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Jason Behr

This bio is from the official WB press release, dated July 1999.

Maxwell Evans

Already familiar to fans of The WB from roles on "Dawson's Creek," "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" and "7th Heaven," Jason Behr gives a smoldering performance as the ultimate teenage outsider in "Roswell."

A native of Minneapolis, Minn., Behr got an early start in performing. He was only 5 years old when he appeared in his first play. He continued to perform and enjoy the challenges of acting throughout his school years.

Directly after graduating from high school, Behr, intent on an acting career, moved to Los Angeles. There, unlike most aspiring newcomers, he found an immediate response to his auditions, soon guest-starring on such shows as The WB's "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" and "7th Heaven," "Profiler," "JAG" and "Push," Last season, he starred on six episodes of The WB's "Dawson's Creek."

On the big screen, Behr appeared in "Pleasantville" and starred in the independent film "Rites of Passage," co-starring Dean Stockwell, which debuted at the 1999 Palm Springs Film Festival.

Behr currently lives in Los Angeles, where he spends his spare time playing and watching sports and attending concerts.

This bio is from the fan site All About Jason Behr. Not sure where it info orignally came from or how correct it is.

Name: Jason Nathaniel Behr
Birthdate: December 30, 1973
Astrological Sign: Capricorn
Birthplace: Minneapolis, Minnesota
Raised in: Richfield, Minnesota
Graduated from: Richfield High School in 1992
Currently resides in: Los Angeles, California
Hair: Brown
Eye color: Brown
Family: Grew up in a single parent home
Mother: Patricia
Siblings: Brothers - Andrew, John, Aaron
Pet: Dog - Ronin, an Akita
has a Girlfriend: No
Hobbies: Basketball, Golf, and hiking in the mountains with his dog
Guilty Pleasure: Cartoons
Fav. Junk Food: Krispy Kreme Doughnuts (they're AWESOME!)
Fav. Movie: "The Godfather"
Fav. Band: Dave Matthews Band
Fav. Book: "Where the Wild Things Are" - by Maurice Sendak
Fav. Childhood TV Show: Tom and Jerry (my fav. too!)
Most worn article of clothing: old black baseball cap
Actor who inspires him: Paul Newman
Competed in: the Celebrity Pro-Am Classics Tour
Just like his character Max: The idea of still trying to find out who I am. I think that we all are.
Not like his character Max: He's under pressure to keep quiet. I'm sitting here telling you what my guilty pleasure is.
Top three Passions: Basketball, my family, and Kristy Kreme Doughnuts. "Nothing beats the original Krispy Kreme."
Always in his Fridge: Orange juice, water, leftover pizza, and beer.
Splurges: I'll spend a lot of money on a good dinner, but also love stuff -- buying technology stuff like a TV or a DVD player.
Daily Uniform: Jeans, T-shirt, boxers, and work boots.
On playing a Teen: It's the Peter Pan in me. I don't think I'll ever grow up.
Alien Encounters: It would be presumptous of me to tell you that we are the only intelligent life form that ever existed. I thought my high school principal was an alien. He was so bland."


Sun Sign: Capricorn
Moon Sign: Pisces
Remember these dates: Sept 17, 2000; Oct 2000; and April 2001.
Love matches: Aquarius, Capricorn, and Taurus
Element: Earth
Birthstones: Garnet, white sapphire
Stone ruling: Granite
Colors: neutrals
Fashion style: black and white, power colors
Power sign with emphasis in leadership
Planet ruling: Saturn
Destiny: He's a leader, good at managing money, should have his own production company.


My best friend: "My dog, an Akita, is named Ronin. His name comes from a dark comic book I read as a kid."
Not-so-tall tale: "Back in junior high school, I looked just like Mini-Me. I came up to the shoulders of all my friends."
My alter ego's day job: "I drove a stock car once at California Speedway. There's something about the fact that you're that close to death that I really like."
My dream car: "A Porsche. The Germans make great cars."
Desert island must-have: "Krispy Kreme doughnuts. Nothing beats the original Krispy Kreme."
Unidentified foreign objections: "Until there is tangible evidence that aliens exist, it's still up for debate."
On the good (working) life: "Whether I am on the sand on a beach in Tahiti or in downtown Los Angeles working in the middle of the night, I am happy. As long as I'm acting, that's the most important thing: to be able to find a really good story and tell it the best way I can."

Filmography before Rosell

"Rites of Passage" 1999 Campbell Farley
"Dawson's Creek" 2/3/99 Chris Wolfe "His Leading Lady"
"Dawson's Creek" 1/20/99 Chris Wolfe "Sex, She Wrote"
"Dawson's Creek" 1/13/99 Chris Wolfe "High Risk Behavior"
"Dawson's Creek" 12/16/98 Chris Wolfe "The Election"
"Dawson's Creek" 11/25/98 Chris Wolfe "The Reluctant Hero"
"Dawson's Creek" 11/18/98 Chris Wolfe "The All-Nighter"
"Push" 1998 Dempsey Easton
"Pleasantville" 1998 Mark's Lackey #2
"7th Heaven" 11/24/97 Brian Heaz "Truth or Dare"
"Buffy Vamp. Slayer" 11/3/97 Billy Fordham "Lie to Me"
"Cracker" 10/9/97 Andrew Lang "Lemmings Will Fly"
"Profiler" 3/22/97 "Crisis"
"JAG" 2/14/97 "Ghosts"
"Pacific Blue" 10/29/96 Jack "Genuine Heroes"
"Alien Nation: Millenium" 1996 "Sherman Oaks" 1995 Tyler Baker
"Step by Step" 12/16/94 Larry "I'll Be home for X-mas"
"Step by Step" 10/28/94 Larry "Something Wild"

Jason has performed in over 75 commercials. One such commercial Jason has been in is the Cloralit gum commercial titled "Body Search". It was produced by Great Guns for Italian chewing gum and aired all over Europe.
His Theater experience includes "Our Town", "Christmas Carol", and "The Glass Menagerie".

Shiri Appleby

This bio is from the official WB press release, dated July 1999.

Liz Parker

With a captivating performance on "Roswell," Shiri Appleby is set to make a name for herself as she builds on an acting career which began at the age of 4.

Growing up in the San Fernando Valley just outside of Los Angeles, Appleby first appeared on television in numerous commercials, including those for Cheerios, Taco Bell and M&Ms.

Appleby most recently portrayed a gang member in trouble on The WB's "7th Heaven." Additional guest-staring appearances include "thirtysomething," "ER," "Xena: Warrior Princess" and "Doogie Howser, M.D." She also starred in the cable television movies "Perfect Family" with Jennifer O'Neill and Bruce Boxleitner, and "Family Prayers" with Paul Reiser and Anne Archer. She also starred on Norman Lear's original series "Sunday Dinner."

On the big screen, Appleby appeared in Lawrence Kadsan's black comedy "I Love You to Death" with Kevin Kline, River Phoenix and Tracey Ullman.

Appleby attends classes at the University of Southern California where she is majoring in English.

This bio is from the fan site All About Jason Behr. Not sure where it info orignally came from or how correct it is.

