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Antar is the planet that the aliens are originally from. We don't know much about it, the name wasn't even mentioned in the show until the episode 'Busted' in season 3.

A lot of what we know is from questionable sources, enemy aliens and people
with agendas of their own, so it is possible the info isn't accurate.

Antar the Planet

We believe Antar is located in what we call the Whirlwind galaxy, because Liz
saw the galaxy in a vision she had when kissing Max.

It is in a solar system that contains at least four other habital planets, but we never learn their names. (more about them below)

We don't know much about the planet Antar itself. The planet has at least three moons, the third of which is called Dimaras. And Max recalls there are no clouds. That may be a permanent thing, or perhaps the day he remembered there were no clouds.

Tess gets Max to recall that the red ocean is more of a jello texture, and not really like water at all. The large rock formation that juts out over the sea is called Dimaras Rock, after the moon. There is a palace, and presumably cities, although the names are never mentioned.

It is unclear how old the civilization on Antar is, but they are far advanced of
human science. They are able to create technology to reach Earth, able to use their minds
to manipulate the world around them, and some have the ability to shapeshift.

Courtney tells Michael that on Antar time exists in multiple dimensions at the same time, like being on Eastern, Central, Mountain and Pacific time all at the same time. (whatever that means - lol)


Although we don't have a clear picture of how technologically advanced the Antarians are, they are obviously far in advance of human technology.

They can create ships that fly across galaxies, and they have very advanced cloning and genetics capabilities. They were able to merge alien genetic material with human DNA to create viable beings, that survived for over 40 years in incubation pods. Supposedly the memories of the orignial alien would also be transfered to the new hybrid. They also placed a seal in Max's brain to indicate he is the true king.

They were able to conquer most if not all of the diseases that affect humankind, because the hybrids don't get sick, and they cured Brody's deadly cancer. They also have the healing stones that can 'restore balance' to an alien or hybrid alien body.

They also have a technology to create Husks that allow the Skins to survive on Earth. They are capable of taking over a human body while still remaining on their home world. They have trithium amplification generators (the black pentagram devices) which block powers and are capable of picking up alien signals from a great distance, and communication orbs that may have been capable of contacting the home planet from Earth. (although we never see themn used that way, instead they simply accessed a message, in a similar way to an Earth answering machine)

They have the technology of the red, exploding triangle that Michael, Maria and Liz encounter in the abondoned house. They also have the 'green rod' or 'greenis' that somehow shifted all of the humans in Roswell to another dimension.

One downfall in their technology seems to be the Granolith. For some reason they don't seem to be able to make another one. Here is my reasoning. Khivar hid the fact that it was missing, and was doing everything he could to get it from Max. If Khivar could make another, surely he would have in the last fifty years.

Maybe they couldn't make another one because they have lost the technology, or because they found or were given the Granolith and it wasn't made by them.


There are many speculations on how many races or types of aliens live on Antar and the surrounding planets, and what they really looked like.

The shapeshifters seemed to be small and pinkish-white or grey and could glow with light. They could take any shape, and the could live on Earth without assistance.

The Skins, whatever they looked like underneath the husks, were a different kind of being than the shapeshifters because they couldn't survive in Earth's atmosphere.

Most people accept that the Royal Four were not shapeshifters, but another type of alien. Mainly this is because the Royal Four needed to be given half human bodies to live on Earth, and if they were shapeshifters there would be no reason to change them. Perhaps they were like the Skins, or perhaps not. It is mentioned by Whitaker that the Royal Four are a different race of people than the Skins. That could simply mean they were from a different region, or had a different skin color, but it could also mean they were a whole different type of being.

And there could have been any number of other types of aliens living on the five planets.


It appears that the aliens live fairly long lives, although we don't know exactly how long. Max and Isabel were probably at least in their twenties when he ruled. The clones are sent to Earth and take 40 years to 'hatch' and another 10 years to get into their teens, and Max and Isabel's real mother expects to live to see her children return to her on their planet. She would probably have to be a minimum of 95 or 100 when they returned, if not older.

Also, Khivar expects Isabel to return with him and be with him romantically. Kind of creepy, a teen Isabel and a seventy year old Khivar, at least.

This has led some people to speculate that perhaps the aliens age more slowly than humans or live a lot longer. It is certainly possible, since we know so little about them.

I wondered if the aliens might be using their cloning technology to make young bodies for themselves when they started getting older. Or possibly they have developed a drug or a process that slowed or halted aging, or maybe they can use their powers to make themselves younger or slow aging.

Social Conventions & Religion

We don't know much about the social systems or religions on Antar. In 'MITC' Lonnie tells Max that the Granolith is important to the people in the system because it is like a holy grail. This may or may not be true, but obviously the Granolith is important, because the leaders of the other planets were shocked to discover it had been on Earth the whole time with Max. Also Khivar demanded it's return as a term for peace. (Which makes me wonder where it came from. Because the Antarians have either lost the technology to create another Granolith, or they got it from somewhere else and can't make another one) More about the Granolith

They must also have at least some social conventions that are similar to humans. Max and Isabel seemed to live as a family with their mother, who loves them. Max was married and Isabel was engaged, so that custom is the same as humans.

