Mouth of an Artist Part 4


Part 4


Zan pushed the door open and stepped aside to allow me to enter first. I was just about to confront him; ask him again what was wrong and tell him how worried I was, when I stopped in surprise.

“Oh!” I gasped. There were dozens of vases throughout the loft and they were overflowing with my favorite white roses.

I turned to Zan throwing my arms around him. “Thank you, it’s so beautiful.”

I hugged him tightly. Zan wasn’t tired of me, he wasn’t leaving me, and the relief I felt practically brought tears to my eyes. I pulled back so I could see him. “But what’s the occasion?” I asked.

Zan smiled. “Do I need an occasion to give you flowers?”

He has given me flowers before but nothing like this. I shook my head, ”Of course not, but…” I motioned around the room.

Zan smiled again and touched my face. “It’s been exactly three months since we first made love angel. Three incredible months that you’ve been in my life, and there is one rose here for each hour we’ve been together.”

The tears did come to my eyes then and I threw my arms around him again. “Zan you’re so sweet and romantic.”

He kissed my head and pulled back to see my face, wiping the tears from my face with his thumbs. “Don’t let that get around baby,” he said with a soft smile. “It’ll ruin my tough-guy rep.”

I smiled. The surprise must have been what was occupying him so much lately. “This is what all those phone calls were about, and what’s been on your mind.”

Zan nodded. “Yeah, trying to keep something a secret from you is practically impossible.” He smiled. “So I asked my agent Steve to help me set it up, but you still knew something was going on.” He winked. “I kept having to distract you with sex.”

I nodded. “I thought something was wrong. I thought…” I trailed off, not wanting to insult him with my idiotic suspicions. I was just so surprised. “It’s just that you wouldn’t talk to me,” I stuttered, “and I was worried about you.”

Instantly he was concerned. “I’m sorry baby. I didn’t realize you were worried.”

Zan held my eyes. “I’m really sorry. It took longer to set up than I thought it would. Then there were a couple of problems, and that’s what the phone calls were about. I wanted everything to be perfect.” He cupped my cheek, “But it’s not worth you being worried.”

Now I felt really bad. Zan knew I was suspicious but he hadn’t realized I was worried. How could he? I hadn’t said anything to him. And now my insecurities were ruining the surprise he had planned at such length. I shook my head and smiled. “It was just me being silly,” I said dismissively. “This is a great surprise.”

I stood up on tiptoes and pressed my lips to his. “Thank you so much Zan. The dinner, the movie, and all these flowers, you’re so good to me.”

Taking my hand, he placed a kiss on it as he smiled mischievously. “Well actually dinner and the movie were just to get you out of the house while all of this was being set up.” He winked, “And the surprise isn’t over yet.”

He led me into the bedroom where there were more vases of white roses, and scattered across the bed were white and red rose petals. Also on the bed was a pink box that I recognized as coming from Zan’s favorite lingerie store.

I indicated the box. “For me?”

Zan smiled. “Well it’s for both of us,” he said with a wink.

I climbed on the bed, pulled the bow off and removed the lid. Zan sat behind me, cradling me between his legs, molding his body to mine. He nuzzled my neck and his hands reached around to cup my breasts. I leaned back into him, arching into his hands.

Zan kissed my neck. “Open your present baby,” he growled.

I tried to concentrate while his hands slid under my shirt and pushed my bra aside to grasp my breasts, his thumbs grazing the undersides with a feather’s touch. I parted the tissue paper to reveal three bottles, scented bubble bath, body wash and lotion. Beneath the bottles was a white lacy bra and matching panties, and a white robe made of a diaphanous fabric.

I lifted the panties out of the box. “They’re beautiful.”

Zan kissed my neck again. “They’ll be even more beautiful on your beautiful body,” he growled, “and even more beautiful laying on the floor after I’ve taken them off you.”

“Zan!” I gasped.

He chuckled and kissed my neck. “There’s more baby,” he rasped, as he continued to stroke my breasts. “Under the robe.”

I lifted the robe aside to reveal a long velvet box. Carefully I opened it, and a gasp of surprise escaped my lips.

