Kyle's Buddhist Quotes

In season 2 Kyle becomes a Buddhist. Here are his words explaining why.

This whole aliens-are-among-us thing, it really screwed me up, made me question
stuff, life, reality, my place in this universe. You people turned my life
upside down. I need a little clarity. I need a little peace of mind.


What is Buddhism? Liz asks Kyle too.

It's really about approaching life through a spiritual place and becoming in
tune with different planes of existence.

Kyle has advice from his new philosophy for improving the mind.

Ylang-ylang incense can open the mind

Meditation can bring clarity of mind to make difficult decisions

In various episodes Kyle quotes Buddhist sayings.

Ask Not

SHERIFF: Nasedo. Yeah. He, um, he was killed last night, by another alien.

KYLE: My strength fails. My vitality exhausted. I cannot find the bull. I only hear the locusts chirring through the night.


SHERIFF: I mean, after all, Max Evans did save your life.

KYLE: Damn human of him. Of course, he is the reason I got shot in the first place, but what the hell. No conditions are permanent. No conditions are reliable. Nothing is self.


KYLE: I just wanted to tell you that I moved all my crap out of the room. You can have it. I'll sleep on the couch or something.

TESS: You didn't have to.

KYLE: It's not a big deal. Material possessions only clutter the mind anyway.

End of the World

KYLE: You look really great when you're pissed.

TESS: Yeah, right.

KYLE: No, I'm serious. I feel, like, all this energy coming from you right now. In order to trim the lamp of wisdom, we must attend to our bodily needs.


LIZ: Yeah. Um, Kyle, look, I just wanna make sure that I made it actually clear that we're not gonna...

KYLE: Consummate. I understand.

LIZ: Right. And when we kiss...

KYLE: No tongue. I'm on board.

LIZ: Yeah. Ok.

KYLE: I'm here to help. My body's merely a vessel.

A Roswell Christmas Carol

Kyle and his father are watching football.

KYLE: His mind and body are in deep conflict. When one's heart and one's mind are not in balance, one's body is the first to fail.

To Serve & Protect

TESS: Well, I suppose he could have let you die. Is that what you want?

KYLE: If I had died, I would have transcended the mortal plane and been reincarnated into the next stage of my life.

Baby, It's You

ISABEL: Have I mentioned that I hate my brother?

KYLE: We can blow him up.

ISABEL: You really have a sick little mind, don't you?

KYLE: Isabel, Buddha teaches us that some of us are born with stones and some of us are born with jewels, but the most fulfilled of us are those who were born with stones and turn them into jewels.

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