RoswellOracle's Fanfiction - Never Underestimate Destiny - Part 16


Part 16


Tess pulled her car slowly into the Valenti’s driveway and turned it off. She was still stunned by what she’d seen at Zan’s, and she was having a hard time believing it. If she hadn’t seen it with her own eyes, she would have said it was impossible.

It seemed that Liz was a lot more wild than she let people believe. Of course, Tess reminded herself, Liz had slept with Kyle just out of the blue.

Even harder to believe was that Max and Zan were willing to share her. She knew Max was wrapped around Liz’s finger, but she had no idea how much power Liz had over him. He was a king. He could have any woman he wanted and he was settling for a woman who would never truly be his.

She guessed she wasn’t as surprised at Zan’s participation. Although she didn’t know about his past, he certainly seemed like he was experienced. She imagined he had any number of women and done all kinds of kinky things. She just couldn’t believe he was attracted to mousy Liz.

Taking the keys out of the ignition, she left the car and headed for the house.

Obviously her plan to turn Max against Liz wouldn’t work now. If he was willing to share Liz, maybe she didn’t have a chance with him after all. At least until he was finished with Liz.

Anger rushed through her. Why didn’t Max want her?

He would rather share Liz than have her?

Fine, she said to herself, if Max could play around then she could too. She knew Kyle had a thing for her so why not occupy herself with him for a while.

She let herself into the house intending to seduce him on the spot, but to her disappointment the interior was still dark. Kyle must be out. She didn’t know who he was dating, but it was bound to be some blonde bimbo. It would be easy for her to steal him away.

She was just heading for the kitchen when a small noise caught her attention. It seemed to be coming from Kyle’s room, so maybe he was home after all.

With a smile, she headed for his room. As she got closer she could hear more sounds that she recognized, grunts and puffs of breath that meant Kyle was working out.

Perfect, she thought to herself. She’d surprise him when he was all sweaty and pumped with testosterone and have her way with him.

She tiptoed the last few steps and silently pushed his door open, peering in through the crack, and for the second time that day she was completely shocked.

The sounds she’d heard hadn’t been Kyle working out at all. He was in bed with Ava and they were having enthusiastic sex.

She watched them in stunned silence for a moment.

They moved together rhythmically and Tess couldn’t help but admire Kyle’s bulging muscles. Ava’s arms and legs were wrapped around him, and her body was arched back in obvious pleasure as he surged into her.

It was kind of weird seeing Ava beneath him, like watching herself in a movie or something.

She had no idea Kyle was seeing Ava. She didn’t even know he’d talked to her more than a couple of times. But it was obvious now that Ava was who he’d been spending all his time with.

Slowly, silently, Tess closed the door and backed away. She felt a surge of deep disappointment and sadness. It should be her with Kyle, not Ava.


(Wednesday, November 8) Liz sat in class waiting nervously for Max to arrive. After what had happened at Zan’s place last night, she wasn’t sure what to feel.

It had been incredible, letting the two men touch and kiss her and bring her to orgasm, but according to everything she’d ever been taught she should be ashamed. She should feel like a slut.

But she didn’t.

She felt a bit embarrassed, and even a little exhilarated that two such beautiful men wanted her. At the time all she’d thought about was how much she desired them and the incredible pleasure they were giving her.

After she’d climaxed, Max and Zan continued to caress her and kiss her, but the urgency was gone. It was like the energy that had surged through them needed release, and the orgasm had set it free. At least temporarily.

That night she’d had more erotic dreams of Zan and Max, and this time the three of them were together, touching, making love. She’d woken up flushed and aroused and wanting them both, and the feeling had only gotten stronger as the day passed.

But she wasn’t really sure how she was supposed to behave with them. They hadn’t really talked about it afterward. They’d broken slowly apart, talking about nothing for a while, all of them acting like it hadn’t happened.

They agreed to stay late after practice today, and see if they could summon the energy again. It was the three of them connecting together, they had decided, that had caused it. The power was like nothing any of them had ever felt and it was worth exploring.

