Roswell Adoptions
Adoptions were a way to show your love for a Roswell character.

You could 'adopt' your favorite character and display it on your website or in your posts on forums.
If anyone has additional ones, please send them in!


A lot of the old Roswell web sites offered adoptions (sometimes also called abductions), which were typically a pic of the character or actor, with the words, 'I adopted Max Evans (or whoever)'.

Some adoptions were for a certain character from a certain scene or episode like - 'I adopted Sexual Healing Max', or I adopted crying Max from 'Baby it's You'

And some adoptions were for 'clones'. Basically, it was the same thing, they just used the words, 'I adopted a Max clone'. Not sure if there was a significance to it, other than the obvious that the podsters were clones.


Each adoption site has it own rules about the adoptions.

Here are the rules from the Adopt a Tess clone site.

Before you can adopt your Tess, you have to agree to some rules.

1) You must have a website to put your Tess on. You want to share her with the world, don't you? She wouldn't like just floating around on your hard drive.

2) Your website does not have to be about Roswell.

3) You have to link your Tess Clone back to the adoption center when you put her up.

4) You have to be very nice to your Tess. She has some issues with being left out of things and people often bash her. So include her and protect her and make sure to feed her!


I saved some adoptions pics over the years from various sites. Some are marked with where they are from, but others I have no idea where they came from.

One site, A Night on the Town, had unique adoptions, they offered Babies of Roswell.

Another site had villains to adopt that they called Bad Bunnies. I remember they had pretty much every villain from season 1 and 2, but I guess I didn't save all of them.

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