Inside the box was a necklace, a chain holding a platinum heart with three diamonds set into it. The heart itself was somewhat abstract, and looked like it had been fashioned with two strokes of a paintbrush. One side of the heart was made with a small, delicate line and had a matte finish. The other side, where the diamonds were set, was bigger, fuller, and polished to a brilliant shine.

“Oh Zan,” I gasped, turning in his arms so I could hug him. “It’s beautiful. Thank you so much.”

His hands were still under my shirt and they caressed my back as he hugged me. After a moment he softly spoke near my ear. “Are you sure you like it baby?”

I pulled back to meet his eyes. “Yes, it’s exquisite. How did you ever find anything like this? It is so perfect, it looks like you painted it.”

A smile lifted his mouth. “I did paint it, and then I had it made,” he said with satisfaction.

I shook my head incredulously and he smiled wider as he spoke. “But the jeweler couldn’t quite get the line right. I made them redo the mold three times. That is one of the problems that has been on my mind, I was afraid they wouldn’t get it done in time. But I wanted it to be just right for you, and they finally finished another mold last night. I had to go in today to approve it.”

He reached out to the heart and touched the matte line. “This side represents my life before I met you, my heart was empty and dull.” His finger moved over to trace the thicker, polished line. “And this side represents how I feel since you’ve been in my life, one diamond for each month we’ve been together. My life feels new, open and alive, and my heart is so full of happiness and love, and it is all because of you Liz.”

Tears started in my eyes again and I threw my arms around him. “Oh Zan!” I rasped, trying not to cry in earnest, “I love you so much! I’m so lucky to have found you.”

Zan pulled back to meet my eyes. “It wasn’t luck baby,” he said softly, shaking his head. “I’ve been looking for you all my life.” He touched my face tenderly, wiping the tears from my cheeks. “I would have found you sooner or later, and I wouldn’t have stopped looking until I did.”

I sighed in satisfaction and relief, realizing exactly how ridiculous my insecurities had been. Holding his eyes I smiled. “I’m glad, because this is where I belong.”

He stroked my face gently and placed a kiss on my forehead. “Yes it is.”

I lifted the necklace out of its box. “Will you help me put it on?”

Zan took the necklace from me and I turned away from him, lifting my hair out of the way. He slipped the delicate chain around my neck and fastened it, placing a kiss on my nape above the clasp.

His lips moved up, tasting my delicate skin as his arms encircled me again. One hand cupped my breast and he brushed over my nipple, instantly causing it to harden. With the other hand he reached for the bubble bath. “Take a bath with me angel,” he rasped into my neck as his thumb stroked over my hard nub again.

“A bath,” I said breathlessly. “But I thought the tub still had to cure for a couple more days.”

Zan kissed my neck. “A little white lie,” he said. “The tub is part of the surprise.”

Lifting me in his arms, he carried me into the bathroom. Inside there were more vases filled with white roses, various sizes of candles were scattered around the room, and even more red and white rose petals thickly covered the base of the tub.

Zan put me on my feet before taking possession of my lips. His hand wandered down beneath my skirt and he squeezed my naked ass. “I told you those panties would just get in the way,” he said with a wink.

He reached to turn on the water and poured in a generous amount of bubble bath. I twisted my hair on top of my head with a clip before starting to light the candles around the tub. Zan flipped off the light before turning back to me, and my hands went directly for the fastening on his pants. As he pulled his shirt off, I pushed his pants and boxers down his muscular legs. He kicked off his boots and stepped out of his clothes, standing gloriously naked before me.

The light from the candles seemed to mold to his every plane and curve, caressing him with it’s golden glow. My eyes greedily raked over his body, taking in every hard, sculpted inch of him. He was incredibly beautiful.

A smile curved his lips. “I love it when you look at me like that Liz.”

I lifted my gaze to meet his. “I love looking at you.”

He stepped closer, bringing our bodies together. “Well baby, you can do a lot more than look.”

I splayed my hands across his chest and leaned in dragging my tongue across his nipple. Moving my hands down to his chiseled abs I grazed my teeth across his pecs, drawing a groan of pleasure from him.

Zan pushed my skirt down and his hands roamed back up my legs, skimming my butt, before moving under my shirt and releasing the fastening on my bra. He quickly undid the buttons on my shirt and pushed it and my bra down my arms. Then he gripped my ass, lifting me and stepping forward to take us both into the water.

