Does the Cast Believe in Aliens?

These are quotes from the cast about real aliens.

Do the cast of Roswell really believe in aliens and UFOs?��
Are we alone in the universe?�
Why are people so fascinated with Roswell if it was just a weather balloon?

Jason Behr
"E.T��had a profound impact on me when I was a child.� I really enjoyed movies with this subject matter.�Star Wars�was one of my favourite movies.� The whole trilogy was a major part of my upbringing. I think that the fantasy and the discovery of it all and the idea behind the fact that there could be other life-forms out there is fascinating. For me to sit up here and tell you that we are the only intelligent life-form that ever existed would be very arrogant of me. To be honest, I don't know. We are just one speck on a grander scale. It feels that if there wasn't anybody else out there, it would be a bit disappointing. It would be a bit lonely."

Shiri Appleby
"I wasn't a believer in aliens or UFOs before the show, but working on the show I see so much stuff and I think it's hard not to believe. You've got to have some kind of belief that maybe 'something' might exist. It would be pretty naive of us to think we're the only kind of creatures out there."

Brendan Fehr
"I definitely believe in the possibility."

Katherine Heigl
"I think there must be life out there. I just don't know which planets and where. Everyone always assumes aliens would be dangerous, that they'd be out to hurt us. I just think they'd be out to learn from us, or we would learn from them. To interact with other beings, I think it would be cool. And do I believe in aliens? Dennis Rodman, maybe."

Majandra Delfino
"I really have the most faith in aliens because I believe there is not doubt. I have theories like every sci-fi fan. I never had an experience, it's just one of those things where you look at the world and think. When I was little, I looked at the word and thought, 'I can't believe these people are almost so self-centered in a way. That they think they're the only people in the universe. And everything revolves around Earth, like we're the only life.' I always thought 'Come on, there has to be something else out there, and people are just being naive or keeping us naive.' "

Colin Hanks
"I believe. I'm the one most likely to step into the cantina scene in�Star Wars. I liked�Star Wars�as much as the next guy. It's something fun to believe in, that's for sure. It's like in that movie�Contact: 'It would be a whole lot of wasted space if there's no one else around.' Whether aliens are going to be coming down and talking with us any time soon I really have no idea. I hope so. That would be interesting."

Nick Wechsler
"Call me crazy, but I believe in UFOs."

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