Mind of an Artist Part 7


Part 7


(Zan’s POV)

“Angel,” I called out. “Are you here?”

There were absolutely no sounds inside the loft. It felt empty.

I had been so sure she would be waiting for me, but now doubt was filling me up.

“Liz!” I called out more loudly.

I rushed into the bedroom, looking anxiously around. There were no signs of packing in here either. All of her clothes were in the closet, her stuff was in the bathroom, but Liz was definitely gone.

I felt like I’d been punched in the gut.

My angel had been horrified or scared by my past, and left me.

Slowly I walked back into the main room, and briefly looked around for a note, but there was nothing. She’d left without saying a word.

Feeling absolutely defeated, I sank down into a chair. Roughly I scrubbed my hands over my face, and dragged them through my hair.

How could I have been so wrong?

I had been so sure she wouldn’t leave me. I’d counted on her kind heart and generosity to give me a chance, counted on our love.

I’d been so sure I knew her better.

The argument could be made that you never really knew anyone, but I was sure I knew Liz. She is so open and honest with everything in her life. She didn’t know how to hide anything from me. She didn’t have to.

And we talked all the time. Not just about the latest movie, or celebrity romance, we really talked. We confided in each other, shared our hopes and dreams, shared everything.

Of course, we came from completely different worlds. Even if she hadn’t told me about her past, I would have known. It was written all over her.

She had grown up with two parents who adored her, in a middle class neighborhood where bad things hardly ever happened. She had middle class neighbors with good little sons and daughters. She had gone to a middle class school, shopped in middle class stores.

Not once had she ever been scared, or hungry, or in doubt of who she was, or her place in the world, or wondered if she was loved. Not once had she been told she was stupid or weak, or that she couldn’t achieve her dreams.

And the only exposure she’d had to people like me had been to pass us on the street as her protective parents hurried her away, or the few rough kids at school who hung out away from the privileged students, or possibly she had served them as she worked in her parents cafe.

She’d certainly never been friends with them, never really known them. Her parents had worked hard to keep her away from that world. My world.

And I couldn’t blame them. I wanted to protect her from that world too. The only reason I’d told her about it was because I felt she deserved to know exactly who I was, and what I had come from.

Danny, the neighborhood, the stealing, violence and drugs, that was all part of me, and I couldn’t deny it, but it wasn’t how I chose to live anymore. I had escaped that worthless existence, and built the life I have now with hard work. That is what I wanted her to understand. I knew what the old life held, and I never wanted to go back.

A shiver tore through me.

Already I could feel the emptiness filling me up inside. I hadn’t felt it since before I met Liz, and I never thought I’d feel it again. Being with her had chased all those feelings away. She made everything better, like the sun coming out after a long, cold winter. She made me feel really alive.

But it made the emptiness inside me now even worse, because I knew how it felt to have her in my life.

I had to have her back. She made my life worth living.

I scrubbed at my face again. I couldn’t let myself get defeated. We would be together again. I wouldn’t stop until we were.

Sure, things seemed bad now, but we could get past it. Even though we were so different, I was sure our love was strong enough to survive this. I just had to show Liz that I wasn’t going to give up. I’d fight for her, using all of the weapons at my disposal.

I had visions of sending her bouquets of her favorite flowers, coaxing her to come with me on a picnic, or for a walk, or to dinner, somewhere, anywhere I could get her alone. I could see her beautiful face, gauge her reactions, explain, coax, seduce. She’d be resistant, maybe angry or confused, but I’d remind her why were so good together, how much we love each other, and how much pleasure I could give her.

I imagined cupping her velvety cheek, slowly drawing her to me. The sweet scent of hair filled my nose as I fit my lips to hers, kissing her for the first time, again.

My imagination didn’t stop there, of course. I pictured myself stripping off every piece of her clothing, so her naked body pressed against mine. My hands moved over her silky skin, as I found her breast with my mouth.

I knew exactly where to touch and stoke her, where to kiss and suck, exactly how to drive her crazy. Her body always came alive under my touch, opening to me, inviting me inside.

And I wouldn’t make her wait. I’d slide my cock deep into her and concentrate only on her pleasure, making her cum again and again until she begged me to stop.

Yes. Once I had her in our bed again, she was mine.

Shit, I wanted her so much.

I’d just had her this morning, but I didn’t know how I was going to survive even one day without her.

Glancing at my watch, I realized I hadn’t even been gone two hours. Liz must have simply left, figuring she’d come back later for her things.