He released me long enough to sit and then reached out. “Come here baby.”

I put my hand in his and he pulled me gently forward, gripping my hips to place a kiss on my stomach. He steadied me as I knelt down, straddling his lap. Immediately he grasped my ass scooting me forward until my lower lips rested against his hard cock.

“Mmmmm,” he purred as he placed a kiss on my forehead. “That’s better.”

I wrapped my arms around him, pressing our bodies together. “Yes, much better.”

I love taking baths with Zan. The warm water rushes around our bodies allowing us to slide together easily, and it gives us the excuse to touch every part of each other. But the new larger tub was even better. There were jets on all sides that caressed and tickled, and a thermostat that kept the water the perfect temperature.

As the water, bubbles and rose petals swirled around us Zan cupped my face brushed my lips with his, just a feather’s touch. “I love you so much baby. I wanted everything to be perfect.”

I pressed my lips to his. “It is perfect Zan.” I kissed him again. “And I love you too, with all my heart.”

Our lips came together again gently, nibbling, tasting, savoring each other.

My hands roamed across his back as I got totally lost in the kiss. It was so soft and sweet and I never wanted it to end.

Zan held my head so tenderly, so lovingly, and his fingers slipped into my hair. He placed a few more quick kisses on my lips before drawing back. “Now,” he said with a mischievous grin as his hands started to move over my back, “it’s time to get you clean.”

I arched my eyebrow in surprise. “Am I dirty?” I asked huskily.

His hands brushed over the globes of my ass as his teeth sank into my shoulder. “Oh yes,” he purred into my neck, “so dirty that I’ll have to check each and every part of you.”

Zan reached lower, his hand smoothing over my thighs. His teeth grazed my neck as he stroked over my calves and down to my feet. “Hmmm, those parts seem okay,” he purred, “but I’ve got to check the rest.”

Reversing direction he retraced the same areas going back up. Gripping my ass again he pulled me even closer as he took possession of my lips. He nibbled at them and sucked my lower lip into his mouth, tracing it with his tongue briefly.

Zan’s palms slicked up my sides and cupped my breasts. His thumbs brushed over my nipples making them harden instantly. He released my lip. “You’re pretty dirty here,” he growled, stroking my breasts. “I’ll have to make sure to get you good and clean.”

I moaned into his mouth, his expert touches rapidly arousing me again. He kneaded my breasts pinching my hard nubs and I arched into him. His rigid cock was pressed against my lower lips, and it felt so good. But having him that close only made me want more.

I kissed him back hard, matching every nip, every thrust of his tongue, and we quickly got out of control. I started to rock against his erection and Zan grasped my ass again with one hand holding me close.

He growled as we ate at each others mouths. His hand slid between my legs and brushed over my core and I gasped in surprise.

Zan raked his teeth across my jaw as he stroked my clit. “Mmmm baby, I almost forgot to check you here.” His fingers slid through my folds and over my clit again, making me groan. “Oh yeah,” he growled between kisses on my neck, “this area is really dirty and needs a lot of attention.”

He stroked my nub again and again making my body jerk in reaction. “That seems to be working,” he purred teasingly, “maybe if I just rubbed a little harder…”

Instantly he increased the speed and pressure, rubbing my clit in fast circles. My breath came in quick pants as the pleasure rapidly built. Electricity flashed through me and I arched into him grabbing at his shoulders, and just a few more of his strokes sent me over the edge.

Zan held me tightly to him with one hand as he continued to slowly brush my clit with the other. He placed kisses on my neck. “That did the trick, now you’re all nice and clean.”

As my breathing returned to normal Zan’s hands started to roam over my body. “Angel you are so beautiful and I love making you cum. I knew we were going to like this tub.”

“And what about you?” I teased as I moved my hand down across his chest. “You’re still all dirty.”

He grinned. “But you don’t mind that a bit, do you baby?”

I smiled and reached down to grasp his hard cock. “No, I like you just the way you are.” I stroked up and down his velvety shaft, squeezing him lightly.

He groaned with pleasure but stopped the motion of my hand. “I would like a chance to see you in your present,” he said with a wink, “at least for a minute before I take them off you.”

“Then we’d better get out of the tub,” I said huskily. “I can’t wait much longer to have you.”

