: What if this campaign annoys TPTB at UPN?
A: If the letters are polite, I don't see that it would. They receive feedback from fans routinely.

Q: Who are you to tell an artist how to express his vision?
A: Basically the Wish List is a reminder of how things used to be at Roswell. In that way it is a tribute to Jason Katims' vision. The Wish List presents our perspective, our expectations for the show. We are not making demands or threats (as some fans are on some message boards.) We acknowledge the changes in Roswell in the second season and describe what we hope will happen in season three.

Q: UPN just saved Roswell. Why do this now?
A: Now is when the writers are making plans for season three. This is when we have the best chance to make an impact.

Q: Roswell is perfect. Why are you complaining?
A: Different people focus on different things when they watch the show. Some people who focus on the writing saw changes in season two and were disturbed by them. This campaign is for people who feel that way. If you don't, there's no reason for you to participate. The campaign is an opportunity for those who agree with the points made in the Wish List to express their opinions.

Q: What if I'm not good at writing letters?
A: (To be honest, no one has asked this question but I bet some people are thinking this.) :-)

Think about your favorite scenes, favorite lines, favorite episodes, and/or favorite characters and talk about them. Seriously, speak out loud and then start writing down everything you've said. Read the results and rearrange as needed. (It's much easier to edit than to write.) Explain that's what you love about the show and that's what you hope to see more of in the future on Roswell. Alternatively think about which points on the Wish List mean the most to you and use the same procedure to write about them. Also, feel free to email me; I would be happy to lend a hand if you get stuck. Note: I'm not offering to write your letters for you, just to help.

A source within the television industry told me that UPN is monitoring fan activity right now in order to determine how to handle Roswell in season three. Our letters could really make a difference!



August 4, 2001 "You've got to have a plan."
For letters to Katims Productions:

Write a letter describing what you love about Roswell; essentially a fan letter to the writers.

Please don't include the Wish List or write anything that suggests the direction the show should go in or anything that hints of story ideas. This is for legal reasons. Katims Productions will just send the letter back, unfortunately.

By writing about what we love and ignoring the parts that we didn't, we are sending a message. We can express our thoughts and convey the spirit of the Wish List.

Background: Katims Productions cannot accept any letters that even hint at story ideas or at the direction in which we think the show should go for legal reasons. They are required to send them back. We tried sending in letters without the wish list and without story ideas that we could see but those bounced too!

After speaking to several people at Katims Productions I learned the following.

1. They mostly handle fan letters for the actors; people don't tend to write to the writers.
2. They are very busy and sending back our letters and dealing with the phone calls they've received from Roswellians whose letters were returned to them takes time.

So here's a suggestion of a way to get around the legal problem without causing trouble or extra work for the people at Roswell: we write fan letters to the writers. :-) We emphasize and describe what we like about Roswell. That's it. We don't even say we want to see more of the things we like as that would be taken as suggesting a direction for the show. We leave out the stuff we didn't like which sends a message in itself. If they get a lot of letters praising friendships, complex characters, beautifully told stories, and so on that in itself would convey the spirit of the wish list. This seems to work!

(** Personal note - if you have watched season 3, you can certainly see that NONE of the fans suggestions were followed at all, and season 3 became the train wreck we know today. Too bad TPTB didn't listen. There were some great suggestions. Just a guess, but that is probably why so many fans jumped ship along the way and why pretty much no one was asking for a season 4. **)

Thank UPN for Picking up Roswell

Fans were encouraged to write the execs at UPN to thank them for picking up Roswell.

Yes, please do thank them! The addresses are:
Dean Valentine
President & CEO
United Paramount Network
11800 Wilshire Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90025

Tom Nunan
President, Entertainment
United Paramount Network
11800 Wilshire Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90025

Roswell: We want Emilie de Ravin back

A group of fans who campaigned to have Tess' character brought back to the show.
I am not sure when this was posted, but I am guessing after season 2 ended.

Here is what it said -

If you are going to make Tess a bad guy at least give us Ava a good guy for the Roswell group. We want Emilie de Ravin don't throw a good thing that you got away.This petition is to let Jason Katims & the producers of Roswell know that we love Emilie de Ravin please let us have her back.

If Roswell Returns, so does Tess

Another petition that called for Tess to be included if Roswell was continued.

Bring Back Colin Hanks Campaign

The Alex Petition

To: Jason Katims, The UPN, & The Producers of Roswell

Alex Whitman died at the hands of Tess Harding. But is he gone for good? The #1 rule in Science Fiction is that anything is possible. They brought Spock back from the dead. They brought Mulder back from the dead. And so there is still a chance to bring back Alex. Colin Hanks did not want to leave the show. This petition is to let Jason Katims & the producers of Roswell know that we love Alex and that we want Colin back.

