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Part 12


As Zan drove them through the night neither spoke a word, and Liz was glad. She was still so confused about what had happened and she didn’t want to discuss it with him.

Had she really not been able to find a guy, or had what Zan said had an effect on her?

She was stilly horny and still in pain, but here she was, going home.

Of course, she told herself, she had been right. Zan had been there the whole time. Maybe she had seen him in the club, or felt him nearby without realizing it.

And if she had left the club with a guy, he probably would have stopped her despite what he’d said. So actually it hadn’t been her not choosing, Zan had stopped her again.

But she knew it wasn’t really true. She hadn’t seen him or felt him, she had just stopped for some reason.

Out of the corner of her eye, she looked at him where he sat beside her.

One of the things that had allowed her to live her life exactly how she wanted was that she was in a new place and no one knew her. Was it possible that since Zan knew her, and knew what she was doing that it had stopped her from sleeping with one of the guys at the club?

Did she care what Zan thought of her?

She tried to analyze her feelings and motivations but she just wasn’t sure. She’d been shut off for so long it seemed completely foreign to her.

But she decided it really didn’t matter at the moment. She could analyze the behavior later. Right now though, what really mattered was that she hadn’t gotten what she needed, and the pain was growing inside her.

Memories of Max that were always just under the surface started to push forward.

They’d sat in the Jeep that night, in front of the Crashdown. He’d told her his secrets and she’d told him about Future Max and why she’d pushed him away. They held each other as they cried for what they’d never have.

Finally he’d spoken. “No matter what happened, I always thought we’d be together. I had this dream of proposing to you the day we graduated.”

Liz had smiled sadly as he reached out to cup her face. It was so familiar, so right. “I can’t believe we won’t be together either.” She asked him the question uppermost in her mind. “Do you love her?”

He shook his head. “Not like I love you. You are my heart and soul. You are everything.”

Automatically they came together, their love expressed so perfectly in their kiss.

For every ending a new beginning
And so they say baby for everything a reason

It was like no time had passed since they’d been apart. The feelings that they had suppressed came raging to the surface.

Those who loved before will be bought back together
And so they say baby for everything a reason
And so they say baby you will be brought
Back to me

And it wasn’t just desire. Liz could feel his overwhelming love surrounding her, and she wondered how she had gone so long without it. She also wondered how she would survive if she never felt it again.

My house is haunted by rotten desire
And on my skin left the scent of indignation
And so they say baby for everything a reason

But she didn’t want to dwell on that. She only wanted to concentrate on the moment, and on the fleeting time she had with Max.

I had everything I needed
For every lie honey the truth lies underneath it
And so they say baby for everything a reason

She knew this would be their only chance to be together. The only time she would be able to have him, if only for a moment, in every way possible.

Breaking the perfect kiss, she pulled back enough to see his beloved face. “Be with me tonight, Max. Just like it should have been between us. Just once let’s do what we want.”

She saw tears start in his eyes. “Liz,” he whispered, “I-I don’t deserve you, I-“

She pressed her fingers to his lips, silencing him. “Do this for me, Max. Show me how much you love me. Leave me with just this one small piece of you.”

He nodded. “I do love you. I’ve always loved you, and I want to be with you more than anything.”

I saw you leaving
I saw the light go out
Come back to me

Pressing her hands to her head, she wanted to squeeze until she made the memories go away. But without the sex she had been anticipating tonight she desperately needed another outlet. She needed to run.

As soon as Zan stopped the car in front of her apartment, she was out the door and stepped into the shadows.

He came around the car and spoke for the first time. “What are you doing?”

She didn’t look at him as she passed her hand over her clothes, changing her club wear to jogging clothes. “I’m going running,” she said.

“Then I’ll go with you,” he said simply, not bothering to hide himself before using a burst of power to change his own clothes.

“No,” she said, pushing past him, and broke into a run when she got to the other side of the street.

