Never Underestimate Destiny - Part 18


Part 18


(Thursday, November 9)

Liz danced around her bedroom as she got ready for school, feeling lighter than she had in months. Finally she was happy. She was going to be with the two men she loved.

The orgasms they had given her yesterday dampened her desire for a while, but now she wanted them just as much as she ever had. She didn’t have to wait any longer. After school she was finally going to give in to her desire for them.

She had felt so hopeless for so long. She had even resigned herself that she would never really be happy. It seemed like she was in an impossible situation.

To save the world she’d been willing to do what Future Max had said and give up her dreams, and give up Max. But it didn’t have to be that way. Max didn’t have to be with Tess.

Future Max hadn’t intended Max to be with Tess at all. He’d only wanted to stall their relationship until Zan arrived.

She couldn’t imagine how Future Max had known, but she was so happy things turned out this way.

A crease of concentration wrinkled her brow. How did Future Max know she was supposed to be with Max and Zan?

Or did he?

A sliver of doubt entered her mind. They had assumed that Future Max had stalled her relationship with Max, but what if they were wrong?

Of course they wanted it to be true, and maybe that had clouded their judgment.

They had no proof, only the feeling that it was completely wrong for Max to be with Tess. Max had always believed he was meant to be with her, and Liz had come to believe it herself. What if they had just convinced themselves of Future Max’s true intentions because that’s what they wanted?

Liz shook her head, pushing her doubts aside. No, they weren’t wrong. They couldn’t be. It all made sense.

She wasn’t going to second-guess herself any more or worry about what might happen. They had no idea of what the future held for them. She was just going to trust her instincts and allow herself to be happy.


(New York, NY)

Lonnie was frustrated. She had been spending a lot of time with Nicholas, but he still hadn’t told her anything more. She was sure there was something big he was keeping from her, and he took great pleasure in teasing her with hints and bits of information.

But she was running out of time. The summit was coming up and they needed the info before it started so they would be in a better position to negotiate.

Lonnie had been subtly using her powers on Nicholas the last few times they had gotten together, to see if he could tell. But so far he hadn’t said anything.

Her special power was being able to plant suggestions in people’s minds, and she really needed it now. She had decided to try the full force of her power on Nicholas and hopefully he would give up the secret he was keeping from her.

Moving closer to him, she stroked his arm. The skin-to-skin contact would give her powers an even bigger boost.

Pushing a steady amount of power into him, she leaned forward, speaking into his ear. “So General, is there anything you want to tell me.”

He seemed to think for a moment and then shrugged. “I don’t think so.”

She tried more power, willing him to trust her and want to confide his secrets in her. Once again she spoke. “You do want to tell me something.”

Nicholas’ brow creased in concentration. “No,” he said. “I can’t think of a thing.”

Recklessly, Lonnie pushed all of her power into him. “Tell me what you’re hiding,” she demanded.

Nicholas nodded. “Yes, there is something.”

Lonnie leaned even closer. “What is it?”

He paused and then shook his head. “No, I was wrong. I’m not hiding anything.”

She nearly snarled with anger. She was being her most persuasive and it still had no effect on him.

Suddenly he laughed. “You didn’t really think that would work on me, did you? You didn’t think I’d feel your pathetic power.”

Alarmed, she started to pull her hand back, but he roughly grabbed her wrist. “In too deep, Lonnie?”

“Nicholas,” she purred, trying to calm him, but he cut her off.

“Why don’t you just ask me what you are so obviously dying to know?” he sneered.

She’d lost her best hope of tricking him. Instantly she decided she didn’t have anything to lose by just asking. “What is so special about the Granolith?”

“I told you…” Nicholas started.

She rolled her eyes. “You’re full of shit. You want that thing way too much for it to just be a religious artifact. You’re not the religious type.”

He held her gaze, thinking quickly and finally shrugged. It didn’t really matter if she knew the truth. Maybe she would even help him. “Okay,” he said, “we don’t know what it is exactly. The Granolith has been around for millennia and no one remembers its origin. But we found a way to access the power inside it, and it has become a symbol of the true king.”

Lonnie nodded, digesting the information. “And if Khivar has it, he thinks his kingship won’t be questioned.”

“Exactly,” Nicholas confirmed. “This war has been raging for over fifty years, and as powerful as Khivar is, it’s taking a toll on him.”