And suddenly I was worried.

How long had she been gone?

Had she panicked? Was she wandering the streets?

I leapt to my feet. I had to go look for her.

Had she called Steve for help?


I dug in my pocket for my cell phone. Liz still might be with Steve, or at least he would know where she had gone.

I’d told myself if she did leave I would give her some time, but now that seemed like a really bad idea. She was mine, a part of me. I had to have her back. I had to.

And I’d do anything to make it happen.

Of course my actions would depend on where she was, and what she was planning to do. The first thing I had to do was talk to her.

Jabbing at the buttons impatiently, I dialed Steve’s number.

He answered on the second ring. “Zan…”

I cut him off. “Where is she?”

My voice sounded harsh and raw. I barely even recognized it.

But before he could answer, the front door swung open and my angel was standing there.

I drew in a quick breath, my heart pounding. “Liz.”

She looked surprised to see me.

I didn’t move, afraid I would scare her. I swear I even stopped breathing, waiting to see what she would do.

I had come back early. Did she think I wouldn’t be home and she could get some of her things?

“Zan,” a muffled voice called out. “Zan, are you there?”

Suddenly I realized that I was still holding my phone, and I’d been talking to Steve. Without looking away from Liz, I raised the phone to my mouth. “I’ll talk to you later.”

I turned it off and slowly slid it back into my pocket.

I wasn’t sure what to do. My instinct was to take her in my arms, kiss her senseless and then carry her to bed. But as much as I wanted to do that, I waited for her to make the first move.

For long moments we just stood looking at each other. My heart pounded so loudly, I could hardly hear anything else.

She was wearing jeans that skimmed her legs, and a light blue tank top, revealing her creamy shoulders. Her hair was windswept from being outside, her face a little flushed. Her lips were slightly parted, and she was breathing hard, making her breasts move up and down.

Stupidly I couldn’t help thinking how beautiful she looked.

“You went to see Danny, didn’t you?” she said hoarsely.

I nodded. I certainly wasn’t going to lie to her, but I knew I might be digging an even deeper grave for myself. “I had to make sure he’d leave us alone,” I said gruffly.

I waited for her to react, but she simply stood, looking at me. And then tears started to gather in her eyes and spill down her cheeks.

I wanted to rush to her and comfort her, but I knew she was crying because of me. My mouth opened, wanting to say something, anything, but I couldn’t think. I could hardly breathe.

Each silent moment that passed I expected her to turn and run from the room, run away from me, and I was trying to decide what I should do when that happened. My mind was racing with possibilities, scenarios. I couldn’t let her get away from me, but I didn’t want to scare her either.

Finally she did move, but instead of running away, she slowly crossed the room toward me.

I held my breath as I watched her walk the few feet. I still couldn’t read the expression on her face. Was she angry, upset, afraid?

As she approached, her eyes raked over me, briefly focusing on my right hand before moving to my face again. She stopped in front of me, and I steeled myself. I couldn’t tell what she was thinking.

Reaching out, she gripped my hand, raising it so she could look at it more closely. For the first time I noticed that my knuckles were scuffed. It had obviously happened when I hit Danny.

Liz’s eyes met mine. “Did you get in a fight with him?”

I shook my head. “Couldn’t really call it a fight, angel,” I said softly, to disguise the strangled tone of my voice. “I punched him, he went down.”

“Zan,” she said, the exasperation evident in her voice, but a soft smile raised the corners of her mouth.

“Good,” she said. “I’m glad you hit him.”

I was completely stunned. “You are?”

She nodded. “He’s a jerk. He deserved it.”

I had to smile. She was absolutely right.

I still couldn’t tell what she was thinking, and her behavior was confusing me too. But she was holding my hand and it gave me confidence that we could work this out.

I was almost afraid to ask, but I had to know. “How do you feel about what I told you? About my past?”

She didn’t answer for a moment, and my heart pounded nervously as the silence stretched. Was she looking for the words to tell me that she was leaving because she was horrified by who I was and the things I’d done?

Finally she spoke, and her voice was choked with emotion. “I can’t believe you had to go through everything all by yourself. I can just see you as a stubborn, scared, little kid, trying to figure out how to live.”

She was trying to make excuses for me, but I had to make sure she saw the truth. I didn’t want her to regret it later. “I was a criminal, baby, and there is no excuse for that. I knew what I was doing was wrong, but I didn’t care.”

