Never Underestimate Destiny - Part 26


Part 26


Michael, Maria, Isabel and Alex followed Max into the back of the Crashdown, still not really sure what happened, but they all skidded to a stop, shocked at what they saw.

None of them were capable of moving for a handful of seconds as they watched Zan, Liz and Max caressing and kissing each other, and then Maria gasped, breaking the spell.

Michael was the first to speak. “What the hell is going on?” he said incredulously.

Max, Liz and Zan had forgotten the others were there. For a moment they didn’t move, the three of them still locked in an embrace.

Liz spoke silently to her lovers, “I guess we’re outed.”

“Baby,” Zan answered her the same way, “we don’t know what they saw. We could tell them you are with one of us, or…”

Liz cut him off. “It’s okay. I love you both, and I’m proud to be with both of you. I’m tired of hiding.”

“Are you sure?” Max asked. “We don’t mind. We can tell them whatever you…”

“It’s time for the truth,” Liz told them.

Alex spoke up, trying to make sense of what they were seeing. “Umm, I’m sure that Max was just glad to see Zan and Liz were safe.”

“Yeah, sure,” Isabel said in a deadpan tone, “so they’re both kissing her and have their hands on her.”

Max, Liz and Zan turned towards the others at the same time, their arms still around each other.

“Well,” Zan started, ‘it’s kind of a long story.”

“You’re with Liz,” Maria blurted out, to Zan.

He nodded, ‘Yes, but…”

“Wait a minute,” Michael said to Max, “I thought you were with Liz.”

Max nodded. “I am.”

“You’re both with Liz?” Isabel asked incredulously.

“Yes,” Max and Zan said in unison.

“You mean you’re going out with them both,” Maria said, “trying to choose between them?”

Liz was tired of the misunderstandings. “Look,” she said addressing her friends, “I’m not trying to choose between them, the three of us are in a relationship together. I love both of them, and they love me, and we believe the three of us are supposed to be together. It feels right, and there are other…”

Michael shifted uneasily as she spoke and finally blurted out at Max. “What? So you and Zan…” he trailed off, raising an eyebrow.

Max smiled. “No, Zan and I aren’t together. We’re not gay, we’re just both with Liz.”

“Oh,” Michael said, looking relieved, and then confused. “So how does that work?” he asked, motioning with one finger back and forth from Liz to Zan. “You don’t get jealous when…”

Maria elbowed him in the stomach. “That’s kind of personal, Michael,” she said.

“I know this is kind of weird,” Liz said. “It certainly wasn’t something we planned. We all fought against our feelings because it isn’t . . . well, normal. But it turned out to be the best way for us. And we didn’t say anything because,” she looked down shyly and back up, meeting each of their eyes, “because we didn’t know if you’d understand.”

Isabel straightened up, putting the best face on an awkward situation. She wasn’t sure what to think, but she was concerned for her brother. How could he accept sharing Liz, when he used to have her all to himself? She met Max’s eyes. “If you’re happy…” she said hesitatingly.

Max smiled. “Happier than I’ve ever been.”

Alex was the first to step forward. “I’m glad for all of you,” he said, still on a high from getting back together with Isabel. “Two men in love with the same woman usually doesn’t work out this well. It’s great that none of you are left out, and who are we to judge how you live your lives. You all deserve some happiness.”

Zan nodded at him, smiling. He’d kept quiet because he was the outsider in the Max and Liz relationship and he hadn’t been sure if the others would accept him.

“Thanks Alex,” Liz beamed, moving forward to hug him.

Maria was still stunned by the revelation. She’s seen things that made her wonder if Liz was with Max or Zan, so finding out she was with both made sense. “Wow, how lucky can one girl get with two gorgeous men to love her?” She took Liz in an embrace, whispering in her ear. “I can’t believe you didn’t tell me. We’re going to have a long talk later and you can explain everything.

Liz smiled. “You have no idea.”

Michael didn’t know what to think. He was still trying to get around the fact that Max was happy sharing Liz with another man. He knew he’d be jealous as hell if Maria was with someone else.

“Ummm,” he started, “this love-fest is great, but what about the attack?”


Lonnie stumbled out of her car and went into the house where she’d left Rath. She was raging mad, and her head hurt terribly where Zan had slammed her into the door. Not to mention that she’d accomplished nothing.

Zan and Liz were still alive, she hadn’t gotten the location of the Granolith out of Liz, and she hadn’t gotten her revenge. But it just made her more determined than even to take Zan out.