But no one had mentioned that it had most likely been the power that had drawn the three of them together in the first place.

Max had been ready to beat Zan to a pulp for kissing her, but after the surge of power he had no problem with Zan touching her so intimately.

But would Max regret it today? Would he hate her for allowing it?

Liz also remembered that the power had seemed to heighten their desire for each other too. It had been incredible. She could still feel it running through her.

She could also still feel Zan and Max’s hands and mouths on her, and heaven help her, she wanted it again.


Max hurried down the hallway, eager to get to Liz.

He was so confused, he wasn’t sure what to feel.

He thought he should feel hurt, or betrayed because Liz had wanted Zan, but he didn’t. He thought he should feel like scum for letting another man pleasure his soulmate, but he didn’t.

It hadn’t felt wrong at the time and it still didn’t. Although, he did wonder what Liz thought of him for sharing her with Zan.

Sharing her.

The words sounded horrible. He didn’t even want to think about it in those terms.

It hadn’t seemed like they were sharing her, it had been more simple and more complicated at the same time. It was like she had belonged to both of them in that moment, like the three of them completed each other.

The thought flickered through his mind that it could be an alien thing. What if his people were more free with their sexuality? What if threesomes, or even more, were common?

But that didn’t seem right either.

In the destiny book, it had shown the four of them together in pairs, not groups of three of four.

Max tried to picture Michael or Kyle kissing Liz and was filled with disgust, anger and jealously.

Then he pictured Zan kissing Liz, touching her. He was a little jealous, but not nearly as much as he would be if she were with someone else.

And he hadn’t been jealous at all when the three of them had been together. All he’d thought about was Liz. It was like Zan was an extension of himself, extra hands and mouth that could pleasure Liz.

His brown wrinkled in confusion. It was weird. He wasn’t sure how to think about it. He had nothing in his experience that even came close.

Liz seemed okay with both of them touching her last night. She hadn’t said she was uncomfortable, and she enjoyed it enough that she had climaxed.

Max knew he would never forget that moment, the first time he had brought her to orgasm. He hadn’t planned it. It had been completely instinctual. And the fact that Zan shared it didn’t bother him at all.

But would it bother Liz?

Afterward they talked, and then he’d driven Liz home, and kissed her goodnight. Everything seemed as normal as possible.

But now that she had time to think about it, she might be regretting her actions. And he certainly wouldn’t blame her. He didn’t know what to think himself.

He wanted to pretend that none of them had been in their right minds, that the power had made them do it. But he knew it wasn’t true.

Sure the power had increased their desire, and it had given him a brief glimpse into Zan’s mind, so he saw how much Zan loved and wanted Liz. And maybe that made him feel sympathetic toward Zan, but it hadn’t made him let Zan touch Liz.

Max couldn’t help but wonder what would happen when they invoked the power again.

It reminded him of the time last spring when he and Liz had been getting all of the visions when they kissed and eventually found the orb. But this time the power and the desire he felt for her was even stronger, and he knew Liz felt it too.

He was sure that Liz would have given herself to him if they’d been alone. So what would happen with the three of them together again?

He wasn’t sure, but he did know one thing. He wanted her. Liz’s orgasm had somehow seemed to dampen his desire for the first time in days, but now he wanted her even more.

But he wanted the power too.

Sometime during the night it had come to him. If the power was enough, if they could control it, then he could convince Liz to give up on her ideas about Tess being their salvation. If they were strong enough then Liz would be with him with no reservations.

Finally he arrived at the class he shared with Liz and tried to brace himself for any reaction she might have.

He felt her before he saw her and knew that she felt him too. Her eyes were focused on the door as he entered and his heart leapt as she gave him a shy smile.

Smiling in relief, he took a seat next to her and reached out, squeezing her hand.

“I love you,” he whispered.

Liz met his eyes. “I love you too.”


Zan couldn’t stop smiling.

He could hardly believe what had happened last night.

He’d thought Max was going beat the crap out of him, but something had changed Max’s mind. And Zan was pretty sure it was the power that had done it.

For some reason Max accepted him, and let him be a participant in giving Liz an orgasm.

