Mouth of an Artist Part 1


Part 1


(New York City)

It’s been almost three months since I moved in with Zan, and they have been three of the best months of my life.

Not that my life was bad before. I was a happy college freshman, a little lonely because I was in a new city but basically everything was good. I knew that friends, even a boyfriend would come in time and I was mainly concentrating on school.

Of course I’m only nineteen, but Zan is twenty-six. He has told me that he knew something was missing from his life. Once he explained it to me as an empty place inside. He’s had other relationships but he’s never been in love. And when he saw me for the first time he knew immediately that I was who he had been looking for. For him it was love at first sight.

I have to admit that it took me a little longer to fall in love with him. I wasn’t looking for a boyfriend, I certainly wasn’t looking for love, but what I found with Zan is everything I’ve ever wanted, and more than I’ve ever imagined existed.

We are totally different people from different worlds. Zan grew up in New York, a tough street kid, a bad boy. He wears his hair in spikes, he has tattoos and facial piercings. I on the other hand am a small town good girl, a straight ‘A’ student. But we love each other just the way we are and neither of us wants the other to change.

Not everything is perfect of course, but Zan is my best friend and my lover. I love spending time with him, doing everything and nothing. We want each other often and our sex life is fiery, passionate.

In the last three months I have become a lot more comfortable with my sexuality. With Zan I’ve gone from a shy virgin to a sexual woman able to articulate my wants and desires. I still get embarrassed and shy sometimes but Zan is so comfortable with his sexuality and he is so patient and loving he always puts me at ease.

I never thought that much about sex until I was with Zan, but from the first time I saw him I knew I wanted him. Everything about him is sexy to me, his body, his mind, his voice, his arrogant confidence and how much he wants me. And it seems like no matter how much we are together I always want more of him.

Sex with Zan falls into two categories, making love and fucking. The two are totally different experiences but both are incredible. He makes love slow and thorough, worshiping every part of my body with his hands and mouth. He fucks hard and fast, taking my breath away. But no matter what form the sex takes Zan always makes me feel safe and loved.

This morning I awoke to the amazing feeling of Zan’s tongue brushing over my lower lips and clit. “Zan,” I moaned.

He kissed my thigh and lightly trailed his fingers through my folds. “Angel you looked so sexy I couldn’t wait for you to wake up.”

I smiled at him. “What a wonderful way to wake up.”

He smiled. I thought we would make love now that I was awake. We do have sex most mornings, but Zan had other ideas and kissed his way back down my thigh.

Zan loves going down on me, and for him oral sex isn’t just foreplay it can be the main course. He gets almost as much pleasure as I do. He is incredibly talented and patient, using his tongue, lips, teeth and fingers to slowly bring me to orgasm after orgasm.

He swirled his tongue around my clit and I felt a rush of liquid between my lower lips. “Mmmm,” he purred against my delicate flesh, a low sexy sound coming from deep in his throat. Taking a long lick his tongue dipped deep between my folds, lapping the smoky juices. “Baby I love how you respond to me.”

Again Zan’s tongue stroked my clit, and an electric sensation rushed through me making my body jerk.

“Yeah angel I know what you like,” Zan growled arrogantly. He brushed over my clit again and again and soon I was moaning and writhing beneath him. Then he moved lower and gently parted my folds with his tongue skimming over my heated core.

I arched into him, silently begging him to touch me.

“You like that too baby,” he said, his hot breath brushing against my sensitive skin.

“Yes Zan,” I gasped.

Again his tongue slid through my lower lips and circled the edge of my throbbing slit, his soft touches driving me wild.

He licked slowly through my folds again and again, carefully avoiding my core. Then he sucked my clit into his mouth, grazing it with his teeth. I was on the edge of orgasm and my breath was coming in pants.

Briefly Zan dipped his tongue inside me and I thought he would finally give me release, but he started over again. With a feather’s touch his tongue traced the outer edge of my lower lips making my whole body shudder. Then he grazed my clit with his chin stud causing me to arch up into him. I was so aroused that each of his touches was like a live wire against my skin.

Then his fingers were against my clit rubbing it quickly in circles. My whole body tightened and my eyes squeezed shut, my orgasm coming. I felt my inner walls start to pulse and suddenly Zan thrust his hard cock into me.

I cried out with the pleasure of having him inside and climaxed instantly. “Zan!”

He surged into me twice and growled his own release. Breathing hard Zan pressed his forehead between my breasts and placed a kiss on my skin.

I threaded my fingers into his hair. “Definitely a nice way to wake up.”