“So,” Lonnie continued, “if we get rid of Zan and get you this Granolith then Khivar will be doubly protected. The rebels will have no one to fight for.”

She met his eyes. “Where is the Granolith? You don’t have it, and we don’t, unless you think Zan knows where it is.”

Nicholas shrugged. “I was hoping you knew, but we can ask your brother when he gets back.”

“Zan’s been gone a while,” he continued casually. “You have talked to him, right? When is he coming back?”

“Of course I’ve talked to him,” Lonnie lied. “He and Ava are just having some fun, but he’ll be back in time.”

“Right,” Nicholas said sarcastically, holding her eyes. “I don’t know what is going on with Zan, but don’t even think about trying to double-cross me. I’ve got spies everywhere, and anyone standing against me and Khivar will get what’s coming to them.”

Lonnie nodded, seeing how serious he was. “Don’t worry,” she purred. “I want my brother dead just as much as you do.”


To Liz it seemed like the school day lasted forever, but finally it was over. Max met her at her locker after their classes, and together they went to the Jeep.

The desire had been building inside Liz all day until it felt like it was humming through her. She was flushed and hot and it seemed as if her whole body was pulsing. She was drawn to Max, barely able to keep her hands off him.

And she wasn’t the only one who felt it. When they were alone in the Jeep he’d caressed her skin, and leaned in to nuzzle her neck. “Liz, I want you so much.”

He hadn’t stopped touching her the few minutes journey to Zan’s place. As they exited the Jeep, Max and Liz came together, linking hands, and walked to the door where Zan was waiting for them.

Zan had felt Liz’s desire all day too and when he saw her, he reached out touching her arm, and she instantly moved into his embrace.

His warm, hard body pressed against hers caused an ache deep inside her that left her breathless. If she hadn’t already decided to sleep with them, the sensations inside her would have left her with no choice.

“Is Ava here?” asked Max, looking around.

“No,” Zan said, keeping one arm wrapped around Liz’s shoulders. “She’s out with Kyle. We have the place to ourselves for hours.”

“Zan,” Liz spoke up, getting his attention, “I’ve made a decision” she said huskily. “I don’t want to wait any more. I want to be with you both.”

He focused on her face. “Are you sure?”

Liz nodded. Max had been asking her the same thing since she’d told him. “Yes,” she said, grinning. “I’m more than sure.”

A soft smile raised the corners of Zan’s mouth as he worked to control his own desire. “Well we have to figure out where to go,” he said. “You deserve so much better than the practice room. Somewhere special.”

His smile dimmed. “But we have to be careful. We don’t know what might happen.”

“That’s what I’m worried about,” Max agreed, reaching out to touch Liz’s arm. “What if we went to a hotel and melted it to the ground or something. And my house is out because my parents are there, and the same with Liz’s.”

Liz smiled. They were both so sweet and caring. “I don’t care where we go,” she said, blushing slightly. “I just want to be with you.”

She turned to Zan. “What about your room?”

“It’s not…” he started, but Liz cut him off. She didn’t want to wait another minute.

“You have a bed, right?” she asked, smiling.

Zan was almost speechless. Liz didn’t care about room service or being treated like a princess, she just wanted to be with them. “Yeah, baby, he said, “I have a bed.”

Standing on tiptoe, she pressed her lips to his. “Then what are we waiting for?”

For maybe the first time in his life Zan felt flustered. “Umm, right,” he stuttered, “just give me a second to pick up.”

He kissed her quickly and then dashed up the stairs, taking them two at a time.

Liz turned to Max, moving into his arms and kissing him. “Come on,” she said, pulling him backwards.

Max smiled. “I’ve wanted this for so long.”

“Me too,” she said.


Zan skidded to a halt in the doorway of his room, looking at it critically. With a swipe of his hand he tossed all the clutter and clothes laying on the floor into his closet. With another burst of power, he made the bed and freshened the room.

Liz might not care about her first time being special, but he did. Grabbing a handful of magazines off his bedside table, he altered them into several different-sized candles. Placing them around the room, he just finished lighting them and pulling the curtains closed as Max and Liz came in.

Max glanced around the room and then met Zan’s eyes, nodding in approval.

The light of the candles illuminated everything in the room with a soft glow. Liz smiled. “It’s perfect.”

She felt so wanton but completely loved by the two wonderful men. Holding out a hand to Zan, she turned to Max kissing him hungrily. Zan took her hand, quickly closing and locking the door before pressing his body to hers, and his lips met the back of her neck.