She wasn’t surprised when he caught up with her moments later, but instead of trying to outrun him like she had before, she just tried to ignore him and concentrate on her running.

Attempting to let her mind blank out, she focused on the rhythm of her feet hitting the ground and sound of her breathing. But after several long minutes she knew it wouldn’t work.

Zan hadn’t said a word, but even though she wanted to forget he was there, it was impossible not to notice the hard, sexy body running next to her. She couldn’t seem to concentrate on anything but him.

He ran close to her, keeping up, not trying to out-run her or push the pace. He seemed to be happy to follow her lead.

Again she wondered about his real motivations, but she knew it was a waste of time. She’d been over and over it in her head and hadn’t come to any conclusions.

She was still so aroused and she found herself sneaking peeks at him.

He’d changed his clothes into a looser-fitting shirt with no arms that exposed his spectacular muscles, and his jeans had been replaced by shorts that ended a few inches above his knees, showing off his powerful legs.

It was turning her on even more just seeing parts of him for a few seconds, instead of being able to study him like she wanted.

She caught glimpses of bulging arms pumping, the muscles flexing as he moved and making her think about his strong embrace.

His damp shirt clung to his ripped chest and stomach, showing her just enough of him to make her want to tear it off to get a good look.

The movement of his legs made his shorts ride up with each stride, giving her flashses of his solid thighs, and making her think of another hard thing a bit higher up on his anatomy.

His body glistened with sweat and it made her think of him hovering above her as he thrust into her, filling her again and again.

Her breath came even faster, and it had nothing to do with her physical exertion and everything to do with being so horny she was practically coming out of her skin. Damn she wanted him!

How was it possible to be even more turned on while she was using so much of her energy running?

Then she realized that at least while she was concentrating on his beautiful body it was distracting her from thinking about other things she didn’t want to remember. At least that was one benefit.

She also realized that she hadn’t been paying attention to where they were going either, and suddenly the baseball field caught her eye, and it was in front of her. That meant they had run all the way around and were nearly back at her apartment.

Zan’s body had kept her so occupied that she had missed almost the entire run. Not that she was complaining, and now that she thought about it her body did feel tired. Maybe she would be able to sleep.

They ran the rest of the distance and up the stairs to her place. The door swung open to admit them and she realized Zan had done it with a flick of his powers.

Stopping to close the door, she switched on the light and turned to him.

They were both sweating and panting for breath and now that they were in the light and she could see him properly, Liz let her eyes roam over Zan’s hard body, taking in every inch of him. He was beautiful and instantly she felt a rush of desire, and just as instantly became annoyed with herself. Quickly she reminded herself that it was just a hard body she wanted not him specifically.

Zan noticed her looking at him, and she saw his eyes darken.

Not wanting to talk about it, she turned away from him, going to the kitchen to get some water. She took her time with the glasses, to avoid facing him, but eventually she had no choice.

She wasn’t surprised to see that he’d followed her, and was blocking her exit from the small room, his expression intense.

To try and diffuse the moment, she handed him a glass of cold water and took a sip of her own.

He downed the contents in one long breath and set the glass aside, and his eyes raked over her before he spoke. “So you want to tell me what happened tonight? Why aren’t you at some scrub’s house fucking his brains out?”

This is exactly what she’d been afraid of, and she didn’t want to talk to him about it. She really didn’t understand exactly what had happened herself. She certainly didn’t want to try explaining it to Zan.

She shrugged, looking away from him. “I didn’t see anyone I wanted.”

“Bullshit,” he hissed. “Why don’t you stop lying to yourself? You know exactly why you didn’t go off with a guy tonight.”

Liz glanced at him and then looked at her glass, fidgeting. “I don’t know,” she said, putting her glass aside. “It just didn’t feel right.”

“And why was that?” he demanded.

Again she shrugged. “I have no idea.”

He stepped closer and cupped her chin, making her look at him. As her eyes met his, he smiled. “I’ll tell you why you didn’t fuck some random guy. It’s because you’re mine now.”

