Soaring With Angels - Part 7




(Tuesday - July 3rd, 2001)

Isabel was able to hold herself together until after the funeral and then she collapsed onto her bed, sobbing. She still couldn’t believe that her parents were dead. It seemed like everyone she loved was taken from her. Max was lost in his own grief, but he had Liz to comfort him. Isabel had no one, and she had never felt so alone in her life.

Immediately she thought of the grove in her dreams.

She hadn’t been to the grove for several days, since the night Max told them that the Granolith could be used to bring more Skin soldiers to Earth. She’d had conflicting emotions about whether to tell Max and the others about the dreams, but in the end, she didn’t think it was any of their business. It was her special place, her life.

Isabel closed her eyes, letting herself get drawn into her dream world. It looked exactly the same, the warm sun, the colorful flowers, the tall trees, but even her special place couldn’t comfort her.

She fell to her knees and called out desperately. “Khivar, are you here?”

A warm breeze brushed past her face. “Always, my love.”

“You’re on Earth aren’t you?” Isabel asked. “Not far from here. That’s how you can contact me.”

“Yes,” he said, “I am nearby.”

Isabel started to cry. “I need you, Khivar. Lonni and Rath murdered my parents. I just feel so alone.”

“I will come for you,” he said softly.

“No,” Isabel said. “Max is here. Just show me where and I’ll come to you.”


Song Playing: Waiting for the Night by Depeche Mode

The funeral had seemed to last forever and through it all Max had maintained a brave front. But now that he was alone with Liz, he didn’t need to put up a façade. He was so tired and suddenly it felt like he couldn’t even move.

Liz could feel his exhaustion and took him by the hand, leading him into his room. And when he started to cry, she wrapped him in her arms and pulled him down onto the bed, gently stroking his hair.

After what seemed like a long time his tears subsided and Max looked up into Liz’s face. She kissed the tears from his cheeks, letting all of her love flow through the connection into him.

Max kissed her softly. His hands brushed down her arms. “Let me touch you Liz,” he said softly. “Let me touch every inch of you so I know that you’re mine.”

Liz nodded. “I’m am yours, Max. Always.”

Reaching for the fastening on her dress, she stood and let it fall to the floor. She slipped the straps of her camisole down her shoulders and it pooled at her feet. Then she stepped out of her shoes as she pushed down her panties.

Completely naked she got back into bed, kneeling next to Max and reached for his tie.

As Liz tossed his tie aside and started to unbutton his shirt, Max touched her. He caressed the soft skin of her arms, pushing a small amount of power into her, brushing his palms from her shoulders to her wrists and back again.

Liz turned to remove his shoes and socks and Max took the opportunity to touch her back. He rubbed his cheek across her shoulder blades, inhaling her fresh scent. He wrapped his arms around her, smoothing his hands over her stomach and breasts, a soft glow following his every touch.

Liz turned in his arms, reaching for the fastening on his pants, and Max stopped touching her long enough to lift his hips to allow her to pull his pants and his boxers off.

With his clothes gone, Max knelt next to Liz, taking her in his arms. He nuzzled her neck, his hands roaming over her back, and as he touched her, he started to softly weep.

Max’s touch wasn’t sexual, it was soothing, healing for them both. And while he continued to touch her, Liz’s hands caressed Max. She started with his neck and moved down across his hard chest and stomach, drawing a soft, blue glow from his skin. She nuzzled his pecs as her hands smoothed across his erect shaft, down to his balls. And continuing, she brushed across his thighs, around to his chiseled butt, up his back and shoulders.

Max’s hands trailed lower on Liz’s back, over the globes of her bottom and across her bent legs, caressing her thighs and calves, down to her feet. Then he reversed direction, touching as much of her as he could, on his way back up. He briefly brushed over her lower lips and clit, continuing up her stomach and breasts. When he reached her neck, he hugged her to him fiercely and started crying in earnest.

Liz hugged him back and whispered softly. “Max, you’re exhausted, you need to get some sleep.”

His tear-filled eyes looked into hers. “Stay,” he croaked.

Liz nodded and he pulled her down with him so they lay side-by-side. He drew her to him so that every possible surface of their bodies touched, head to toe, as he continued to cry.

Liz touched his face soothingly. She knew what they both wanted and wrapped her leg around him, aligning her wet core with his velvety cock, and slid him inside her.