The Undersigned

Holiday Postcard Campaign to UPN

Attention Roswellians!

Crashdown's UPN Appreciation Committee and Affiliate Advocates are now launching a Holiday Postcard Campaign to UPN in conjunction with the Toys for Tots campaign. It is easy enough so that Roswellians everywhere can participate in showing UPN how much we still support Roswell and share our generosity with others during this holiday season.

Here are 4 fabulous postcard images - thanks to JoeyNob:
Once you have selected the images you wish, all you need to do is print them over and over again, cut out the images, then superglue them to standard size postcards.

After this step, address the back of the card to the following:
Dean Valentine, President & CEO United Paramount Network,
11800 Wilshire Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90025

You can write happy holiday messages, thank you messages, and please give us 9 more episodes messages..

***You should also mention how you are donating to Toys for Tots. For more info, see the headline at the top of the home page at .*** Also, please be sure to include your return address. Please buy a whole roll of postcard stamps and use the whole roll... get all your friends to do the same.

If you can, send these postcard images to any Roswell websites that you know would like to have them. Please get started on this as soon as you can, as this is so important. And even WHEN the last 9 episodes get picked up...keep sending these postcards throughout the holiday season!!! And be sure to send a postcard or two to your local UPN affiliate as well!

Also, remember to keep emailing UPN and affiliates every week to show your support for Roswell:
UPN Email Addresses:

To post how many postcards you've sent and for the latest information from the UPN Appreciation Committee and Affiliate Advocates please go to the Roswell 2 thread

Thanks everyone! And please post this info at as many Roswell sites/boards/clubs/groups as you can! Please spread the word off of the internet as well!

Happy Holidays!

Roswell UPN Petition

As you probably know, Roswell is in danger of being cut to 13-19 episodes this season, or worse, canceled. Please sign this free online petition to save this great show! It will be sent to the CEO of UPN. I would also greatly appreciate it if you would post the petition on your site as an effort to get as many as possible. Thank you, and spread the word!

Roswell Rocks Campaign

This campaign was to get a full season of Roswell. Sorry, I can't remember
what season or where it started, but I believe it was for season 3.

Roswell Euthanasia Campaign

This campaign was stated by the RAMS (Roswell Ate My Soul) because they thought Roswell was going down hill rapidly at the end of season 2 and into season 3. They thought the show wasn't worth saving and advocated getting it cancelled.

This is our last chance to save Roswell. Send your e-mails, letters and bottles of Tabasco sauce to the the WB and UPN. Do your part!

Dean Valentine
President & CEO United Paramount Network
11800 Wilshire Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90025

Tom Nunan
President, Entertainment United Paramount Network
11800 Wilshire Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90025


Mr. Jamie Kellner
Chairman & Chief Executive Officer Turner Broadcasting System, Inc.
The WB Television Network
3701 Oak Street Building 34-R
Burbank, CA 91522

Susanne Daniels
President, Entertainment The WB Television Network
3701 Oak Street Building 34-R
Burbank, CA 91522

Jordan Levin
President, Entertainment The WB Television Network
3701 Oak Street Building 34-R
Burbank, CA 91522

Garth Ancier
Executive Vice-President, Programming Turner Broadcasting Systems, Inc.
The WB Television Network
3701 Oak Street Building 34-R
Burbank, CA 91522

Jed Petrick
President and COO The WB Television Network
3701 Oak Street Building 34-R
Burbank, CA 91522

Gerald M. Levin
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Time Warner, Inc.
Headquarters 75 Rockefeller Plaza
New York, NY 10019

Barry M. Meyer
Chairman and CEO, Filmed Entertainment Time Warner, Inc.
Headquarters 75 Rockefeller Plaza
New York, NY 10019

Alan Horn
President and COO, Filmed Entertainment Time Warner, Inc.
Headquarters 75 Rockefeller Plaza
New York, NY 10019

Season 4

The 'Future for Roswell' Petition

A petition started after Roswell had been canceled, calling for a Roswell movie or possibly a new network to continue the series.

Roswell 2003-2004 Campaign Petition

Another petition to try and get a fourth season of Roswell

As known to all dedicated Roswell fans, both the WB and UPN have declared cancellation of our beloved show at some point in time. While the 2002-2003 season will most likely not produce a season four of Roswell, we may be able to bring it back in the season after. For the past three years, many of us have grown and matured with the characters and found a sense of familiarity with the show. Many of us have become emotionally involved with Roswell and are not ready to let go yet. This may be our chance to bring our show back.