He could still remember the feel of her soft breast in his hand, the taste of her lips, and the way her body had arched into him as she’d cum.

It was everything he’d imagined and so much more. And it made him desire Liz even more than he had before.

They all agreed that they should try to summon the power again, but he’d been the one to push for another meeting today. It was true that they were running out of time, and the power might be the thing to save them, but he had to admit it wasn’t his main reason.

He was hoping the power would act the same way again and Max would allow him another taste of Liz.

Zan knew it was incredibly selfish, but he loved her and desired her so much, and he thought it might be the only way he’d have even a small part of her.

If the only way he could have Liz was with Max there too, then he would take it.

He really hadn’t minded Max being there at all.

He didn’t desire Max, and he knew Max didn’t want him. Neither of them wanted men in that way. All of their desire and longing had been focused on Liz, on giving her pleasure, on loving her.

It felt right, the three of them together.

Zan shook his head. It felt more than right, it had been so natural and complete. For the first time in his life, he’d felt like he was part of something special, like he belonged.

And maybe he just felt that way because he’d never been in love before, never been part of a real relationship, but he didn’t think so.

As crazy as it sounded, it felt like the three of them were supposed to be together.


Tess had never felt so alone in her life.

It seemed like everything she believed just wasn’t true.

She knew Max was infatuated with Liz, but she’d been so sure he would eventually turn to her. They were destined after all.

Her whole life Nasedo had told her how it would be. How Max would love her and they’d be together, but all he wanted was Liz.

And even though she’d given Kyle no encouragement, she had flirted with him, and she thought he’d always be there. But he had moved on to Ava so she didn’t even have anyone to occupy herself with until Max realized his true destiny.

Maybe she’d just choose some random guy at school. There were plenty of good-looking guys with killer bodies that could ‘scratch her itch’, but she would have liked it to be Kyle. She knew it would piss off Max if she slept with Kyle too.

She smiled as the bell in the hallway rang and watched from around the corner as Max and Liz exited from their classroom together.

They weren’t holding hands or touching or showing any signs they were back together. They were simply walking together, talking softly.

Max was still looking at Liz that way he did, like she was the only thing in the world, and Tess knew what they had done last night. At least she knew what had happened the few moments that she had watched. But Max and Liz still weren’t back together?

Tess’ brow wrinkled in confusion. What was going on?

She’d have to watch them together with Zan at practice today and see if she could figure it out.


All day Zan had hardly been able to contain himself, he was so eager to see Liz again at practice.

The day seemed to go by so slowly, and Zan counted the hours silently to himself. Every time he looked at the clock he would imagine where Liz was in her day. She was just leaving for school, she was in English, she was eating lunch.

Finally it was time for school to end, and he knew to expect her a few minutes later.

She would be coming with Max, but that didn’t even bother him now.

He felt Liz’s presence a moment before he heard the telltale sound of the Jeep outside.

Although he and Max and Liz hadn’t talked about the sexual aspect of their night, they had discussed their newfound powers. For now they had decided to keep it to themselves, at least until they had a better idea about what was going on.

So Zan couldn’t show the others yet that anything was different.

“They’re here,” Ava called out, and Zan waited a few seconds and then followed her downstairs.

Liz was just coming in with Max and Isabel, and Zan allowed his eyes to quickly skim over her before looking away. He felt his heart leap and desire filled him, but he controlled his face, careful not to show his excitement. It was just like any other practice, he told himself, over and over.

It would be over in an hour, and then his real day would begin.


Tess was eager to see how Zan, Liz and Max acted around each other, but she was disappointed. Zan supervised the group for a while and then they broke into smaller groups to practice like they always did.

Zan and Liz were together as usual, and Tess watched them carefully, but saw no signs that anything was different between them.

Then she turned her attention to Max, who was practicing with Michael. She thought Max would be keeping a close eye on Zan and Liz but he didn’t look at them once.

She was even more confused than ever.

Her attention was brought back to her own group as Isabel excused herself to go to the bathroom, and Tess took the opportunity to focus on the other thing on her mind.

