The Price of Lust Part 1


Part 1


I hadn’t really looked at him except to notice that he was like Michael but even more rough around the edges. I certainly hadn’t considered him in that way.

I didn’t notice anything about him as we spent two days in the crowded car together, except that he was even cruder that I’d first thought and listened to music with a lot of screaming.

I didn’t really look at him when he took us down into the horrible subway tunnel where they lived.

But for some reason, when he started hitting balls at me with a hockey stick, I noticed.

I could tell he was doing it to get my attention, like a little boy pulling a girl’s braids, he was trying to make me see him. It scared me a little, but for some reason it also interested me.

Max stepped between us, defending my honor, and breaking the spell he’d been spinning. Instantly he confronted Max, not wanting to seem weak in front of me. But he quickly backed down with a lazy, arrogant grin that said he knew he could take Max whenever he wanted. He sat down next to Lonni, and put his arm around her but held my eyes.

“You two done the deed yet?” Lonni asked. “Made the beast with two backs? You are in for a treat.”

I pretended like the subject shocked me for Max’s sake, but I was listening carefully, and when Rath spoke, I couldn’t take my eyes off him.

“Alien sex, baby,” he said, his gaze boring into me, “accept no imitations.” He waggled his tongue at me and threw his head back, howling like some wild beast. “Woooo Ooh!”

He was trying to make me see the differences between him and Max, and I couldn’t help but notice.

He didn’t have Max’s handsome face or sculpted body, but something about him just screamed sex. He was crude and unkempt but suddenly my body hummed and I couldn’t take my eyes off him.

He and Lonni came together and started to make out right in front of us, and I was fascinated. He was so visceral and he didn’t follow any rules, simply doing what he wanted, taking what he wanted.

Max got up, breaking the spell Rath had on me. I was kind of horrified by my thoughts, but I was disappointed that I wouldn’t get to stay and watch. Glancing back, I saw Rath tear Lonni’s shirt carelessly as he grabbed for her breast, and I felt my whole body start to throb with desire.

I’d had sex before. Lots of times in fact, but I’d never had an instant rush of lust like I’d just experienced. It was like my whole being was focused on Rath and I knew he’d give me pleasure like I’d never experienced.

Max and I left the way we came and I barely heard him speaking as I listened to the sounds of sex still echoing down the tunnel.

“I’m glad we didn’t grow up like that,” he said. “They don’t seem to care about much of anything, including propriety. I know they invited us to stay with them, but I think we should give it a while before we go back.”

We shut the heavy door that separated their ‘home’ from the main subway tunnels, cutting off the sounds of their pleasure, and Max locked it with his powers. I suddenly felt bereft, as if I’d been denied the thing I wanted most in the world.

Max continued, and I hesitatingly went with him. I had to figure out a way to get away from him.

When we emerged into the street, he motioned down the block, “There’s a famous deli a couple of blocks over that way I read about, want to go?”

The thing I wanted to do most at that moment was to get away from Max. “Ummm,” I said, thinking fast, “I saw this really cute clothes store that I’d rather check out. What if we meet back here in an hour?”

“Sure.” He nodded, but glanced back at the subway entrance. “But maybe we’d better give it two.”

“Yeah,” I said, glad I would have more time.

I went in the opposite direction, ducked between two buildings, and waited for Max to get far enough away. Then I slipped back down the tunnel, hurrying to Lonni and Rath’s place. Silently I unlocked the door and slipped inside. Once again I could hear grunts and moans, and slowed my pace as I approached so I wouldn’t disturb them.

Peeking around a corner into their place, the wall blocked a lot of my view of them and I could barely see Lonni on the sofa from the shoulders up. But from the angle, it was obvious she was kneeling on the cushions, her forearms resting on the arm of the couch, her body moving rhythmically. For a moment I didn’t see Rath but I knew he must be behind her either fucking her or doing something else equally pleasurable from the way Lonni was reacting.

“Harder, lover,” she demanded.

