Soaring With Angels - Alt End #1 Part 3


Alternate Ending #1
Part 3


Khivar relaxed his grip on Isabel’s throat but held her close, meeting her eyes. “My beautiful Isabel, it’s too bad I couldn’t trust you. For a while I dared to hope that you had really come to join me and eliminate your brother. But when we arrived on Antar it was made painfully clear who’s side you are really on. It was just too much of a coincidence that Max figured out my plan for the Granolith. I knew it had to be you who reprogrammed it to stay in Max’s possession.

He tilted his head elegantly. But whether I can trust you or not really doesn’t change anything between us. I love you and you love me, no matter where your loyalties lie. I will get the Granolith back and kill your brother and you will still be my wife.”

Isabel shook her head. “Max won’t surrender to you.”

Khivar smiled. “It doesn’t matter if he does or not, my love.” He put his hand to her head. “I’ve been sorting through your memories at night to find your brother and learn his plans, and if he doesn’t surrender I will simply use you to get to him.”

“No,” Isabel said. “I don’t know where they are. I’ve been careful not to find them.”

Khivar stroked her hair. “But somewhere in there you do know, whether you wanted to or not.”

Isabel tried to pull away from him, but Khivar held her tightly. He leaned forward for a kiss and Isabel turned her head.

Khivar laughed as he touched her face. “So you little whore,” he growled, “I’m not good enough for you now that you’ve had a taste of Michael?”

Isabel gasped.

“Yes I’ve seen your nightly visits with him, and I witnessed your tryst,” Khivar acknowledged with a smile.

He leaned in placing kisses on her neck. “And you Princess, could never say no to a hot, illicit fuck, especially in your last life. I coaxed you into my bed so easily. You didn’t even care that you were betraying your finance because I gave it to you so good.”

Horrified Isabel shook her head.

Khivar stroked down her neck and parted her robe, brushing his hand across her breast. Despite herself she arched into his touch and he laughed again. “Don’t worry my love, I’ll fuck you good and hard a few times and erase all thoughts of Michael from your mind.”


“What do we do Max?” Michael asked again. “Our plan isn’t going to work now that Khivar knows we’re coming.”

Max nodded and looked down at the floor, his mind quickly sorting through the possibilities. He had to figure out something fast. Isabel was counting on them and every day they delayed they ran the risk that Khivar’s troops might find them.

Liz moved to him and wrapped her arm around his, rubbing his skin gently, sending him her silent support through their bond. He leaned into her letting her strength flow into him, and suddenly an image from Liz’s vision flashed into his head. He saw himself reaching out to the Granolith and being pulled inside.

Michael was growing more anxious by the moment. “Max,” he said again louder. “We can’t let anything happen to Isabel.”

Max looked up meeting his eyes. “We’re not going to let anything happen to her. I know what to do.” He looked to Liz. “You saw it in your vision, the way to save Isabel.”

Liz shook her head, “Max I don’t…”

Max touched her face. “The Granolith, that’s the answer. You saw me being pulled inside.”

Liz nodded. “Yes, I remember.”

Max continued. “Michael and I will use the Granolith to travel to the palace, to the room where Khivar is keeping Isabel, and we’ll grab her and bring her back the same way.”

More images of her vision flashed through Liz’s mind, of Khivar’s troops surrounding Michael, of Khivar fighting Max, and she wondered if these circumstances would lead to that outcome. It was so frustrating seeing snatches of the future and never knowing which path to follow to avoid what she had seen. Or maybe, a small voice inside her said, maybe no matter what choices they made it didn’t matter, because the events she had seen were already set.

A shiver of fear raced through her as she remembered the feelings of loss she had also felt in her vision. She was so sure that Isabel would be alright, but what about Michael and Max?

She shook her head again. “No way,” Liz spoke up. “If something goes wrong you’re handing yourselves and the Granolith over to Khivar.”

Max looked into her eyes. “It will be okay. You saw it remember? It’s the only way to save Isabel, we both know it.”

Liz released a deep breath. “Then I’m going with you.”

Max shook his head. “I don’t want you to come,” he said. “It’s too dangerous.”

“If it’s too dangerous for me,” Liz argued, “then it is too dangerous for you.”

“You know that’s not what I mean,” Max said. “I’m trying to protect you.”

“And I’m trying to protect you.” Liz said, holding his eyes.