Name: Shiri Appleby
meaning of 1st name: Song of my soul (Hebrew)
birthday: December 7, 1978
birth sign: Sagittarius
mother: Dina Appleby
father: Jerry Appleby
siblings: younger brother - Evan
raised in: Calabasas, CA (Los Angeles' West San Frenando Valley)
hair: Brown
eyes: Brown
Pets: a cat named Abby (a Tabby)
Inspired by: Her parents.
Weird Fan encounter: Right after Season One of Roswell began, Majandra Delfino and Shiri were shopping in Melrose. Shiri thought that no one knew her yet. A girl came up to them. Shiri didn't know how to deal with it, she ran out of the store in a panic. Majandra ran after her.
Music listened to: Ben Harper, Tracy Chapman, Elliot Smith, Dave Matthews, Ani DeFranco, Smashing Pumpkins.
Books read recently: 'The Notebook' by Nicholas Sparks; 'The Bridges of Madison County'; 'Summer Sisters' by Judy Blume; the 2nd 'Harry Potter'.
sports likes watching: Gymnastics, Football, and Hockey.
Fav. past time off the set: hangs with friends a lot.
1st 2 Seasons Fav. episode: 'The Pilot' is by far her favorite.
Fav. Nick Show: 'The Secret World of Alex Mack'
Would like to portray in the future: play someone who's fun & really spontaneous, off the wall & eccentric.

Shiri's Biography

Shiri was born in Calabasas, California (Los Angeles' West San Fernando Valley) on December 7, 1978 to the Jerry & Dina Appleby. She has been acting since age 4. At first this was mainly in commercials for various producting including Cheerios, M&Ms, and Taco Bell. Her Israeli mom tried to make auditions seem like a fun activity rather than a job.
Although she has only had only had, so far, two feature films, she has starred alongside River Phoenix, Kevin Kline, and Gretchen Mol in her first Big Film part in the movie I Love You to Death.
She has appeared in Xena: Warrior Princess; was in the pilot of the recent WB comedy Movie Stars with Joey Travolta and Frank Stallone; and was a regular on Norman Lear's Sunday Dinner, which was based on the mistaken belief that Americans wanted a sitcom that addressed religious issues.

Shiri's Trivia

Attended the University of Southern California, studying English literature in addition to theatre arts. In high school, she was on the yearbook committee, student council, and for one year - a cheerleader for the Calabasas Coyotes.
Was voted 'Most Spirited' by her classmates at Calabasas High.
Graduated from Calabasas High School class of 1996.
Appears in the Bon Jovi video 'My Life'.
Was in a Print Ad for Levi's Lot 53 (Spring 2000)
Is a lot like her character Liz Parker - really sensitive & strong.
To pass the time on the set of Roswell, Shiri crochets, knits, takes pictures and reads as many books as possible.
Before she won the part of Max Evans' love interest on Roswell, Shiri also read for parts of Isabel & Maria. It took eight long auditions before producers made a final decision.

Shiri's Quotes

"I love to drive up to Santa Barbara and go shopping on State Street. It's really, really beautiful and there's a lot to do there. Start with breakfast in Malibu and then just spend the day driving up the coast and hanging out in Santa Barbara. And if you're in Santa Barbara, then you have to spend part of the day at the beach."
"I'm not really a shopaholic, but I do like to browse with my friends. There's a huge shopping center now in Calabasas, where my parents still live, called the Calabasas Commons. On Saturday, we might go there to eat lunch.
And to shop, of course. Or maybe we'll go and see a movie. They have a really nice 'Barnes & Noble' there. I love bookstores. I'm studying English at USC -- although I'm taking a break now -- and I read a wide variety of things. In fact, I just recently finished 'Angela's Ashes' by Frank McCourt and before that, I read the classic 'Catcher in the Rye' for the first time."
"I'm really not much of a partyer. Well, for one, I'm only 20 years old, so there's a lot of places I can't even get into yet. But I actually had a really good weekend a couple of months ago when I went to the Derby, the old restaurant. It's a swing club now, so we went swing dancing. It's really fun. Someone told me the other day that there's a karaoke opening down the street from my home on the Westside, so I'll have to check that out. But I really don't go out all that much to clubs; I'd rather just hang out with my friends. If you want to know the truth, on Saturday nights I usually hang out and watch television at home."
"On Sundays, well, you've got to sleep in until noon or 1 o'clock. No, really, I wake up early and go to the Hollywood Farmer's Market and get some fresh flowers. And cheese. Then maybe take a hike. Or I've gone bike riding in Santa Monica, right on the beach. I do that once in a while, but I'm really not that athletic. Then I'll make dinner at home and go to bed early to get ready for the week ahead." So, keep an eye out for her.
What is it like to kiss Jason Behr? Shiri told Teen Magazine that Jason's a "True gentleman. He's always double-checking to see if I'm comfortable."
"Sometimes, growing up, we tend to think that life's a lot more difficult than it is. This makes you realize that it's important to appreciate what you've got. The love that any living thing can bring you; an animal a human being -- it really changes who you are."
She cheerleaded, edited the yearbook and was part of the student council in real-life high school. "I actually had normal jobs", she says. "One summer I worked as a hostess, and I was a camp counselor. I wanted to have those experiences because all of my friends were having them." Fanforum - Roswell 2, June 2000. Referring to making the movie A Time to Dance
John Frakes, executive producer of Roswell, says about Shiri..."Shiri has everything it takes to make a star. She is going to be a star." Roswell's First Officer, Sci-Fi TV, Dec. 1999.
"I've played everybody growing up as a little girl. I played young Mary Tyler Moore. I played young Gidget. I've done every guest spot... I've been lucky. I've been working consistently and I've had a very positive experience so far. And I think that's going to continue with Roswell." Interview Magazine, Oct. 1999.

Filmography before Roswell

The Thirteenth Floor (1999) ... Bridget Manilla
The Other Sister (1999) ... Free Sample Girl
Notable TV Guest AppearancesBatman Beyond (1999) ... Cynthia (voice) in ep. "Terry's Friend Dates a Robot (ep # 2.13)
7th Heaven (1996) ... Stan's sister in ep. "Girls Just Want to Have Fun" (ep # 2.3)
Xena: Warrior Princess (1995) ... Tara in ep. "A Tale of Two Muses" (ep # 4.6)
Xena: Warrior Princess (1995) ... Tara in ep. "Forgiven" (ep # 3.14)
ER (1994) TV ... Ms. Murphy
ER (1994) ... Ms. Murphy in ep. "24 Hours" (ep # 1.0)
Family Prayers (1993) ... Nina
Perfect Family (1992) TV ... Steff
Sunday Dinner (1991) TV Series ... Rachel
I Love You to Death (1990) ... Millie
Beverly Hills, 90210 (1990) ... Renee - Noah's half sister, in ep. "Local Hero (ep # 9.22)
Baywatch (1989) ... Jennie in ep. "Hot Water" (ep # 7.18)
Doogie Howser M.D. (1989) ... Molly Harris in ep. "Love Makes the World Go 'Round ... Or Is It Money?" (ep # 4.19)
Knight & Daye (1989) TV Series ... Amy Escobar
Curse II: The Bite (1988) ... Grace
Go to the Light (1988) TV ... Jessica
The Killing Time (1987) ... Annie Winslow
Blood Vows: The Story of a Mafia Wife (1987) TV
The Bronx Zoo (1987) ... Nicole in ep. "Behind Closed Doors" (ep # 2.4)
The Bronx Zoo (1987) ... Nicole in ep. "Truancy Blues" (ep # 2.3)
thirtysomething (1987) ... Little Hope in ep. "Parents Are Coming (AKA "Attack of the Killer Parents") (ep # 1.2)
Mystery Magical Special (1986) TV ... Shiri
Santa Barbara (1984) ... Katie

Katherine Heigl

This bio is from the official WB press release, dated July 1999.