I risked moving another inch and got a glimpse of Rath’s head as he lowered his mouth to her bare shoulder, closing his teeth over her skin. One of them must have gotten rid of her shirt and bra at some point, possibly all of her clothes, but from this angle, I couldn’t tell. And even though I couldn’t see his body, I could see him moving, and watched as he powerfully slammed into her. It turned me on so much I felt a rush of liquid between my legs and my nipples puckered into painful points.

I wanted to see more of them, but I was afraid that any other movement would give away my position.

They moved together for long moments, Rath’s grunts echoing down the tunnel. Reaching around, he grasped her breast, and she arched back. “That’s it, bitch,” he growled.

She cried out as an orgasm took her, and I watched as he roughly pounded into her, not even slowing his pace.

His hand left her breast, sliding down her body and I knew he must have reached her clit from her reaction. She bucked against him. “Fuck! Fuck!”

“Yeah, I fuck you so good,” he grunted.

I couldn’t see what he was doing with his hand, but he made her cry out again, her back arching as he brought her to another orgasm. This time he allowed himself to climax, growling his pleasure like a snarling dog as he emptied himself inside her.

They collapsed together on the couch, with him lying on top of her. Neither of them said a word but they were breathing hard, and I noticed that I was breathing nearly as hard.

My whole body pulsed with desire and I couldn’t help but wonder what sex with him would be like. I pictured myself naked over the arm of the sofa instead of Lonni as he slammed into me again and again.

Oh shit, I could almost feel him inside me, and I ached to be filled. It had been a while since I’d been fucked, and I obviously needed it badly.

I was tempted to take care of myself right there, but I didn’t think I could keep the sounds of my pleasure contained. Instead, I slipped silently away.

Hurrying back down the tunnel I tried to calm myself. I wished that I could go to Max for some hot, urgent sex, but we were just starting to become friends and I knew I’d scare him off if I even suggested such a thing. No, I’d have to wait until I was alone tonight to ease the ache inside.

I actually did find a clothes store and even bought a couple of things before meeting Max back at the entrance to the subway.

I practically gasped when I saw Rath on the street. Desire and shock rushed through me. Had he found me out and followed me?

No, I thought with a sigh of relief. I could see he was just taking a delivery from a pizza guy. “Yo,” he called out seeing us, waving several pizza boxes under his nose, “hope you’re hungry. This is the best damn pizza in the city.”

I knew that Max had just eaten at the deli, but he nodded enthusiastically. “Sounds great.”

We followed Rath down into the tunnels and he and Max fell into step as Rath started to talk to him about sports.

I walked behind them and let my eyes run over him. It was the first time I’d really been able to study him. He was tall and big like Michael, maybe even more so. He seemed to be more solidly built too like he worked out. Just not as much as Max.

His swagger left no one in doubt of his confidence. He was a strange combination of bully, tattoos, nail polish and piercings, but there was something about him.

When we got to their place, we went through the main room we’d been in earlier and into the back where I was surprised to find more homey living arrangements. There were five bedrooms, each with a bathroom attached, and a large kitchen with a table for eight.

We sat at the table where Lonni was waiting, and Rath passed around the boxes. Three held different kinds of pizza and the final one had chicken wings, cheese bread and several sauces.

Max took a seat next to Rath, and I sat across from him. Foolish perhaps, but I was still having a hard time reconciling the fact that I seemed to want him.

He, Max and Lonni started a conversation, but I just sat nibbling on my pizza as I covertly studied Rath.

I couldn’t help thinking that even though he looked so much like Michael, they were nothing alike. I had certainly never desired Michael, and I wasn’t sure why I wanted Rath. I really didn’t find him handsome, and I preferred Max’s sculpted body.

I wasn’t really attracted to him at all, so I wasn’t sure what it was that drew me to him.

Maybe it was just the fact that he was so arrogantly sure of himself.

I wished Max could be a little more like that. It would certainly make things easier. But in a way, Max had become even more distant since we’d left Roswell.

It’s like he’d gone into protector mode. He was watching out for me, making sure I was safe, but it wasn’t like a boyfriend, it was more like a father.

I sighed, sneaking looks at Rath again. Maybe that’s why I wanted him because he looked at me like a woman, something Max had never done.