She turned to Ava, “So you and Kyle are going out,” she said casually.

Ava smiled, her whole face softening. “Yeah, he’s great,” she said candidly. “I think I’m falling in love with him.”

Tess pasted on a phony smile and nodded, hardly believing her ears. What was Ava thinking? She could have a king, but she was settling for Kyle?

“But what about you and Zan?” she asked Ava.

Ava shrugged. “There never really was a me and Zan. He tried, and I thought I loved him for a while, but it wasn’t working. I didn’t want to admit it for a long time, but there was always something missing.”

Tess’ eyebrows rose skeptically. “And you found that ‘something’ with Kyle?” She gave a giggle. “Sure he’s cute, but he’s just a human.”

“That doesn’t matter to me,” Ava said, shaking her head. “I’m happy with him, happier than I’ve ever been.”

“That’s great,” Tess said pityingly, not meaning a word.

Ava might have given up on Zan, but she wasn’t giving up on Max. She’d be there when he was ready to follow his destiny.

“And Zan doesn’t mind?” Tess asked.

Suddenly Ava had a feeling that Tess was really trying to get information about Zan and Liz. Zan had asked her not to say anything and she would keep her word, of course, but she wondered what Tess was up to.

Ava kept her smile in place and simply shrugged, answering Tess’ question.

“Why would he mind me going out with Kyle?” Ava said. “He just wants me to be happy.” She changed the direction of the conversation to focus away from Zan. “He even let me borrow his car to go see Kyle after practice.”

Tess nodded, but she couldn’t help thinking that Zan just wanted to get Ava out of the way so he could be free to pursue Liz.

Then Tess had another thought, and stepped closer to Ava, lowering her voice. She motioned to where Liz and Zan were standing. “Liz sure works fast,” she murmured.

Ava looked over at Liz and Zan practicing. “What do you mean?” she asked suspiciously.

“Well,” Tess said, watching her double closely, “first Liz was with Kyle, and then when Max saved her she switched to him, and then she dumped him, but totally kept him on the hook. He was begging her to take him back and then a couple of weeks ago she broke his heart and slept with Kyle. And now she’s moving on to Zan.” She giggled. “I think she’s trying to bed every guy in Roswell.”

She saw the surprised look on Ava’s face when she’d mentioned that Kyle slept with Liz but acted surprised. “Oh, I’m sorry. You did know that Kyle and Liz had sex, right?”

“Well,” Tess continued, not waiting for an answer, “I’m sure it didn’t mean anything.” She patted Ava’s arm. “It was just a one night thing as far as I know.”

Ava nodded silently, moving away, and Tess smiled. Maybe Kyle would be hers soon after all.

Throughout the rest of the practice Tess continued to take covert glances toward Max, Liz and Zan, but didn’t see anything unusual until it was time to leave.

Max had a brief conversation with Isabel, and then Isabel approached her.

“Hey Tess,’ Isabel started, “you don’t mind giving me a ride home do you? I hate riding on the back of Michael’s motorcycle.”

“Of course not,” Tess assured her. “But why isn’t Max taking you? Is he working?”

Isabel rolled her eyes. “He said he needs to run some errands.”

Tess motioned to Liz. “What about Liz?”

Isabel shrugged. “I don’t know,” she said disinterestedly. “I guess Zan will take her home. She’s staying for some extra practice or something.”

Tess slowly followed Isabel to the door. Michael was already on his motorcycle and Tess noticed that Ava was determinedly heading to Zan’s car. She was probably on her way to confront Kyle.

Max, Liz and Zan were standing, talking softly, and she realized they’d arranged to be alone together.

She had a feeling she knew what they’d be doing a few moments after everyone had left, and she had no desire to see it again.


Zan kept watch on the parking lot, waiting until all the vehicles had left. “They’re gone,” he said, turning to Max and Liz.

With a wave of his hand he turned three chairs into a sofa, motioning for them to take a seat. Zan sat on one end and Liz automatically took the middle seat, while Max was on the other end.

“How should we start?” Liz asked nervously.