Isabel Evans

Though only 20 years, old, Hatherine Heigl already has amassed eight feature films to her credit and makes her television series debut with 'Roswell."

Born in Washington, D.C. and raised in New Canaan, Conn., Katherine got her first taste of the camera lens at age 9 as a child model. By her 12th birthday, she had made her feature film debut in "That Night," with Juliette Lewis. At 14, she had gained substantial roles in several movies, most notably her breakout performance as a rebellious teenager determined to grow up too fast in the comdey "My Father, the Hero," alongside Gerad Depardieu.

Most recently, she starred in the theatrical release "The Bride of Chucky," the fourth installment of the cult-hit "Child's Play" series. Her other credits include a co-starring role in director Steven Soderbergh's Depression-era release titled "King og the Hill." She enjoyed her first taste of the action genre starring with Steven Segal in "Under Siege 2," as his character's niece who is kidnapped as bait when terrorists sieze the train. Additional feature credits include "Prince Valiant" and the comedy "Wish Upon a Star."

On the small screen, Heigl starred opposite Peter Fonda in the television movie "The Tempest," which re-situated the classic Shakespearean drama as a Civil-War period piece. She played the pivotal role of 16-year-old Miranda, who is torn between her devotion to her father (Fonda) and her love for a handsome young Union soldier.

Between film projects, Katherine continued to concentrate on school and always returned to life a s "normal" New England teenager between projects. Once she graduated from high school, however, she moved to Los Angeles to concentrate on her acting career full time.

This bio is from the fan site All About Jason Behr. Not sure where it info orignally came from or how correct it is.

Name: Katherine Marie Heigl
Birthplace: New Canaan, Connecticut
Birthdate: November 24, 1978
Father: Paul Heigl (Accountant)
Mother: Nancy Heigl (manages Katherine's career)
Siblings: older brothers - Holt & Jason, older sister - Meg
Height: 5'9"
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Green
Nickname: Katie
Occupations: Actress, model
Graduated from: New Canaan High School


Sun Sign: Sagittarius
Moon Sign: Virgo
Remember these dates: Aug. 15, 2004
Love matches: Gemini, Sagittarius, and Leo
Element: Fire
Birthstones: Turquoise, Topaz
Stone ruling: Tin
Colors: Dark blue, Royal blue, Purple
Fashion style: All American, natural fabrics, blue jeans
and cotton t-shirts
Planet ruling: Jupiter - this is a lucky planet
Destiny: She is and will be a teacher, professor, and philosopher. She may even do this through the roles she plays.

Katie's Biography

Katherine Heigl was born in Connecticut on November 24, 1978. She grew up there, with her parents and siblings. Katherine is half Irish and half German. The natural blonde got her start as a child model in Sears Catalogs. She then started commercial work working for the Elite Modeling Agency, which eventually opened doors for film roles. Small roles in That Night and King of the Hill. In 1994, Katherine had a main role in My Father, the Hero, playing Gerard Depardieu's resentful daughter. This lead up to playing Steven Seigal's niece in Under Siege 2: Dark Territory. After this role, Katherine flourished with fame, appearing on Dave Letterman and Jay Leno, and on the cover of Seventeen Magazine. Following the graduation of high school, Katherine moved to California to concentrate on acting full time. She starred in the independent features Prince Valiant and Stand-In's. In 1998, Katherine became part of the Chucky sequels, when she joined the cast, including Jennifer Tilly, in the cult-hit The Bride of Chucky. Despite the horror of Chucky, the 5'9" actress went on to co-star with Peter Fonda in the TV-movie The Tempest. And now she plays Isabel Evans on Roswell. She auditioned for all 3 Female Leads on Roswell before being cast as Isabel. Look for Katherine in upcoming movies, she is on the fast track to fame.

In some interviews she has given, Katherine Heigl jokes about how she got a big bust size. She said that when she was starting her teen years, she prayed a lot so that she could have that physical, and outstanding attribute of hers. Now she says she'll try praying very hard for world peace to become a reality.

Katie's Quotes

There are still men who come up to me today and say, "You were really hot in that film!" I was 14, for God's sake! --- Katherine Heigl, on her role in My Father, the Hero
Heigl was not allowed to date until she was 16.

Filmography Before Roswell

Bug Buster 1998 ... Shannon Griffin
The Tempest 1998 on TV ... Miranda Prosper
Bride of Chucky 1998 ... Jade
Stand-Ins 1997 ... Taffy-Rita Hayworth's Stand-In
Prince Valient 1997 ... Princess Ilene
Wish Upon A Star 1996 ... Alexia Wheaton
Under Siege 2: Dark Territory 1995 ... Sarah Ryback
My Father, The Hero 1994 ... Nicole
King of the Hill 1993 ... Christina Sebastian
That Night (AKA 'One Hot Summer') 1992 ... Kathryn

Brendan Fehr

This bio is from the official WB press release, dated July 1999.

Michael Guerin

Since landing his first professional acting job less than two years ago, Brendan Fehr has emerged as one of Canada's up-and-coming young actors and makes his debut starring in a television series with "Roswell."

Growing up in the British Columbia hamlet of New Westminister, Fehr gave little thought to acting and instead spent his early years playing sports. Even now, he lists a total of nine sports - led by hockey, skiing and snowboarding - as his favorites. No slouch in the classroom either, the studious-minded Fehr was intent on becoming an accountant.

He moved to Winniped, Manitoba, and, in his teens, friends advised the handsome Fehr to try modeling, which landed him work in local sportswear catalogues. On a trip to Vancouver, B.C., in the fall of 1997 to visit his family, Fehr looked into potential modeling work near his hometown. Within a week, he was signed by his current manager and had landed a guest-starring role on the television series "Breaker High."

That role soon led to many others, mostly shot in Vancouver's burgeoning production scene. He has since guest-starred on the television series "Millennium," and starred in the television movies "Our Guys," alongside Eric Stoltz and Ally Sheedy, "Perfect Little Angles" and "Every Mother's Worst Fear."

His feature film credits include "Disturbing Behavior," directed by "Roswell" executive producer David Nutter and co-starring fellow cast member William Sadler. He also appeared in "Flight 180" opposite Devon Sawa, and starred in the independent feature "Christina's House."

He currently lives in Los Angeles.

This bio is from the fan site All About Jason Behr. Not sure where it info orignally came from or how correct it is.

Name: Brendan Jacob Joel Fehr
Born: October 29, 1977 in New Westminster, British Columbia
raised in: Winnipeg, Manitoba (in the North Kildonan Section)
resides in: Los Angeles, California
Height: 6'1"
Private High School: Mennonite Brethren Collegiate
pet: dog named Opa after his Grandfather (means 'Grandpa' in German)
His mother: works as a case manager at Stony Mountain Correctional Institute
Siblings: two sisters - Angela & Shana
Fav. foods: Fruity Pebbles, Salmon Maki Sushi
Fav. music: Metallica, Aerosmith, Tragically Hip, Rolling Stones, Filter
Fav. TV Shows: re-runs of Seinfield, anything to do with sports
Fav. movies: Seven, Braveheart, Stand By Me, Tombstone
Fav. books: Where the Red Fern Grows, Catcher in the Rye
Fav. Video Game: Metal Gear Solid, NFL 2K
Fav. sport: Hockey
Fav. Hockey Player: Trevor Linden
hangs with: several cast members of 'That 70's Show', Majandra Delfino


Sun Sign: Scorpio
Moon Sign: Aries
Remember these dates: May 3, 2001
Love matches: Cancer, Pisces, and Aries
Element: Water
Birthstones: Blood stone or Fire Opal
Stone Ruling: Iron
Colors: Burgundy, Maroon, Eggplant
Fashion style: Classic, not flashy with leather touches, jacket or pants and darker colors
Power sign with behind the scenes, subtle power
Planet ruling: Pluto - this is a spiritual planet
Destiny: He's intuitive and passionate. This sign learns to harness and control focused energy. Would make a great detective.