“But you changed,” she said. “You made the choice to leave all that behind, and be a different person, a good man. Everything you went through made you the person you are now.” She interlaced her fingers with mine. “And I love everything you are.”

I felt a huge rush of relief, and instantly wrapped her in my arms. “Oh angel,” I sighed, “you are incredible.”

It almost felt like my knees would go out from under me, but at the same time I could breathe again. I’d come so close to losing her, and I never wanted to have that feeling again. It just reinforced in my mind that I had to make her a permanent part of my life.

She hugged me tightly, and after a moment spoke softly into my chest. “So what did happen with Danny?”

“I made sure he wouldn’t bother us again,” I said simply.

“But how did you do it?” she asked. “How do you know he won’t come back?”

“Well,” I started, “I had some dirt on him, and I told him it would get out if he ever came near us again. He’d be sent to jail, or worse.”

“And you’re sure . . .”

I cut her off. “I’m sure baby. He won’t come near you again.”

She didn’t say anything, but after a moment I realized she was crying.

“What’s wrong, Liz?” I whispered into her hair.

“I was so worried about you,” she said with a gasp. “After you left, I realized where you had gone, and then I realized why you gave me Steve’s number. It was in case something bad happened to you, and then I couldn’t stop thinking about all the things that could happen. You could have been hurt, or arrested, or killed.”

I felt an even bigger rush of relief. She’d been worried about me. But then I felt guilty for making her worry. “No, angel,” I soothed, stroking her hair. “I’m just fine. I planned it all out, and there is no way Danny could take me in a fair fight.”

I kissed her forehead. “And I didn’t give you Steve’s number because I was worried something might happen to me. I gave it to you because,” I paused, pressing my lips to the top of her head and whispered into her hair, “because I thought you might leave me.”

“What?” she gasped, pulling back to look into my eyes. “Why would you think I’d leave you?”

I shook my head. “Angel, I didn’t know how you’d react when I told you who I used to be. I thought you might be scared or disgusted, and I didn’t know if you’d still want to be with me.”

More tears gathered in her eyes, and she reached up to touch my face. “Zan,” she breathed, “I’d never be scared of you. You are always so gentle and loving with me. And I wasn’t disgusted by what you told me. It made me feel so close to you that you were willing to share your past with me, when I knew you’d rather just forget it. I am so proud of you, so proud of how strong you are, and that you were able to make the life you wanted.”

The last of the heaviness dissolved away from my heart. She’d never even considered leaving me. I could see it in her eyes, hear it in her voice. I’d been right about her all along.

I pulled her to me. “You really are an angel.”

After a moment she spoke again. “So why were you worried something might happen to me if I did leave?”

I stroked her silky hair. “I was worried you might be upset and act without thinking, and I had to make sure you were safe.”

Suddenly she looked up. “Wait, you must have thought I’d left when you came home and I wasn’t here,” she gasped.

I nodded.

“Oh, Zan,” she said sadly, “I’m so sorry. I was worried about you, and I couldn’t stand to just wait here, so I went for a walk.”

“It doesn’t matter, angel,” I said. “You’re here, that’s what’s important.”

Tears gathered in her eyes again. “You must have been so upset. I’m really sorry, Zan. You said you’d be gone a couple of hours and I made sure to be back before that . . .”

“Don’t cry, angel,” I whispered. “I’m just so glad you’re with me now.”

And suddenly I couldn’t stand it anymore, I had to kiss her. Taking her face in both hands, I pressed my lips to hers.

I meant it to be just a simple kiss, but Liz wrapped her arms around me, pulling me close and kissed me wildly, like she hadn’t seen me in a week.

With a groan I slid my hand down to her ass, arching her against my erection, as I started walking her backward toward the bedroom.

I had to have her now. I’d been so afraid she was gone, and the thing I needed most was to feel her soft, naked body against mine.

(Liz’s POV)

Zan kissed me hard as he walked us backward. It was obvious he intended to make love, but I had something else in mind.

I put a hand to his chest, and pulled back, breaking the kiss. “Wait,” I said.

He smiled. “I can’t wait, angel,” he rumbled. “I’m taking you to bed.”

I shook my head. “No, Zan.”

He looked shocked. I’d never said no to him before.

“No?” he asked.

Slowly I stroked down his chest until I reached the waistband of his jeans. I hooked two fingers in his belt and started pulling him backward. “You’re not taking me to bed,” I said, with a smile. “I’m taking you to bed.”

Instantly his smile returned. “Whatever you say, angel.”