This petition is designed to collect the individual voices of Roswell fans to express to Jonathon Frakes, FOX and other network executives, as well as the rest of the world, that power is in the hands of the fans. We have all worked together before and in return for our efforts we received two more seasons of Roswell. This is only one part of the campaign. Please lend your voice to our cause to help protect this show we hold dear to our hearts.

The Undersigned

Only the Original Actors for Roswell

This petition specified that if Roswell did continue either as a fourth season or a movie, that only the original actors would be acceptable. They didn't want other actors cast in the parts of the Roswell characters.

C.R.A.V.E. Campaign

Calling Roswellians...Advertisement in Variety Endeavor

After Roswell was taken off the air, fans got together in a campaign to increase awareness for Roswell and generate publicity that reruns were being aired on the Sci-Fi Channel, and hopefully convince the Sci-Fi Channel to continue Roswell. They ran a website and raised money to put an ad in Variety. It ran Jan 7th, 2003

The site is down, but you can see a shell of it on the Wayback machine - here

A sister site, Revive helped in coordinating the campaigns.

The site is down, but you can see a shell of it on the Wayback machine - here

Roswell Save that Show Campaign

After Roswell was cancelled by the UPN, a group set up a campaign to get people to vote for Roswell on to try and save Rowell

Other Campaigns

Movie Campaign

Since Roswell was canceled, there was a dedicated group of fans who ran many campaigns to try and get a Roswell movie, or a continuation of the Roswell series.

For for about seven years, ran an extensive campaign to try and convince Fox to continue with Roswell. They ran a website, started a petition, and hosted several campaigns to get fans to send fan-produced postcards to request the movie, and thank yous to the creators and producers.

In early 2010, Fox sent them a legal notice to cease their activities and take down their website.

The site is gone, but you can see a shell of it on the Wayback machine - here

Roswell TV Guide Awards Campaign

Hello Fellow Roswellians!

First of all, let me say that this campaign is the wonderful idea of my buddy MaxWhipped...I am the faithful messenger!

The 3rd Annual TV Guide Awards will be taking place on FOX this March. As usual, our beloved show Roswell and the fine acting cast have been overlooked...again!

In the current issues of TV Guide is an Official Ballot for submitting your choices in the categories listed. Our idea is to cross out the choices given in a certain category and write-in your Roswell choice under that category. (For example: Actor Of The Year In A Drama Series - Jason Behr, Roswell; Drama Series Of The Year- Roswell; etc) The categories that apply to Roswell are: Drama Series of the Year; Actor of the Year in a Drama Series; Actress of the Year in a Drama Series; Supporting Actor of the Year in a Drama Series; Supporting Actress of the Year in a Drama Series.

But also be sure to vote in all other categories so the ballot will be considered valid. According to the rules for submission, mail-in ballots must be postmarked by 1/24/01 and received by 1/29/01. So we don't have much time...let's get out and buy those TV Guides!!

Our main purpose of this campaign is to bring awareness to the TV Industry and let them know that Roswell is being overlooked and we (the fans) are not happy about this!

Come on everyone...let's make our voices be heard!!


Thank you for your time!

Thanks lac13!! I did the same thing tonight-bought all 4 Elvis hologram issues!

Yes everyone...the ballots are also in next week's issue of TV Guide (January 13-19) too! Please vote!!

Roswell The Lost Years Campaign

This was from Roswell Communicators site.
I don't know if this was a campaign that a lot of people supported, or more of a personal mission by the site owner.

�Roswell: The Lost Year�

Fans know that the writers wrote out the Junior Year of the kids� lives. We know this because of a couple of goof ups in Season two.

I propose we write the Junior Year of Roswell!

Start with a new cast of teenagers (sorry, the original cast is older and wiser and has moved on to bigger projects. But the supporting adult cast could be back on board)

Sheriff Valenti could be back in uniform again instead of a slacker

We could bring back great Indian characters like River Dog Restore mad Aliens and FBI agents that were just getting started before they got snuffed

We could even PRE-DATE TESS! Anything�s possible.

After the Lost Junior Year, we just pick up with the plot lines form the original, but tweak them so that they don�t SUCK! The Great fan fiction writer WHITEOTTER proved that a completely plausible alternative plot can be written that works with the one on screen. I want to know if something sinister happened to Milton Ross. And then what happened to the new museum guy? And the fans know that the Head Super Dupe wasn�t really dead. I want a real showdown with him and Max. And I want to know what happened to River Dog. There is room for more evil-doing from Nasedo.

The only way this can work is if they hire me as a writer. I WOULD QUIT GRAD SCHOOL RIGHT NOW TO WRITE THE NEW ROSWELL: THE LOST YEAR�and BEYOND!