Looking up at him, his eyes clashed with mine and my heart thudded in my chest. He winked.

Quickly I looked away. Did he know I wanted him? No, surely not. He was just teasing me.

I managed to down another slice of pizza and then Lonni showed us Zan and Ava’s rooms, just across the hall from each other, where we’d be staying.

It was getting late and I’d seen Max yawn more than once. He’d mumbled something about being tired after all the sightseeing and went into his room, shutting the door firmly behind him.

Lonni motioned down the hall. “My and Rath’s rooms are down there.”

I couldn’t help asking. “You have separate rooms, but I thought you were together.”

She smiled. “We are,” she said smoothly, “but we both need some,” she paused, “space sometimes. You know,” she said with a tilt of her head.

I wasn’t sure if I did know, but I nodded. I wondered if she meant that she and Rath had an open relationship and brought home other people from time to time.

Lonni looked at me with a smile. “Like tonight I’m going to this kick-ass club where you can always find some world-class bodies. Want to come?”

I was actually tempted. Finding some random human to fuck sounded really good, but I’d seen how calculating Lonni could be and the last thing I wanted to do was give her a secret so she’d have power over me.

“Not tonight,” I said. “I’m kind of tired too.”

She shrugged. “Don’t know what you’re missing.”

I headed into Ava’s room to unpack my few belongings. The room was fairly plain but a few hand-drawn images were secured to the walls, and I thought Ava must have done them. Some were places around New York, some were of people, and one close to her bed was undoubtedly Zan.

I wondered if she and Zan had been involved or if he was as indifferent to her as Max was to me. She’d certainly seemed upset that he was dead, so I was pretty sure she’d been into him. Was that our destiny to love a man who had no feelings for us?

Rath went past the open door whistling a few minutes later, obviously headed to his room. I just got a glimpse of him, but it was enough to start the throbbing low in my body again. He didn’t slow or even look inside my room and it made me want him even more. It made me want him to acknowledge me, to let me know that he saw me.

A little while after that Lonni stuck her head in my room. “Last chance,” she said.

I shook my head again. “No thanks, maybe another time.”

Turning out the overhead light, I snapped on the bedside lamp and took up a book from the table, thumbing through it. I really wasn’t tired, I was horny as hell. My body ached to be touched and I needed a solid cock inside me. I just needed a good, hard fuck.

And I was curious about Rath, and the effect he was having on me, but I didn’t know exactly what to do about it.

Maybe I could just go talk to him and try to figure it out.

I waited an hour until I thought Max would be sleeping, and silently made my way down the hall to Lonni and Rath’s rooms. I wasn’t exactly sure what I was going to do, or what I was hoping for, but my body had been throbbing with desire for hours and I was drawn to the cause.

I still wasn’t sure what it was about him that could have me in this condition. I went down the list again. He wasn’t really good looking, at least not to me. He was big, but his body wasn’t toned and sculpted like Max’s. He wasn’t smart or nice or anything that Max was, but for some reason, my body was reacting to him.

As I approached I saw light from one of the rooms flooding the hall and I assumed it was Rath’s and he was still awake.

His door was open but I knocked tentatively as I went inside. He was lying on his bed, flipping through a magazine, still fully clothed but my pulse jumped just seeing him. His burning gaze was on me immediately and a cocky grin raised the corners of his mouth.

“Umm,” I started, “I just wanted to ask about-“

“Liar!” he barked with amusement, making me jump. “I knew you’d come. And I know what you want,” he said, grabbing his crotch, as he got up.

I swallowed hard. How could he know? I wanted to be outraged and run out of the room, but I couldn’t seem to move. “No,” I started, “I just want-“

He cut me off again as he walked toward me. “I know you were watching me and Lonni fuck,” he said with a wink.

I gasped in surprise as I felt a rush of desire.

He stopped next to me, close enough that I could feel the heat of his body, “And I’ve seen you looking at me all night, little girl.” He leaned in, so I could feel his breath on my neck, “You want to know what it’s like with a real alien.”

