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Alien Artifacts

My friend River Dog asked if I could provide a list of alien artifacts.
So here it is RD!

Alien artifacts are items that came to Earth with the aliens or were created using alien
technology. Here is a list of the items with definitions.

Alien Ship

We don't know much about the ship that came to Earth other than it flew across space from Antar with two sets of pods, the granolith, and at least 4 shapeshifters. It is unclear when the ship arrived on Earth, but for unknown reasons, on July 4th, 1947 the ship crashed near Roswell, NM.

The ship was described as a flying disc in Betty Osrio's Notebook in the SHP.


A substance that doesn't naturally exist on Earth, but is produced sometimes as an after effect of the aliens using their powers.

When Michael kills Pierce, it is infused in Pierce's bones.

In the episode 'Skin & Bones' Pierce's bones are discovered in the desert, and Max has to alter the Cadmium-X on the bones and age the bones so they won't be linked back to Michael or the group.

Destiny Book
Destiny Book Translation

The term 'destiny book' was coined by the Roswell fans on the internet.

It refers to the alien book that Tess takes out of the library wall in the episode 'Four Square'. The book is in an alien language and has pictures that supposedly show the 4 aliens, and their pairings.

The book is in an alien language, and Max, Michael, Isabel, and Tess can't read it.

Exploding Triangle

In the episode, �Baby It�s You,� Liz, Michael and Maria discover that when Alex was at the University of Las Cruces, decoding the �destiny book�, he emailed the finished translation to Leanna, aka Jennifer Coleman.

Liz, Michael and Maria go to her dorm room to look for her, but she is gone. They discover a bill for a rental house and when they go there they find a compter.

The exploding triangle is an alien device that was set up to guard the computer.

More info & pics

The ganderium are introduced and dealt with in the four episodes of the 'Hybrid Chronicles' ('To Serve & Protect', 'We Are Family', 'Disturbing Behavior', 'How the Other Half Lives').

The Ganderium function as a hive with a Queen in control of her drones. The Queen somehow got inside Grant Sorensen and occasionally takes control of his body to force him to do what she wants. She uses him to look for and kidnap Laurie Dupree.

In 'How the Other Half Lives' Larek explains that the ganderium are parasites used to combine the alien genetic material with human DNA to make the hybrids. But they weren't meant to be let loose into an ecosystem.

The ganderium have one purpose - to infect human cells. Fewer than 1 in 50 million people have the genetic flaw needed by the Ganderium to infect them, but Laurie Dupree has the flaw. Larek tells Liz, Isabel, Max and Tess that if the Ganderium succeeds in infecting Laurie, it will make a virus that will kill everyone on Earth.

Max, Isabel, Liz, Tess, Alex and Kyle go into Frazier Woods to find the Ganderium hive and destroy them. Kyle and Alex find the hive and the Ganderium seal them inside.

Grant tries to fight the Queen's influence over him, but is unable to, and forces Sheriff Valenti to kill him so he won't harm anyone else.

Liz figures out from a conversation with Kyle that the Ganderium needs oxygen to live, and Max passes the info to Michael, which allows him to kill the Queen. When the Queen dies, so does the rest of the hive.

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The granolith is first mentioned in the episode 'Suprise'. Vanessa Whitaker demands that Isabel give it to her, but Isabel has never heard of it.

Later in the episode, Isabel finds it in a secret room behind the pods in the pod chamber.

In the episode 'Baby It's You', Michael, Liz and Maria find a translation of the destiny book that says the Granolith is one-use, transport back to Antar.

Granolith Crystal/Granolith Key

In the episode 'Baby It's You', Liz, Maria & Michael discover the crystal in Leanna's rental house with instructions on how to use the granolith.

In the episode 'Departure' Max inserts the crystal into the base of the granolith, and it acts as a 'starter key' that activates the granolith. Once it is inserted into the base of the granolith, it takes 24 hours for the granolith to prepare to return to the alien's home planet

Green Rod
(aka. The Greenis)

We are never given an official name for the green rod. The fans on the internet nicknamed it the Greenis, because of the position where it sticks out on the alien, on the billboard.

In the episode 'Wipeout', the Skins use it to create a green haze over Roswell that makes all the humans disappear, so they can find the aliens easily.

Courtney explains it.
Time exists in multiple subset dimensions on our planet. Nicholas must have a technology to impose one or more of these here.

It's like being on Pacific and Eastern and Central and Mountain time all at once. Human bodies can't function. They simply disappear. Another dimension, another plane of existence. I don't know where. They seem to have just...shifted.

Kyle and Maria distroy the rod by using the current from her car battery to overload it. It explodes and all of the humans who disappeared, come back, with no memory of being gone.