Zan let his eyes skim over her again. He could feel the desire in her, and it almost took his breath away.

“I’ve been thinking,” Zan said gruffly, “it happened when we were all touching. So you and Max should connect and then you can bring me in and we’ll see what happens.”

Max nodded. “I had the same kind of idea. We’ll take it slow and see if we can control it.”

He offered Liz his hand. “You feel okay about this, right?”

She nodded, placing her hand in his. “Yeah. It’s kind of exciting.”

Max smiled softly. He too had high hopes that the power would be enough so Liz would give up the idea of him and Tess.

Taking a deep breath, he opened his mind to her and the connection slid into place so easily that it made him gasp. He was deluged with images and feelings from Liz’s mind. He’d felt her desire all day but now it was overwhelming. And she didn’t just want him, she wanted Zan too, loved him.

Max thought he should feel jealous, but he didn’t. If anything, he felt curious.

Then he felt Liz’s guilt about Zan, and her worry that he would think less of her, or even hate her for it.

He squeezed her hand and spoke softly. “It’s okay,” he assured her.

Her eyes met his and he saw confusion along with the gratitude and relief.

Max was fairly confused himself. He didn’t understand any of what was going on. “We’ll figure it out.”

Liz nodded, and reached a hand out to Zan.

He took her hand and opened a connection to Liz, not knowing what to expect. A rush of images from both Liz and Max filled his mind along with their feelings. Quickly he sorted through their emotions about the situation and what had happened last night, and amazingly enough, neither Max nor Liz regretted it.

Zan was surprised for a moment but the feelings he got from Max and Liz explained everything. He clearly felt their emotions, and knew that they felt his. He could even feel the power inside them and their abilities. But what he didn’t feel was the energy surge like they had experienced last night.

Just as he had the thought, Max spoke.

“There’s no power.”

“No,” Zan agreed. “We must be missing something.”

“Well,” Max said, grinning sheepishly, “I was pretty mad.”

“But I wasn’t,” Zan said, “and neither was Liz.”

“But,” Liz said, thinking quickly, “we were all emotional for various reasons. Maybe the heightened emotions made us lose control of our powers.”

Max nodded, “That makes sense. We should try building up a little power inside ourselves while we’re connected.”

Zan concentrated just a small amount of power and he felt Max doing the same. Their power seemed to look for each other, fusing together, but nothing really happened until Liz was added to the mix. Her power joined with theirs, focusing it, and a surge of pure energy rushed through them.

All three of them gasped. And along with the power came overwhelming desire.

Zan’s thumb started to trace over the back of Liz’s hand. He wanted her so much, ached to kiss her, but he worked to keep himself focused.

He raised his free hand and directed the smallest amount of power toward a table with weights and some equipment on it. Everything seemed to shatter, bursting into thousands of pieces and flew apart.

The action surprised Zan and he immediately thought about stopping. And he was shocked when the pieces instantly halted their movement, revolving in mid-air for a split second and then rushed back together to reform the original shapes, looking exactly as they had before.

The whole thing happened so fast Zan wondered if it wasn’t just a hallucination he’d had, until Max and Liz both spoke at the same time.

“Wow,” they gasped. “How did you do that?”

Zan shook his head trying not to look at Liz to keep his concentration. “I have no idea,” he said, leaning into her so their bodies touched. “I just sent out a tiny blast and when I saw how destructive it was, I wished it back.”

Liz shivered with the contact, and her need for them echoed through the connection.

Max closed his eyes for a moment as he swayed toward her. He was working hard on controlling himself, but it was quickly slipping. Automatically his hand rose and he cupped her cheek, pressing his face to hers.

“There is so much power,” Max said, his voice gruff with desire. “I can feel it surging through us. If we could harness it. . .” he trailed off as his mouth met Liz’s.

It was if someone had set a spark to dry tender. Their desire broke free and there was a flurry of hands and lips as they struggled to get closer to each other.

Max kissed Liz like they had been apart for weeks and he was aware that Zan had swept her long hair aside and was devouring the back of her neck.

