Goodbye Alex

Alex is pretty much universally acknowledged as the most beloved character on Roswell. He was a loyal friend, a good person and always tried to do the right thing.

After Alex died, lots of Roswell sites put up pages to Alex's memory, calling them Alex shrines, or memorials or Farewell Alex pages, etc. They featured pictures, fanart, quotes and other memories of Alex's life. There were even some sites and fanlisting dedicated entirely to the memory of Alex.

Here are a few things I saved.

There were even a lot of lists posted on how to bring him back.

Top 10 ways to Bring Alex back!

10. The Dupes' guardian comes to Roswell - and takes Alex's form in an effort to gain the gang's trust.
9. The gang discovers if they use the healing stones when the constellations are in a certain position they have unbelievable powers and can bring Alex back to life
8. Alex DOES have a sister . . . a twin names Alexandria (whom Colin plays in drag)
7. The number one way every Stargazer wishes it would happen: It was all a dream. None of it happened. Isabel wakes up to realize Alex is very much alive adn how much she loves him, then goes over to tell him and they live happily ever after.
6. Alex can make numerable appearances in Isabel's (and everyone else's) dreams
5. When the population of Roswell disappeared in WipeOut, a dimensional rift made a duplicate of Alex who appears again one year later due to a contraption that the gang finds in the old Skins town of Copper Summit
4. The ganderium crystals Alex was exposed to made his body clonable - which it was during his absence in Las Cruces.
3. Alex was never dead - Tess' mindwarp put him into a state of suspended animation and he was buried alive. Isabel has a vision of him trapped in his coffin and the gang saves him in the nick of time.
2. The Dupes' guardian is still alive - and since Zan was killed, Alex's human DNA is mixed with Zan's to create another king - who looks like Alex this time and not Max
1. And the number one way to bring Alex back: Alex never died - it was actually an Alex 'Skin' who was buried. The real Alex is still alive - inhabited by Khivar, and hanging out with Nicholas and the Dupes in NY!

After Alex died, this statement was posted on the Observatory, the largest Stargazer (Alex/Isabel) site.

Recently in the episode "Cry Your Name" Alex Charles Whitman is believed to have died in a car accident. However it was learned in the episode "Departure" that Alex was murdered by Tess.

We at 'The Observatory' urge the stargazers to not lose hope.
Here at 'The Observatory' we choose to either ignore, accept, or work around the episode.
By ignore, we mean that the episode never happened and Alex is alive and well.
By accept, we mean that Alex is dead, but we choose to look at it from Isabel's POV.
From work around, we mean that Alex didn't die in the crash and is somehow still alive or he is brought back to life from the crash.
So don't give up writing Alex & Isabel fics, Alex may be gone, but he is not forgotten.
Besides, there's always AU fics, you can never go wrong with those.

Visit the "Bring Back Colin Hanks Campaign". Please stop in and sign the petition.

Sorry, I don't remember which site this was from.

Remember Alex, and Hate the bloodsucking fiend who killed him......

Gioia's website had a list of signigicant dates in Alex's life.

June 21, 1984 � Alexander Charles Whitman is born to Charles and Gloria Whitman.

Fall 1993 � Alex and Liz meet in Ms. Elmer�s 4th Grade Class.

Fall 1994 � Alex and Liz become good friends during 5th grade.

September 1999 � Shooting at Crashdown drives a wedge between Alex and his friends.

November 24, 1999 (air date) � �Blood Brothers� When Max is injured in a car accident and taken to a hospital, a sample of his blood is drawn, placing the podsters in danger of exposure. At Liz�s request, Alex agrees to substitute his blood for Max�s, with the understanding that Liz will tell him what�s going on afterwards. Later, when Max prevents Liz from telling Alex the truth (�It�s not my secret�), Alex exhibits tough love by telling Liz it�s the end of their friendship until she comes clean about whatever she�s involved in. (He appears to believe her new friends use drugs.)

December 1, 1999 (air date) � �Heat Wave.� Worried about what Alex may know or suspect about the aliens, Isabel enters into one of Alex's dreams and sees his fantasy of her in the red dress. Alex finally finds out the truth about Max, Isabel, and Michael when he and Liz are arrested after the rave, and he threatens to tell the sheriff what he knows unless she confesses all. He replies, �I believe that you believe,� but doesn�t entirely buy it until Isabel displays her powers to him by changing a bottle of ketchup to mustard during �The Balance.� The airdate for �The Balance is 12/15/99, however remarks to Alex, �We've been looking for you the last couple of days,� following the rave.

Insert timeline for his relationship with Isabel�first kiss at end of Sexual Healing, progression to relationship, inferred breakup following �Destiny.�

Trip to �Sweden�

VLV activities, Alias: Tom Collins

Trapped in Gandarium with Kyle

April 27, 2001 � Prom

April 29, 2001 � Alex is murdered by Tess Harding�s mindwarp, then his death is covered up with a car accident.

(From the now closed site Antarian Love)

Blood Brothers: A Tribute to Alexander Whitman

�Dear Alex how we miss you ; (
He was always there when a friend was in need.�
�He was always good for some laughs
He was a funny quirky little guy�
�Him and Kyle they gave us some laughs
But he wasn't happy all the time, cause that gerbil mind warped his mind� �

Alex is Alive

Some fans refused to believe that Alex was dead and came up with elaborate theories about how his death could have been faked.

Bring Back Alex

Of course, in response to Alex's death, the fans begged to have him brought back. There were email and letter writing campaings and petitions.

Here is the wording from the 'official' petition

Roswell: Bring Back Colin Hanks

To: Jason Katims, The UPN, & The Producers of Roswell
Alex Whitman died at the hands of Tess Harding. But is he gone for good? The #1 rule in Science Fiction is that anything is possible. They brought Spock back from the dead. They brought Mulder back from the dead. And so there is still a chance to bring back Alex. Colin Hanks did not want to leave the show. This petition is to let Jason Katims & the producers of Roswell know that we love Alex and that we want Colin back.

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