Max’s body clenched and he grasped her butt, fitting their bodies even closer together. He sighed in contentment and after a few moments, they both drifted to sleep.


Isabel stopped the car in front of the small house Khivar had shown her and got out. She started toward the door, but it was opened before she got there.

A tall, muscular man emerged from the house and stood, silently waiting.

Isabel let her eyes roam over him, unsurprised at his ruggedly handsome face, golden hair and cobalt blue eyes. Somehow it was just how she had imagined him. She supposed she should feel nervous or frightened, he was after all their greatest enemy, but all she felt was a profound sense of relief. This was where she belonged, she had no doubt.

And without further hesitation, Isabel walked toward him and let him enfold her into his embrace. She closed her eyes, leaning against him, and her tears started to fall.

Khivar placed a soft kiss on her head and together they went into the house.


(Wednesday - July 4th, 2001)

Liz woke up to find Max watching her from inches away. He smiled when she looked at him and gently touched her face. Liz smiled back. Her leg was still wrapped around him and his long shaft was still inside her soft core. She tightened her leg around him, pulling him deeper inside. “I could get used to waking up like this.”

Max nodded. “I already have.” He brushed her lips with his. “Liz I’ve been awake for a while thinking. I don’t want to be away from you any more. I want us to be together all the time.”

Liz touched his face. “We are together as much as we can be.”

Max shook his head. “No, I mean I want you to move in with me. I want you to live here. Then we can go to bed together every night, and wake up together every day.”

Liz smiled. “I want that more than anything Max, but we can’t. We have a whole year of school left, and my parents would never agree.”

“We’re both eighteen,” Max reminded her. “We could get married.”

Liz’s smile widened. “You’re proposing?”

Max nodded. “Yes.” He frowned. “Well no.” He shook his head. “I mean of course I want to marry you, but a proposal should be special, and I don’t have a ring.”

Liz kissed him lingeringly and felt his cock harden within her. With a smile she met his eyes. “Every moment I spend with you is special, and this is the perfect time and place to propose. I never feel closer to you than when you’re inside me.” She touched his face. “I can feel all of your love and passion. It’s the most perfect symbol of our love, being joined so intimately.”

Max smiled. “So does that mean you’ll marry me?”

Liz’s smile widened. “Of course I’ll marry you. But I think we should at least wait until we graduate.”

Max nodded. “We’ll wait until you’re ready.” He kissed her long and lingeringly. “But I am going to keep trying to get you to change your mind.”


(Sunday - July 8th, 2001)

Liz climbed the stairs to her house and headed toward her room, but her mother called out from the kitchen.

“Liz, how are Max and Isabel?”

Liz took a seat at the table next to her mother. “They’re okay. Just trying to figure out how to live their lives. Tomorrow they’re meeting with their parents’ accountant to see if they can keep the house.”

Nancy nodded. “It’s so horrible what happened to the Evans. And I’ve been thinking about Max and Isabel a lot, especially Max. You’ve been spending a lot of time with him, and I know he needs your support, especially now. I was just thinking that you’re father and I should get to know him better.”

“What do you mean?” Liz asked.

“Well,” Nancy said, “I thought Max could come to dinner, maybe sometime in the next couple of weeks.”

Liz nodded, undecided if the invitation was a good or bad thing.


Max heard the front door open from the kitchen and hurried down the hall to see his sister. “Isabel,” he called out.

She didn’t answer but he went to her room to find her digging through her clothes. “Where have you been? I haven’t seen you for days.”

“I got a job.” Isabel said.

“A job?” Max asked incredulously.

Isabel shrugged. “I wanted something normal to do, and I can’t just sit around the house.”

“Are you crazy?” Max asked. He shook his head. “You have to quit.”

“I’m not going to quit,” Isabel said angrily.

“A job will take up too much of your time,” Max said. “And how are you going to leave if there’s an emergency?”

Isabel glared at him. “You work.”

Max nodded. “I have access to a lot of information and equipment, and Brody. I think that is worth keeping my job.”

Isabel shook her head. “So you are always right and I am always wrong.

Max sighed. “This job of yours is a whim, or maybe it’s your way of defying me, and I don’t have the time to indulge your tantrums. We’re in danger and you’re playing at being a modern working woman?”