What else have you seen? Max asked in her mind.

Liz showed him the images of Khivar and his troops.

And this will happen now? Max asked.

I don’t know, Liz admitted.

We’ll, Max said, if it does then you’ve warned us and we’re ready for it. It will be okay.

He could feel Liz’s tension. We have to do this, he said. We have to try and save her.

Liz nodded. Of course we do. She’s family, she risked her life for us. But you can’t leave me behind Max. I share your destiny, whatever that is. I belong at your side.

After a moment Max reached for her hand and squeezed it as he spoke aloud. “Okay.”

“Wait,” Kasha objected. “We’ll send troops through the Granolith to get Isabel and then pull them out the same way. But you can’t go yourselves. You can’t risk your lives like this or the Granolith. You can’t let Isabel’s sacrifice be for nothing.”

“Isabel isn’t dead!” Michael said angrily. “We can’t just leave her with Khivar.”

“She risked herself to save you,” Kasha reminded them. “Isabel is my daughter, and I don’t want to lose her, but I don’t want to risk the rest of you in a crazy attempt to save her either.”

“This is what we have to do,” Max told his mother softly. “Liz has seen it.”

Jaetus shook his head. “You can’t stake everything on Liz’s visions. If you die, the war for the planet, the deaths of our people, the plan to send you away and retake Antar, it will all be for nothing.”

Max rounded on him angrily. “Yeah, well the plan has been going great so far, hasn’t it?” he snarled. “We died, you’ve been at war for more than fifty years, our ship crashed, my wife betrayed us to Khivar.”

He wrapped his arm around Liz. “I think it’s about time we got some outside help. I trust Liz with my life, with all of our lives. This is what she has seen, and we need to be the ones to go.” He squeezed Liz’s hand and looked at Jaetus and then his mother. “It was bound to come down to this eventually. You sent us away to give us another chance to beat Khivar. We need to end this once and for all, and it’s up to us.”


Isabel shoved Khivar’s hand away and pulled her robe together as she got up from the sofa, putting some distance between them.

Khivar laughed. “A little to late to get prudish, don’t you think? I’ve already tasted the goods.”

Isabel walked to his nearby desk, using her body to shield him from what she was doing. “I won’t let you use me to get to Max,” she said as she used her powers to change some papers into a large dagger.

Khivar laughed again. “And how do you think you can stop me? You have grown more powerful, but you are no match for me. I will take anything from you that I want.”

Isabel shook her head and stood to her full height, raising her chin stubbornly. “No you won’t.”

She brought the dagger up quickly, intending to cut her throat, but a tingling sensation of energy encased her and the dagger stopped short of her goal. She screamed with rage as she realized that Khivar had used his powers to paralyze her.

He came around where she could see him, and with a gesture the dagger dissolved before her.

Tears of frustration rolled down her cheeks and Khivar reached out to gently wipe them away.

“A noble gesture,” he said, “but even if you succeeded, nothing will stop me from killing Max.”


Less than ten minutes later they had evacuated the few remaining unnecessary people from the house. When the Granolith started up Khivar’s men would surely track it back to the house and whether the mission succeeded or not, they couldn’t return.

Max, Michael, Liz, Kasha, Jaetus and General Darius stood around the Granolith. A transport was waiting to take Kasha, the two men and the few guards away when Max, Michael and Liz left. And Jaetus had programmed two control crystals, one with instructions to take them to Isabel and the other to return them to a new safe house.

Max reached out to Jaetus for the control crystals, but Jaetus shook his head. “Your Majesty, at least allow us to send a compliment of troops or priests with you.”

Meeting the priest’s eyes Max shook his head. “This is how it has to be.” He held out his hand waiting.

Jaetus reluctantly placed the crystals in Max’s hand, bowing. “Yes, your Majesty.”

Max met the eyes of Darius, Jaetus and finally his mother. “It will be over soon.”

Kasha came forward with his sword. “For luck,” she said. She strapped it around his waist and embraced him briefly, unsuccessfully trying to keep her tears at bay. “Come back safe, my son.”

Max nodded showing no emotion. He turned away from his mother and handed Liz one of the control crystals. The other he inserted in the base of the Granolith and it immediately whirred to life. And as he watched the swirling, pulsing lights, a sense of determination infused him.