Zan licked my breast as he looked up to meet my eyes. A cocky smile raised one corner of his mouth. “Well baby,” he growled, withdrawing from me a little and then surging back in, “maybe next time I should just slide inside and fuck you awake.”

I gasped in surprise and Zan’s smile widened.

Did I mention that Zan is also a master of dirty talk? He always seems to know exactly what to say and when to say it. And he is completely uninhibited. He speaks viscerally, expressing exactly what he thinks and feels without censure. Just a few of his rasped words can make me instantly wet, and during sex his dirty talk drives me wild. Sometimes he says things he knows will shock me and it turns me on so much I can’t stop thinking about it.

But today as I sat in class there were other things running through my head. The last week or so Zan hasn’t been himself. He has often seemed distant, distracted. For the first couple of days I didn’t think that much about it, but when it continued I started to wonder what was going on.

My first reaction was that maybe Zan had met someone else, but I discounted that almost immediately. Zan would never cheat on me. He was too honorable to do that.

My next thought was that Zan was getting tired of me. We had been together for three months, which was a long time for some people. And even though I thought our relationship was perfect, maybe Zan was ready to move on. Maybe he was getting bored.

Zan is a gorgeous, sexy man, and woman are always throwing themselves at him. I am basically just a boring, good girl. Maybe Zan craved more excitement and adventure than I knew how to give him. Maybe he was getting tired of being with me.

But that didn’t really make sense either. If Zan was getting tired of me, would he still want me? If he was getting tired of me, wouldn’t our lovemaking be less frequent? But if anything he had been more passionate lately, taking me several times every day.

So I asked Zan about it a couple of days ago. I asked him if something was wrong, if I could help him with anything, but he assured me everything was fine. And then to prove it he made slow, sweet love to me.

But he still seemed distracted the next day so I asked him again; and again he said nothing was wrong. Then he kissed me so passionately and coaxed me into bed.

As I thought back I realized that every time I had asked him, he had seduced me. And now I wondered if he was making love to me to distract me.

And believe me, making love to Zan is distracting.

He uses his whole body; his hands, his mind, his mouth. And oh the things he can do with his mouth! Kiss and nip and suck and caress with his lips, tongue and teeth, seduce with the tone of his voice, the noises he makes, the expressive curve of his lips, his dirty talk.

I tried to pay attention in my class but I couldn’t stop thinking about Zan’s mouth on me. The memory of our morning activities ran through my mind over and over; tempting me, arousing me.

I could feel my nipples hardening, my lower lips dampening. My heart rate and breathing increased and my mouth was dry. I wanted Zan so much that I could barely think. I shifted in my seat again and again trying to get comfortable, but I realized that I was only causing my panties to brush against my wet folds arousing me more.

My class seemed to last forever but finally it was over and I hurried home hoping Zan was there so we could continue what we had started.

Zan mainly works from our loft. He is a successful artist, but his favorite thing to draw by far is the two of us having sex. He has filled a sketchbook with drawings of us making love in many positions and places; some are things we have done and some are things he wants to do. Sometimes Zan or I will choose a drawing in the sketchbook and leave it open on the table for the other to see, indicating that is how we want to make love that night.

But I didn’t need to look at the sketchbook today. I had been fantasizing about what I wanted all day long.

I rushed into the loft but quickly saw that it was empty and I sagged in disappointment. Zan wasn’t always there when I got home from class, but I saw his absence today as more proof of his strange behavior.

There was a note on his worktable saying that he would be home around four o’clock, and I groaned. That was more than two hours from now. I would go insane with sexual need before he got home.

I took a deep breath, I would simply have to wait.

I thought that a shower might ease my body’s arousal, so I stripped off my clothes and stepped into the spray. The water washed over my hot skin and for a minute I thought it was working, but then I remembered all the times that Zan and I had made love in the shower.

I could almost feel his hard body pressed against mine, our skin sliding sensually together, his hands roaming over every inch of me. Zan would soap his hands and brush them over my breasts, down my stomach and hips to my clit, stroking me until my knees were ready to give out.

I closed my eyes and my hands followed the same path down my body. I imagined it was Zan’s hands slowly sliding over my breasts and down my stomach before dipping between my legs. I brushed over my clit using the same pressure that Zan always used and a surge of electricity shot through me.

Maybe there was an alternative to waiting for Zan.

I turned off the shower and quickly dried myself off before returning to the bedroom. I had never tried touching myself before.

I got onto the bed naked, laying on my back and closed my eyes as I started to run my hands over my body. I imagined it was Zan’s fingers stroking my nipples, and Zan’s hand moving down lower across my stomach.