Also, it is worth mentioning that even though the shapeshifters were being used basically as slaves, that didn't seem to be a problem for anyone. No character ever mentions that it is wrong for the shapeshifters to be forced to follow orders. Possibly the people of Antar didn't know about this, or didn't care, or maybe some did care and that was a reason some were against Zan. Slavery in any form is terrible, but to think the Antarians enslaved some of their own people is reprehensible. We don't really know anything about the people, that is true. We don't know their viewpoint on slavery. But if some people were forced into slavery, then couldn't the same be done to your neighbors, friends, relatives, and even you? If the shapeshifters were from another planet, it might seem more acceptible, or possibly the shapeshifters were genetically engineered, created or altered for the purpose of service. It is likely they had to 'programmed' to obey the king, so maybe they were just created from scratch and aren't a real species at all. That might make their enslavement more 'acceptible' to people.

Marriage of Royals

Zan was married to Ava, and Vilondra and Rath were engaged. It is never made clear if these were love matches or arranged marriages. But most think it is likely that they were arranged. Here is the reasoning.

Vilondra was having an affair with Khivar, and possibly Nicholas too. It is said that her great love was Khivar, but she was engaged to her brother's second-in-command, not her love.

On Earth, neither Max nor Zan is with their former bride, leading many to believe that despite the fact that Tess and Ava seem to love them, it was unrequited, and was probably that way on Antar with the orig Ava and Zan. Ava even tells Liz that Zan never loved her, but was waiting for someone else.

Governmental System

Antar is a monarchy, and it seems that the King has actual power and is not just a figurehead. (Brody talks about how King Zan tried to make changes too quickly, and that led to his downfall.)

It is presumed that Zan's father was the King and died making Zan the king. (Brody talks about being at Zan's father's funeral). Although Zan's mother was still alive, at least when she sent the message in the orb, the throne passed to the Zan and not to her, leaving many to speculate if females can rule or if that was simply the line of succession.

Zan was the last legal King of Antar. His throne was ursurped by Khivar. Zan ruled along with Ava his wife, Vilondra his sister, and Rath his second in command. At some point during their rule the four aliens, were called the Royal Four.

Royal Leadership

Although Max's mother called her son the beloved leader of the people,
obviously not everyone thought that way. Nicholas says that Zan determined
the fate of armies with the flip of a coin, and that he made bad decisions.

We are told by Courtney in the episode 'Harvest' that Antar was
on the verge of a golden age if Zan hadn't been on the throne. And Larek says that
Zan was too stuborn and tried to make changes too fast. Perhaps Zan was
unhappy with the way the government was run, or tried to make social changes.
It is never mentioned exactly what he was doing.

Perhaps Courtney and the other Michael followers, believed that Rath would
have been fine with the status quo on Antar, and not tried to make the changes
Zan did, so he would have been a better leader.

And it is said that even Zan's own sister collaborated with the enemy forces
of her lover Khivar to bring down her brother.

Whatever was happening, there was definately turmoil on the planet that Zan
couldn't handle. Perhaps he was too young, or didn't have enough experience,
or didn't have the skills, or was too idealistic. But it eventually led to his
and the Royal Four's downfall.

We are never told exactly when the original aliens were killed, but it is presumed
that their deaths were caused around the time Khivar ursurped the throne.
Nicholas called it a revolution and tells Michael that he killed him in his last life.

After they died, their supporters wanted to give them another chance to save the planet.
Their 'essence' was brought to Earth, and combined with human DNA with the help of
ganderium, to create the two sets of four hybrids to incubate in pods.

The Royal Seal

Rath tells Max that the five points of light in the seal represent the five
planets in the Antarian system.

I know many people have said that the planets couldn't possibly be in that
formation in the solar system. Planets move at different rates in their orbits
and wouldn't stay in a 'V' pattern. But I don't think it is supposed to be
an acutal representation of where the planets are located.

Perhaps the planets achieve that exact pattern every year, or every 1000 years,
etc., or perhaps that is where the planets were located when some alliance was
formed. Or perhaps the 'V' symbolizes something else, a name maybe, or a symbol, and the
planets were simply arranged in the pattern to form the 'V'.

It is revealed that Max has the royal seal 'stenciled' on his brain to prove he is the true king. It is unclear if the dupe Zan would also have a seal.

In season three, when Max 'dies', the seal goes to Michael making him the ruler, and then later Max takes it back. (I am just including this as a point of interest, although I think the whole thing is completely ridiculous. if a seal can be transfered or taken what is the point of them? anyone could create a seal or steal one.)

The Other 4 Planets in the Antarian System

In the episode 'Meet the Dupes' we learn that Antar is in a system with 4 other
inhabited planets, each with rulers of their own. Although we are never given
the names of the other planets we do know the names of their rulers.
Larek, Hanar, Sero, Kathana (in order below)

Since Khivar took the throne of Antar there has been open war between the five planets.

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