Going into the room with Rath, she paled when she saw how still he was and checked his pulse. A slow throbbing registered under her touch and she released a breath she hadn’t realized she was holding. He was still alive, for now.

Even though her head was killing her, she put her hands on his chest and used a large portion of her remaining energy to push healing power into him. Concentrating on his ribs and the tissue around them, she tried to look for anything that was injured. She focused on strengthening her earlier repair on his ribs and stopped some internal bleeding she found.

Sitting back, she sighed in exhaustion. She thought she’d fixed his ribs, but she still wasn’t sure if she’d gotten everything. She just didn’t have the healing touch.

Letting her eyes rake over her lover, she just hoped that Nicholas hurried up, and when he got there he’d better help Rath.

Suddenly her fury overwhelmed her. Snatching up her phone, she hit Nicholas’ number.

He answered as if he was expecting her call. “Is the freak still alive?” he asked, sounding completely bored.

“You bastard,” Lonnie hissed. “No thanks to you.”

Nicholas chuckled. He really didn’t care what happened to either of them, but they were somewhat useful, for now.

“You’re coming tomorrow,” Lonnie demanded softly.

“We’ll get there eventually,” Nicholas drawled evasively.

“When?” Lonnie growled.

“I’ll call you,” he said, and hung up.

Lonnie fought the urge to throw her phone across the room. Nicholas was playing with her. He might think it was funny now, but wait until she got back to Antar. She would make him pay.


Nicholas looked at his phone with disgust. Those idiots Lonnie and Rath had ruined Khivar’s carefully created plan for the Summit, but they wouldn’t take the heat for it. He was the one who had to report to Khivar, and he was stalling.

He’d hoped he might have something positive to tell his leader, but nothing seemed to going his way.

Reluctantly he took up the communicator he’d been fidgeting with. He didn’t have any other choice.

Pressing a series of buttons, he took a deep breath as Khivar answered. “My liege,” he started.

“Why are you contacting me now?” Khivar demanded. “You are supposed to be preparing for the Summit.”

“It’s Lonnie and Rath,” Nicholas said, “they’ve messed up the plan.” He made sure to put the blame on them up front and left out the possibility of another traitor in his troops.

Quickly he explained most of the situation to Khivar. For a moment there was complete silence from the other end of the conversation, and Nicholas imagined Khivar throwing things around the room, and possibly throwing his advisors as well. Nicholas was just glad he wasn’t actually in his leader’s presence.

“That is inconvenient,” Khivar finally said, his voice icy cool, “but still, maybe we can make something of it.”

Nicholas was shocked. He couldn’t believe Khivar was taking it so well. He must have a plan.


The others agreed to get back to the relative safety of Zan and Ava’s place before Max, Liz and Zan told them about the attack. Quickly they used their powers to clean up the Crashdown, and Liz called her parents to make sure they were okay.

She was convinced that Lonnie had used her powers to send them away, but her parents seemed to be completely unaware of anything unusual, and were excited about their trip.

Afterward, Liz, Max and Zan, got into Zan’s car, following the others in the Jeep.

“I’m still surprised how well they took it,” Liz said from where she sat between Max and Zan. “I thought there’d be horrified looks and gasps of disgust.”

Max wrapped an arm around her, and Zan squeezed her hand.

“I told you it would all be okay,” Zan said.

“They’re our friends,” Max said. “They want us to be happy.”

She sighed. “I’m just glad we don’t have to hide from them any more.”

“What about my future self’s part in this?” Max said. “I think we should still keep that to ourselves,” he looked at the others, “at least until all this mess is over.”

Zan nodded. “I think you’re right. The fewer people that know at this point, the better.”

“I don’t like hiding anything from them,” Liz said, “but we’re doing it to protect them.”

Pulling into the parking lot, the three of them went into the training room, hand in hand, to face their friends already gathered there.

With a wave of his hand, Zan created a sofa, and he, Liz and Max sat together.

The others took various seats across from them, settling down to hear the story about what had happened with Lonnie at the Crashdown.

Liz was the only one who’d experienced the whole thing, so she told most of it, with occasional additions from Max and Zan.

Even though Liz was telling about a terrible experience, she couldn’t help the soft smile on her face. She, Max and Zan touched and caressed, holding hands, and sharing looks. It was wonderful to be able to show her affection for her men in front of their friends.

“Lonnie got away,” Michael observed, when the story was over.

“Yeah,” Zan said, “she was long gone, and I didn’t want to leave Liz alone to go on a useless chase.”

Isabel spoke up. “So Max, the reason you’ve been getting these feelings from Liz is because you’re back with her.”