Aw shucks: "If you put a person on TV, even the ugliest person - and I don't think very many people are ugly at all - it's going to increase their sex appeal by 100 percent. It's all a bit sketchy."

When I have spare time: "I like to sleep, play Monopoly, golf and walk my dog."

My Monopoly addiction: "It's pretty hard-core. I bought regular, Millenium Edition, Marvel Comics, X-Men, NHL and NFL versions."

What flips my burger: "I'm not into eating in some fancy restaurant in Beverly Hills. I'd be content, you know, to just go into some greasy little hamburger shop and grab a burger."

My secret obsession: "I collect Spider-Man toys. Especially the 12-inch action figures. Plus I just bought two Spider-Man rings for $200 a piece."

Brendan's Biography

Born in New Westminster, B.C., Brendan spent his early years playing sports and wanting to be an accountant when he grew up due to his love of numbers. In 1990, he moved to Winnipeg, Manitoba and, as he continued with his schooling, his career plans changed from numbers to teaching with very little thought to entering the world of film and television.

In his late teens, others took notice of his strong good looks, and he worked in Winnipeg doing some minor modeling for local catalogue companies. On a trip to Vancouver in the Fall of 1997 to visit his family, he decided to check out the local modeling scene. He approached his current management company in the hopes of landing some modeling work but they immediately noticed that he had much more potential for film and television. Within a week, he had landed a Guest Star role on Breaker High for UPN and the rest, as they say, is history.

After relocating to Vancouver, Brendan became a very active and sought after young actor. In addition to Breaker High, his credits for television include two different Co-Star's on Millenium for FOX; a Co-Star on the syndicated series Night Man; a Co-Star in the USA Network MOW Every Mother's Worst Fear; a Lead in the FOX Family Channel MOW Perfect Little Angels; a Guest Star on The New Addams Family also for FOX Family Channel; the Lead role of "Micheal" in the primetime dramatic series Roswell; and a Lead in the ABC MOW Our Guys opposite Eric Stoltz and Ally Sheedy.

Brendan's feature film credits include Disturbing Behavior for MGM, the lead role of "Eddy" in the independent feature Christina's House by hot up-and-coming Canadian director Gavin Wilding, a Co-Lead role in Final Destination opposite Devon Sawa for New Line Cinema, the Co-Lead in the independent feature Take My Life...Please with Selma Blair and Max Beesley, and a Lead in the Sony/Screen Gems feature The Forsaken opposite Kerr Smith.

Brendan has also appeared in various national commercial campaigns for companies such as "Shell Canada", "Champs Sports", and a major tie-in campaign with "Levi's" and "Roswell".

Brendan Trivia

What he sees in his future: "More than anything, I want to just improve as a human being."

Heart ache: Brendan once got his heart broken by a girl at an Alanis Morrisette concert. They went out for about a month and he seriously thought she was 'the one' and that he was going to marry her. She said she liked him, but she wanted to see other people. So he said, he couldn't possibly do that... "Go nuts and date other people. But bye." Brendan states that it broke his heart and lasted about a month.
in his spare time: he sleeps a lot and bowls with friends
He terms himself a "smartass".
He almost passed on the role in Roswell because he thought it was too hokey, but after reading the script, he was hooked.
He is not a huge bar hopper.
He looks for personality, a sense of humor and religious morals in a girlfriend.
Brendan appeared in U2's "Stuck In a Moment You Can't Get Out Of" Music Video.
He was nominated for a Saturn Award for 'Best Supporting Actor on Television in Roswell in 1999.
There are four meanings to the name "Brendan" from four different nationalities. In Celtic, it means "raven". In Gaelic, it means "brave". In German, it means "flame". In Irish, it means "prince", which originates from the well known Irish playwright and wit, Brendan Behan.

Brendan's Filmography Before Roswell

Our Guys: Outrage at Glen Ridge 1999 TV ... Barry Bennett
Perfect Little Angels 1998 TV ... Mitch Furress
Every Mother's Worst Fear 1998 TV ... Alan
Disturbing Behavior 1998 ... Brendan - Motor Jock
The New Addams Family (1998) playing "Sam Sedgwick" in episode "Wednesday's Crush" (ep # 1.34)
Night Man (1997) in episode "It Came From Out of the Sky" (ep # 2.3)
Breaker High (1997) in episode "Tamira Has Two Faces"
Millennium (1996) playing "Nick Carfagna in episode "Collateral Damage" (ep # 3.11)
Millennium (1996) playing "Kevin Glabraith" in episode "The Pest House" (ep # 2.14)

Majandra Delfino

This bio is from the official WB press release, dated July 1999.

Maria Deluca

In just three short years, 18-year-old Majandra Delfino has taken Hollywood by storm, with a starring role in "Roswell" and no less than three upcoming movies set for release this year.

The daughter of a Venezuelan father and a Cuban-American mother, Delfina was born in Caracas, Venezuela, but moved with her family to Miama at age 3. Growing up, she excelled in academics but gravitated toward the arts, enrolling in ballet, singing and acting lessons and soon performing in school plays and community theater productions. At age 10, she danced in "The Nutcracker" with the Miami Ballet.

At age 11, Delfino joined an all-girl singing quartet named China Doll. The group, which included her best friend Samantha Gibb, daughter of the Bee Gees' Maurice Gibb, specialized in Latin-styled pop. The group opened for the Bee Gees at a benefit concert at the Fountainbleu Hotel in Miami Beach. A few years later, Delfino and Gibb left the group but continued to write and record as a duo.

At age 15, her parents, dismayed with her acting aspirations, gave her a six-month deadline to test the waters - or fully concentrate on school. Within months, she had secured an agent and won the role of Kathleen Quinlan's daughter in the family film "Zeus & Roxanne." The following summer, she landed her first television series, playing Tony Danza's eldest daughter on "The Tony Danza Show."

Adding to her big-screen credits, Delfino stars in the upcoming teen horror spoof "I Know What You Screamed Last Summer," as well as opposite Linda Hamilton in the coming-of-age drama "The Secret Lives of Girls." She will also be seen in the independent film "The Learning Curve."

Delfino just completed her senior year of high school and resides in Los Angeles.

This bio is from the fan site All About Jason Behr. Not sure where it info orignally came from or how correct it is.