This had started out as a rescue mission but when he had seen Khivar’s hands around Isabel’s throat Max’s anger had instantly reached boiling point and things had suddenly become very clear. He had realized that it was the perfect opportunity to end this whole thing. No longer was this just about getting Isabel back, Max intended to kill Khivar.

From his dreams of the past, and the memories he had recovered, Max knew he was more powerful than he had been in his other life. He also knew that he was more powerful than Khivar.

There was no need for a lengthy war that would waste thousands of lives. He had already killed Nicholas, Khivar’s second in command. And when he killed Khivar, the usurping army would no long have a leader or a reason to fight. So while Michael and Liz concentrated on the assignments he had given them, he would squeeze the life from Khivar’s body.

Perhaps the people of Antar deserved a trial for Khivar and a public execution, but Max was out of patience. He was tired of being hunted, tired of worrying about their safety, tired of wondering what might happen. He wanted this over. Now. His only regret was that Khivar wouldn’t suffer for all of the things he had done.

Max looked at Michael with a nod and turned to meet Liz’s eyes as he held out his hand to her. She placed her hand in his, and he and Michael reached up to touch the Granolith. A surge of power passed through him and into Liz and they were pulled into the machine. It was a strange sensation, but not entirely unfamiliar. It was similar to the feeling of floating that he and Liz achieved together when they overloaded each other with power.

He held Liz’s eyes and gently touched her face as he spoke through their connection. I’m glad you’re here Liz, you were right. No matter what happens our destiny is the same and we’ll face it together.

Liz put her hands on his shoulders. You are everything to me Max, my life, my heart and soul. I would go anywhere with you, do anything for you.

I love you so much, Max said. He lowered his head toward her, but they were interrupted by Michael clearing his throat.

“Remember guys,” he deadpanned, “this is a rescue mission not the eraser room.”

They met his eyes with a smile as the Granolith’s power built around them. The outer case enclosed them and they had a brief sensation of tremendous speed. A moment later a dull thud sounded and a tingling surge of energy passed through them as the Granolith released them.

Quickly the three of them looked around, getting their bearings. They were in the palace as expected and as the dust from their arrival started to clear a surprised Khivar and Isabel emerged from behind a sofa.

Max motioned to Michael and Liz and they went to their appointed tasks; Liz using her powers to quickly repair the wall damaged when they burst through it, and Michael to seal the doors.

“Max,” Isabel gasped.

Khivar smiled. “I expected you to try something, some hair-brained rescue attempt, but delivering the Granolith and yourselves right into my hands is more than hoped for. “

Max shook his head. “This is over Khivar. It all ends right here.” Briefly he focused on Isabel. “Go with Liz, Isabel.”

Isabel glanced at Khivar as she took a tentative step away and when it appeared that he wouldn’t stop her she did as Max said.

Liz embraced her briefly. “I’m glad you’re safe.”

Isabel nodded and looked back at Max and Khivar. “He’s going to kill Khivar, isn’t he?”

Liz nodded.

Isabel couldn’t seem to look away from Khivar and she watched his smile widen. Suddenly a feeling of foreboding raced through her. Khivar had been expecting this.

Khivar refocused on Max. “You’re correct Max. It all ends right here.”

He made a small, elegant movement with his hand, puling the Granolith crystal from Liz’s hand just before a burst of blue-white light arched through the room, knocking them all to the floor.

Khivar recovered almost immediately and stood up laughing. “You arrogant child. Do you really think I’m so stupid? Did you think you would come here and I wouldn’t be prepared?”

He motioned around them. “I have set hundreds of amplifiers throughout this room and all of them are now turned on and blocking your powers.”

Khivar smiled wider at the look of surprise on Max’s face and smashed the Granolith’s control crystal against the wall. “Now you have no escape route. And all I have to do is wait for my troops to gain access. Then there will be a nice public execution and this time I will make sure that you aren’t resurrected.”

Max was shocked. He was so sure that his plan would work. He was so sure that this was how things would finally be resolved. How could he have been so wrong?

And as if Khivar’s words had conjured them, there was a sudden pounding on the door behind them. Michael had fused the door with his powers but Khivar’s men were attempting to break through.

Anger surged through Max. They still had a chance. If he could kill Khivar before the soldiers broke through the door then they could still be victorious.

With a growl Max launched himself at Khivar. Their bodies crashed together and they fell and rolled across the floor.