He nodded. “Sorry, I lied to you all about it yesterday, but I didn’t want Tess to know. We think it’s best to keep it from her, for now anyway.”

Maria shook her head. “She’s been after you again? I thought she gave up.”

“Me too,” Max said, “but I had to tell her just a few days ago again that we’d never be together.”

“And why couldn’t you wake Zan up?” Alex said to Liz.

Liz shrugged. “I’m not sure but I think Lonnie must have done something to him.” She squeezed Max’s hand. “Luckily Max thought of slapping him through the connection.”

“I was tired,” Zan admitted. “I didn’t get a lot of sleep the last few nights but it definitely seems like Lonnie did something to keep me asleep.” He shook his head. “Maybe she even added to my exhaustion.”

Leaning her head against Zan’s chest, Liz hugged him. “I was panicking and so scared she would kill him. She was using her powers on me so I couldn’t move or speak.”

“Wait,” Michael said, “go back to this touching through the connection. How does that work? And you and Zan both have a connection with Liz? How? Zan didn’t heal her.”

Zan answered. “Liz’s power is connections,” he reminded them. “She has a strong bond with both of us. We can feel each other, talk and even touch, but it is more than that too.”

“More how?” Alex asked intrigued.

“Power,” Max said. “We’re gaining power from the connection.”

“How is that possible?” Isabel asked.

“We don’t know,” Liz said, “but it was one of the reasons we thought that the three of us were meant to be together.”

It made sense to Michael right away. “That is why the two of you are getting so much better at practice,” he said to Max and Zan.

They nodded.

Maria broke in. “This is fascinating, I’m sure,” she said sarcastically, “but what about Lonnie. We didn’t think she’d attack today.”

Michael nodded. “Yeah, we really messed up on that one.”

“I messed up,” Zan said, taking the blame. “I should have known she wouldn’t wait to get revenge on me.”

“She’s too dangerous to be running around loose,” Michael said, looking at Isabel. “We need to know where she is, and what she’s planning.”

Isabel swallowed hard, straightening her back and nodding. She’d known this was coming. “I’ll try,” she said. “I just don’t know if it will do any good, since I got it completely wrong last time.”

“You weren’t wrong,” Liz said. “Everything you saw was right.”

“But I obviously didn’t see everything,” Isabel said, “and it nearly cost you and Zan your lives.”

Zan shook his head. “It was my fault. I was asleep. I should have been taking care of Liz.”

Liz squeezed his hand as she turned to him. “It’s not your fault either,” she said, kissing him on the cheek.

“You could have been killed,” Zan said, holding her gaze, “because I was literally caught napping.”

Shaking her head, Liz smiled. “You and Max saved us.”

“You wouldn’t have been in danger if it weren’t for me,” Zan said.

Michael sighed dramatically finally losing his patience. “Argue about who’s fault it is later. Now we need to see what is going on.”

“Right,” Isabel said, knowing their safety was all resting on her. Trying to calm down, she took a deep breath.

Alex took her hand. “We’re all right here for you.”

She smiled, feeling a little lighter and closed her eyes.


Tess rolled her eyes as she glanced at Kyle and Ava on the sofa. They were all in the living room, supposedly watching a movie, but she was sure they’d long ago stopped paying attention.

A psycho in a mask wielded a knife at a group of screaming girls, but Kyle and Ava didn’t notice at all. They were too wrapped up in each other.

They’d started out with Kyle’s arm around Ava’ shoulders and gradually gotten closer, whispering, kissing, and now they were pretty much eating each others’ faces.

Tess had wanted to skip the slumber party at Zan and Ava’s because she didn’t want to be stuck watching Max, Liz and Zan doing the same thing, but she hadn’t considered being stuck with Kyle and Ava until it was too late.

She could understand Ava messing around with Kyle. He was good looking, had a great body, and from what she’d seen he was pretty skilled in bed. Tess wouldn’t mind playing around with him, but Ava was talking about love, and Tess couldn’t believe that. She’d never let her feelings take her over for a human.

Ava may have given up on Zan, but Tess knew she would be with Max one day. It was their destiny.

Looking back at the movie, she tried to ignore the lovers, but smacking noises kept intruding into her concentration.

Finally she just got up and went into her room, closing the door firmly behind her.


Isabel concentrated on her other half, just like she had the last time but instead of the rush of images and feelings she had gotten before, this time it was just a swirling mass of black. Confused, she tried to focus on any specific thought or emotion and realized that Lonnie was wrapped up in a burning, all-consuming rage.