Max cupped her cheek as their kisses rapidly got out of control.

Liz’s hands slipped under the hem of his shirt caressing his chest and it made him impatient for skin-to-skin contact.

He broke the kiss, pulling his shirt over his head, and then he reached for Liz’s buttons. Quickly he got them undone and stripped her blouse down her arms. Leaning in again he went directly for her neck.

She arched back, giving him access, gripping at his head.

Zan took advantage of Liz’s free lips, turning her head gently to kiss her. A soft moan escaped her and she tangled one hand in his hair, pulling him closer.

His hands slid up her sides, stroking her silky skin before cupping her lace-covered breasts.

Liz’s fingers found the collar of Zan’s t-shirt in back, and she tugged at it, pulling it up.

Zan took the hint and used one hand to reach back and rip the shirt over his head, only separating his lips from hers for a second. Instantly they continued the kiss.

Max used a twist of his fingers to release Liz’s bra clasp and nipped at her neck as he slid the straps down one of her arms and then the other. Then he dipped his head, going directly for her breast. He took her soft mound into his mouth, his tongue laving over her peak.

Liz moaned into Zan’s mouth and he reached around cupping her other breast, stroking her.

Kneeling down, Max kept Liz’s breast in his mouth as his hands slid down her stomach, going for the fastening on her jeans. He had them open in a matter of seconds and pulled them and her panties down her legs.

Zan knew what Max was doing and broke the kiss with Liz. He held her hips, steadying her as Max lifted each of Liz’s legs, as he removed her clothes, socks and shoes.

She stood naked before them and Max took a moment to let his eyes roam over her. He wanted her so much and it felt so good that he didn’t have to hold back. But at the same time he also wanted to slow down and make sure it was good for Liz.

“You’re so beautiful,” Max whispered.”

Liz smiled and reached for him, pulling him to his feet. Her hands went to the fastening of his jeans.

Zan spoke up. “I’ll give you some privacy.”

“What?” Liz asked turning toward him.

Zan smiled. “You and Max don’t want an audience for your first time, baby. It’s okay, I understand.”

Liz shook her head, grasping his arm, but Max spoke for both of them. “Zan, it’s the three of us now.”

Zan met Max’s eyes and understanding passed between them.

He’d had some doubts about how much Max would allow him to be with them, but Max was accepting him completely into their lives.

“Okay,” Zan said.

He smoothed one hand down Liz’s stomach stopping just above her triangle of dark hair. “Of course you’ll be with Liz first,” Zan said, “but there’s one thing I can do for her.”

His hand glowed briefly in the dim light and Liz felt a warm, tingling sensation inside her. Instantly she knew what he’d done. Zan had taken away the pain she would have experienced.

Turning, she kissed his cheek. “Thank you.”

He winked at her. “Go get him, baby.”

With a wave of his hand he turned his bedside table into a chair. It seemed weird that he was going to sit and watch Max and Liz have sex. But they had invited him to do so, and it felt right. He even felt like he should be participating, and maybe he would, another time.

But this time was all about Liz.

Again Liz reached for Max’s belt and he pressed his head to hers, stroking her arms as she opened his belt and pants. “I love you, Liz,” he whispered. “And I want this to be perfect for you.”

She leaned in kissing his chest. “I love you too, and the only thing I need to make this perfect is you inside me.”

Max shivered with a rush of desire and his cock hardened painfully. Liz was so sexy and she wanted him so much. He’d have to use all his concentration to make sure their first time was good for her.

Liz pushed his jeans and boxers to the floor and her eyes dipped down to see him for the first time. She blushed slightly but moved into him and they both gasped with the skin-to-skin contact.

He wrapped his arms around her, holding her tightly and kissed her head. “Lie down on the bed,” he rumbled.

She kissed his chest and did as he said, and then watched as he removed his shoes and socks. Once again his eyes roamed over her, taking in every inch of her creamy skin before he joined her. He laid next to her and she smiled at him. It was just like he’d been dreaming about for months.

Reaching out he cupped her cheek, caressing her skin down her neck and arm, stroking over her hip and back up to her breast. He didn’t think he’d ever get enough of touching her.

Liz leaned in pressing her lips to his. Her hand smoothed over his chest and around to his back, holding him close.