It’s exactly what I wanted but it just seemed so wrong to admit it. My breath quickened and I could feel moisture gathering between my legs.

He walked behind me, his hand brushing under my ponytail to graze my neck, making my nipples draw to hard points. He stopped when he was in front of me, his gaze lingering on my aroused breasts. “You’re just like Ava,” he said with a chuckle. “You both like to pretend that you don’t want me.”

Somehow I wasn’t surprised. “You and Ava?” I asked practically breathless. “Doesn’t Lonni mind?”

He shrugged as he moved closer, lowering his voice and leaning into me. “Lonni don’t care what I do. She has her pieces of ass on the side too. And I’m just helping Ava out.”

“Helping her out?” I asked, confused.

He winked at me as he started to move around me again. “Ava wants Zan so bad but he’s not into her, so she comes to me to make him jealous.” He waggled his tongue at me, “But I give it to her so good, she keeps coming back.”

He pressed the front of his body to my side, and I could feel his erection on my hip, just inches from my hand. I felt like I was melting from the inside and I ached with desire. It would be so easy to move my hand and touch him.

Pressing his lips to my ear, his voice was raspy with desire. “You know, even if Max does eventually give it to you,” he said, as his hand cupped my waist, “it will be all flowers and romance. Making luuuve,” he mocked, raising the pitch of his voice as he drew out the words.

I couldn’t seem to stop shivering, I wanted him so much. I wanted to be revolted by him and I realized that is why I’d come. I wanted to prove to myself that I didn’t really want him. I’d talk to him, get pissed off and leave, but now that I was here I couldn’t seem to move.

Slowly his hand moved up my side, and I held my breath as he reached the underside of my breast. “But you know with me there won’t be any pansy-ass romance, it will just be a good, hard fuck.” His tongue touched the edge of my ear, licking down to the lobe as he barely touched the side of my breast, causing electricity to shoot through my body. “I’ll make you cum over and over again.”

Suddenly he used his superior size to push me forward against the wall. I collided with it hard, nearly knocking the breath from me. Pressing me tight to the wall from behind with his body, he reached in, grasping my breast and squeezing it hard, making me whimper with pleasure and pain.

His erection pressed against my ass and he slowly started moving his hips. “This is what you want, isn’t it bitch?” he hissed in my ear.

My heart was pounding because it was exactly what I did want, but I couldn’t speak the words. I’d never had anyone treat me like this. I’d always been in charge. But it was exciting and it made me want him even more.

He pinched my nipple through my shirt, making me arch back, and with the other hand he cupped my mound roughly.

“Say it,” he hissed. “Tell me you want me inside you.”

My breath was coming in gasps, but still I couldn’t speak.

He stroked between my legs, touching me just where I needed. “Beg me to fuck you,” he growled.

His lips slid across my neck, “And don’t worry,” he whispered, “I won’t tell Max or Lonni. It’ll just be our little secret.”

Did I trust him? Not really, but at that moment I really didn’t care. I needed him so much. “Yes,” I whispered.

“What was that?” he demanded, roughly pinching my nipple again. “I can’t hear you.”

I’d go insane if I didn’t have some relief. “Fuck me, Rath,” I groaned, “please, fuck me.”

He chuckled, pinching my nipple as he bit down hard on my neck. “You look and act like a prissy little bitch, but all you need is a good fuck, just like Ava.”

He pulled hard on the back of my shirt and I was surprised that it ripped off my shoulders and fell down to hang around my waist, but I realized he must have used his powers to weaken the material. He didn’t even bother removing my bra, but just pushed it up to expose my breasts, which he squeezed hard again.

His teeth sank into my shoulder as he used a single motion to push my jeans and panties down my hips so the lay in a pool at my fee. Another trick of alien powers, since I didn’t even feel him unfasten them.

Spinning me around, he practically threw me back onto his bed, and it left me leaning back on my elbows, legs spread and gasping for breath. His eyes raked over my exposed body and he removed one of my shoes so he could strip the jeans and panties completely off that leg.

As he straightened up before me, he grabbed his crotch again. “Ready to see what you’re getting” he said with a wink.