Healing Stones

In the episode 'The Balance' when Michael gets sick, Max goes to River Dog for help. River Dog has the healing stones that Nasedo left with him.

River Dog explains how to use them.

�I'll need the help of all of you. Healing requires energy. The more we have, the faster we heal. Now everyone take your place in the circle. There's a line for each of you leading to the center.�

�Nasedo gave me these stones. They're from his place. And they carry an energy inside them.�

�He said that his body carried the same energy that's in these stones. He called it the balance. He told me to hold the stones until my energy activated them. And the balance would be restored.�

�He warned me, though, there was a risk. The balance can pull you in. It's a force that can change both your body and your mind unless you navigate it properly. Now, clear your mind...and drink from the bowl. Don't change the way you feel about your friend, and you'll come out on the right side.�

The stones also fit in the cave painting map on the wall where Nasedo lived. They make a 'V' shape that gives a clue on how to read the map. The 'V' shape refers to the constellation Ares and the planet Venus in the sky at a certain time of year. Using the constellation, you can plot the symbols on the map to line up with places on Earth.


In the episode 'Harvest', Courtney explains that she and the rest of the Skins, must wear husks.

This is what she says.

My skin. This thing that I'm wearing. It never ages. It's basically a shell. It protects us from the environment.

This planet's atmosphere is hostile to our race. The husks are a lifeform technology that we can genetically manipulate to resemble human bodies. Our relationship to it is essentially parasitic.

It is alive, like the trees are alive. They're good for maybe 50 years. But the husks are dying.

The new husks took 20 years to grow.

Incubation Pods

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The aliens were sent to Earth in incubation pods, where they stayed for approximately 40 years until they 'hatched'.


One orb is discovered by Max & Liz in the episode 'Sexual Healing'. Liz gets images in her mind when she kisses Max that lead them to the place where it was buried.

Another orb is given to Michael by Kathleen Topolsky in the episode 'Crazy'. This is what she says about it - "It's a communicator, and there's another one just like it. I took it from the special unit evidence vault back in Washington. Now, I know they only work when they're together."

In the episode 'The White Room', Pierce tells Max that an alien he had in captivity told him that the orbs were communicators and two were required to work.

In 'Destiny' the gang activates the orbs and sees the 'mom-o-gram', the message from Max & Isabel's mother.


In the episode 'River Dog' Isabel finds the necklace in the secret room at Atherton's house.

Later in the episode, River Dog tells Max and Liz that Nasedo gave the necklace to Atherton.

In the episode 'Departure', Maxs gives the necklace to Liz to remember him by after he leaves Earth.

Royal Seal

The Royal Seal is mentioned for the first time in the episode 'Max in the City'.

The symbol has five points of light that represent the five planets of the alien's star system.

The royal seal is 'stenciled' on Max's brain to prove he is King.

Trithium Amplification

Alien artifact first seen in the episode 'Ask Not', in the possession of Brody. The device activates when Michael gets near, throwing him across the room. But when Max finds it later, it does nothing to him.  Perhaps it was turned on when Michael was near, but off when Max saw it?  Or perhaps there is something about Max or Michael that makes it react.

Later in the episode, Brody tells Max about it. "That I bought, I dunno, three years ago from some guy who deals in supposed alien artifacts. I thought it was a piece of junk, and then on May 14th, that thing just came to life. It sent out this pulse. So I hired a team, had them check the entire radio telescope network for anything unusual, and they found something."

"A signal, Max. A strange high-energy microwave signal that corresponded exactly with what I saw. And you know where this signal came from? Roswell."

On that 'evidence' Brody moved to Roswell and bought the UFO Center.

We also see that aliens have received the signal, but somehow they are not able to track it. Only Courtney is able to find the podsquad in Roswell. How that is, we are never told.

In the episode 'Off the Menu', Brody accesses Larek's memory, and remembers what the device is called. He also remember how to use it.

The amplifier has eight alien symbols on it's face, placed in six different groupings, so likely it can do five or six different functions. We do know some of these from the show.

1. It can block alien powers (OTM)
2. It can track or at least register the signal emitted by the Royal 4's communication orbs. (D)
3. It seemed to detect Michael's prescence and tossed him across the room (AN) (although, this could have been another instance of blocking powers, because it knocked Tess and Max back when it blocked their powers)
4. and it must have an 'Off' position

So that leaves a few functions that were never explained.

It is also unclear what the range of the device is.

In 'OTM' Brody uses it to block Max and Tess' powers in the UFO Center. Michael is able to use his powers outside the building to unlock the door, but once he is inside and coming down the stairs, his powers don't work.

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