Lonnie was angry about the situation, she was worried about Rath and it made her even angrier. And her mind was filled with hatred, for Zan, for Nicholas, and for the rest of them.

Isabel tried to get around it or past it to see anything else that might be on Lonnie’s mind or see where they were staying, but it just wouldn’t work. For long moments she tried everything she could think of, but Isabel couldn’t get anything else out of her double’s mind.

With a sigh of disappointment, she came back into herself and opened her eyes.

It seemed like the others pounced on her immediately. “What did you see? Where is she?”

Alex came to her rescue. “Give her a minute,” he said. “Let her take a breath or two.”

Isabel felt like she was letting them all down. She knew she was the only possibility they had for getting information and maybe their best hope for staying alive.

She shook her head. “I couldn’t see anything. Lonnie is just so angry, it’s blocking out anything else.”

“You’ve got to try again,” Michael said. “We’re sitting ducks here.”

“Michael,” Max said, his tone making it clear that he needed to back off.

Michael looked at Max and then focused on Liz who was standing next to him.

“You were talking about power,” he said. “Is this something you can do with us too?” indicating himself and Isabel. “Give us more power?”

Liz blushed, instantly remembering the way she, Max and Zan had connected. “Ummm…”

Isabel understood her hesitation, remembering how Max and Liz connected before. “Michael,” she hissed, shaking her head.

“Hey,” he said, “I’m just asking.”

Max, Zan and Liz looked at each other surprised. None of them had ever thought about it before.

“Maybe you could connect with them,” Max spoke in her mind as he took her hand, “if you feel okay about trying it.”

She was surprised too. It had never occurred to her, but she wasn’t against it. “Yeah,” she said out loud. “Sure, I could try.”

Reaching for Isabel’s hand, she tried to explain. “I don’t know how Max and Zan got more powers. None of us are exactly sure how it worked, so I don’t know how to make it happen again.”

Isabel nodded. “Start with connecting with me, and we’ll see what happens.”

They clasped hands and Liz fidgeted nervously. “I’m not even sure how to connect. With Max and Zan it just...”

She didn’t even finish the sentence before she felt a connection slide into place and she got a rush of images from Isabel. “Oh!” she gasped, surprised.

Smiling, Isabel said, “Well, it is your power.” She shook her head. “But I don’t feel anything different.”

“We have to build up power while we’re connected,” Liz said. “That’s when it happened for us.”

They both felt the power inside each other, but nothing else happened.

Isabel waited for a few beats. “Is there something else?”

Liz shook her head. “No. This is when we got that extra blast of power.” She looked to Max and Zan. “I don’t know what else to do.”

“Are you sure nothing is happening?” Michael asked.

“You can definitely tell a difference,” Max said.

Isabel shrugged. “Well, nothing is different,” she said, as she and Liz dropped hands.

“Maybe you can’t do it with any one else,” Zan suggested to Liz. “It might be because of the special connection between the three of us.”

Max turned to Liz and Zan. “What if we connected first,” Max suggested in their minds, “and brought them in?”

Liz smiled, speaking the same way. “I’m willing to try, but you know what happens when we do that. Are you guys going to be able to control your lust?”

Max took her hand and leaned in to nuzzle her cheek. “I don’t know. You are just so sexy.”

“What about you?” Zan teased Liz, sliding an arm around her waist. “You are the one jumping us most of the time.”

Liz pushed playfully at his chest as the familiar connection clicked and the power and desire rushed through them. She gasped. “I think…”

Maria’s voice cut in. “Are you guys talking to each other?”

Pulled out of their private moment, they turned to look at the others. “Yeah,” Max said.

She nodded, “That’s so…”

“Creepy,” Michael supplied.

Maria threw her elbow into his gut. “I was going to say romantic.” She continued, “I mean, having this conversation that no one else can hear.”

Michael huffed.

Max held out his hand to Michael. “Try connecting with us now.”

“While you’re connected?” he asked, drawing a circle in the air with his hand, motioning to the three of them.

Max nodded. “Maybe you can join in and share the power.”

Reaching out, Michael took Max’s hand. “Can you feel the power now?” he asked.

“Yeah,” Max said, as their hands clasped. “Now we have to make a connection,” he said, asking permission to enter Michael’s mind.

Michael nodded. “You already know everything about me, “he said, “so let’s go.”

Max, Liz and Zan all felt the rush of the new connection, and Michael could feel all of them. ”Weird,” he said. “I’ve never connected with more than one person before.”

He waited for a handful of seconds, but nothing happened. It seemed as if he could sense the power, but it was just out of his reach. He shook his head. “I think I can feel it, but I don’t know how to get to it,” he said frustrated.