Automatically Zan’s hands went to the buttons on Liz’s shirt and he had them undone in moments. He pulled the shirt down her arms as his lips trailed across her naked back.

Max’s hand automatically moved to Liz lace-covered breast and he stroked her through the material as he kissed her.

Liz moaned with pleasure. It was wonderful having both of them touching her, but she wanted so much more. She ached for them, felt like she would go crazy if she didn’t have them.

She felt Zan move away and blindly reached for him. But he was only gone a second, and when she touched bare skin she realized he had taken off his shirt.

He pressed his naked chest to her back as he continued to kiss his way across her shoulders and then he started down her spine.

Max slipped inside her bra, cupping her soft fullness. He kissed her one final time before he took a second to toss aside his own shirt, and then dipped his head and took her breast into his hot mouth.

Liz cried out as Max sucked at the sensitive peak and arched into him as his tongue laved over her erect nipple.

At the same time, Zan used a twist of his fingers to release her bra. Liz turned to meet his lips and let her arms fall momentarily to slide the shoulder straps off.

Zan grasped her head, devouring her lips, and his other hand automatically went to her other breast. His rough thumb stroked over her nipple and he could feel the surges of electricity that rushed through her.

There was nothing he wanted more than to be a part of making her cum again. And he could feel exactly the same thing in Max’s mind.

Max’s hand was already stroking across her flat stomach, but this time he slid inside her jeans and panties, following her soft skin until he touched silky curls. Liz gasped, arching into him, grasping his shoulders.

He couldn’t stand it any more. She wanted him and he certainly wanted her. He left her breast to concentrate on unfastening her pants.

In moments he had them open, and kissed a trail down her stomach as he started to pull them off.

Zan was aware of what Max was doing as if he were doing it himself, and a sudden idea popped into his head. Without breaking the kiss with Liz, he waved his hand and instantly the sofa transformed around them.

They were sitting in the center of a large bed, and Zan lowered Liz back so she was lying beneath him.

Max stripped Liz’s pants down her legs, and the sweet scent of her arousal filled his nose. He swallowed hard as he took a deep breath, trying not to rush.

He wanted to remember every moment and make sure that he gave Liz as much pleasure as possible.

Removing her shoes and socks, he took her pants completely off. He paused, looking up her body. She was naked except for a pair of small, lacy panties and her hair was spread out around her. She looked so incredibly sexy.

Zan was kissing her neck and he had one of her breasts in his hand but Max didn’t mind. He was simply giving Liz more pleasure. He didn’t even care that Zan was about to witness the most intimate act he and Liz had ever shared.

Max held Liz’s gaze as he grasped the top of her panties and started to pull them off. Her eyes were dark with desire and she lifted her hips to help him strip off her last piece of clothing.

He watched eagerly as he exposed her dark triangle of curls and practically held his breath as he pulled her panties lower. Liz had her legs parted slightly but it was enough for him to see the perfect flower shape of her sex.

“You’re beautiful,” he breathed.

Tossing her panties aside, he moved up between her shapely legs, kissing and licking a trail to his ultimate goal. Gently he urged her legs even wider as he got closer to her core. He inhaled the sweet scent of her and saw that her lower lips were glistening with moisture.

Smoothing his hand up her thigh he slowly approached her center. With two fingers he lightly touched her, tracing around her succulent lips until he reached her clit. A surge of electricity rushed through her and she arched into his hand.

Concentrating on her nub, he stroked it again and again, and within moments Liz was gasping for air, her hips moving with him. He had made her cum yesterday by simply touching her clit, but he wanted much more this time.

He withdrew his fingers and she gasped in disappointment, but he leaned down, taking her tiny nub into his mouth. A small whimper escaped Liz as he explored her with his tongue and Max stored away her every reaction.

Slowly he moved down, licking her lower lips, tasting her essence, and she was so sweet that it made him greedy for more.

He dipped his tongue between her puffy lips, sampling every inch of her, urging her legs wider with his hands. She smelled and tasted better than anything he’d ever experienced and he wanted as much of her as he could get. He wanted to be buried between her soft thighs as she climaxed around him.