Surprised, she jerked away from him. “I’m not yours,” she denied instantly. “I’ll never be with you.” She darted past him, going into the small living room.

He followed her, grasping her arm and turning her to look at him. “You may not know it up here yet,” he said, touching her head, “but your body knows it.”

“No,” she said again louder.

He smiled. “You’ve been mine since the first moment we saw each other.”

She shook her head as he continued. “Even before that. That’s why I searched the city for you. That’s why you were drawn here.”

“No!” she barked. “I don’t want you.”

He smiled even wider. “You want me alright. Don’t you think I haven’t seen you looking at me?”

She kept shaking her head. “It’s not you. Any guy with a good body-“

He cut her off. “You could have had any guy with a good body tonight, but you didn’t.”

“No,” she argued, talking quickly. “It was just an off night. I don’t really want you. You couldn’t possibly give me what I need.”

His eyes narrowed and she felt a little afraid of his intensity. Quicker than she thought possible his arm snaked around her waist and he held her tight against him as he backed her to the wall.

Surprised, she grasped his arms, not sure what he was going to do, but he simply held her there. She didn’t want to look at him, but his eyes seemed to hold her own, and she couldn’t look away.

She could feel his thick erection against her, and her body instantly reacted to him. Desire quickly filled her, and she shivered against him as her nipples drew to painful points. An ache grew deep inside and moisture gathered between her thighs.

His knee slid between her legs, making her gasp, and automatically she shifted, opening for him. She wanted his touch so much, but she didn’t want to think about what that meant.

Suddenly his fingers brushed her clit and she jumped, her eyes wide as she drew in a quick breath.

He must have used his powers to gain access to her and it surprised her more than she could say, but she practically held her breath wanting him to continue.

“You don’t want me?” he whispered as he stroked her again

She didn’t feel capable of speaking and shook her head slightly even as she widened her stance, giving him more access.

He dipped his head so they were only inches apart, making her gasp. He stroked her so slowly, his fingers barely touching her sensitive nub, and it was driving her wild. Her hands tightened on his arms and she felt herself growing even wetter.

“Look how your body responds to me,” he demanded softly. “You are aching for my touch.”

She wanted to deny it, but she couldn’t speak, and simply shook her head again.

He brushed her again. “Don’t you think I feel your body trembling with desire against me?” he said, his voice getting softer. “Don’t you think I feel how wet you are?”

His arrogant words sent even more shivers through her. She didn’t want to want him, but it seemed like she had no control over her body. And now that he’d started touching her, she didn’t want him to stop.

“You don’t think I can satisfy you?” he whispered. This time he applied more pressure to her clit, slowly stroking her back and forth.

A small whimper escaped her. She couldn’t seem to do anything but cling to him and swim in the sensations he was causing.

Despite what she’d said, she was sure he could satisfy her. And at that moment what she wanted most for was him to lift her against the wall and bring her down onto his thick cock, filling every inch of her aching core, and slamming into her until she came apart.

His eyes bored into her, and she wondered if he knew everything she was thinking.

“I could make you cum with a single touch,” he growled. “I could make you cum so hard that you’d pass out.”

She realized that he’d taken her words as a challenge, and gasped as she felt his power flowing into her where he was touching her clit. It instantly filled her, giving her more pleasure than she’d ever felt. Her eyes widened in surprise as her whole body tightened and arched, rapidly approaching the pinnacle. Her breath came in quick pants as the pleasure became overwhelming, and he held her there, sending wave after wave of exquisite sensation through her for several long moments before she finally lost all control and exploded in his arms.

She felt dizzy, almost faint, and her knees buckled.

Zan easily caught her, lifting her in his arms.

Her whole body felt limp. The orgasm had completely drained her strength. She was so tired that she was only vaguely aware that he carried her into her room and placed her in the bed, covering her with the blanket.

As the darkness closed in around her, she saw his arrogant smile as he stroked her cheek and whispered, “You are mine, princess.”



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