Name: Majandra Delfino
birthdate: February 20, 1981
birth sign: Aquarius
born in: Caracus, Venezuela
used to live in: Miami, Florida
resides in: Los Angeles, California
siblings: one older sister, Marieh
pets: a standard poodle - Gertrude; a Pekinese - Tattoo
cutest male co-star: tie between Desmond Askew (Brody) & Brendan
they get the scripts: 3 or 4 days in advance.
likes to do on free time: likes to sing, paint, and write music.
Fav. Music: Nine Inch Nails; Fiona Apple; Pantera; Black Sabbath
Fav. Book: Prozac Nation
Fav. Movie: The Last Unicorn
Fav. Sci-Fi Movies: Tron; Hackers; The Matrix
Fav. TV Show: Charmed (likes the witch stuff)
Fav. Word: "you know"?
Fav. Color: Purple
Fav. Food: Whole Milk
Fav. place to relax: her bed (loves her bed)
Fav. Roswell Episode: "285 South"
Coolest place traveled: Venice, Italy
Languages Spoken: Spanish & English
like to work with: Kathleen Quinlan & Linda Hamilton
would like to work with: Jack Nicholson & Johnny Depp
teen idols: Debbie Gibson & Madonna (she was born in '81, ok?)
can't live without: her Doc Martens.

Majandra's Biography

Majandra Delfino rose to fame for her role as Maria Deluca on Roswell (1999). Born in Caracus, Venezuela on February, 20, 1981, Majandra moved to the states at the age of 3. She was born Maria Alejandra, but her sister couldn't pronounce it and her name became Majandra instead. Residing in Miami, Florida, she excelled in academics, but gravitated towards arts, enrolling in ballet, singing and acting lessons, and was soon performing in school plays and commmunity theater productions. At the age of 10, she danced in The Nutcracker with the Miami Ballet.

At age 11, her best friend Samantha Gibb, daughter of the Bee Gees' Maurice Gibb, joined an all-girls singing quarter named 'China Doll'. The group specialized in Latin-styled pop. After opening for the Bee Gees at a benefit concert at the Fountainbleu Hotel in Miami Beach, the girls enjoyed small success. A few years later, both Majandra and Samantha left the group, but continued to write & record as a duo. After singing, Majandra decided to give her acting dreams a shot. Her parents, at first dismayed over their daughter's aspirations, gave her a 6-month deadline to test her skills. If all else failed, she would concentrate fully on school. Within months, she had secured herself with an agent, and was already landing jobs. It wasn't until 1999, with the success of the WB's Roswell (1999) that Majandra rose to fan-magazine fame. Her role as the sarcastic Maria Deluca has sparked many fans all around. Not forgetting her singing talent, you'll see her singing on the show every so often. Next up, it was the Big Screen, starring Michael Douglas in the feature film Traffic (2000), then it was Sticks & Stones (2001).

Majandra lives in Los Angeles. Her mom, sister, and her dogs live there too. While continueing her acting, she has also returned to her first love of music and is currently in the recording studio writing and recording CDs of her music.

Filmography before Roswell

Katie Joplin (1999) TV Series ... Sara Shotz
The Secret Life of Girls (1999) ... Natalie Sanford
The Tony Danza Show (1997) TV Series ... Tina DiMeo
Zeus and Roxanne (1997) ... Judith

Colin Hanks

This bio is from the official WB press release, dated July 1999.

Alex Whitman

Colin Hanks makes his professional acting debut with "Roswell."

Hanks grew up in Sacramento, and attended Loyola Marymount University, a liberal arts school in Westchester, Calif., where he began acting, appearing in school productions such as "Noises Off!"

In addition to "Roswell" Hanks has also completed production in the upcoming feature "I'll Be You," a high school version of "Cyrano de Bergerac," in which he plays a quirky character named Cosmo.

In one eventful weekend, Hanks landed the role in "I'll Be You" on Friday and started work on the film the next morning - the same day he received a call from executive producer Jason Katims, announcing that "Roswell" had been picked up by the WB.

Hanks is 21 and currently lives in Los Angeles.

This bio is from the fan site All About Jason Behr. Not sure where it info orignally came from or how correct it is.

Colin Hanks was born in New York on November 24, 1977 (Sagittarius) and grew up in Sacramento, California. He attended Loyola Marymount University, a liberal arts school in Westchester, California, where he began acting, appearing in school productions such as Noises Off!
Colin made his professional acting debut with Roswell. In addition to Roswell, Colin has also appeared in Whatever It Takes, a high school version of "Cyrano de Bergerac", in which he plays a quirky character named Cosmo.
In one eventful weekend, Colin landed the role in I'll Be You on Friday and started work on the film the next morning -- the same day he received a call from executive producer Jason Katims, announcing that Roswell had been picked up by the WB and he had the role of Alex Whitman.
Most recently, Colin appeared in the film Get Over It starring Kirsten Dunst and Sisqo. He appeared in a HBO special Band of Brothers in September 2001 -- a Tom Hanks/Steven Spielberg production. The series was based on the true story of a group of WWII soldiers; Colin portrayed Lieutenant Jones, a young West Point graduate in episode 8.
Colin is also at work on the movie Orange County, about a guidance counselor (Lily Tomlin) who mistakenly sends out the wrong transcripts to Stanford University under the name of an over-achieving high schooler (Colin). Colin currently lives in Los Angeles, California. His father is actor Tom Hanks and his mother is actress/producer Samantha Lewes. He has a sister, Elizabeth, from his parents' marriage, and a couple of younger half-brothers from his father's marriage to Rita Wilson.

Filmography before Roswell

That Thing You Do! (1996) ... Male Page

Nick Wechsler

This bio is from the official WB press release, dated July 1999.

Kyle Valenti

A native of Albuquergue, New Mexico, newcomer Nick Wechsler grew up not that far from the setting of "Roswell," a show that marks his first starring role on a network series.

The fifth in a testosterone-tilted brood of eight sons, Wechsler grew up in Albuquerque, where his parents and most of his siblings still live. His father is a sheet-metal worker; his mother is a secretary for the U.S. Forest Service. He began his acting career in high school, turning in what he modestly describes as "awe-inspiring performances" in every succeeding school play.

Wechsler moved to Hollywood immediately after graduating from high school and spent the next six months trying to break into the business. He soon landed a small role as a purse-stealing punk in the TV movie "Full Circle." Shortly after, he was cast as Trek, a child prodigy conceived at a "Star Trek" convention, in the syndicated series "Team Knightrider." He has also appeared in "Silk Stalkings," "Lazarus Man" and the feature film "The Perfect Game."

He currently resides in Los Angeles.

This bio is from the fan site All About Jason Behr. Not sure where it info orignally came from or how correct it is.

Name: Nick Wechsler
Born in: Albuquerque, New Mexico (USA)
Birthdate: September 3, 1978
birth sign: Virgo
mother: Janet Wechsler (secretary for the U.S. Forest Service)
father: Joseph Wechsler (sheet-metal worker)
siblings: 7 Brothers
Graduated from: Highland High School in 1996
resides in: Los Angeles, California

Nick's Biography

Nick Wechsler was born in Albuquerque, New Mexico (USA), on September 3, 1978. The fifth son of 8 boys born to Joseph and Janet Wechsler.
In the 10th grade, the acting bug bit and he joinged drama class. Inspired by the terrible student actors in his school, he began his acting career in high school, turning in what he modestly describes as "awe-inspiring performances" in every succeeding school play. He soon found he was really good at acting and decided to make it his life's work. While in Albuquerque, he performed in several theatrical productions at the local Performing Arts Center. After graduating Highland High School in 1996, he moved to Los Angeles to pursue his dream. Convinced he didn't have much of a chance, he was surprised to land a role shortly after arriving there.
His first year ther was lonely, but he perservered and began to get small parts in various TV Shows, and movies. In 1997, Nick was an integral part of the syndicated TV Show Team Knight Rider, a sequel to the popular 1980's series Knight Rider. He played the rold of Kevin "Trek" Sanders, a child prodigy who got his name because he was conceived at a Star Trek Convention.
In 1999, Nick auditioned for the WB Show, Roswell, trying out for 4 to 5 different roles. As the casting decisions were getting closer, Nick doubted he would get a part and was surprised when he was offered the part of Kyle.
Thanks to Roswell, Nick is gathering a legion of fans who appreciate his piercing good looks and wonderful sense of humor.

