RoswellOracle's Fanfiction - Lollipop - Prologue




(Saturday, October 21st)

Liz walked slowly through the darkness, wanting nothing more than to get home and into bed. She and Maria had been working on a school project for hours. They'd lost track of time, and Liz hadn't realized how late it was.

Her constant yawning and drooping eyes finally made her look at the clock, and with a gasp of surprise, she gathered her things to head home.

Maria offered to drive her, but it wasn't far, and Liz liked walking, especially at night.

It was so quiet and peaceful with no one around. The usually garish town was calm at night, with only a few lights disturbing darkness.

Yawning again, she noted she was only a couple of blocks from home, and she could see the outline of the dark spaceship on the front of the Crashdown.

Taking her customary route, she cut through the alley, heading for the back door of the Café.

The darkness closed in around her as she left the street, but it wasn't scary or even worrying. It was comforting to be held in the night.

She was almost at her door when she heard it. A soft whistling floated through the darkness.

Stopping, she listened to the long drawn-out notes, which seemed slightly off-key, but somehow familiar. They held a haunting, eerie quality and she looked around to see who was doing it, but she couldn't see anyone.

With a shrug, she put her key into the door and let herself inside.

Sleepily she climbed the stairs to her room and simply kicked off her shoes, falling into bed still dressed. Exhausted she fell asleep almost immediately with the haunting sound of the whistling still echoing in her head.



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