Isabel’s face reddened with anger. “I’m not going to quit my job. You don’t control my life, you can’t make me quit.”

“Can’t I?” Max asked angrily.

Isabel gasped.

“And what about school?” Max asked. “You were so adamant about going to school and now you’ve just tossed that aside.”

Isabel looked at him angrily. “I’ve kind of gone off the idea of school.”

Max ignored her sarcasm. “You missed a practice yesterday.”

Isabel shook her head as tears gathered in her eyes. “I can’t believe you had a practice so soon after what happened. Don’t you have any respect?”

“What are we going to wait for, Isabel, another one of us to die?” Max asked angrily. “Lonni and Rath are still out there and maybe the Skins too. They are not going to wait until we’ve stopped grieving. We need to be ready for the next attack.” He shook his head. “Mom and Dad wouldn’t want us to die because we’re grieving for them.”


(Monday - July 9th, 2001)
(Crashdown Café)

Max came in and saw Liz, Maria and Michael in a booth. He slid in next to Liz and placed a kiss on her head, wrapping his arm around her waist.

Maria spoke up. “So Max what are you going to do about your house? Are you going to be able to keep up the payments?”

Max nodded. “My dad’s practice has been good and he already paid off the house. So Isabel and I don’t have to move.” He motioned to Michael. “I even asked Michael to live with us.”

“You did?” Maria asked, surprised. She turned to him. “You didn’t tell me you were going to move in with Max and Isabel.”

“Because I’m not,” Michael said. “I told Max no thanks.”

“But why?” Maria asked him. “You could all live like a family.”

As Michael and Maria continued to talk, Liz turned to Max. “What about the rest of the bills, Max? A house is expensive to run, with utilities, taxes, insurance, repairs, not to mention food, and you need another car. Are you going to have to work for Brody full time?”

Max shook his head, touching her hair. “My parents’ accountant said both my Mom and Dad had a lot of insurance, plus savings and investments, retirement plans. And my dad’s partners in the law firm are buying out our share.” He leaned in close. “Actually with everything I don’t even need to work, but I’m going to stay at the museum. It gives us access to a lot of information, not to mention Larek.”

Liz relaxed, glad that Max and Isabel’s lives wouldn’t be further disrupted. “That’s good Max. I think you’re right about the museum. Brody’s equipment has helped us a lot. And I’m glad you can stay in your house.”

Max smiled and leaned in closer. “So will you marry me now that you know I’m rich?”

“Max!” Liz gasped. She started laughing. “You are so bad.”

He kissed her cheek. “Well, you can’t blame me for trying.”


For the last week Isabel had spent every day with Khivar. She told Max that she had gotten a job and he was so wrapped up in Liz that he barely even acknowledged her absence, except to yell at her for missing practice.

Every morning she went to the small house where Khivar was staying and they spent the whole day together. Khivar held her, soothing away the pain of her parent’s death with his tender caresses. He listened to worries and fears, his gentle attention soothing away her loneliness and confusion. He kissed her so tenderly that tears fell from her eyes. And his soft whispered words of love made her feel truly accepted for the first time in her life.

Slowly he began to give her images and memories from her other life. He showed her their first kiss, their forbidden love, and their secret affair.

Isabel didn’t even question the veracity of the memories. She knew they were true, because in the short time since Khivar had started visiting her in her dreams, she had fallen in love with him all over again.

And today as she arrived at his house, she’d already decided on her course of action.

Khivar met her at the door and pulled her into his arms. “Isabel, my love.”

Isabel tilted her head up to meet his lips and she took the initiative and deepened the kiss briefly before pulling back to look into his eyes. “I love you Khivar. I’m yours, now and forever.”


(Wednesday - July 11th, 2001)



The rubble of a formerly great city surrounded him. The stench of death was almost overwhelming.

Max plunged his sword into a man’s chest.

He could feel fear all around him, and his own rage. His enemies were everywhere.

With a slice of his sword Max slit a man’s throat, and blood sprayed out covering him.

Max awoke with a gasp.

Every dream was getting worse, more violent. He’d wanted to learn about his past at first, but now he wondered how horrific his past life had been.


(Saturday - July 14th, 2001)

In the two weeks since his parents’ death Max had gone out every night looking for Rath and Lonni. He knew they were still around, he could feel them watching him. They had screwed up so far, but Max knew they were waiting for a good chance to kill him.

