Roswell Action Figures

These are custom made Roswell Action figures

If anyone has pics of additional items, please submit them, and I'll credit you.
Some pics are from auctions on ebay.

You might also be interested in my Roswell Lego figures and Crashdown.

I had these custom action figures of Liz and Max and the accessories made by a very talented guy I met through ebay.
I wanted to have additional figures made, unfortunately the sculptor has had a breakdown and is no longer making figures.

Crashdown Diorama and Figures

These were made by Roadie of Roadie's Custom Figures

A very talented person on ebay named Jessica, has made custom action figures of Liz and Max.

These figures were made by Mark and posted on coolcollecting for the CustomCon 4.

Here is the info from the site -

The Roswell figures you are about to see are custom-made action figures, not real action figures.
The write-up that makes it sound like these are real are all part of the fun of CustomCon 4,
and are not intended to fool anyone. All the Roswell figures were made by Mark Harvey,
and Cool Collecting is merely hosting the figures for him, as a part of CustomCon 4.

CustomCon is a fake con report. The fictional convention is an action figure convention. It has info
on "new waves" of action figures in current (or past) action figure lines, and
brand new lines of action figures! The figures are, of course, custom figures by a variety of customizers.

Group Shot





Here are more figures from CustomCon with the writeup from the site.

Roswell Revisited
Last Spring, ToyBiz announced plans and showed prototypes for an action-figure line based on the struggling sci-fi drama Roswell. Due to poor viewing figures, this toy line was never produced, much to the dissatisfaction of Roswell fans everywhere.

Roswell was recently dropped by its latest home of UPN. However, Sci-fi channel have announced their plans to repeat seasons 1-3 of the show. In an attempt to increase the popularity of the underrated drama, Sci-Fi Channel, in association with Inc. are producing a huge range of new action figures based on the characters of Roswell.

Wave One has been named Roswell Revisited. Sci-fi Channel was able to secure the rights to use ToyBiz's old moulds. This first line consists of ToyBiz's four original figures, reworked by sculptors at Inc.


This line is headed up by Liz Parker, leading lady of the show. Liz was the first human to learn the alien's secrets, after Max Evans healed her. Played by Shiri Appleby, Liz has remained a key player in the show throughout its three-year life span.


Continuing the line is an almost completely different version of ToyBiz's Michael Guerin. Inc believed it was important to bring the toy line up-to-date, and therefore ditched ToyBiz's earlier efforts in favour of a Michael based on season 2 of the show. There was talk that he should be based on his Season 3 hairstyle, but a Inc spokesman said, "We didn't want to do that hairstyle - he looks stupid! This one's much better"


Isabel Evans, sister of Max, is also featured in this line. Isabel remains largely unchanged from the ToyBiz original; the only differences being minor sculpt changes, and a new colour scheme. Although Isabel has gone through a lot of changes over the three years, both in character development, and physical appearance, a Season 3 Isabel is not yet planned.


Liz's ex-boyfriend, and follower of Buddha, the human saved from the brink of death by Max, Kyle Valenti rounds out this line, featuring a new colour scheme, differing from his original figure.

Roswell Wave II Continuing this fabulous new range of action figures based on the deceased sci-fi drama series Roswell, are four new figures from Inc. in association with the Sci-Fi Channel.


Leading this line-up is the star of the show, the alien king Max Evans, played by Jason Behr. Max is seen here with his season 3 hairstyle, as Sci-Fi Channel were anxious to keep the figures looking modern. There will however be a limited variant available of Max's season 1-2 hairstyle (see inset) for those die-hard Max fans.


Continuing this second wave is fan-favourite Maria DeLuca, played by the beautifully talented Majandra Delfino. Maria is seen here in her Crashdown Caf´┐Ż uniform, and is sporting her most up-to-date hairstyle. All through production, Inc had been running with a blonde Maria, but plans were changed at the last minute to try and abide by comments made by Majandra in past interviews, where she stated she preferred her hair dark. Very small quantities of the blonde Maria (see inset) have filtered through into the shops, so if you see one - snap it up! It's rare!


Next in this wave is the show's overseeing adult, Jim Valenti. The former Sheriff of Roswell, and Kyle's father appears hear in his familiar uniform. Inc felt it was important to include Valenti, as he represents the more mature aspects of the shows popularity.


Surprisingly, the final figure of Wave II is Roswell's executive producer, famous for his role on Star Trek: The Next Generation, Jonathan Frakes. Frakes has made three guest appearances during Roswell's three season run, in the original Pilot episode, the season one episode The Convention, and in season three's Secrets and Lies, which saw Max auditioning in front of Frakes and John Billingsly (Enterprise's Dr.Phlox) for a role on the hit UPN show!

Roswell Wave III: The Villains Another wave of action figures from Inc in association with Sci-Fi Channel based on the under appreciated sci-fi drama series, Roswell.


Beginning this third wave is one of the shows most popular villains, the teenage miss-fit Nicholas, leader of the Skins. Although he only featured in three episodes (The Harvest, Wipeout and Max in the City) he was an interesting character, and was judged popular enough to be action-figure worthy.


Continuing in the tradition of villains is Lonnie, played by the multi-talented Katherine Heigl in her duel role as Isabel Evans, and her evil "dupe" in the season two episodes Meet the Dupes and Max in the City. "It was important for us to include one of the dupes," says a Inc spokesperson, "we felt that Lonnie was the most fun of the evil doubles, leading to our decision to include her. If this figure is popular, we hope to produce Zan, Rath and Ava [the other dupes] at a later date."


Finally in this line is the much-hated evil alien Tess Harding, played by the not-so-hated Emilie De Raven. Tess won the hatred of fans when she murdered Alex and then tried to deliver Max and the others to their evil alien enemies. However, Sci-Fi Channel and Inc. felt that she did warrant an action figure, even if it's only for the Anti-Tess League to mutilate. Due to fears of unpopularity however, Tess is being short packed, to avoid her figure becoming a peg warmer in the future. So if you see one, we advise you buy it fast!

No information is currently available on whether the Roswell action figure line will continue past these three waves, but a Inc spokesman assured us that it was a possibility. "There are still loads of cool characters [to make as action figures] such as Jesse Ramirez, the dearly departed Alex, and other supporting characters like Courtney Banks, Brody Davis, Amy and Sean DeLuca....the possibilities are endless. If we get the chance, we'll certainly be making more! We were hoping this [project] would be in collaboration with RaginRon Studios, but unfortunately they had other commitments, however we look forward to working with them in the future!"

I am not sure who made the below figures.


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