Nick's Facts

Grew up not that far from the real setting of Roswell.
Wechsler's parents and most of his siblings still live in New Mexico.
Nick is rarely serious about anything.
Nick moved to Hollywood immediately after graduating from High School.
Is a Fan of X-Files.
Has a very wild sense of humor & keeps everyone laughing.
Is learning to play the guitar, getting pointers from co-star and his TV dad, William Sadler.
Is the fifth of eight sons.

Filmography before Roswell

Team Knight Rider (1997) TV Series ... Kevin "Trek" Sanders
Full Circle (1996) TV ... a Mugger
The Lazarus Man (1996) TV Series
Silk Stalkings, TV

William Sadler

This bio is from the official WB press release, dated July 1999.

Sheriff Valenti

In a 30-year acting career that spans films such as "The Shawshank Redemption" and threatrical productions such as "Biloxi Blues" on Broadway, William Sadler has played an extraordinary range of roles.

He began his acting career on the New York stage, where he appeared in some 75 productions over a 12-year period, earning him the Obie and Villager awards. His extensive stage experience culminated in his performance in the original Broadway cast of Neil Simon's Tony Award-winning show "Biloxi Blues." For his portrayal of Drill Sergeant Toomey, Sadler recieved a Drama Desk Award nomination, and the Dramalogue and Actor's Equite Award.

His varied feature film work includes the diabolical villain Colonel Stewart in "Die Hard 2," the dim-witted inmate Haywood in the critically acclaimed "The Shawshank Redemption," and the Grim Reaper in "Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey." Most recently, he appeared in "Disturbing Behavior," directed by David Nutter of "Roswell" and alongside fellow cast member Brendan Fehr. Additional film credits include "Trespass," "Rocket Man," "The Hot Spot," "Hard to Kill" and Rush." He has two upcoming feature projects: "The Green Mile" starring Tom Hanks, and the HBO movie "Witness Protection" starring Forrest Whittaker and Tom Sizemore.

He has appeared in such hit TV series as "Roseanne," "Newheart," "Murphy Brown," "St. Elsewhere," "The Outer Limits," and the premiere episode of "Tales From the Crypt," for which he garnered a CableACE nomination. He has also had a recurring role on "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine."

Born and raised in New York, Sadler enjoyed a rural upbringing on a 13-acre farm near Buffalo. Though he currently lives in Los Angeles for the filming of "Roswell," Sadler and his wife Marni Bakst (a descendent of Leon Baskt, the Russian ballet designer who worked with Najinsky) spend as much time as possible in their antique farmhouse, built in 1790, in upstate New York.

This bio is from the fan site All About Jason Behr. Not sure where it info orignally came from or how correct it is.

In a 30-year acting career, William Sadler has played an extraordinary range of roles.
In the Fall of 1972, Bill attended the State University of New York and earned a Master of Fine Arts Degree from Cornell. He began his acting career on the New York stage, where he appeared in some 75 productions over a 12-year period, earning him the Obie and Villager Awards.
His extensive stage experience culminated in his performance in the original Broadway cast of Neil Simon's Tony Award-winning show Bioxi Blues. For his portrayal of 'Drill Sergeant Toomey', William received a Drama Desk Award nomination, and the Dramalogue and Actor's Equity Award.
On TV, William has appeared in hit series such as Roseanne; Newhart; Murphy Brown; St. Elsewhere; The Outer Limits; and the premiere episode of Tales From the Crypt, for which he garnered a CableACE nomination. He had a recurring role on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. He won a Saturn Award in 1992 for 'Best Supporting Actor' in Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey, and also did the voice of "David Dreighton" in the 3-D audio book version of Stephen King's The Mist.
Born April 13, 1950, in Buffalo, New York, young Billy spent most of his youth growing up on a 13-acre farm in Orchard Park, a small town south of Buffalo. Though he currently lives in Los Angeles, California for the filming of Roswell, Sadler and his wife Marni Bakst (a descendent of Leon Bakst, the Russian ballet designer who worked with Najinsky) spend as much time as possible in their antique farmhouse, built in 1970, in upstate New York. They have a daughter and a cat. Having started out doing standup and a as 'Banjo Bill Sadler' when he was young, Sadler is an accomplished musician; singer; and songwriter; and a very outgoing and funny guy. He is also very active in politics and liberal causes.

Filmography before Roswell

Witness Protection (1999) TV ... Sharp
Stephen King's The Green Mile (1999) ... Klaus Detterick
Stealth Fighter (1999) ... Peterson
Reach the Rock (1998) ... Quinn
Disturbing Behavior (1998) ... Dorian Newberry
Ambushed (1998) ... Jim Natter
Skippy (1997) ... Ringo
Rocket Man (1997) ... Mission Commander Captain Overbeck
Solo (1996) ... Colonel Frank Madden
Poltergeist: The Legacy (1996) ... 'Shamus Bloom' in episode "Fifth Sepulcher" (ep # 1.0)(The Pilot)
Tales from the Crypt Presents: Demon Knight (1995)... Brayker
The Outer Limits (1995) ... 'Frank Hellner' in episode "Valerie 23" (ep # 1.2)
The Shawshank Redemption (1994) ... Heywood, Inmate 32365
Roadracers (1994) TV ... Sarge
Night Driving (1993) TV
Jack Reed: Badge of Honor (1993) TV ... Anatole
Freaked (1993) ... Dick Brian
Bermuda Grace (1993) TV ... Sam Grace
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (1993) ... 'Sloan' in episode "Extreme Measures" (ep # 7.23)
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (1993) ... 'Sloan' in episode "Inter Arma Enim Silent Leges" (ep # 7.16)
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (1993) ... 'Sloan' in episode "Inquisition" (ep # 6.18)
Trespass (1992) ... Don
Rush (1991) ... Monroe
Two-Fisted Tales (1991) ... Presenter
Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey (1991) ... Grim Reaper/English Family Member
Tagget (1991) ... Yuri Chelenkoff
The Last To Go (1991) TV ... Treat
The Face of Fear (1990/1) TV ... Anthony Prine
The Hot Spot (1990/1) ... Frank Sutton
Die Hard 2: Die Harder (1990) ... Colonel Stuart
Hard to Kill (1990) ... Vernon Trent
K-9 (1989) ... Salesman Don
Gideon Oliver (1989) TV Series
Unconquered (1989) TV
Tales from the Crypt (1989) ... 'The Grim Reaper' in episode "The Assassin" (ep # 6.8)
Tales from the Crypt (1989) ... 'Niles Talbot' in episode "The Man Who Was Death" (ep # 1.1)
Murphy Brown (1988) ... 'Colonel Fizpatrick' in episode "Off the Job Experience" (ep # 1.11)
Dear John (1988) ... Ben
Roseanne (1988) ... 'Dewight' in episode "Saturday" (ep # 1.8)
Private Eye (1987) TV ... Charlie Fontana
Project X (1987) ... Doctor Carroll
Private Eye (1987) ... Lieutenant Charlie Fontana
Tour of Duty (1987) ... 'Major Rigby' in episode "Dislocations" (ep # 1.3)
Hooperman (1987) ... 'Lanny Hardin' in episode "Look Homeward, Dirtbag" (ep # 2.5)
Off Beat (1986) ... Dickson
The Equalizer (1985) ... 'Rick Dillon, AKA Kevin Moore' in episode "Shades of Darkness" (ep # 2.5)
Assaulted Nuts (1985) TV Series
St. Elsewhere (1982) ... in episode "The Abby Singer Show" (ep # 6.20)
Hanky Panky (1982) ... Hotel Clerk
The Neighborhood (1982) TV
Charlie and the Great Balloon Chase (1981) TV ... Joey
The Great Wallendas (1978) TV ... Dieter Schmidt