So he had given them chance after chance. Every night he walked alone in the dark, deserted streets of Roswell, in the park, even the cemetery.

For whatever reason, Lonni and Rath were obviously scared of him and that made Max even bolder. The other times they had attacked him had been ambushes. Max figured that they must know they wouldn’t win in a fair fight. But how did they know? Had they openly confronted Zan and gotten their asses kicked? Did he really possess that much more power than them? Or were they just cowards?

Max had never really though about his dupe that much. Zan was dead, barely even a footnote in their lives. But sometimes Max wondered what he was like.

He knew they were physically identical, but from the description Ava had given Liz, Max knew that Zan had an edgier look. He had tattoos, piercings, facial hair and wore his hair in spikes. But Max wondered what his dupe was like inside. Lonni and Rath were very different from Isabel and Michael. Was Zan hard and evil like they were? Or had Ava been right and Zan was a good person?

Max shook his head. He would never know the truth, Zan was dead. And when Max found Lonni and Rath, they would be too.

Tonight Max walked down a dark alley behind the UFO Museum, hoping to draw them out, and finally it worked.

“What are you doing, little brother?” Lonni purred from behind him. “Don’t you know it’s dangerous out at night alone?”

Max turned toward her slowly, raising his hand before him. “I’m looking for you, my loving sister.”

Lonni had a gun pointed at him as she stepped out of the shadows. “Don’t try anything stupid, Max.” She motioned behind him. “Rath has a gun on you too. You might be able to take me out, but you’ll never get us both.”

“Why are you trying to kill me?” Max asked. “After all this time?”

Lonni motioned to Rath again. “Tess fucked up Rath with her powers in New York. We’re just finishing what we started then.”

“You want the Granolith?” Max asked incredulously.

Lonni nodded.

Max shook his head. “Tess betrayed us and took the Granolith to Antar, to Khivar.”

“I don’t believe you,” Lonni said. “That chick was stupid in love with you.”

“But I didn’t love her,” Max said. “I couldn’t. So she was going to hand us all over to Khivar, but Liz found out before it was too late.”

Lonni nodded. “Even if you won’t tell us where the Granolith is, I’m sure I can get the information out of Liz.”

“She has nothing to do with this,” Max snarled.

Lonni smiled, addressing her remarks to Rath. “Look how fast he jumps to protect her. Liz knows where it is all right.”

She turned her gaze back to Max. “After we kill you, nothing will stop us from getting to Liz. She’s just a human, she won’t be able to keep the information from us. And when I’m done with her, maybe I’ll give her to Rath.” Lonni smiled and winked at Max. “Rath can get a little rough, but she’ll probably survive.”

Max roared with rage and sent his shield out around him with a burst of energy.

It knocked Lonni and Rath off their feet, slamming Lonni against a brick wall, and Rath through a wooden fence.

Max rushed forward and grabbed Lonni by the throat, using a surge of power to lift her off her feet. He slammed her head against the brick wall, meeting her eyes with steely determination. “You killed my parents, for that you’re going to die.”

Lonni struggled against him uselessly, gasping for breath, her genuine surprise showing in her face. She obviously hadn’t known about his shield.

Max’s power built around him and he held Lonni’s eyes as he placed his other hand on her head and pushed a steady stream of energy into her.

At first she simply felt warm, but as the power built, the sensation turned to itching and then burning. Desperately she tried to use her powers against Max but they didn’t even seem to have any effect. She met his eyes and was surprised to see them glowing blue with the energy surging through him.

Max slowly built the amount of power he pushed into Lonni, raising the temperature of every organ inside her body. She deserved to suffer for what she had done and he was going to make sure she did.

He could feel her pain and she struggled against him, attempting to use her powers, but he easily held her in place and nullified her powers. Lonni had been right to fear him. He had a lot more power than she did, he could feel it.

Max smiled as he pushed more power into her and the pain intensified. A light shined from beneath her skin, growing brighter as his power burned her from the inside.

And Lonni screamed horribly as Max’s power overwhelmed her.


Rath had been knocked cold for a few moments by Max’s powers. He sat up painfully, every part of his body aching. His gun was gone and he looked for it briefly, but Lonni’s screams made him hurry back through the hole in the fence to see what was happening.