The kiss quickly got out of control, and with Liz’s naked body pressed to him, Max felt like he wanted to eat her alive. His lips left hers, nipping and sucking at the soft skin on her neck, making Liz moan and writhe beneath him.

But it only made him greedy for more.

He moved over her, sliding one of his legs between hers. Kissing down her chest, he took her prefect breast into his mouth, circling her hard nub with his tongue. His hand grasped her other breast and he stroked his thumb over her tip, repeating the same motion.

Liz gasped with pleasure, arching into him. She grasped his neck, holding him close, going crazy with desire.

Max settled fully over her, and she held him between her thighs. His erection pressed against her, and they rocked together. A smoky, seductive sent reached his nose and he knew it was Liz’s arousal. He could feel the slickness at her core and sensed she was completely ready for him.

It was the most powerful, amazing thing he’d ever felt, to know he had done it to her. She loved and wanted all of him.

“Please, Max,” she gasped.

He wanted to slowly explore every inch of her, kissing and licking her silky skin, but that could wait for another time. There was something urgent in Liz’s tone, and he felt the overwhelming need to be joined with her completely

Cupping her cheek, he held her eyes as he moved down slightly and then slowly started to push inside her. He watched her carefully, noting every movement of her features to make sure he wasn’t causing her pain. But as their bodies joined, so did their minds.

Suddenly they were deluged with images and emotions from each other, and instead of trying to guess what Liz was feeling, he was experiencing it with her.

He could tell the sensations were different than she expected. With him inside she felt full and stretched, and he could feel how pleasurable it was for her. He could also feel that his solid length filling her dampened her desire for a moment, but the friction of his movement made her want even more.

For him, being inside her was just as amazing. Her liquid heat surrounded him and she held him so tightly. The motion as he slid into her was like nothing he’d ever felt, as her soft inner walls enveloped him.

He stopped when he was completely inside to give her time to adjust to him, and to give himself a moment to find some composure so he didn’t climax immediately.

His eyes were still locked with Liz’s and a rush of love passed between them.

Max wanted the moment to last forever but he was afraid he wouldn’t be able to hold on to his control for very long. He just hoped he could bring Liz to orgasm before he came.

And then Liz’s answer was in his mind. Just feeling you is wonderful, she said with a smile. And we can always work on your stamina together another time.

He grinned back, feeling some of the pressure on him lessen, but he still wanted to make sure that she climaxed first.

Slowly he started to withdraw. A gasp left Liz’s lips and he groaned with the sensations. It was more amazing than he could have imagined.

Her naked body was under him, every inch of their skin touching as they slid together. Her hard nipples raked across his chest and her small hands grasped at his back and neck, holding him close. Her silky thighs tightened around him and her core pulsed around his cock.

So many sensations, so much pleasure, it was hard not to give in to it, but he tried to focus on Liz and what she needed.

I need you, she whispered in his mind.

He brushed her hair away from her face tenderly as he slid back inside her, eagerly watching her reactions.

A soft smile raised her lips and her heavily-lidded eyes widened slightly as he changed directions. He felt her breath catch and the accompanying jolt of pleasure that rushed through her, and it made him eager to give her more.

She was so wet that he slid easily inside her despite the snug fit, and he settled into a slow rhythm.

Her fingers tightened on his back and her hips started to move with him, matching his pace, and for long moments they rocked together.

As the pleasure built in both of them they began to move faster and faster, staying perfectly in sync with each other. Liz’s breaths turned to gasps and her core squeezed his cock as her back arched. Her whole body seemed to be tightening around him.

He knew she was getting close, he could read it in her reactions and feel it through the connection. He was holding on to his own control by a thread and gritted his teeth.

Just a little more, he told himself. Just a little more.

“Max,” she moaned. “Oh Max!”

His name on her lips nearly sent him over the edge. His cock twitched inside her but he stubbornly didn’t allow himself to come. Instead he met and held her gaze as he sped up even more. He wanted to be looking in her eyes as he gave her the ultimate pleasure.

As Liz felt the sensations overwhelm her, she instinctively reached out to Zan, and he took her hand.

Instantly he was pulled into the connection with Max and Liz and he felt their climaxes approaching as if it was his own.

Liz’s own pleasure intensified as she touched Zan, like a flash of electricity rushing through her body. With just a few more strokes, Liz’s inner muscles clamped down on Max’s cock and she came apart in his arms.