Emilie de Ravin

This bio is from the fan site All About Jason Behr. Not sure where it info orignally came from or how correct it is.

Tess Harding

Emilie's Biography

A native of Australia, born December 27, 1981 (Capricorn), spirited and charismatic young actress Emilie de Ravin joins the cast of Roswell after appearing in the last several episodes of first season as Tess Harding, the new girl in school who turns out to be the mysterious fourth alien who makes the special group complete. Impressively, Emilie landed the role within one month of relocating to Los Angeles from her home in Australia.
Emilie first garnered the attention of international audiences with her performance on the popular television series Beastmaster: The Legend Continues, for 'Alliance Atlantis and Tribune Entertainment', as the mischievous but powerful Curupira, Guardian of the Game Animals.
Her rising stardom is based upon many years of performance experience and intensive training. She has studied ballet since the age of 9. At the age of 15, Emilie was accepted into the prestigious and highly selective Australian Ballet School. She performed in productions of the Australian Ballet Company as well as Danceworld 301. She won that honor by being chosen from a pool of national and international applicants. That experience has heightened Emilie's desire and need to act.
Emilie studied acting at the National Institute of Dramatic Art in Australia, and with the Prime Time Studio in Los Angeles. She also took wo acting courses for the film and TV with Australia's Swinburne University.
Through her acclaimed performances, Emilie de Ravin is quickly gaining a reputation as of the most promising young actors of her generation.

Filmography before Roswell

Beast Master 1999 The Demon Curupira

Diane Farr

This bio is from the fan site All About Jason Behr. Not sure where it info orignally came from or how correct it is.

Amy Deluca

Diane's Biography

In addition to writing The Girl Code, Diane Farr is an actress and TV personality. A household name to Generation X and Y for her work as co-host of MTV's cult phenomenon Loveline", Diane answered viewers' questions on sex, relationships and love from a feminine point of view. Before she found her place on the Loveline couch, Diane trained in classical theater, and went on to appear in productions on Broadway and in the United Kingdon. She has also had roles in numerous films, TV movies and shows, including Roswell.
In the near future, you can see Diane in ABC's The Job, in which she stars opposite Denis Leary. In her free time, Diane teaches acting a maximum-security prison in Los Angeles, and in a program for un-wed teenage mothers. She frequently speaks at universities nationwide.
Diane lives in Los Angeles, California.

Filmography before Roswell

Bingo (1999) ... Miranda
It's Like, You Know... (1999) ... 'Cindy' in episode "Lost in America" (ep # 2.6)
V.I.P. (1998) ... in episode "Scents and Sensibility" (ep # 1.5)
Fired Up (1997) ... 'Herself' in episode "Lustline" (ep # 2.18)
Flooding (1997) ... Personal Ad Girl
Loveline (1996) TV Series ... C0-Host (1998)
Arli$$ (1996)
In the House (1995) ... 'Dr. Young' in episode "Saint Marion" (ep # 3.13)
The Drew Carey Show (1995) ... 'Tracy' in episode "The Tracy Bowl" (ep # 4.19)
The Drew Carey Show (1995) ... 'Tracy' in episode "Boy Party/Girl Party" (ep # 4.18)
The Drew Carey Show (1995) ... 'Tracy' in episode Three Guys, a Girl and a B-Story" (ep # 4.17)
Silk Stalkings" (1991) ... 'Production Assistant' in episode "Baser Instincts" (ep # 2.1)

Mary Ellen Trainor

This bio is from the fan site All About Jason Behr. Not sure where it info orignally came from or how correct it is.

Diane Evans

Filmography before Roswell

Anywhere But Here (1999) ... Homeowner
Lethal Weapon 4 (1998) ... Police Psychiatrist Dr. Stephanie Woods
Hope (1997) TV ... Maize Burns
Relativity (1996) TV ... Eve Lukens
A Face To Die For (1996) TV
Executive Decision (1996) ... Allison
Sudeced and Betrayed (1995) TV ... Charlotte
Congo (1995) ... Moira
Greedy (1994) ... Nora
Little Giants (1994) ... Karen O'Shea
Forrest Gump (1992) ... Jenny's Babysitter
Death Becomes Her (1992) ... Vivian Adams
Lethal Weapon 3 (1992) ... Police Psychiatrist Dr. Stephanie Woods
Kuffs (1992) ... Nikki Allyn
Grand Canyon (1991) ... Ms. Green
Ricochet (1991) ... Gail Wallens
Parker Lewis Can't Lose (1990)
TV Series ... Mrs. Lewis (1991-93)
Fire Birds (1990) ... Janet Little
Rock Hudson (1990) TV
Lethal Weapon 2 (1989) ... Police Psychiatrist Dr. Stephanie Woods
Fear Stalk (1989) TV ... Jennifer
Ghostbusters II (1989) ... Brownstone Mother
Action Jackson (1988) ... Secretary
Scrooged (1988)
Die Hard (1988) ... Gail Wallens
The Monster Squad (1987) ... Emily
Lethal Weapon (1987) ... Police Psychiatrist Dr. Stephanie Woods
The Goonies (1985) ... Irene Walsh
The Stone Boy (1984) ... Doris Simms
Romancing the Stone (1984) ... Elaine

Mary Ellen Trainor's Facts

Was once married to director 'Robert Zemeckis. Appeared in three of his films while they were married: Romancing the Stone, 1984; Death Becomes Her, 1992; and Forrest Gump, 1994.

Roswell Producers

Jason Katims

This bio is from the official WB press release, dated July 1999.

Executive Producer

Known for his intensely literate and appealing yet sophisticated scripts, Jason Katims began his career in television as a writter on the critically acclaimed drama series "My So-Called Life."

After graduating from Queens College in New York, the Brooklyn-born Katims was a struggling playwright who worked by day as a computer programmer. Seemingly from out of nowhere, he got a call from Hollywood producer Edward Zwick ("Glory," "thirtysomething"), who had seen one of Katims' plays and encouraged him to relocate to Los Angeles. Next thing he knew, Katims was soon developing scripts with Zwick for what became one of TV's most hightly praised series, "My So-Called Life."

Katims went on to contribute many episodes to that series, including "Life of Brian," which was unique in that it turned the voice of the series from Clare Danes' character to that of Brian Krakow (Devon Gummersall). The insightful episode was recently recognized in TV Guide's "100 Greatest Episodes of All Time" special issue. Katims next created and served as executive producer on the highly acclaimed series "Relativity," starring Kimberly Williams and David Conrad.