He stopped short when he saw the scene before him. Max held Lonni off the ground, and his power surrounded them both, green pulsing waves swirling around them. Lonni’s body glowed from the inside, the light getting brighter and brighter until Rath had to look away.

Suddenly the light was gone, and when Rath looked back, only Max remained.

Rath stumbled backward, frightened. He had never seen that kind of power before.

He went back through the fence, desperately looking for the gun and finally saw it a few feet away, the barrel bent.

Rath started toward the gun, but looked to the fence again nervously. Max would be coming for him any moment. But he couldn’t take on Max’s powers, and he turned and ran.


Isabel lay in Khivar’s arm, absentmindedly stroking his chest. Khivar had made love to her so sweetly, so passionately and she had no doubt that he loved her with all of his heart and soul, just like she loved him. She knew her friends would be horrified by her actions, but she didn’t care. It was her life and she was truly happy for the first time.

She had a thousand questions whirling around in her mind, about Antar and her past with Khivar. But there was one question that wouldn’t go away.

“Khivar,” she said, rising up to look into his handsome face. “What happened to Tess?”

“She claims to be loyal to me, to us,” he said touching her face. “I wasn’t sure if she was telling the truth, so I brought her to Earth to prove her loyalty.”

“Tess is on Earth,” Isabel mused. “And what about Max’s son?”

“Another of Tess’ mind warps,” Khivar said.

“There’s no baby?” Isabel gasped,

Khivar shook his head. “Tess said she was even afraid to really have sex with Max because he might see her plan to bring you back to Antar.”

For a moment Isabel was stunned. “They never even had sex?” She remembered how freaked out Max had been about sleeping with Tess. Isabel smiled, and then she started laughing.

“Would you like to see Tess?” Khivar asked. “She’s in a house not too far away.”

Isabel shook her head. “Max deserves everything Tess did to him, but she betrayed us, betrayed me. I don’t want to see her.”

Khivar stroked her cheek. “She brought the Granolith to Antar which allowed us to be together.”

Isabel shook her head. “I love you Khivar, and it’s wonderful that we’re together, but I’m not giving Tess credit for that. You never would have stopped looking for me.”

Khivar kissed her forehead tenderly. “You’re right. I waited over sixty years and traveled from another galaxy to find you. I love you so much that I would have moved all of hell to be with you again.”

Isabel hugged him. “It’s because of your undying love and persistence that we’re together again. Tess is simply a traitorous bitch and she deserves to die.”


Max searched the area around the UFO Museum unsuccessfully for Rath. He’d found the two guns and melted them into the asphalt, but Rath had obviously fled.

And even though it had been more than an hour the energy his rage had summoned to kill Lonni still raced through his body. It was more powerful than any adrenaline rush he had ever experienced and the only thing he could think of was how incredible it would be making love to Liz with all of the power pulsing through them.

He climbed the ladder to her balcony and crossed to her window. She was sleeping peacefully inside but with a thought he awakened her.

Liz came awake to the touch of Max’s mind and sat up, instantly knowing he was there. She watched him use his powers to open the window, and silently climb inside. She held out a hand, welcoming him, and when he touched her, she gasped at the amount of power running through him.

Through the connection Liz could feel his overwhelming desire for her, but it was coupled with triumph, and in a smaller way disappointment. “What happened Max?” she asked softly.

Max took her in his arms. “I killed Lonni,” he said softly.

“Oh my God!” Liz whispered harshly. “Are you all right?”

Max nodded. His hands roamed over her body, pushing power into her, causing the golden glow to follow his touch and stimulating her every nerve. Instantly he felt Liz’s desire rise to meet his own and she gasped with pleasure and arched into his touch.

He kissed her neck. “Rath got away, and if he has a brain at all, he’ll stay away.”

Max felt more questions in her mind but he wasn’t in the mood to talk. He kissed her hard as he trailed a hand down her chest, between her breasts, pushing a steady stream of power into her making her body glow everywhere. As his hand continued lower, he could feel Liz’s quickly building pleasure and pushed even more energy into her. When he reached her clit, Liz’s body suddenly tightened and she squeezed her eyes shut, climaxing in his arms with a gasp.

Max held her as her spasms subsided, reveling in her pleasure he could feel through the bond. Finally she opened her eyes, and for a moment he swore that they glowed with a soft golden light. But she reached for him, pulling him down into a kiss, her questions already forgotten.



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