They tried for a few minutes more, but Michael finally dropped Max’s hand. “I wish we knew what we’re doing,” he grunted. “We could all use some more power.”

“Maybe we can try again later,” Isabel suggested. “We’re all tired…”

Michael cut her off. “I just hope there is a later for us.”


Despite Isabel’s claims of being tired, it seemed like no one really was. None of them were able to settle down.

After Max called Valenti to fill them in on the attack, they made some sandwiches, and some of them tried to watch a movie, but they mostly moved around the house talking in small groups.

Isabel sat in front of the TV completely ignoring the movie that was on, and instead watched Max, Liz and Zan together. They were standing in the corner of the room, the guys on either side of the small brunette.

Liz turned to Max, putting a hand to his chest, smiling as he kissed her cheek. Max smiled back, stroking her hair as he whispered to her.

Zan touched Liz at the same time, caressing her back almost like he couldn’t stop himself. After a moment, Liz turned to him, kissing him gently.

Isabel’s eyes went to her brother, expecting to see sorrow in him or jealously, but he smiled gently as he watched Liz with Zan, even reaching out to stroke her hair and neck.

She couldn’t help wondering if Max was really happy with the arrangement or if he was just doing it to make Liz happy.

At that moment Maria came rushing into the room with a tub of ice cream. She pushed Max and Zan out of the way, saying something Isabel couldn’t hear, and grabbed Liz by the arm, dragging her from the room.

Max and Zan watched her until she was out of sight and then spoke briefly. Zan left the room, and Isabel motioned for Max to come sit by her.

He slumped down onto the sofa. “Thanks,” he started, “for being okay with Liz and Zan. I know it’s weird.”

She grimaced. “Max, I just want you to be happy, and if you are happy with them…” she trailed off. “You are happy, right? You’re not just doing this for Liz?”

Max smiled as he thought of Liz and a rush of desire filled him. He was always amazed at how much he wanted her, but with the events of the day it was no surprise that he just wanted to hold her to him and make sure she was safe and loved.

“I’d do just about anything to be with Liz,” he said, “but I really am okay with Zan being with her too. And I was the one who invited Zan to be with us. He loves her and makes her happy, and I’ve gotten a good friend, almost like a brother. And the connection we share is amazing.”

He tried to explain. “I know there’s no way for you to understand, but it feels like he’s supposed to be with us. I didn’t think anything was missing when I was with Liz, but now that Zan is here, it’s like he completes us.”

Shaking her head, Isabel sat forward. “You’re right, I can’t imagine what that is like.” She thought of what she’d feel like if Lonnie was with her and Alex and she couldn’t even picture it. “The whole thing is just so…”

Max cut her off, “Alien?”

She smiled. “I guess so. We don’t even know what relationships are like on our planet. Maybe it’s completely normal to bond with more than one person.”

“Well, technically,” Max said, “Zan isn’t another person, but a different version of me, so it makes sense that Liz fell for him too. It’s like we really were meant to be because no matter who I turned out to be, she would love me.”


In Michael and Maria’s room, Liz and Maria were sitting on the bed, sharing the ice cream.

Maria put a spoonful of chocolate macadamia into her mouth, talking around it. “So how did it happen that you are with both of them?”

Liz took a spoonful, savoring the rich flavor before answering. “I couldn’t stay away from them,” she said blushing. “I had all of these feelings and it was like my body took over my mind. I was so confused. I love Max, but I started falling for Zan too. I decided I couldn’t be with either of them or I’d hurt the other one.”

She shook her head as a feeling of pure lust filled her. She always felt it when she thought about her men. “But I was just so drawn to them,” she said. “Max and I kind of started getting back together, but when I was with Zan I couldn’t stop myself. I felt so guilty. I knew they both loved me and I wanted them both but I knew that wasn’t possible, so I thought I had to give them both up.”

Liz took another bite, “I really tried to do it,” she said remembering the intense feelings. “I tried to do the right thing, but it’s like I have no willpower around them.”

Maria rolled her eyes as she dipped her spoon into the ice cream. “Tell me about it,” she said sarcastically.

Liz smiled. “So Zan and I were kissing at his place one night and Max felt it from his house.”

“Wait,” Maria said, sitting up straighter. “He felt it?”

“Yeah,” Liz said, “through our connection.”

“What happened?” Maria asked.

Liz continued. “Max came driving over to Zan’s wanting to kill him and that is when we found out about the power. The three of us accidentally connected, and the power, well, umm, it kind of made us, umm, lose control.”