Future of Roswell Movie Campaign

A petition that started after the end of Roswell for fans to sign to try and get a movie made

Roswell on VHS and DVD Campaign

An early campaign that called for Roswell to be released on VHS or DVD

Roswell DVD Campaign

Fans got together to let Fox know that they wanted Roswell released on DVD. They sent email, snail mail, and Tobasco to the studio, and sent messages to to let them know they wanted it.

On a site called, fans can vote for which show they want most on DVD, and in a two week period Roswell fans brought Roswell out of obscurity in the voting polls, to the #1 requested DVD! See the articles on the site about how Roswell fans got DVDs released - click here

Roswell Season 2 Inkworks Trading Cards Campaign

This petition asked for Inkworks to make trading cards for season 2

Untitled Campaign

This was posted on the Save Roswell Campaign site.

On behalf of the Roswell Campaign Crew, I would like to ask that you please help us in sharing some great news!

Roswell fans across the country can help make a young cancer patient's dreamcome true.� We have joined forces with the Pediatric Cancer Foundation(showcased on 'A Roswell Christmas Carol') which aired on December1 8th.� The President of the organization and her staff of volunteers are so touched by the overwhelming response they have received from Roswell fans everywhere.� I heard so many heartwarming stories about everything from donations, emails, letters and toys arriving just in time for the holidays.

In an effort to help further support this very worthy cause, we will be sponsoring a young cancer patient (also a fan of the show Roswell!).� The final details are being worked out, but I can tell you this will be the best 'feel good' project everyone will be proud to be involved in.� In the next few weeks, we will provide you with the name and photo of the child we will be sponsoring and possibly some personal information, based on what they are willing to share publically.� It will cost several thousand dollars to make this child's last wish possible and we need all the help we can get.� We are hopeful that Roswell fans will help by making a monetary donation, if possible.� Donations will be shared between paying the cost of the child's wish as well as funding for ongoing pediatric research, PCF's main cause.

Donations should be made payable to the Pediatric Cancer Foundation. Donations can be sent to: P.O. Box 557 Germantown, MD 20875

For every dollar donation you make, the campaign crew will mail you a postcard which you can then mail to help campaign for the show.� Each postcard will be completely filled out for you, and will include a space where you can write a personalized message if you wish.� If you donate $20, you will receive 20 postcards!� The postcards will be designed by the Campaign Crew in partnership with our contacts at PCF.� Be sure to include your name and address with the donation so that we know where to send the postcards.� Fans will then be able to send the postcards to Regency Television.

If you are not able to make a monetary donation, please know that there are many other things you can do to help.� If you would like more information about PCF or this campaign, please direct any questions� Questions directed to PCF will be promptly forwarded to our main contact person within the organization.

Roswell fans CAN make a difference!� For more information please visit

The Campaign Crew

#RememberRoswell Campaign

Howdy everyone!

We've been invited to join the and Fanforum to help promote the #RememberRoswell Campaign!

What is the #RememberRoswell Campaign?
This campaign is to try to raise awareness about Roswell for old and new fans.

A new sci-fi show is starting February 17th on the CW network, called Star-Crossed. It is about aliens on Earth and a star-crossed alien/human love story. Sound familiar?
Well, it is somewhat similar to Roswell, but pretty different too. You can see a show overview here.

Not to mention that October 6, 2014 is the 15 year anniversary of when Roswell aired, and the year that Future Max said the world ended.

A Roswell fan, Roswell 10/2/00, came up with the great idea to promote Roswell using the new show Star-Crossed.

How can you help?
We are inviting all you Roswell fans out there to tweet about Roswell on February 17, 2014.

If we can get enough people tweeting about Roswell, we will bring a lot of positive attention to our beloved show, and hopefully get some new fans and bring some old fans out of hiding. :)

�Every Roswell fan should hash tag #StarCrossed #RememberRoswell in their tweet. So anyone watching star crossed a Roswell reference will pop up during the twitter feed.� � Roswell 10/2/00

Keep your tweets positive and focused on Roswell!
- Tell the Star-Crossed watchers why Roswell was great, and why they should be watching it.
- Relate why you still love the show, or tell about the epic romances.
- Explain about the star-crossed love of Max and Liz.
- Post your favorite quotes, favorite moments or story lines.
- Or use your own ideas to tell how The world changed because a boy loved a girl.

- And be sure to include #StarCrossed #RememberRoswell in every tweet!

Grab one of the banners below and post it or make your own!

Roswell on Blu-ray & DVD the Right Way Campaign

Roswell on Blu-Ray & DVD the Right Way campaign has been gathering names on a petition to try and get Fox to re-release the Roswell Blu-Ray & DVDs with the original music. In the petition, all of the signers pledge to buy all three seasons of Roswell at the higher price that the original songs will make the Blu-Ray & DVDs cost.

(the petition site closed, so all the petitions disappeared with it)

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