Actor Autographs

You can find all kinds of items on the internet that claim to be autographed by the Roswell actors.
The most common items are photos with autographs.

One of the biggest problems with autographs, is that a great number of them are fake. Unfortunately, people have discovered they can make money by faking and selling autographs.

I have people ask me all the time - 'How can I tell if an autograph is genuine?'
The best answer I know is to make sure you are buying the item from a reputable dealer,
and even then you really can't be 100% certain.

Just because a seller is offering a certificate of authenticity doesn't mean anything. I can make a certificate of authenticity saying I own the Moon, but it doesn't make it true.

The only way to be certain that the item is authentic is to go to the actor and get it signed yourself. That being said, finding the actor and asking for an autograph can be beyond the means and ability of many fans.

Perhaps you would prefer to buy something with an autograph and don't care if the item is really authentic. You just want to own the item because it looks cool. Completely understandable.

Signed Roswell Trading Cards

Over the years, many different dealers have offered Roswell trading cards that have been 'signed' by the actors. (These are completely different than the six authentic autographed cards that were in the trading card packets.) These are just the regular trading cards that someone has gotten signed, supposedly by the actor.

I have bought some of these myself. Most of the time they are at a minimal cost and I thought it would be fun to get all the autographs that were not offered in the genuine autographed trading cards. Only Shiri, Nick, Colin, William, Julie Benz and Frakes signed cards for the card set, so none of the aliens were even included.

I have saved a lot of images of 'signed' trading cards and thought I would post one of each actor's signature that I have seen.

Are they real? I don't have a clue.
They all came with a certificate of authencity though ;)

***If you have cards with signatures by other Roswell actors, please, send them in.***

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