He instantly lost control, exploding deep within her. A harsh groan escaped him as his hips pumped into her several more times and he emptied himself completely. He collapsed onto her, burying his face in her neck as he gasped for air.

Liz was completely wrapped around him, her small hands were still clutching his back, and he’d never felt closer to her.

He could feel Zan in their connection too, but instead of being an intrusion, he just felt like a part of them.

“I love you,” Max whispered in her ear, between kisses on her neck. He pulled back just enough to see her eyes and stroked her cheek as he said it again. “I love you, Liz.”

A bright smile crossed her face. “I love you.”

He smiled too. “I can’t believe we’re together, finally making love.”

“I know,” she said. “I didn’t think it would ever happen. But I’m glad it did,” she said as her smile widened. “It was incredible.”

Leaning down, Max took her breast in his mouth, laving her hard nipple. He felt a flash of intense pleasure rip through her, and her body arched back as she gasped.

He loved that he could effect her so much, and he wanted to spend hours just caressing her to see her reactions.

Possessively he stroked her skin, loving that he could touch her the way he’d always wanted. He kissed her lingeringly, and her hands twined in his hair. He still couldn’t believe how lucky he was.

After everything that had come between them and tried to tear them apart, finally they were together. For long moments they simply touched and kissed, savoring the closeness.

Liz was feeling the same way, and she held him to her. “We’re together now,” she said, smiling. “We can do this as much as we want.”

“Yeah,” Max agreed. “And the connection,” he said, “I could feel everything you did, and we could talk through it.”

He tuned to Zan. “Did you hear us?”

“No,” Zan said, still grasping Liz’s hand, “but I wasn’t in the connection with you.”

How about now? Liz asked silently, gently squeezing his hand.

Yes, Zan answered her the same way, I can hear you. He looked at Max, who nodded too.

“We should do some experiments,” Liz said excitedly, “to see if it still works when we’re not touching, and how far…”

“Another time,” Max said, cutting her off with a grin. “Today is just about the three of us.”

Max wanted to stay inside her forever, but reluctantly he pulled out, kissing her again.

He rolled off her, knowing she was going to make love with Zan, but he felt excited about watching them. With a smile he got off the bed, and nodded to Zan where he was sitting.

Zan gave him a single bob of his head and got up, moving to sit on the bed next to Liz. Stroking her cheek.

“You are so beautiful,” he said.

Leaning in, he kissed her. He meant it to be a soft kiss, but seeing her and Max together had practically driven him wild, and the kiss quickly turned hungry.

Liz pulled Zan to her, loving the feel of his naked chest against her. Max had satisfied her wonderfully, but a hunger was growing inside her again just for Zan.

She smoothed her hands over his chest and back, exploring him. Then she separated her body away from him just enough to reach the fastening on his jeans. For a moment she fumbled with the buttons as she attempted to open them while her lips crashed with Zan’s

Finally she had them undone, and gripped the waistband, tugging at it. The ache inside her was growing urgent again.

Zan could feel her desire for him and stripped off his jeans and boxers with one hand, eager to be inside her. He kicked off his boots along with his clothes and settled over her. His hard length pressed against her core and he growled with the sensation.

Breathing hard he told himself to slow down. No matter how much they wanted each other it was Liz’s first time and he needed to be gentle with her. He also wanted to touch and kiss all of her, savoring her and the experience.

His lips found her neck, sucking and licking her delicate skin. He knew she loved it, and her head fell back giving him more room. His hand went to her breast and he circled her tip with his thumb, making it draw to a tight point.

Kissing a trail down her neck and chest he moved between her soft mounds. He licked the underside of one breast, slowly going up until he reached her rigid nipple, then he closed his mouth over her, sucking her sensitive skin.

She gasped, and her hands tightened on his head, holding him in place. He loved that such a simple touch could give her so much pleasure.

He flattened his tongue, drawing it across her hard nipple in long stroke before brushing his chin stud against it.

A jolt of energy shocked through Liz, and her hips started to move against him. She gripped his back tightly and writhed under him as he continued to suck and lick her breast.

Oh, he wanted her so much!

Moving back up he met her lips again, kissing her tenderly.

“Are you sure you want to do this with me?” he asked.

He knew she wanted him, but he didn’t want her to give herself to him unless she was absolutely positive. There were so many complications; her relationship with Max, what her friends would think, how she would feel about herself.

“I love you, Zan,” she said. “I want to be with you.”