Zan kissed me hard, and held me to him as he rose, taking us both out of the water. He stepped out of the tub and let me slide down his slick body until my feet touched the floor. But he didn’t release me, and the kiss deepened. Grasping at each other we tried to get as close as possible.

We ate at each others’ mouths, bodies pressed tightly together, and suddenly Zan backed away. “Baby I’m going to go into the bedroom or you’re never going to make it into those things.”

I giggled and reached for him again. He kissed me quickly but pulled away again and left.

I was surprised at his sudden retreat and was about to follow him when he thrust the gift box through the door, setting it on the counter before closing the door between us. I smiled with satisfaction. Zan must be close to losing control and I loved that I could do that to him.

Quickly I dried off with a fluffy towel and reached for the box. I put on the bra and panties, feeling so turned on because he had chosen them. They were both made of a thin lacy material that did little to cover my body. Then I picked up the robe and noticed that it was pretty much transparent, and an idea came to me.

Letting down my hair I pulled a comb through the damp length, brushing it back away from my face. Then I donned the robe leaving it hanging loose, and placing it carefully so it covered my breasts.

When I was ready I blew out the candles and opened the door into the bedroom, but stopped immediately when I saw Zan.

He was seated on the edge of the bed still naked, except for a pair of black silk boxers. They molded to him, the soft fabric clearly outlining his large, erect cock. He was so handsome and incredibly sexy, and it took my breath away.

While I was looking at him, his eyes raked over my body, the robe doing nothing to conceal it or the underwear from him. “Baby,” he growled, “you’re so beautiful.”

He started toward me but I held up a hand, and he raised an eyebrow in question.

Zan likes to be in control of everything, including our lovemaking. And I don’t mind most of the time. Why would I? Zan is an excellent lover. He always gives me so much pleasure, and he always makes sure I climax, usually multiple times. I certainly don’t have any complaints.

But occasionally I like to take the lead.

I leaned against the door jam and smiled at him. “Have a seat on the bed.”

The corner of Zan’s mouth lifted in a knowing smile, and he did as I said.

I placed my hands on my stomach and slowly moved them up, gripping my breasts. Zan’s eyes raked across my body greedily and I couldn’t stop a smile.

I brushed my hands around my sides under the robe, reaching behind me, crossing my arms over my breasts. Holding his eyes I unfastened the bra and leaned forward letting the straps slide off my shoulders. With a smile I turned away from him and shrugged the robe off one shoulder so I could slide my arm out of the bra strap. I looked back over my shoulder and pulled the robe back on, and then did the same on the other side.

The robe hit me mid-thigh and I belted it securely before I turned back to Zan, the sheer fabric exposing my naked breasts. I held the bra in my hand and casually tossed it onto the floor before raising my eyes to meet his.

There was no trace of a smile on his face and his amber eyes burned with desire.

Never breaking eye contact I slid my hands up my legs and reached for the top of the panties. I hooked my thumbs in the elastic and shimmied my hips, pushing the scrap of lace down my legs, letting it fall to the floor. Then I used one foot to kick the panties over by the bra.

Now completely naked beneath the sheer robe I smiled at Zan. “I know you said you wanted to take them off, but is this okay?”

Zan’s gaze slowly took in my entire body, lingering at the dark patch of hair at the juncture of my thighs. Suddenly he growled and lunged for me, pulling me with him back onto the bed so I landed in his lap. “Angel, this is more than okay.” He leaned forward and took my breast into his mouth, sucking and licking it through the sheer fabric. After a moment he pulled back, blowing the wet fabric, making my nipple harden.

He rolled us over so he was straddling me and his eyes roamed over my breasts. “Mmmm, I definitely like this robe.”

Zan leaned down to kiss me again, but I shook my head. “Well I’m in charge remember? So you can admire my new robe while I give the orders.”

The corner of his mouth raised. “Okay baby, what do you want?”

I pressed a finger to his chest. “I want you sitting up against the headboard.”

His eyebrow lifted in surprise. “I thought you’d want something more like this.” He brushed his hand down my stomach and stroked over my clit.

A shudder of pleasure ripped through me, but I gripped his hand stopping him. “Do what you’re told,” I said.

Zan smiled. “Anything for you angel.”

He rolled off me and helped me up, and scooted back until he was pressed against the headboard. “Is this where you want me baby?” he purred.