Maria shook her head, “What does that even mean, lose control? You mean the three of you…” she trailed off, making a stirring motion with her spoon and giving Liz a look. “Right there?”

“No,” Liz denied, “but there was some umm, making out.”

“With both of them?” Maria squeaked.

“Yeah,” Liz said.

“Wow,” Maria sighed.

“I know,” Liz explained. “It was amazing, but I didn’t know how Max would take it the next day. I was afraid he would be freaked out, but he was totally okay with it, and it just kind of developed from there.”

“So how far has it gone with them?” Maria asked.

Liz didn’t answer but couldn’t help blushing and Maria gasped. “With both of them?”

Her face reddened even more as she looked down, concentrating on getting more ice cream on her spoon. She wanted to be in their arms right now, pressed against their hard bodies, kissing them, running her hands over them, feeling them...

“And you didn’t tell me?” Maria demanded, breaking into her thoughts.

Brought back to reality, Liz shrugged one shoulder. “I wasn’t sure what to say,” she admitted meeting Maria’s eyes briefly. “I couldn’t expect you to understand.”

“Oh I understand,” Maria said nodding. “Why have one completely gorgeous alien king, when you can have two?”

They both started laughing.


Zan came out of the kitchen with a large plastic cup filled with Cherry Coke and ice, and headed to the TV room. He was still wired from the attack and thought a show might calm his racing thoughts.

Actually what he really wanted was to make love to Liz, but that was currently impossible. With everyone awake and still wandering around, he didn’t want to embarrass Liz by taking her and Max into his room so they could have their way with her. He’d wait until later when things quieted down and they could be more discreet.

Reaching the door, he paused just outside when he saw the room’s only occupant, Isabel. He knew what she thought of him, but he didn’t know how to reassure her.

Continuing inside, he took a seat on the sofa and nodded when she looked at him.

“I don’t want Max to get hurt either,” he started.

Isabel’s eyes widened, obviously surprised by his statement.

“He’s a great guy,” Zan said, “and in the last few weeks he’s become one of my best friends.” He continued, holding Isabel’s gaze. “If Max wasn’t okay with me in the relationship, I wouldn’t be there.”

She looked skeptical.

Zan smiled. “I love Liz, more than I ever thought I could love anyone, but I’d leave if Max didn’t want me with them.”

“You would?” Isabel said, “But what about Liz?”

“I know how much she and Max love each other,” he said. “I can feel it through our connection and I could never be happy with her, knowing Max wasn’t happy too.”

She searched his face. “I believe you.”

He gave her a small nod and they both smiled as Alex came in.

“Ummmm,” Alex said, stopping when he saw them, “am I interrupting?”

Isabel held out her hand to him. “Of course not,” she said. “We were just talking about what to watch.”


Coming out of the shower, Michael stopped at his bedroom door, but kept walking when he heard two female voices from inside. It didn’t take a genius to figure out it was Liz and Maria, and he wanted no part of their discussion. Instead he went in search of another sandwich.

Passing the TV room, he noticed Isabel, Alex and Zan watching a show, and he continued to the kitchen. Max was inside, getting the ingredients for another sandwich, and Michael nodded to him.

They worked in silence for a handful of moments, handing things out of the fridge, passing mayo, mustard, lettuce, meat and cheese until their sandwiches were complete. Leaning against the counter, they started to eat.

Michael took a large bite, chewing noisily. “So you and Liz and Zan. How does that work? I’d be foaming-at-the-mouth jealous if Maria was with another guy.”

Max finished chewing. “I was,” he said. “Liz was having feelings for Zan and I was jealous as hell that she would want to be with him and then leave me, but when I found out she still loved me and wanted to be with me too I was never happier. I’m not jealous when they are together at all, because I know she’s still mine.”

Michael nodded, taking a couple of more bites of sandwich. “But still it has to be weird knowing she’s with him.”

“Not really,” Max said. “I can feel them together and how much they love each other and it makes me happy knowing how happy they are.”

“Right,” Michael said, still not convinced. “I just don’t get it. The thought of sharing Maria…”

“We’re not sharing her,” Max interrupted angrily. He shook his head, continuing more softly. “Don’t say that, it’s awful. Liz isn’t some prize we pass back and forth, we love her.”

“I didn’t mean anything,” Michael said.

Max shook his head. “I know. I just hate that idea of sharing her. It’s like saying she’s, I don’t know, a prostitute or something that we each paid half for. We’re not taking turns with her. She belongs to both of us completely.”

Michael scratched at his eyebrow, still not understanding but trying. “Well, it’s not like you can both be with her at the same time,” he said.