Finally he reached her center and slowly licked over her, making her whole body shake. He took a long lick from her core up to her clit, swirling around her sensitive nub before returning to her center, and slid his tongue inside her.

He only entered her about half an inch and then withdrew before doing it again and again. Liz’s gasps of pleasure quickly turned to moans and then whimpers. Moisture poured out of her and her fingers twined into his hair, her body moving with him, as she tried to bring him closer.

Max could feel Liz’s every sensation through the connection and knew she was quickly building to orgasm. He grasped her hips and plunged his tongue inside her deeper, going faster and harder.

Sliding his hand forward he brushed her clit with his thumb, bringing a more urgent sound from deep within Liz. He stroked her faster and felt her inner muscles pulse around his tongue. Her hand tightened in his hair and she flew over the edge.


Her legs clamped around his head and Max stayed inside her as the waves of the orgasm washed through her. He couldn’t believe how wonderful it was giving her pleasure, tasting her, having her sweet scent surrounding him.

Withdrawing his tongue, he kissed and licked her as he stroked her silky thighs. He had dreamed about this moment for so long, and the reality was so much better than anything he’d imagined. He never wanted to leave.

Her breathing slowed and she released his hair as her body went limp with the pleasure. Max smiled, knowing he had done it to her.

Liz felt like she had died and gone to heaven, with the two men she loved doing such incredible things to her. The sensations of their mouths and hands on her body made her feel hot and shivery, the pleasure building up until she couldn’t stand it. And when Max’s mouth had touched her hot core, she thought she might explode.

She had never experienced anything like it, and she wanted so much more.

Specifically, she wanted Zan.

Zan had continued to touch and kiss Liz as he watched Max pleasuring her. He’d heard Liz’s gasps and moans, and felt her body tighten as she had gotten closer to climax. With one hand he stroked over her hard nipple while he had her other breast in his mouth, stimulating as much of her as possible, and helping Max toward their goal of making their angel cum.

It was obvious how much Max and Liz wanted each other, even if he couldn’t feel it through the connection. And even though Max had just given her an incredible orgasm, he knew they both wanted more.

He thought Max would continue, stripping off the rest of his clothes and finally making Liz his, but he didn’t. His hands smoothed over her naked body possessively, but he climbed up the bed, settling by her side. She turned her head to him and they kissed passionately, both declaring their love simultaneously.

For the first time Zan felt unsure about his place with them. They’d allowed him to witness and participate in bringing Liz to orgasm and it was an experience he’d never forget. But he wanted the same pleasure of having his face buried between her legs, dipping his tongue inside her, making her react to his every touch.

He just wasn’t sure if they had the same thing in mind. But he could still feel Liz’s desire for him, and he wanted her so much that he was willing to risk it.

Starting out slowly he continued to kiss her breast as his hand caressed down across her stomach, over her hip and back again. Gradually he moved lower as he stroked her, finally reaching the juncture of her thighs.

Slowly he delved through her curls, going directly for her clit. Liz gasped as he touched her and as he felt her pleasure through the connection, his whole body tightened. He wanted to give Liz an incredible orgasm, but he paused where he was, lightly caressing her nub as he waited for any objections.

No one said anything, and Liz’s hips started to move with his hand as the sensations built inside her, making him even more confident.

His lips left her breast and he moved slowly down her body, kissing and licking across her stomach. He could feel every one of Liz’s reactions and he swore she was holding her breath in anticipation of having his mouth on her.

When he reached her silky curls he stopped and looked up, meeting Max’s eyes, asking for permission.

Max watched Zan touching Liz and again waited for jealously to fill him, but it didn’t come.

He knew that Zan wanted to give Liz pleasure in the same way he had just done, and he considered how he would feel. It seemed like it should bother him, but it didn’t. It was almost like Zan was an extension of himself that could give Liz pleasure, and that was all that mattered to him.

Max gave Zan a short, single nod.

Zan didn’t wait for Max to change his mind. He moved down the bed, smoothing his hands over Liz’s stomach and hips. He caressed her down one leg and up the other, settling between her thighs.