Liz and Isabel cried out and Michael started forward but there was an audible crack in the doors behind him. He turned and was horrified to see them starting to sag. Automatically he rushed to a console next to the doors and pushed it in front, holding it in place with his body hoping to give them more time. “Help me!” he called to Isabel and Liz.

Isabel and Liz rushed to another large piece of furniture and pushed it toward the door and Michael.

Khivar was on top of him when they stopped rolling, but Max easily threw him aside and they both quickly got to their feet. Khivar reached for a weapon in his coat but Max grabbed for it, throwing a punch to Khivar’s head.

Michael, Isabel and Liz pushed their weight against the furniture in front of the door, but each of the powerful hits from the other side moved them a little.

“Shit!” Michael growled. Everything had happened so fast and he hadn’t had time to think until now. He’d been so sure that Max was right about this plan, but they were literally moments away from death.

He wasn’t sorry that he had believed in Max and Liz and he wasn’t sorry that he had followed them on the rescue attempt. But he was sorry that they were going down with barely a fight, and he was especially sorry that he had failed Max, Liz and Isabel.

His gaze went to Isabel. He did regret what might have been with her. Things between them had moved so fast because of the circumstances and their memories of their other life together. But he had looked forward to slowly discovering every new thing.

Khivar’s head snapped back as Max’s fist connected, but he kept his grip on the blaster. He used his free hand to block Max’s next punch, but Max turned at the last moment using his weight and momentum to throw his shoulder into Khivar’s chest.

Another louder crack sounded as the door was hit and they were moved more than a foot across the floor. Michael knew that this would end if Max succeeded in killing Khivar, and he prayed they could hold on that long.

Khivar stumbled back and Max pursued his advantage, using a football block to throw Khivar against the desk. Khivar hit hard and groaned in pain. Max kept one hand on the blaster as he held Khivar in place and pounded his face with his free hand.

Each hit against the door caused larger and larger cracks and finally the top half of the door collapsed inward. Michael, Liz and Isabel ducked down, trying to keep their traction as they fought to hold the barricade in place, but they were steadily pushed across the floor.

Michael focused his attention across the room, watching Max struggle with Khivar, silently urging him to hurry.

Khivar reached up with his free hand grasping at Max’s throat, but Max didn’t slow his assault against Khivar’s face. He hit Khivar over and over, his rage fueling his strength, and finally he was able to wrench the blaster out of Khivar’s hand.

Max gripped the weapon and turned it toward Khivar, but before he was able to aim, the blaster was shot out of his hand and skittered across the floor. Max turned to see Khivar’s men flowing into the room, weapons raised, pushing Michael, Isabel and Liz before them.

Khivar got slowly to his feet, his handsome face cut and bloody from Max’s blows. He stood to his full height and straightened his clothing. Suddenly he drew back and delivered a powerful blow to Max’s jaw that sent him to the floor.

Khivar laughed. “All of this effort for nothing. It’s just pathetic.”

Max rubbed at his jaw as he got to his feet. He couldn’t believe that they had failed, that this was how it was going to end. Khivar was right. All of their effort, the fighting, the deaths, it had all been for nothing.

How could he have been so wrong? Max asked himself. He had been so sure that Liz’s visions were showing them the way to rescue Isabel. He had believed in it so completely that he had refused to listen to anyone else, refused any help or suggestions. Maybe this was his destiny, his stubborn arrogance causing him to lose everyone who meant the most to him.

He glanced around and was surprised to see another image from Liz vision come to life, of Michael with Khivar troops spread out behind him weapons raised. Maybe Liz had been right all the time. She had warned him about Khivar’s troops and he’d been so sure that he could handle them. But he’d only believed the parts of Liz’s vision that he had wanted to be true, and ignored the rest. He’d ignored her bad feelings, her warnings and they were all paying the price. Michael, Isabel, Liz had believed in him and he had led them to their deaths.

A rage started building within Max as Khivar stood before them laughing.

“The great King Zan,” Khivar mocked, “the most powerful ruler Antar has ever seen, defeated in less than fifteen minutes and not even a life lost or a shot fired.”

He laughed again. “How does it feel to know you failed so pathetically again? To know that the hopes of thousands will be crushed, that fifty years of fighting and planning was for nothing?”

Khivar held Max’s eyes, enjoying his pain. “How does it feel to know that you’ve led your beloved wife to her death?”

