Roswell Army Air Field

Roswell Army Air Field is where Hal Carver is based in 'Summer of '47'. The name of it is never given on the show, but it is visible in the displays in the UFO Center. In the episode, it is simply refered to as the base. Hal was in the 509th Bomb Group.

Eagle Rock military base is where Max is taken by Agent Pierce and the Special
Unit in the episode 'Max to the Max'. Later, in the epi 'The White Room', Agent Pierce,
tells Max it is where the aliens captured in the crash were held.

It is unclear if Eagle Rock Military Base (where Max was held in the 'White Room') is the same base where Hal Carver was based, but I am guessing it is. It is possible there is more than one military base within the area, but it seems unlikely.

Eagle Rock is called Medical Research Facility and it mentions that it is visible to the west from the Roswell Army Air Field, so I am thinking that Eagle Rock was on or near the base, but seperate because it was top secret.

So your guess is as good as mine, Eagle Rock might be the same base or a different one. Anyway, I am putting all of the info we know about the military base from 'Summer of '47' here, and the info about Eagle Rock here - Eagle Rock Military Base.


Building 7354

In the epi 'Summer of '47', Betty leaves a key for Hal to get into the building. After she
dies, he uses it to investigate, and finds the morgue.

Inside he discovers the two sacks that contain the eight pods. He also sees two dead doctors, and
two aliens who are protecting the pods. Hal tells the aliens to save the pods, and then distracts the
guards to give them some time.

Hanger 20

This is where the debris from the crash site was taken in the epi 'Summer of '47'

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