I spread my legs as Zan’s hand moved even lower and then brushed over my clit. A small groan escaped my lips and Zan stroked me again. His fingers gently traced over my lower lips and I felt a rush of liquid. He dipped his fingers in the moisture and slicked it on my clit, rubbing it in slow circles.

My breath came faster as his fingers left my clit and returned to my wet folds. He brushed through them again and again, parting me a little more with each stroke. Briefly he pushed one finger inside me and then he returned to my clit.

He stroked it in faster circles this time and my body arched up, wanting, needing more.

As he continued to play with my clit his other hand wandered lower and he plunged two fingers into me. He withdrew his fingers and pumped them back inside, matching the rhythm of his strokes on my sensitive nub.

I spread my legs even farther to give him as much access as possible and he rewarded me with a quicker pace. I was approaching orgasm and I couldn’t stop myself crying out, “Zan!”

Suddenly there was a noise in the room and my eyes snapped open. I gasped when I saw Zan standing just inside the door.

His eyes were open wide and he was obviously surprised, no he was shocked by what he was seeing.

My face flamed red and I slowly started to withdraw my hands and close my legs.

Zan surged forward. “No baby, don’t be embarrassed.”

I couldn’t meet his eyes. I was so embarrassed but I felt the need to explain. “I - I’ve never…,” I stammered. “I just couldn’t stop thinking about this morning. I wanted you so much and you weren’t here.”

I risked a look at him and saw a wide smile on his face.

He pulled his shirt over his head as he took a step nearer the bed. “You wanted me that much?” he asked with a growl.

I nodded silently as my eyes roamed over his chest.

He kicked off his shoes and took another step closer. “You couldn’t wait one more minute to have me?”

I shook my head, my breath coming in quick pants.

Zan’s hands went to the fastening on his jeans and with a single motion he pushed them and his underwear down his muscular legs. He stepped out of his pooled clothes and closer to the bed. “Well I’m right here angel,” he purred.

His cock was rigid with arousal as he climbed onto the bed. He really wasn’t horrified by what he had seen me doing. I looked up into his eyes and saw no displeasure or censure. He smiled. “You can have your way with me.”

But I was still embarrassed and shook my head. “Zan…”

He moved over me and cut me off with his finger to my lips, holding my eyes as he spoke. “You don’t ever need to be embarrassed or ashamed with me Liz.” He stroked my face gently. “That was the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen, you touching yourself while you were thinking about me.”

“Really?” I asked apprehensively.

“Really baby.” He smiled as he nodded. “When I walked in and saw you I was so surprised that my knees almost gave out, but it was so sexy I couldn’t take my eyes off you. More than anything I wanted to see you bring yourself, and I held my breath because I was afraid that you would stop. And then you said my name and I thought I was going to cum.”

“Zan,” I breathed.

He smiled wider. “Just like that angel.” He kissed my forehead, and then my nose, and then my lips, but he only lingered for a moment before pulling back to meet my eyes again.

He placed his hand on top of mine, interlacing our fingers and brought them up to his mouth. He took each of my fingers inside and sucked them thoroughly, swirling his tongue around them. Then he put both our hands on my stomach and slowly moved them lower.

“Show me baby,” he growled, still holding my eyes. “Show me how you want me to touch you.”

My eyes widened as I realized what he was asking. “I…” I started with a gasp, but he moved our entwined fingers so they grazed over my aroused clit, and I moaned with pleasure.

“That’s it angel,” Zan soothed. He moved our fingers over my clit again and my body jerked in reaction. “Show me,” he whispered.

I took over moving our hands and tentatively brushed his index finger over my sensitive nub and then back again, slowly building a rhythm. Electricity shot through me and I gasped with the sensation.

Zan’s smile widened. “Is that what you like?”

“Yes,” I gasped.

“Show me what else you like,” he whispered.

I moved our hands lower, gently brushing over my slick folds. With each back and forth motion I slid our fingers a little deeper until we reached my core. I slowly pushed both of our index fingers inside and my body arched with pleasure.

“Mmmmm,” Zan growled, “I know you like that.”

“Yes Zan,” I moaned.

Zan took over, gently pushing our fingers even farther inside. He pressed my finger against the wall of my passage. “That’s your G-spot baby,” he said as he started stroking my finger over it.

Electric sensations raced through me and my whole body shuddered. Zan increased the pace brushing our fingers over the super-sensitive spot inside me again and again. My breath came faster and I felt my climax quickly approaching.

“Oh baby you’re so close,” Zan groaned. He kissed my breast, brushing his tongue over my nipple.

I felt my core start to flutter around our fingers. “Zan,” I gasped. “Oh Zan!”