He noticed that Max had taken over his place kissing Liz’s breasts, and then he concentrated on Liz.

Lightly he stroked his thumb across her thigh to the center of her desire. He traced along the edge of her pussy lips, and couldn’t believe how beautiful she was.

Deeply he inhaled and the sweet scent of her arousal filled him, making him almost dizzy with desire. Dipping his head, he parted her lower lips with his tongue as he took a long lick from her core to her clit.

Liz moaned, her body jerking with the sensations that flashed through her, and Zan had a rush of satisfaction.

Using his thumbs he unsheathed her clit and closed his mouth over her. He swirled his tongue over her nub, gently grazing it with his teeth. Liz gasped and Zan felt like he had fire in his veins.

He was greedy to hear the sounds of her pleasure, but he didn’t want it to end too fast.

Flicking her clit a couple more time with his tongue, he stared to move lower. Taking small licks, he barely dipped between her velvety lips. She was so soft and sweet, she tasted like heaven.

He traced her core with the tip of his tongue and withdrew to take one of her succulent lips into his mouth and then the other. He sucked softly, licking her delicate flesh before releasing her, and then moved back to her clit. His tongue swirled around her nub, and the he took a long lick over the top, pressing hard.

Soft moans escaped Liz and her hand slid into his hair. He repeated his actions several times, exploring her, teasing her, and he could feel the effect he was having on her. Her desire built quickly and she was desperate for more of him.

Her hips moved against him and her hand tightened in his hair. She was gasping for breath and sweet juices flowed out of her. Zan lapped them up greedily, delving his tongue between her lips until he was at her core again.

Liz grasped at his head and angled her hips, arching up into him. She was trying to bring him inside, and Zan had never felt so wanted or so loved. He didn’t make her wait another moment.

She was so wet that his tongue slid easily into her, and he couldn’t help but notice how small and tight she was. He thrust into her deep, setting a steady pace inside her.

Her gasps instantly turned to soft whimpers and her hips moved with him as if she were riding his tongue.

Zan soothed her legs apart even farther, so he could go as deep as possible.

He increased his speed, angling the tip of his tongue up to hit her G-spot each time he withdrew.

Liz’s inner muscles started to pulse around him, and he could feel that she was getting close. Reaching around, he rubbed her clit in quick circles. She panted trying to catch her breath and her back arched as she came apart.

Immediately Zan withdrew, softly kissing and licking her pussy lips and continuing to stroke his thumb over her clit. With each touch Liz’s body spasmed as more jolts of pleasure rushed through her.

She was so sensitive and responsive that Zan wanted to start all over just so he could experience another of her orgasms. But he wanted much more than that.

He wanted to be inside her more than anything, thrusting his aching cock into her tight, liquid pussy, making her cum again and again.

But he was sure she was a virgin, and he didn’t want to rush her.

And Liz’s first time should be special, not on a makeshift bed in the practice room. And her first time should be with Max. He had saved her life, had loved her his whole life. Zan didn’t even know if Max or Liz would allow him to have sex with her. He was still amazed that they were including him so completely.

Zan stayed between her legs, laying his head on her thigh. Slowly he continued stroking over the incredibly soft skin of her legs and licking and kissing her lips and clit. He never had so much pleasure and he hadn’t even cum.

He never wanted to move, but after a few moments he was concerned that she might be getting cold.

Getting to his hands and knees he crawled back up the bed, placing a kiss on her flat stomach and then on her perfect breast before settling beside her. With a flick of his hand he used the power still rushing through him to bring his shirt to him. As it flew through the air he altered it into a sheet, spreading it over the three of them.

Liz reached over, touching his face, kissing him softly. “I love you,” she said.

Zan felt his breath catch in his throat. It was the first time she’d said it and his heart pounded as pure joy rushed through him. “I love you too, baby,” he said, his voice gruff with emotion.

She smiled and he leaned in kissing her lingeringly.

He didn’t know how he got so lucky. When he found his soulmate she already belonged to someone else, but she loved him anyway.



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