Among his feature films credits, Katims co-wrote and co-produced "The Pallbearer" with "Felicity" co-creator Matt Reeves, starring Gwyneth Paltrow and David Schwimmer. He has also penned "The Vow," a feature film currently in development.

Katims cites Sam Shepard's "True West" as inspiring him to pursue his dramatic writing career. His abiding passion these days, besides "Roswell," is his wife Kathy and reading bedtime stories to the couple's 3-year-old son, Sawyer.

David Nutter

This bio is from the official WB press release, dated July 1999.

Executive Producer

David Nutter is perhaps best known as one of the chief architects of "The X-Files," having directed 15 episodes during the course of the program's breakthough first three seasons. His directional efforts on that series were recently recognized in TV Guide's "100 Greatest Episodes of All Time" special issue, which named Nutter's "Clyde Bruckman's Final Repose" as number 10.

Nutter brings that same flair for the paranormal to "Roswell" as executive producer and director of the pilot episode. He has also helmed the pilot episodes of "Millennium," "Sleepwalkers" and "Space: Above and Beyond," as well as several episodes of "ER." In 1996, he received the Sci-Fi Reader's Choice Award for his direction of an episode of "Space: Above and Beyond."

Nutter recently directed the big screen thriller "Disturbing Behavior," starring Katie Holmes and "Roswell" cast members Brendan Fehr and WIlliam Sadler. After graduating from the University of Miami film school in 1984, he got his start in the business directing "Cease Fire," a low-budget film that starred a virtually unknown actor named Don Johnson.

Born in Vienna, W.Va., and raised in Florida, Nutter currently resides in Los Angeles.

Jonathan Frakes

This bio is from the official WB press release, dated July 1999.

Executive Producer

An accomplished actor as well as director and producer, Jonathan Frakes is best known to science-fiction fans around the world for his association with the phenomenal "Star Trek" franchise. In addition to his portrayal of Commander William Riker on the television series "Star Trek: The Next Generation," he brought the character to the big screen in the feature films "Star Trek: Generations," "Star Trek: Insurrection" and "Star Trek: First Contact."

Enjoying dual roles both in front of and behind the camera, Frakes also served as director on "Insurrection" and "First Contact," and has directed episodes of "Star Trek: The Next Generation," "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine," "Star Trek: Voyager" and "Diagnosis Murder."

As an actor, he won critical acclaim for his performances in the television miniseries "Dream West" and "North and South," and recently starred in and executive produced the television movie "Dying to Live." Throughout this career, Frakes has guest-starred on classic television shows including "Hill Street Blues," "The Dukes of Hazzard," "Quincy, M.E.," "Fantasy Island," "Falcon Crest," "The Waltons," "Eight is Enough," "Hart to Hart," "It's a Living," "Charlie's Angels," "Fall Guy," "Matlock," "Wings" and "Cybill."

In addition to acting, directing and producing, the multi-talented Frakes serves as host of Dick Clark's stranger-than-fiction syndicated television series, "Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction."

Another noteworthy distinction, Frakes, a trombone player, in the featured musician on the hit album from the underground fold/rock group Phish, titled "Hoist."

As for his trombone playing, it's curently limited to gigs for his two children on Saturday mornings during the family's "performing art" sessions in their Los Angeles home. Lending an ear is Frakes' wife of 11 years, Genie Francis, who has long been known to TV viewers as Laura on "General Hospital."

Kevin Kelly Brown

This bio is from the official WB press release, dated July 1999.

Executive Producer

Like an emphatic tour je'te, the life of Kevin Kelly Brown hit a turning point at age 21. After graduating from Arizona State University, he was accepted into medical school at the University of Arizona. That summer, however, he opted to go to Beverly Hills to care for the ailing father of his godmother, the late Nora Kaye, who was the first American ballerina to be widely recoginzed as a world-class dancer.

Brown began working part-time in the mailroom at MGM and never returned to Arizona, nor to medicine. Since leaving MGM, he has worked as a journalist, story analyst, development executive, line producer, and creative and production executive for several independent film companies.

Now head of his own highly successful production company, formed in 1992, Brown shepherds the development of more than 20 projects, spanning feature films, cable and network movies and series, as well as numerous interactive and CD-ROM projects. Notably, Brown served as executive producer of "Soul of the Game," a highly acclaimed 1996 HBO movie based on the Negro Baseball Leagues, which was nominated for a CableACE Award and three NAACP Image Awards. He has also served as executive producer on the cable television movies "Bloodknot," "Incident at Deception Ridge," "The Colony" and "Any Place But Home." "Roswell" is Brown's first primetime series.

The only non-professional dancer in his family, Brown studied ballet but didn't follow in the rest of his family's footsteps - his two sisters, his brother and both parents danced with the American Ballet Theater. In fact, ballet was so ingrained in Brown's New York City childhood that the 1977 feature film "The Turning Point" was based on life within Brown's immdeiate family. The film earned 11 Academy Award nominations, but Brown's character was written out of the script after the first draft.

Lisa J. Olin

This bio is from the official WB press release, dated July 1999.

Executive Producer

Having worked her way up the creative ladder in the film world, Lissa J. Olin makes her first foray into primetime television with "Roswell."

While attending New York University film school, Olin, a Long Island native, got her first taste of movie-making as an intern on the film version of "A Chorus Line." Soon, she was offered a full-time paying job with the production. A year later, Olin became a production assistant for another New York-based film, "Brighton Beach Memoirs," the film version of Neil Simon's Broadway hit.

Olin moved to Los Angeles in 1986, where she joined with producer David Kirshner on the development of several animated series ("Pirates of Dark Water") and children's features ("The Page Master"). Eventually, she joined The Koch Company as a production associate, where she worked on such films as "Primal Fear," "Losing Isaiah," "Virtuosity," "Sliver," along with "Wayne's World" and "Wayne's World 2."

Currently, she is partnered with Jonathan Frakes in their production company, Goepp Circle Productions, most recently serving as executive producer of the television movie, "Dying to Live." They have numerous projects in development, including the feature film "Total Recall II."

A classical pianist since age 7, Olin shares her Los Angeles home with husband Jeremiah Williamson, a composer consultant, and the couple's black-and-white cat, Groucho.

Contact The Cast
Info from the now closed sites Leaving Normal, Roswellian Realm & Roswellian Adventure

Below are the known addresses for the members of the Roswell cast. You can
contact them via these addresses to convey your support, or to request an autograph.
(This info is no longer usable, but I thought it would be interesting to include it.)

Cast Member Name
c/o Roswell
4000 Warner Blvd.
Burbank, CA 91522
(can specify cast member here)
20th Century Fox Television
P.O. Box 900
Beverly Hills, CA 90213
Cast Member Name
c/o Roswell
Paramount Pictures Corporation
5555 Melrose Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90038
Katherine Heigl (Isabel Evans)
c/o Elite Models Inc.
111 E. 22nd St.
New York, NY 10010
Colin Hanks (Alex Whitman)
c/o CAA
9830 Wilshire Blvd.
Beverly Hills, CA 90212
William Sadler (Sheriff Valenti)
10474 Santa Monica Blvd. #380
Los Angeles, CA 90025
Julie Benz (Kathleen Topolsky)
c/o Innovative Artists
1999 Ave. of the Stars
Suite 2850
Los Angeles, CA 90067

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