Max gasped and Khivar chucked. “I think I’ll have her executed first, so you can watch.” His smile widened. “Maybe I’ll give her to my men first.”

Max surged forward, lunging for Khivar with a roar of rage. They fell to the floor but Max didn’t even get the chance to deliver one blow before Khivar’s men pulled him off, throwing him across the room. He landed near Liz and she helped him to his feet.

Khivar got to his feet. “Well as fun as this has been I need to have a press conference to announce your defeat and the return of the Granolith. Then I’ll execute the three of you publicly as a preface to my wedding to the beautiful Isabel.”

Max was filled with impotent rage. He had so much power but it was all for nothing. Isabel would be forced into marriage with that monster, Michael and Liz would be executed, and he was helpless to do anything about it.

His thoughts automatically turned to Liz. They’d wasted so much time, and the little time they’d had together had been filled with death and loss. All he had ever wanted was to give her a normal life and he hadn’t even been able to do that.

Khivar motioned to his men. “General, take them away, and put them in separate cells.”

Max automatically reached out to take Liz’s hand and instantly a tremendous sense of calm filled his body. Her strength and love rushed into him and he realized that even though their powers were being blocked, their connection was still active.

A thousand thoughts raced through their combined minds. First was love, and then loss and sorrow, but then other images started to come forward. Again they saw pictures from Liz’s vision and this time they were much more clear. Liz had foreseen everything, the loss of their powers, their capture, and the solution to save themselves. They just hadn’t understood before.

The Granolith was the answer, but not how Max had thought. Their connection was still active and that meant that they could access the power of the Granolith. And now that he realized it, he could feel the Granolith’s pulsing energy in his mind.

No longer did he doubt the outcome, no longer was he scared. Khivar and his men had defeated him in his last life, overwhelming him, taking him by surprise. But this time he knew with absolute certainty that they would be victorious. It was just like on Earth when he had wiped out the Skin army. He just knew. It was simply pure instinct.

Through their combined minds, Max and Liz watched as Khivar’s men approached, each movement around them seeming to slow down until time almost stopped. Max turned to Liz, meeting her eyes and cupped her cheek, and suddenly a barrier gave way in both their minds. No words were necessary, their thought flowed together with no censure, no obstructions between them.

Together they reached for the power of the Granolith and let it fill them until they felt like they couldn’t hold any more. It was incredible, like the sensation of being in the Granolith, floating on a sea of surging power. And as the energy rushed around them and through them so did sexual arousal. Their eyes held, burning with power.

Max felt his body tighten as he looked at Liz. She was flushed with power and need for him, and he thought she had never looked so beautiful. He could feel her body’s reaction to him, her increased breathing and heart rate, her nipples hardening, her lower lips slick with her arousal. And after the horror he had just experienced believing that he was going to lose her, Max wanted nothing more than to bury himself deep inside her welcoming body.

Max, she breathed in his mind.

He knew it was an invitation, but at the same time a frustrated reminder. They had work to do first and Max reluctantly tore himself away from thoughts of sex with a wicked smile and promise for later.

Together they focused and used a single thought to send the Granolith’s energy out around them, overloading and destroying the amplifiers before pulling the lives from Khivar’s men. It was over in a matter of seconds.

As the soldiers fell to the floor dead, Khivar drew back in horror. “How did you do that? It isn’t possible. Your powers were blocked.”

Max released Liz’s hand and stepped forward, his eyes burning blue with power. “It’s nothing you could understand Khivar,” Max said. “It’s the power of soul mates, of our connection, the power of our love.

Khivar laughed. “The power of your love,” he mocked. “There is no power in love. Power comes from anger and hate.” He threw out his hand sending a tremendous ball of energy at Max.

With a thought Max deflected the crackling blue-white light, dissipating it harmlessly. He smiled. “That’s true Khivar, power also comes from anger and hate.” He outstretched his hand and used a burst of energy that lifted Khivar off his feet and slammed him against the wall, holding him several inches off the floor.

Anger raced through Max as he saw the surprised expression on Khivar’s face. And he smiled as Khivar struggled uselessly against his power.

Khivar had been the cause of so much death, so much suffering and rage built within Max as he remembered. Ultimately everything bad that had happened in their lives was because of Khivar; his parents and Maria’s death, Tess torturing him with images of a son that never existed, the pain caused when Liz had left him and pretended to sleep with Kyle. All of it had been directly or indirectly because of Khivar, not to mention the suffering and deaths of thousands of people on Antar and the four other planets while under Khivar’s rule. And for everything he had done, Khivar deserved a long and painful death.