He used his thumb to brush over my clit and I came instantly.

Zan placed wet, open-mouth kisses over my chest as I rode out the orgasm and started to calm. Then he withdrew our fingers from my core and put them both into his mouth, drawing them out clean.

His eyes burned with desire as he held mine. “The next time you touch yourself you’ll be able to feel me here with you,” he whispered harshly. “You’ll feel my hand on yours, touching you, making you cum.”

I smiled. “You are always with me, and you always make me come.”

Zan smiled and kissed my breast again. “And I’m going to make you cum again,” he moved lower, kissing my stomach. “Right now.”

He trailed his tongue down my stomach and looked up meeting my eyes. “So you couldn’t stop thinking about this morning, baby?”

“No,” I said. “I couldn’t pay attention in class because I was thinking about it so much.”

“What exactly were you thinking about?” he asked with a wicked gleam in his eyes.

“Your mouth on me,” I said softly.

He kissed my thigh. “My mouth on you where?”

I blushed, but held his eyes. “My clit,” I whispered.

Zan smiled against my thigh and slowly placed kisses down my leg. I held my breath as he approached my clit. I had been imagining his mouth on me for hours and I was almost wild with desire.

He kissed the hollow of my thigh and I gasped with anticipation. I felt his hot breath on me a moment before he touched me.

Finally his mouth was where I was so desperate to have it. He sucked my clit into his mouth, brushing it with his tongue several times, before withdrawing a few inches.

“Is that what you were thinking about baby?” he asked with a growl.

“Yes,” I gasped.

He lowered his mouth directly to my clit and laved it with attention; stroking with his tongue, grazing with his teeth, nibbling with his lips. Each of his touches sent electricity through me and I felt moisture pooling in my core.

Zan eased my legs farther apart and I almost sighed with relief because I knew it meant he was moving lower. I gasped as he left my clit, and when he placed a kiss squarely on my hot core I arched into him. Flattening his tongue he took a long lick from my core up to my clit and I moaned with pleasure.

“Did you think about this too angel?” he purred.

“Oh yes,” I panted, barely able to catch my breath. “More Zan, please more.”

He smiled. “Whatever you want baby.”

This time he didn’t tease. He went directly to my aching core and dipped his tongue inside, lapping up the moisture he had caused.

“Mmmmmm” he purred against my skin. But he didn’t stop.

He swirled his tongue through my folds, tasting every inch, before plunging back deep inside. Again and again he repeated the process sucking and nipping at my lower lips and then thrusting his tongue into me.

I writhed beneath him, and my hands fisted his hair, begging him silently not to stop. I was so close to release I thought I would go insane. “Zan,” I gasped.

And he must have heard the plea in my tone because suddenly he returned to my throbbing slit and plunged his tongue inside. He thrust into me repeatedly, setting a quick rhythm, fucking me with his tongue.

The incredible pleasure made me cry out, and my whole body stiffened as I came.

As the orgasm continued to wash through me, Zan kissed his way back up my body. He started with my fluttering core, and moved up to my clit. He kissed my stomach, and paused to swirl his tongue around the tip of each breast before kissing my chest. His tongue trailed up my throat and when he reached my lips he kissed me hard as he pushed his rigid cock into me.

Zan continued the kiss as he started to slowly move inside me. His tongue dueled with mine as he devoured my mouth. He wrapped his arms around me, pressing our entire bodies together so that every inch of us slid against each other. And I wrapped my legs around him, pulling him even deeper inside.

He groaned into my mouth and increased the pace, withdrawing almost all the way before plunging back inside. We ate at each others’ mouths as he stroked into me again and again. I could feel every inch of his thick cock as he slid in and out and it only took a few moments before I was on the edge.

I reluctantly broke the kiss, gasping for air, and Zan moved back down to my breast. He pulled the tip into his mouth, flicking my hardened nub with his tongue as he stroked into me even faster. I arched up meeting each of his thrusts, my climax quickly approaching.

“Oh Liz,” Zan purred, “you feel so good. So fucking good.”

I was beyond speech but I grabbed his ass urging him to an even greater speed. He pounded into me fast and hard and with only a few more thrusts he sent me flying over the edge.

Zan followed as my core clenched rhythmically around his cock. He cried out harshly and buried his face between my breasts, his hips jerking against me a few more times before he stilled. For long moments we remained wrapped around one another, simply savoring the closeness.

Zan was the first to move, placing soft kisses on my chest. “I love you so much baby,” he said softly.

We had dinner and then made love again, slow and thorough. Zan held me so close to him all night, like he was afraid that I would slip away. And I basked in his love, sure that I had been wrong about everything.



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