I nodded and crawled toward him straddling his hips. I pressed my core against his silk-covered cock. “Just perfect,” I said with a smile.

I placed my hands on his magnificent chest, brushing over his soft skin. No matter how much I touched him I never got enough. I smoothed my hands across his shoulders and down his arms, pressing my chest to his as I carefully followed his every plane and curve. “Zan you are so beautiful.”

I leaned down to place a kiss at the base of his throat. “I love touching you.”

I trailed kisses down to his chest and grazed my teeth over his nipple. He groaned and gripped my butt, pulling me against him.

I looked up to meet his eyes and shook my head. “No touching allowed,” I said with a smile. “I want those hands on the headboard where I can see them.”

He growled and brushed over my breasts, but did what I said, gripping the bars of the headboard. I couldn’t help but smile. Seeing Zan underneath me, completely at my mercy was a huge turn on. I could do anything to him I wanted, and he would love it.

Leaning down again I sank my teeth into his sculpted pec. I brushed over his nipples again and again as I continued to kiss and lick his chest. I took one rigid nipple into my mouth licking it hard as my hands wandered lower.

I traced the indentations in his chiseled abs as I licked and sucked his nub. I scraped his nipple with my teeth and he flinched as a groan escaped him. His hips bucked up, pressing his cock even harder against me, and a rush of liquid poured from my core. My touches were turning him on, and seeing him so aroused was also doing the same for me.

Placing another kiss at the base of his throat, I started moving my hips slowly, rubbing my aching core against his thick cock. I continued kissing his neck as I undulated against him and I brushed over his hard nipples with my thumbs.

Zan groaned again and his hips lifted to match my rhythm.

I wanted him inside me, but there was something I wanted even more.

I pulled away from him, smoothing my hand down his abs to the waistband of his boxers and hooked my fingers inside. Zan helpfully lifted his hips, making it easy to slide the sensual material down his legs. I tossed the boxers aside and reached for his muscular calf, placing a kiss to his knee. Slowly I brushed my hands up his powerful thighs, moving ever closer to my goal.

His rigid cock jutted out of the thatch of dark hair at the juncture of his thighs. My fingers skimmed past it, up to his abs, and then I followed the line of hair back down his stomach finally taking him in hand.

He groaned as I started to stroke his soft skin and I looked up to meet his eyes. “Do you like that Zan?” I asked with a smile.

His hands tightened on the headboard. “Yes baby.”

I smiled wider. “I know you like this.” Leaning down I closed my mouth over his thick length, taking in as much of him as I could. I swirled my tongue around his shaft, licking up the side and over the top. He was so soft but also hard and warm, and he pulsed with life.

What I couldn’t fit in my mouth I covered with my hand. I started moving my head up and down, letting him slide almost all the way out before I took him back inside. I matched the rhythm with my hand, twisting around him, pumping up and down. With my other hand I reached for his balls, cupping and fondling them.

I kept my motion slow for a few moments, teasing him with my tongue. Zan’s cock is not only thick but long, and he is way more than a mouthful. But I’ve tried taking him a little deeper each time I’ve gone down on him, and the effort was definitely paying off.

He growled and I increased my pace bobbing my head up and down, letting his bulbous head brush the roof of my mouth with every stroke.

I felt his body tighten and I knew he was getting close.

“Liz,” he groaned, “you have to stop. I can’t hold on much longer.”

Zan never let me finish him, always saying that he prefers to climax inside me. I knew it was true, but I also wondered if he thought I didn’t want him to come in my mouth, or if he thought I wouldn’t like it. But there was nothing I wanted more. I wanted to give him pleasure any way possible.

I increased my pace even more, squeezing him with my hand.

Zan’s breath came in harsh pants. “Baby please,” he gasped, “you’ve got to stop now.”

I looked up meeting his eyes as I continued, and I saw his eyes widen in surprise. He knew I wasn’t going to stop.

Zan’s hands tightened on the bars cording the muscles in his arm and neck and a sheen of sweat broke out on his brow. I increased the pressure of my hand and mouth around him, squeezing him tightly.