When we got into the bedroom I released his belt, and took a step back. “Take off your shirt.”

His smile widened and he didn’t even hesitate. With one hand he reached back over his head grabbing the neck of his shirt, and stripped it off. The position elongated and stretched his muscles, showing them to their best advantage, and a gasp of appreciation left my lips.

Obviously he’d done it on purpose. He knew I loved his body, and he met my eyes, giving me a wink.

“Does your shirt come off now, baby?” he said with a grin. “It’s only fair.”

I shook my head. “Not yet.” I let my eyes roam over him, appreciating his sculpted beauty. “I get to play a little first.”

Reaching out, I put my hands on his shoulders and stroked over his skin, tracing his collarbones, and moving down to his pecs. I brushed my palms over his nipples before leaning in and pressing my lips to his neck. I kissed and sucked at his skin, slowly making my way down.

Zan growled, and his arms wrapped around me, his hands sliding under my shirt, caressing my back.

When I reached his pec, I gently scrapped my teeth over his nipple, and then laved it with my tongue.

His arms tightened around me as he groaned. His hand slid up, and he deftly unfastened my bra. “I want you so much, angel,” he whispered into my hair.

“I want you too,” I said between kisses to his chest.

Zan’s hands moved around to my stomach, and slowly up under my bra, cupping my breasts.

I had to smile. I know he likes being in charge and setting the pace. It’s just his nature. But he is comfortable enough with himself and our relationship that he willing gives me control when I ask for it. I just have to remind him a few times.

Reaching up, I grasped the back of his head, drawing him down as I tilted my face up. His lips met mine and he kissed me hard. Instantly he had slipped back into control, but I wasn’t going to let him.

Breaking the kiss, I pulled back just enough to meet his eyes. “I’m in charge, remember?”

“Yes, baby,” he growled, stroking over my nipples. “I’m just helping you.”

I smiled again. “Then you should ‘help’ me take off my shirt.”

A grin lifted the corners of his mouth. “Just what I was thinking.”

Lifting my arms, I let Zan pull my shirt over my head. He tossed it aside and his hands went to my shoulders, pushing the straps of my bra down.

Again he reached for my breasts, but I stepped back with a smile. “Take off the rest of your clothes.”

First, he kicked off his shoes, and then he winked as he unsnapped his jeans. “All of it, angel?”

“All off,” I repeated.

Pushing his pants and boxers to the floor, he stepped out of them.

My eyes raked over his naked body as he closed the distance between us. He pressed his chest to mine, and his hands went to the fastening on my jeans. “And now I get to help you out of these.”

I kissed his neck as he worked my zipper. “Go lie down on the bed,” I said softly.

He growled, but released me and got on the bed, lying back with his hands behind his head. His muscles stretched, showing off his incredible, toned chest and arms. His cock was thick and erect, nestled in his dark hair. He looked like a living sculpture.

I finished the job he started, pushing my jeans to the floor, and kicking them off with my shoes. Then I hooked my fingers in my panties and shimmied out of them.

Zan’s eyes slowly roamed over my exposed body, and he reached out a hand to me. “Come here, angel,” he rumbled.

I was already wet, but the tone of his voice sent shivers of overwhelming desire through me. His eyes seemed to smolder as he looked at me, and I would have willingly done anything he asked. Going to the foot of the bed I climbed on, straddling his body and slowly crawling up. I smoothed my hands up his legs, stroking the inside of his thighs, but passed over his erection. Instead I pressed my mouth to his well-defined abs.

Looking up, I met his eyes. “You are so beautiful, Zan,” I said.

“Angel,” he growled, “come here and let me have you.”

I shook my head. “First, I’m going to show you how much I love you and want you.”

Kissing his navel, I heard him draw a quick breath. He knew what I meant, and it excited him.

With my lips and tongue, I followed the thin line of his dark hair down his stomach. It was like a path leading directly to my intended destination,

I reached out, taking his thick length in my hand, stroking him up and down. He was so velvety soft, I loved touching him.

He groaned as my hand moved over him, and I saw a pearly drop of liquid appear at his tip. I loved that I could turn him on so much with just a simple touch.

I dipped my head down suddenly, kissing his tip, gathering his essence.

Glancing up, I smiled at the look of concentration on his face. He loved me going down on him, and I knew he had a hard time controlling himself.

Opening my lips, I took his cock into my mouth, swirling my tongue over and around his tip. The texture of his head is so different than the shaft, but I love having all of him in my mouth.