“And now Khivar,” Max growled, “you’ll see the true power of hate.”

Max loosened his tight control on the tremendous energy flowing through him from the Granolith and channeled it into Khivar.

Khivar cried out in pain and Max felt a gleeful satisfaction. He increased the amount of power and felt it rip through Khivar’s body, tearing muscles, breaking bones and charring flesh. But he carefully controlled it so Khivar wouldn’t die too quickly, causing him maximum suffering.

Suddenly Max felt Liz’s mind in his and he felt a pang of regret about what he was doing to Khivar. But almost instantly he felt that Liz understood his need for revenge.

Khivar screamed horribly as the pain intensified and Max shuddered at the sound. His hunger for revenge could never be truly sated. Nothing he did to Khivar would bring back the dead, or soothe the pain that had been caused. Nothing could make up for what Khivar had done, or the things that had been done in his name. And suddenly Max was very tired. He simply wanted it to end.

Max was surprised when Isabel touched his arm and he turned his attention to her. For a moment he thought she would ask for mercy for Khivar, but then he saw the determined look in her eyes.

“Let me,” she said.

Max understood her instantly and shook his head. “No Isabel. I’m the King. It’s my responsibility.”

“But all of this is my fault,” Isabel argued.

Max shook his head again. “I don’t want you to have to live with that,” he said softly. He turned and motioned for Michael to come and take Isabel away while he finished Khivar.

But Isabel used Max’s distraction to grab the sword at his waist, and with a single motion she plunged it through Khivar’s heart.

She thought everyone in the room must have gasped in surprise at her action, even Khivar himself, and she could see in his eyes that he hadn’t thought her capable of it. Isabel leaned into him, holding his eyes as she whispered, “Goodbye, my love.”

A sort of gurgling sound escaped him and he smiled as he released his last hissing breath. “Isssssabel.”

With hard eyes, she turned back to Max. “Burn him until nothing is left. We can’t risk him coming back.”

Max nodded, still surprised by her actions.

Michael came forward and pulled her into his arms and instantly she burst into tears.

A pain slashed through Max’s heart that his sister had lost another love, even thought it was Khivar.

Liz stepped to Max and wrapped her arm around his, reassuring him silently that Isabel would be all right. She showed him the images from her vision of Isabel and Michael together, two wounded souls healing one another. And Max released a sigh of relief.

He stretched out his hand and used his power on Khivar’s body, grimacing as the last part to burn was Khivar’s mocking smile.

Suddenly more men rushed into the room with weapons raised but they paused when they saw the other soldiers laying dead on the floor. And when they noticed the Granolith and the charred remains of Khivar’s body still in his perfect clothes, they all dropped to their knees.

The soldier in charge spoke up, “What is your order, your Majesty?”


Max’s supporters had taken control of the palace, and messages had been sent to every corner of the five planets telling of Khivar’s death and Max’s return. Fighting through the system had stopped immediately and Khivar’s remaining troops surrendered.

For the first time in over fifty years there was peace.

Many long hours later Max and Liz were finally alone and he took her into his arms.

Max sighed, exhausted. They had been in meeting after meeting, discussing policy and restructure, and through it all Liz had been at his side, supporting him, advising him.

He didn’t know how they could have ever succeeded without her and he felt so lucky to have found her.

No, she said through their connection, I am the lucky one Max.

He smiled, having briefly forgotten about their new level of connection. Every emotion and thought was freely passed between them now unless they tried to censor it, and Liz had heard his words.

He hugged her even tighter. I was so afraid that I would lose you, and nothing else mattered to me.

But we’re all okay now Max, Liz said, thanks to you.

Max nodded. I was surprised when you showed me that Michael and Isabel would find each other, but it makes a lot of sense.

Liz smiled. And he has been so sweet with her. Did you see how he stayed near her all day, making sure that she was taken care of? She trusts him enough to let down her barriers and just be herself. They’ll be good together.

Max stroked her face gently as he held her eyes. And what about us?

Liz’s smile widened as his eyes smoldered into hers with need. We’re perfect together, she said, pressing her body into his and rubbing against his erection, but you already know that.