It only took a half dozen more strokes to send him over the edge. His hips bucked and his cock twitched in my mouth and a familiar groan escaped him as he came. A rush of hot, salty liquid shot into my mouth and I swallowed quickly. But I was surprised when a second, third and fourth burst quickly followed. Each was smaller than the last and I swallowed them as well, pleased that I could get such a reaction from him.

I let his cock slide out of my mouth stroking him again before placing a kiss on the tip.

Zan reached for me, pulling me up to him and kissed me hard. “You didn’t have to do that baby.”

“Didn’t you like it?” I asked innocently.

“Fuck yes!” he growled.

I smiled. “Zan, I wanted to do it. You have given me so much and I wanted to give you something. Besides, I like it and I want to please you.”

Zan smiled and kissed me again. “You always please me angel.”

He rolled us over so I was underneath him. “And now I’m going to please you.” He kissed my cheek. “I love being with you.” He kissed my nose. “I know I’ll never get enough of you.”

He kissed my chin. “Tasting your luscious lips…” He trailed kisses down my neck and placed a kiss over my necklace, “your soft skin…” He moved to my breast sucking it briefly into his mouth “your little berry nipples…” He continued lower across my stomach kissing and licking, “is one of my greatest pleasures.”

He smoothed my legs farther apart kissing my thigh. “But most of all I love tasting your beautiful pussy.”

He kissed my clit before he dipped his tongue inside me. “Mmmm,” he growled against my sensitive flesh, “sweet and smoky and so wet just for me.” Again he dipped his tongue into me, thrusting it deep inside briefly before he licked through my folds.

Suddenly he withdrew. “I almost forgot,” he said with a smile, “I have one more present for you.” He reached to the drawer of his bedside table and took out a small, plain box.

I rolled onto my side. “Zan, you’ve given me so much,” I protested.

He smiled. “Don’t say no before you’ve seen it angel.”

He held out the box to me and I lifted the lid to look inside. My eyes snapped to his in surprise. “Is that…?’

Zan nodded. “It’s for when I’m not here.”

I had never seen a vibrator before. It was shaped like the real thing and flesh colored, and I reached out to touch it. “It’s soft like you.” I looked up to meet his eyes. “But not as big.”

A cocky grin lifted the corner of his mouth. “They don’t make anything that big baby,” he said with a wink.

I couldn’t help but smile back and Zan pressed a quick kiss to my lips.

“I think we should try it out,” he said smiling wickedly.

Moving over me, he kissed me thoroughly as he pressed me back into the bed. “I know you’re going to like this,” he purred.

I blushed, somewhat embarrassed but curious. “How does it work?”

He turned it on and trailed it down my arm.

“That feels nice,” I said.

Zan winked. “Imagine how ‘nice’ it will feel on other, more sensitive parts.”

He smoothed it up my arm and across my chest following the contour of my collarbone. Slowly he brushed it over my neck and then down between my breasts and across my stomach. It brought a tingle to my skin, but it felt sensuous and relaxing.

Suddenly he stroked it over my nipple and I gasped as I nearly jumped out of my skin. A flash of electricity ripped through me that felt like it connected my breast straight to my clit.

My surprised eyes snapped to Zan’s and he grinned wickedly. He held my gaze as he lowered his mouth to my stomach and placed a kiss to my navel. Slowly he kissed a path lower easing my legs apart.

Then he used the vibrator to travel the same path, over my stomach, down to the triangle of dark hair at the juncture of my legs. He smoothed it down one thigh, following the contour of my leg to my foot before moving it back up the other leg.

When he approached the juncture of my legs again I held my breath waiting for the intense stimulation I suspected the vibrator would cause. But Zan had other things in mind. He lowered his mouth to my clit and kissed it gently before briefly laving it with his tongue. Then he moved lower and placed a kiss to my core.

I thought he would continue with his mouth but suddenly he pressed the vibrator to my clit.

The sensation was even more intense than I had anticipated. A jolt of electricity shot through me, my body arched and a moan of reaction escaped my lips.

Zan looked up to meet my eyes again. “Oh yes baby,” he growled.

He pressed it to my clit again and started moving it in slow circles. It was like dozens of Zan’s kisses and touches concentrated into a single place. Moisture poured from my core and my inner muscles fluttered uncontrollably. The pleasure was so intense I knew it couldn’t last long.

