In Memory of Bob

"Who the crap is Bob?" you ask.
Bob is the name that the Roswell fans gave Max's Jeep.

When Bob was set on fire and pushed over the cliff in the episode 'Departure', tons of Bob fans or Bobbers (aka Deathtrappers), put up memorials to our favorite Jeep.

Many people have asked me how Bob got his name.

- Some think it was because his licence place said 'BOB' - not true.
- Some are convinced the Jeep was called Bob in the show - not true.
- Some people believe the name Bob came as a result of a vote taken on Fan Forum years ago as to what we should name Max's Jeep - could be

The truth is that no one I have asked can remember exactly how the little Jeep got his name, but the Fan Forum vote is the only plausable explanation I've found.

Here are a few things I saved.

The fans on Fanforum started a thread and a list of why Bob was great


-He pulled the old 'somethings wrong with the engine and we're stranded' routine on Isabel....naughty thing trying to keep her all to himself .....
-He out ran the FBI and other baddies ...our hero!
-He turned off his lights when Max and Liz were parking
-He carried the aliens near and far searching out answers to the their lives and he never stalled in protest
-He gave Max a reason to lean in REAL CLOSE to Liz because Max "just wanted to keep you [Liz] warm" in "285 South."
-He helped Isabel and Maria become friends in "Monsters"
-He gave his little metal body so that the aliens might go home in peace BOB

Some fans questioned why Bob had to die.

I agree,they could have sold Bob,it was sheer vandlism to torch him,there are a lot of people who have sentemental attachments for cars,especially Jeeps,they have a lot of character.and Bob with all the romantic things that happend in him was special.
PS. I didn't like the new car either.

I mean why kill Bob?
They could have sold it or something

This was from a Bob fansite
(you will notice that they took some artistic liberties with the facts)


Bob is a jeep. He can not speak. He can't move on his own. He is just your regular everyday jeep. Let's just clarify that right now. Whether or not he has alien inbreeding in him, we'll never know.

Max Evans and his father bought Bob from a pretty scary, tough guy when Max was 15. Mr. Evans wouldn't meet the guy's price at first, but when a gun fell out of his boot, Mr. Evans quickly paid the money.

Although Bob had a rough childhood life, when he met Max everything changed. Their relationship was of the non-verbal sort, and Bob sometimes even got the feeling that Max was never listening. Max never called Bob by name. He always referred to him as 'the jeep'.

Bob hated Max's sister, Isabel, who often borrowed the jeep. It seemed like everytime she borrowed him he broke down. Even though he felt a little neglected sometimes, Bob really cared for Max and Isabel because he knew everything about them.

He heard all their late night conversations in the desert and took them on trips to the pod chamber where they had been born. He knew that he had to keep them safe. You see, Max, Isabel and their friend Michael Gueren are aliens, well hybrids; half alien, half human.

One day, when things got really intense and complicated, Max and Isabel decided that they needed to return back to their home planet. Max and Isabel couldn't let anyone know about their alien origin, so they decided to make it appear as if they died. They pushed Bob over a cliff and he burst into flames.

While Bob was taking his final plunge into the great abyss of rock, his life flashed before his eyes. He had no regrets. He was happy to be helping Max until his dying exhaust. He remembered all the times he saw Genie the Jetta, Max's friend Maria DeLuca's car. Although Bob would never admit it, he had a crush on her.

And as the flames got hotter, Bob remembered all the times Liz Parker, Max's girlfriend, had sat inside him, warming his cool seats. He even had one precious memory of Liz's lips brushing against his window during one of Max and Liz's makeout sessions.

As Bob's hard body hit the ground, he remembered all the times Max had used his powers to patch holes in his roof. And as his plastic doors shattered into bits, he could think of nothing but of how many friends he had made.

As he lay in ruins, a pile of rubble, he thought only of how fulfilling life had been and how much purpose he had served. Then in one terrifying, yet awesomely grand moment, Bob's gas tank was empty and his engine stopped.

Sung to the tune: When Johnny Comes Marchin' Home (the original Irish version)

Ye haven't a hood & ye haven't a tire,
Haroo, haroo!
Ye haven't a hood & ye haven't a tire,
Haroo, haroo! haven't a hood & ye haven't a tire-
Ye'r topless & bottomless, since ye caught on fire...
An' ye'll have to be put on the funeral pyre-
Bobby I hardly knew ye!

Some fan quotes -

At least Bob got a big heroic dramatic ending (with coldplay in the background!) but of course none of us wanted to see him go!

RIP Bob the Jeep... YOU ROCKED!

BOB you will always live in our Roswell hearts forvever!!!!!!!!!!!

cheers for our friend bob!!

Bob's lot better than Max's new car. I don't like the new car

I miss Bob!

we just hid it underneath kyle,max and micheal but the true obsession was bob

Oh, Bob! Why'd you have to go?

I'm a total 'Bob' fan! I cried when Michael sent him over the side

No, you're not alone, I'm a total Bob freak. He's such a lovable Jeep!

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