Max groaned as he took possession of her lips. I think that we should try it again right now, he said as he started to undress her, just to be sure.


Michael knocked on Isabel’s door with apprehension. He was eager to see her and make sure she was all right, but he didn’t want her to think that he had come with any expectation.

Isabel’s eyes widened when she saw who it was, but she stepped aside, silently inviting him in.

They both stood for an awkward moment, neither of them saying anything. It was the first time that they had been alone together.

Michael shifted nervously and cleared his throat. “I just wanted to make sure that you were okay.”

Isabel noted his body language and nodded. “It’s okay Michael,” she said softly. “I understand that you don’t want to be with anymore. I mean after you really saw Khivar, saw what he is like, what he is capable of, you’ve got to be wondering what kind of person I am. How could I be with someone like that? How could I love him?”

Michael crossed to her and took her by the shoulders. “That couldn’t be farther from the truth. Of course I still want you, Isabel. I love you. I just didn’t want you to think that I came here expecting to pick up where we left off in the dreamwalks.”

“I want to take things slow between us,” he said, “get to know each other again, go at a pace that’s right for us.”

Isabel looked up to meet his eyes with tears of relief shining in her own. “You do?”

He nodded and Isabel threw her arms around him whispering into his ear. “I was scared that you didn’t want me anymore after seeing…”

Michael cut her off. “I already told you that wasn’t going to happen.”

They held each other for long moments and finally broke apart.

He stroked her face gently as he smiled. “We do have one problem though,” Michael said.

Isabel’s brow creased with confusion. “What’s that?” she asked.

Michael grimaced. “What are we going to tell Max and Liz?”


The next day after the meetings Michael went in search of Liz, eager to get her alone.

“Liz,” he said motioning her to a relatively quiet corner. “Can I talk to you?”

She smiled a she approached him, already knowing what was on his mind. “You wanted to talk to me about Isabel.”

Michael was stunned. “How did you know?”

“I saw it in a vision,” Liz said.

Michael looked away, suddenly nervous. He’d wanted to explain to Liz how he could turn to Isabel so quickly after Maria’s death, but now that the moment was here he couldn’t find the words.

“It’s okay, Michael,” Liz reassured him. “I understand.”

“You do?” he asked incredulously.

Liz nodded, “And I think you and Isabel will be good for each other, you understand each other so well.”

“I thought maybe you’d be mad,” Michael said.

“You’re both adults, and make your own decisions,” Liz said. “You don’t need my permission or approval, and you’ve already talked to Max.”

Michael smiled faintly, unsurprised that Liz knew he had just come from Max. “But we are friends,” Michael said, “family, and I want you to be okay with this.”

Liz nodded. “I am really. Maria’s gone and we all miss her but you can’t mourn her and be alone for the rest of your life. You deserve to be happy. That’s what Maria would have wanted.”

Isabel approached them then and Liz hugged her tightly.

Michael laughed at the surprised expression on Isabel’s face. “Max and Liz already knew about us and they are okay with it,” he said. “Liz saw it in a vision.”

Liz touched Isabel’s arm reassuringly. “Alex would have wanted you to find love and happiness too.”

Tears spilled from Isabel’s eyes and she hugged Liz back. “Thank you.”

Max joined them and wrapped his arms around both Isabel and Liz.

Isabel kissed his cheek and she and Michael moved away.

Max smiled. “Michael asked me if it was okay for him to date Isabel.”

“He did?” Liz asked incredulously.

Max nodded. “I asked him, since when did either of you need my permission, or follow my orders to do anything?”

Liz laughed as mischief danced in his eyes, but suddenly he turned serious.

“I’ve been thinking, Liz. We’ll be needed here for a while to get things back under control, but when everything is settled I think we should go back to Earth and tell your parents the truth.”

He smiled at the surprised look on Liz’s face. “I never liked you being separated from them, and I hate the idea of them thinking I’m the Roswell drug lord.”

Liz threw her arms around him hugging him tightly. “Thank you Max.”

“After everything that has happened I’ve realized that family is more important than ever,” Max said. “I want to be able to be completely open with them and I want them to know their grandchildren, when we have them.”

Max pulled back to meet her eyes. “So what do you think your parents will say to an invitation to another planet?”

Liz smiled. “Well it would give my dad plenty of new ideas for the Crashdown.”



or is it?

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