He continued the motion and soon my body was jerking and shaking and strange whimpering sounds were being forced from inside me. My hands fisted in the sheets and my body stiffened and arched as the end quickly approached.

“Zan,” I gasped, between pants, unable to catch my breath. “Oh Zan!”

Suddenly he plunged the vibrator inside me pressing it against my G-spot, and I flew over the edge.

Waves of pleasure washed through me and my whole body pulsed as I attempted to catch my breath. I was aware that Zan had removed the vibrator and his lips and tongue moved slowly over my lower lips and clit. His touch was so soft and soothing against my sensitive flesh and felt so good as my body relaxed.

He watched my reactions carefully and when I met his eyes he smiled. “I knew you would like that surprise. You were so wet and I’ve never seen you cum so fast.”

He placed a kiss on my stomach. “And when you use it you’ll think of me and how I made you cum.”

I smiled as I reached for him. “If I ever need to use it I’ll definitely be thinking of you.”

I pulled him to me for a quick kiss. “It was really good Zan, but I’d rather have you. It only made me want you more.”

“Mmmm angel,” Zan rumbled and kissed me harder.

His rock hard erection pressed between us and suddenly I was desperate to have him. I broke the kiss. “Now Zan,” I demanded. “I want you now.”

I could see how much my words enflamed him. His eyes burned with desire and satisfaction, and there was no trace of a smile on his face as he spoke. “A hard, fast fuck,” he growled. “I’ll take your breath away baby.”

He growled again and with a powerful thrust was deep inside.

“Oh yes,” I moaned.

No matter how intense the sensations had been from the vibrator, it was nothing compared to the real thing. Zan’s kisses, his touch, his body pressed to mine as he surged inside me, nothing was better.

I grasped at his back and wrapped my legs around him, trying to bring him as close as possible. He slid in to the hilt and we both groaned with the pleasure.

Zan withdrew and plunged back inside instantly finding a fast rhythm. Every thrust buried him to the hilt and I arched up meeting his surges. His cock filled my aching core so perfectly, stretching me so that his every motion caused the most wonderful friction inside.

“Baby you feel so good,” he purred, kissing my neck. “So wet, so hot and tight.”

He gripped my shoulders tightly causing our bodies to slide together with every powerful motion. His chest brushed against my nipples sending electricity through me, and his lips trailed over my neck, licking, kissing. We moved together in perfect tandem for a handful of moments but we were both so aroused that our smooth rhythm quickly got out of control.

My muscles started to tense and my body arched up into him. I could feel Zan starting to shake and I knew he wouldn’t last much longer either.

I gripped his ass tightly and Zan increased his pace groaning with the effort. My own breath came quicker and quicker as I approached climax. It felt like I was no longer in control of my muscles and I simply held on to Zan trusting that he would get me there.

With a few more thrusts my inner walls clamped down on his cock and I came hard, whimpering, my whole body shuddering with the powerful release.

Zan surged into me a final time as he came, his hot seed erupting into me. He pressed his head into the side of my neck releasing a deep breath. “My angel, my beautiful Liz.”

“Zan,” I sighed.

He kissed my neck, then my chin and my lips before rising up on one elbow to meet my eyes. “Happy three month anniversary.”

I reached up to touch his face. “Thank you Zan, for everything. I can’t imagine a better anniversary.”

Zan smiled. “I was actually considering whether to celebrate the first day we saw each other, or the first day we made love.”

“Really?” I asked.

He stroked my cheek gently. “I will always think of the day I saw you as the best day of my life, even though we didn’t technically get together for a couple of weeks after that.” He grinned. “Well maybe it’s the second best. I’ll never forget having you for the first time; the sweet taste of your lips, the feel of your body against mine, your tight, wet pussy around me, how you responded to me, how much you wanted me. And it has only gotten better.”

I pressed my lips to his. “Those were the best days of my life too, and every day since then because we’ve been together. I love you so much I can’t imagine life without you.”

Zan smiled. “I love you too baby and you’ll never have to think about life without me because I’ll always be right by your side.” He kissed my nose, “Or on top of you,” he kissed my lips, “or inside you.”

I felt him stir inside me again. “Zan you’re insatiable tonight,” I gasped.

His teeth raked across my neck, and he winked as he started to move within me. “Angel, I’m just getting started.”



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