“Why not?” Max asked.

“What are you going to say to her parents when you both go to pick her up for a date?” he used as an example.

“I pick her up or she meets us,” Max said. He shook his head. “I know it’s not perfect. It’s so new we haven’t thought too far ahead. We’re still figuring it all out.”

Michael pressed for more information. “And what about when you…” he jerked his head and trailed off, “you know. You’re not going to get jealous?”

Max really didn’t feel like sharing his sex life with Michael. It was something special between him, Liz and Zan. He just smiled. “I won’t be jealous. I know it’s hard to understand, but Zan belongs with us. All three of us just know it, and the power and the connection between the three of us is proof.”

Nodding, Michael went back to his sandwich. “I just don’t want you to get hurt,” he said after a moment.

“I won’t,” Max promised him. “This is how it’s supposed to be.” He shrugged. “With all Tess’ whining about destiny, I think we really found it.”


Less than an hour later, everyone started to feel tired from the stress of the day, and in groups they headed to bed. Maria and Michael were first, disappearing into their room.

With their arms around each other, Alex and Isabel headed to her room.

Stopping at the door, he held her. “Today has been almost unbelievable.”

“Because of Max, Zan and Liz,” Isabel agreed.

He nodded, “And I never would have guessed when I woke up this morning that we’d be standing here together.”

She smiled. “But it’s a nice surprise, isn’t it?”

“Of course,” he assured her. “It’s amazing. Beyond all of my expectations. I’ll probably be up all night pinching myself to make sure it’s real. I’ll be…”

Isabel leaned in, shutting him up with a kiss.


Down the hall, Zan, Liz and Max went into Zan’s room together and shut the door behind them, and only then did they give in to their need for each other and embraced.

Zan sighed. “It’s so good to finally be alone.”

“I was beginning to think they’d never stop asking questions,” Max said, laying his forehead on Liz’s temple.

Liz pressed herself against them. “It’s so great that they accepted us, but I thought we’d never get away from them either.” She touched Max’s cheek and Zan’s chest.

Zan placed his hand over Liz’s on his chest. “I’m so sorry, baby,” he said, apologizing again for what had happened at the Crashdown.

She shook her head but Max spoke. “It’s not your fault Zan,” she said. “Neither of us blame you.”

“It is my fault,” Zan insisted. “Lonnie almost got Liz because I was asleep.” He squeezed her hand. “I’m supposed to keep you safe.”

“You did,” Liz assured him. “If you hadn’t been there, Lonnie would have killed me.” She kissed his cheek. “You and Max saved both of us.”

Through the connection Zan felt only love and support. Max and Liz didn’t blame him at all.

“We all look out for each other,” Max said.

“I’m just so happy we’re all safe,” Liz said, as she caressed both their chests. “I couldn’t stand to lose either of you.”

It seemed like they felt the desire all the time and usually it built up gradually until they gave in, but suddenly it was practically overwhelming and spread through their bond like wildfire, setting all three of them aflame.

Max attacked Liz’s lips, grasping her head and holding her to him.

She kissed him back fiercely while reaching for Zan with her other hand.

One of his hands lifted her hair so he could get to her neck, and the other pulled her hips against him with a jerk so she could feel his erection.

She moaned with need and turned to him to meet his lips as she started pulling at their shirts. She had to have them now, and she could feel their answering desire across the bond.

Liz couldn’t stop thinking that she could have lost either of them, and it made her need more urgent.

In a flurry of activity, hands caressed revealing skin as clothing was quickly removed. Lips met lips and tongues, and finally naked skin pressed to naked skin.

Liz felt hands sliding over her back and sides. A mouth closed over her breast as a palm cupped the other. Fingers stroked the sensitive flesh between her legs and she felt the desire inside building quickly to a boiling point. She couldn’t wait.

Somehow she was suddenly on the bed on top of Max, panting for breath as their mouths slid together. Her chest was pressed to his and she could feel his erection against her lower lips. And Zan was behind her, his body pressing his hard length against her back, as his hands roamed over her.

It had all happened so fast, she wasn’t sure how they’d gotten there, but she didn’t care. It was where she wanted to be, between her two men.

There was no time to go slow or savor sensations’ she had to have them now.

She sank down on Max as he took her breast into his mouth and sucked. He growled and she arched back as he filled her.

Max felt a little stunned. He couldn’t remember exactly how he and Liz had gotten on the bed, and now her silky essence was all around him. Reaching out, he caressed her velvety skin, grasping her hip to bring her ever closer.