I watched practically breathless as he unfastened his belt and jeans, and my eyes widened as he took himself in hand and withdrew his impressive length.

He was huge.

I couldn’t help but wonder if Michael was the same size or if Rath had done some alien hocus pocus to enhance his size. But whatever the truth, I wanted it inside me.

A smile lit his face as he saw the stunned look in my eyes, and with a howl he jumped on the bed next to me. “Wooooh Ooh!”

He didn’t bother with foreplay or even any niceties, but sank his teeth into my breast. I cried out as pain and pleasure ripped through me, and knowing it would leave a mark, but I didn’t care because it felt so damn good.

Roughly he pushed my legs apart, making room for himself, and then he was on top of me. His erection pressed against my entrance and I gasped for breath, knowing I would soon have what I’d dreamed of for hours.

He barely even paused before using a powerful thrust to slam inside me.

I cried out again as my whole body arched. That huge cock seemed to fill every inch of my aching core until it was so pleasurable that it rode the edge of pain. But I loved it. And I had to have more.

And he didn’t disappoint. Immediately he started a furious pace, plunging every thick inch into me again and again, taking my breath away. This was exactly what I wanted and my pleasure built quickly.

My hips moved with him as I grasped at his back, desperate to have him back inside again each time he withdrew.

He’d left his jeans on and with each thrust, I felt the metal buttons of his fly imprinting into the sensitive skin of my inner thigh. His teeth bit hard into my breast, and he flicked my nipple with his tongue, I could feel the end approaching quickly as every muscle in my body seemed to tighten.

But suddenly he stopped, sheathed completely inside me.

My breath came in quick pants. “Why did you stop?”

Reaching up, he pinched my other nipple, making me squirm under him. “You cum when I let you, bitch.”

My eyes were wide with shock. I didn’t know what I’d do if he refused to finish me. I had to have the relief that only he could provide. But first I had to get him to move, and I knew what he wanted.

“Please,” I begged him. “Please make me cum. Fuck me with that big cock and make me yell out your name.”

He smiled. “I love to hear you bitches beg me for it, and you beg even better than Ava,” he said with a laugh, slapping the side of my hip.

His words stung, but I knew this would be my only time coming to him. I just had to get him out of my system and that would be the end of it.

“I can see why,” I purred, wrapping my legs around him and aligning our bodies so he slid in even deeper. I gasped with pleasure as he shifted inside me. “Your big cock is the best thing I’ve ever had,” I said, speaking the truth, but knowing he would love it.

“You know it bitch,” he hissed. “But I want to hear you say that you want me more than you want that stick-up-his-ass, Max.”

I did want Max. Of course I did. He was my husband, my destiny, but at this moment there was nothing I wanted more than Rath’s enormous cock. “Yes,” I gasped, “I want you more.”

He pressed his finger hard to my lips, and traced down my body, between my breasts and down to my clit, which he flicked.

He withdrew from me almost all the way before slamming back inside, sending a rush of sensation through my entire body, and making me practically arch off the bed. He stopped again. “Say it,” he demanded. “Say you want me more than Max, or I don’t give you what you need.”

My core pulsed around him and I felt juices pouring out. I’d never been so turned on in my life. I nodded furiously, desperate to have relief. “I want you more than Max,” I cried out.

A smile raised the corners of his mouth in a satisfied grin and with a wink he started pounding into me again.

Oh shit he felt so good. He had just what I needed.

I grasped at him, meeting his rhythm with my hips, trying to bring him back inside even faster. I was so wet that even with his huge size, he slid into me so easily. His size also meant that I could feel the incredible friction of him inside with each movement in and out.

With just a few strokes, he had me approaching the edge again and I held him tightly, hoping he wouldn’t stop.

I could feel the pleasure building rapidly inside me, filling me with every plunge of his huge cock. I gasped for breath as it felt like I was on fire from the inside out. I arched back, my whole body tightening, and then I exploded.