I explored his entire length, licking down, taking as much of him into my mouth as possible, and then coming back up.

Zan growled as I brushed my tongue over his tip again, and his hand fisted in the sheet.

“Oh shit, baby,” he breathed harshly.

I’d hardly started and he was already losing control. I’d intended to savor him and take my time, but I didn’t want to make him wait any longer.

I took him deep into my mouth again, making sure his tip slid across the roof of my mouth, and then reversed direction. This time I didn’t stop to explore but started a slow rhythm, up and down, sucking hard on his rigid shaft.

As he slid in and out of my mouth, I swirled my tongue around him, licking every inch that I could reach. At the same time I gripped his base with my hand, pumping him hard.

I moved my other hand up to his sculpted abs, and slowly caressed his skin, brushing over his hard nipples.

His cock twitched in my mouth, and his hand slid into my hair. I knew he was getting close and I sped up, moving on him as quickly as I could.

I loved giving him pleasure this way because I could concentrate only on him, and not on my own sensations. I could hear his harsh pants, his groans and growls, feel the tightening of his body as he approached climax. It was incredible.

“Fuck, angel,” he moaned. “Fuck.”

He groaned again, his hand spasming in my hair, and I knew he was coming. I sucked hard, tightening my mouth around him and he exploded.

I drank down his salty essence as he surged into my mouth again and again.

When he was finally spent, I let him slide out, and kissed his stomach as I looked up to see his face. He had an expression of satisfaction and wonder, and I smiled, knowing I’d given it to him.

(Zan’s POV)

Shit, I’ll never get used to the sight of my angel going down on me. To see her dark head moving up and down, and watch my cock disappearing into her soft mouth is overwhelming. It turns me on so much, I feel like I have no control.

When we first got together I never let her finish me because I would much rather be inside her and I can bring her to climax too. I also didn’t think she would like me coming in her mouth, but I discovered I didn’t need to worry about that. My angel takes great pleasure in making me explode. I could see it in the satisfied grin she always has afterward.

I stroked her hair as she kissed my stomach. I wanted her more than ever, but it would be a few minutes before I was ready to take her.

But that was perfect, because it gave me a chance to taste her sweet pussy.

Reaching down, I cupped her head, bringing her mouth up to meet mine. “Mmmmm baby,” I growled, “you are so good.”

I kissed her hard, and then grasped her behind the knees, holding her in place, as I slid my body down.

She gasped in surprise. “What are you doing?”

I stopped when I was directly between her legs. “I’m just going,” I said, kissing her inner thigh, “where I know,” I kissed her clit, “you were going to tell me to go.”

I sucked at one of her lower lips, feeling how wet she already was.

“But,” she gasped, “I’m supposed to be in charge,”

I flicked her clit with my chin piercing, drawing another gasp from her. “I’m waiting for your orders, angel,” I said, with a smile. I was going to love hearing her say exactly what she wanted. “Tell me what you want me to do to you.”

“Zan,” she started.

I thought I could hear a protest in her tone, so I sucked her tiny nub into my mouth, swirling it with my tongue.

Her hips surged forward, opening her up even more to me. I gripped her thighs holding her close. “Tell me,” I whispered.

Another soft gasp escaped her. “Lick my clit,” she whispered.

I knew she was embarrassed, so I let her start slow. Instantly my mouth covered her nub and I took a long, slow lick across her.

She whimpered with pleasure and I increased the pressure and teased her with small circles of my tongue.

I continued slowly, until her hips started to move and her gasps turned to moans. “Now what, angel?” I growled.

She was breathing hard, and her voice with rough with desire, “Go lower,” she purred.

I smiled again. She was still embarrassed to ask for exactly what she wanted, but that could wait.

Slowly I used my tongue to trace around the edge of her lower lips, down one side, and back up the other, making a long oval. Liz was so wet, and the spicy scent of her juices made me want to plunge inside her, but I was going to wait until she asked me to do it.

Her moans grew deeper, and her hips pushed forward, trying to draw me inside, but I concentrated on her puffy lips. Softly I drew one side into my mouth, sucking at it, licking up the moisture.

Liz’s hands slid into my hair, clutching handfuls, holding me hard. I was driving her crazy, but I wasn’t going to give her relief until she said the words.

I moved to the other side, giving her other succulent pussy lip the same treatment, licking, sucking, teasing.

“Zan,” she gasped, and I released her instantly.