Liz started moving on him but reached for Zan, and turning her head she kissed him, leaning back into his arms.

He cupped her breasts, stroking her nipples as he moved with the rhythm she was setting on Max. Zan nuzzled her cheek, kissing her neck. The sweet scent of her arousal filled his nose and he could feel all of her sensations through their bond. He was a bit stunned too at how they’d reached their current position. It was like he’d lost a moment or two to the desire, but it didn’t matter. He felt like he couldn’t get close enough, wanting desperately to be inside her.

Liz moaned, closing her eyes. Max felt wonderful inside her, and it was so sensual and so right being between her two men, but suddenly it wasn’t enough. She wanted them both, needed them both.

As soon as she recognized the thought, she felt surprise and agreement from Max and Zan. They all needed to be together.

She stopped her movement on Max and met Zan’s eyes, speaking in his mind. “I need you inside too,” she said, touching his chest.

Zan stroked her cheek, instantly knowing what she wanted because of their connection. “Are you sure?” he asked aloud.

“Yes,” she said with a smile. “We need this. We need to be together.”

“I feel it too,” Max said, pressing his head to hers, “the draw to be together. But only if you really want to, Liz.”

“Oh yes,” she gasped, kissing Max then Zan. “I want you both so much, I feel like I might die if I don’t have you.”

Zan had never wanted her more, and the only reason he hesitated was concern for Liz to be comfortable with what she was proposing. He drew back just enough to press his erection against her rear entrance. “Is this what you want?” he purred in her ear.

Although it was something she’d never even considered doing before, she suddenly wanted it desperately. She nodded as she leaned back against him, wrapping an arm around his neck. “Yes,” she purred.

Nuzzling her cheek, he cupped her hips with his hands and used his powers to help ease his entry. Slowly he pressed just his tip inside, and then stopped. To him it felt amazing and he sensed her pleasure, but he had to be sure. “Is this okay, baby?” he breathed in her ear.

Suddenly a surge of power rushed through them, filling them with almost overwhelming pleasure.

Liz’s back bowed and she felt like she would burst, but the energy stayed at a constant level.

“More,” she demanded, as her inner walls started to pulse around them. She’d never felt so much need for them. “Hurry,” she gasped.

Zan took her at her word, and slid in to the hilt, barely containing himself at the incredible feeling of her around him. “Oh shit,” he groaned, when he was all the way inside.

Feelings and images rushed through their connected minds faster than they could see.

Liz thought she might climax any second. Her whole body pulsed with desire and it felt like liquid fire was filling her veins. She was as tight as a drawn bow, arching into the incredible pleasure.

But she had to have more.

Instantly she started moving, undulating her hips so she could feel Max and Zan inside her, and it was more wonderful than anything she’d ever experienced.

The guys’ hands and mouths wandered over her as she sped up on them. “Oh Max, Zan,” she moaned.

As she sped up she felt the power filling them even more and was surprised to see a soft glow starting below Max’s skin. Glancing down, she could see it was coming from Zan and herself too. It hadn’t happened since the first time they discovered the power and she wondered why it was happening now.

But the thought was almost instantly pushed from her mind, because as the pleasure increased so did the power inside them and the intensity of the light.

Max and Zan groaned with the overwhelming feelings and began thrusting up to meet her.

Liz felt like each moment she would explode, and she could feel that her men were right there with her.

The energy seemed to wrap around the three of them, pushing them to go even faster. They gasped for breath and moaned as they approached the edge.

Together they sped up even more, hands grasping, muscles tightening. The power pulsed through them like electricity, heightening their sensations, increasing their pleasure until it was impossible to contain.

The orgasm took all three of them at the same time. Liz felt her own climax and the guys inside her, their erections jerking as they exploded. The power surged through them like a shockwave, holding them in place and extending their pleasure as it raced through them. The light inside them got impossibly bright and burst around them like stars.

They were left panting for breath and shivering in reaction as they clung to each other.

Liz had Max’s head resting on one shoulder while Zan’s rested on the other. She had one arm wrapped around Max’s back and the other around Zan’s neck and she felt like she couldn’t move even if she wanted to.

Zan was the first to speak. “That was…,” he trailed off, and Max finished for him.

“Like nothing we’ve ever done before,” he murmured.

“It was wonderful,” Liz sighed.

Suddenly they were all exhausted. Zan and Max held Liz gently as they left her body, and settled her between them in bed. She touched them both and kissed them.

They all had questions in their minds, but somehow none of it seemed that important at the moment. They were together, satisfied and loved and that was all that mattered.



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