I swam in the pleasure as it washed through me again and again. It was more incredible than anything I’d ever felt. Of course, I’d never had sex with another alien. He and Lonni hadn’t been kidding about alien sex. It was spectacular.

Rath slapped my ass hard, snapping me out of the orgasmic haze and I realized that he was still pounding into me, building me up again.

“Come on,” he snarled, “I’m not through ridding you yet, bitch.”

Putting his head down into my shoulder, he thrust into me even faster. His teeth sank into my neck, making me cry out. Then he bit my breast hard enough that I knew it would leave marks, but it felt so good.

I jerked as metal flicked over my rigid nipple and then realized his tongue must be pierced. He laved my nub with his tongue and sucked it hard, bringing on another orgasm.

But he still wasn’t finished with me.

I panted for breath, wanting to lose myself in the pleasure, but he wouldn’t let me.

He put more of his weight on me, holding me down with his hips and changed the angle inside, so that he rubbed my clit with each stroke.

I couldn’t believe that so much pleasure existed. My body bowed back and he bit my breast again, sending shocks of electricity through me. I didn’t know how much more I could stand.

Then his hand was between us, rubbing my clit, making my hips jerk against him.

“Oh shit, oh shit!” I heard myself saying.

He pinched my clit as he sucked my breast hard, and I exploded again.

The pleasure rushed through me, making me feel like I was floating on a warm river of electricity that just kept echoing through my body.

I was vaguely aware that Rath continued pounding into me for several more strokes before he exploded into me.

He growled his orgasm as his hips thrust against me and I felt his essence shoot inside.

Then I was lost to the pleasure.


I came back to myself slowly as the haze of the orgasm started to fade.

I knew where I was and what had happened but not how long I’d been out.

Immediately I could see that Rath was gone, and I was glad. It really was only going to be a one-time thing and I didn’t want to have to make any awkward explanations.

I pushed myself up onto my elbows, noted that the door was open, and felt a bit dirty and humiliated as I looked down my body. He’d left me on his bed completely exposed.

My ripped shirt was bunched around my waist, my bra was pushed up leaving nothing covering my breasts except the angry red marks from his teeth. My pants and underwear still hung around one ankle, held on by the shoe he hadn’t removed. My legs were spread wide exposing my sex and I could see and feel our mingled fluids sprinkled on my inner thighs and lower lips. And I just felt gross all over where the sweat had dried on my body.

Well, he certainly hadn’t made promises he didn’t keep. He’d been very up front that he would fuck me and forget me. But it had been incredible, and I couldn’t regret it.

Getting up off the bed, I paused as I felt tenderness between my legs. Those damn buttons on his jeans had really dug into me.

Using a swipe of my hand, I cleaned myself and eased the raw places. I pulled up my panties and jeans, putting my bra back in place before mending my shirt and shrugging into it. A quick search produced my shoe and then I looked for a clock.

A little over an hour had passed since I’d come to his room, certainly not enough time for Lonni to be back, and Max should still be asleep. Going to the door, I paused to look out into the hall. All clear.

Quickly, I slipped into my room, or Ava’s room really, and I looked around it with more interest.

How many times had Rath fucked Ava on this bed? How many mind-blowing orgasms had he given her?

With a smile, I went to the attached bathroom, but stopped when I saw my reflection. My first thought was that I was glad Max hadn’t seen me like this. My hair was sticking out at weird angles, my makeup was smeared across my face and my cheeks were still pink from the exertion. I looked like I’d had sex, and even someone as inexperienced as Max would be able to see it.

Getting out of my clothes, I stepped into the shower and started to wash myself. My body was tender all over from the enthusiastic exercise I’d given my unused muscles and the water stung the bites on my skin. With a brush of my hand, I healed them, another thing I was glad Max would never know about.

Maybe someday I could teach him to give and take pleasure in a little pain, but I knew he would be horrified if it were introduced to him like this.

Turning off the water, I quickly dried myself and got into my nightshirt. With a smile, I slipped into bed. I couldn’t help thinking about what had happened. It had been amazing and had completely satisfied me.

My body still hummed with pleasure and I as I closed my eyes, I drifted into a contented sleep.



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