Dreamer Bill of Rights

by Alexis!

Ratified May 21, 2002

We the people of the Cherish thread�.

In order to dream of the perfect union, establish cementing, insure Dreamer tranquility, provide for the Cherish couple defense, promote the general welfare and secure the blessing of Matrimony to ourselves and our couples happiness, do ordain and establish this Rostitution for the Dreamers of Roswell land.

Bill of Dreamer Rights

1. Freedom to post on Cherish

2. A right to behr arms

3. No quartering of soldiers--unless you really want to!

4. Unreasonable search and seizure

5. No person should have to answer to a capital or otherwise infamous crime unless they are saving their world or any others. You are innocent until proven gutterflowery.

6. Right to a speedy and public trial of the Cherish couple�s love.

7. Trial by jury as to whether JK did good by Dreamers.

8. No Cruel and Unusual Punishment�it shall not be allowed that any one dreamer be stripped of their episode watching privileges.

9. The enumeration of this Rostitution, of certain rights shall not be construed to deny or disparage others from Cherishing.

10. Power of the dreamers.

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