He held her eyes. “Once we do this, there’s no going back,” he said. “We’ll belong to each other.”

She nodded. “That’s exactly what I want.”

He felt a rush of relief and love. Finally he would be with her completely.

Holding her eyes he positioned himself at her core. “I love you,” he said. He had never been so sincere, never meant anything more than he did at that moment. “I’ll always love you.”

He had wanted this since the first moment he’d seen her, and he couldn’t believe it was happening. Slowly he slid inside her, and it felt like he was finally coming home.

Then the connection opened between them, and Zan was surrounded completely by Liz. She held him inside her body, her arms wrapped around him, and her memories and feelings were rushing through his mind. He could feel her love and desire for him so clearly.

He’d had sex with a few women during the breaks in his on-again off-again relationship with Ava, but with Liz it felt like his first time. It truly felt like he had never been with a woman before, and he knew it was because he’d never been in love before.

Stopping deep inside her, he paused to savor the sensations.

Liz was a virgin and he expected her to be tight, but she parted to envelope him perfectly and held him like they were made for each other. She was so wet, and her core already pulsed around him. She was so responsive to him, he was going to enjoy giving her as much pleasure as he could.

Kissing her again, he started moving.

Slowly he inched out of her and then reversed directions, sliding back inside, all the time watching Liz’s face. She gasped as the sensations flashed through her, her hands tightening on his back, and her hips lifted in to his.

Zan couldn’t believe how good it was. It was like nothing he’d ever experienced.

Everything seemed more pleasurable, more intense.

You are amazing, he said silently.

Liz blushed, but smiled. You’re the one who’s amazing.

He sped up slightly, drawing a moan from her. Through the connection he could feel how incredible it was for her too, and he wanted to give her even more.

His hand found her breast and he stroked slowly over her hard tip, sending shocks of electricity through her. His lips brushed hers, teasing her with soft kisses.

Liz squirmed under him as her pleasure built, her hips moving to meet his strokes.

Once again she reached out to the chair, where Max was now sitting, grasping for his hand. She felt the need to be touching both of her men, and as Max intertwined his fingers with hers the intensity of her pleasure jumped.

She arched back, suddenly changing the angle of her hips and Zan slid even deeper inside her. And even though he was experienced, he felt his control slipping.

He started moving faster, careful to make sure of Liz’s reactions, but he needn’t have worried. He could feel that she loved it.

Her small hand skittered across his back, trying to hold on to anything, and her breath was coming in gasps. With each of his strokes her hips rose to meet him, and her body was tightening, bowing back. Her inner muscles pulsed around him, and he knew it wouldn’t be long.

With just a few more of his strokes the orgasm took her suddenly, and Zan watched greedily as her body arched and she flew over the edge. It was the most beautiful thing he’d ever seen.

He wanted to make her come again and again, so he could watch her, but he didn’t want to seem like he was trying to outdo Max. There would be other times, he told himself, when he could spend hours bringing her to climax. So he simply allowed himself to cum into her, growling his complete satisfaction.

Never had he given or received so much pleasure and he knew it was because he was so much in love.

As she came down, he caressed her neck and chest, watching her every reaction.

Gradually her breathing and heartbeat calmed as the intensity of her climax lessened.

Her hair was fanned out around her wildly, her skin was flushed and glistening with moisture. She had a warm, satisfied smile on her lips, and her eyes were soft and sleepy. She looked like she had been well loved.

Reaching up, she touched his cheek as she spoke silently. I have been well loved.

Zan was surprised. He hadn’t realized he’d said it through the connection.

I couldn’t exactly hear it, Liz told him, but I could feel what you meant.

So could I, Max said. I could feel how much you love her, and I’m glad. She deserves the best.

Zan nodded. Yes she does.

He pulled out of her, and rolled to her side. Wrapping an arm around her, he kissed her again.

The bed dipped on the other side, and Zan knew Max had joined them.

Liz turned to touch his face, and pressed her lips to his. She reached for Zan’s hand and spoke to both of them. “Today was wonderful. You were both,” she grinned, “wonderful.”

They settled together, Max and Zan caressing and kissing her. Liz smoothed her hands over Zan and then Max, concentrating on each of them in turn. All of them felt sated and complete.

“So you don’t regret anything that happened?” Max asked, stroking her neck.

“Not at all,” Liz assured them, looking from one to the other. “I loved every minute.”



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