“Yes angel,” I encouraged. “Tell me what you want.”

“Lick my pussy,” she moaned.

It was a start, but I wanted her to say what she really meant. I took a long lick across her soaking core and up to her clit, and her hips surged forward. “What do you really want, angel?” I growled.

“I,” she gasped again as I sucked at her clit. “Come inside. I want your tongue inside me.”

I dipped my tongue barely into her, once, twice, and then withdrew. “Is that what you want?”

A soft whimper preceded her words. “No. I want,” she paused. “I want you to tongue fuck me,” she whispered.

“Say it louder,” I demanded softly.

“Zan, please,” she said throatily, “tongue fuck me.”

“Fuck yes, angel,” I growled.

Instantly I plunged my tongue deep into her soaking pussy, and a moan of satisfaction came from inside her.

“Oh yes, Zan.”

I plunged inside her again and again, pressing her hips down on top of me to let me go a deep as possible. I’d never had her this way, and the sensations were new and incredible. Her soft thighs brushed against the sides of my face, and her scent completely surrounded me. I controlled the pace and pressure somewhat, but in this position Liz could move too,

Her hips started to pump as she got closer, and it was like she riding my tongue. The thought turned me on so much that I instantly felt my cock harden.

Increasing my pace inside her, I matched the rhythm she was setting, moving with her, encouraging her with my hands on her hips. Her back started to arch and I slid one hand forward so I had access to her clit. Using my thumb, I stroked over it with quick circles, making her body jerk.

I wished I could see her as she rode me and climaxed, but that could wait.

Her moans of pleasure turned to whimpers and I pushed my tongue deep inside her. She cried out, her hands clutching in my hair, and her inner walls clamped down on me as she came.

I left my tongue inside her until the waves of her orgasm started to slow, then I withdrew and kissed and sucked at her lower lips, gathering up every drop of her sweet juices.

Liz gasped. “But this is about me giving you pleasure.”

“Angel,” I said gruffly, as I started sliding up the bed, kissing my way up her body, “you have,” I kissed across her stomach, “no idea,” I licked between her breasts, “how much pleasure,” I took her breast into my mouth, laving her rigid nipple with a long brush of my tongue, “it gives me,” I kissed her neck hard, “to make you cum.”

Pressing my lips to hers, I kissed her lingeringly. I had no idea what she had in mind next, but I couldn’t wait any longer. I gripped her hips, holding her, and slid my hard cock inside her soaking pussy.

A soft moan came from deep in her throat as I pushed into her. I know she loves having me inside, so she wouldn’t complain too much about me altering her plan.

I broke our kiss but spoke against her lips. “I know you’re in charge baby,” I whispered with a grin. “So of course you want to be on top.”

“You’re so bad, Zan,” she purred.

My grin widened as I reached out and cupped her breast. “And you love it.”

She smiled, “You’ve been breaking all the rules.”

“Oh yes angel,” I agreed, dipping my head, and closing my mouth over her rosy peak.

“Aaah,” she gasped, putting a hand to my chest. “Since you’ve been breaking the rules, I think I need to punish you.”

“Mmmmmm,” I growled, licking her hard nipple. “And what kind of punishment do I get?”

“Lay down,” she ordered. “And no more touching,”

I groaned in disappointment, with her breast still in my mouth. Kissing her tip once more, I released her, looking into her eyes. “Angel,” I started to argue, but she pushed at my chest, and leaned forward into me, making my cock slide even deeper inside her.

A growl escaped me, and she pressed her lips to mine briefly. “Lay down,” she whispered.

Wrapping my arms around her, I did as she asked, laying back against the bed, but taking her with me. She was on her knees, lying across me, our chests pressed together, her legs straddling me, her soft pussy holding me inside. Shit she felt so good.

“Is this my punishment?” I asked with a wink.

She smiled, as her hand moved over my chest. “I’m not through yet.”

“I sure hope not,” I teased with a smile.

Pressing her lips to my neck, she looked up to meet my eyes. “You have to stay lying on the bed, and you can’t use your hands.”

“And what do you get to do?” I growled.

Her hand brushed over my nipple. “Anything I want.”

“Mmmm, baby,” I groaned, kissing her quickly, “do your worst.”

She grinned and started to sit up while I was still inside her. Her motion made my erection slide within her, and a growl of pure pleasure came from my throat.

Her hand caressed my chest, and moved down across my abs to where my cock disappeared inside her.

My eyes flicked from where her hand was stroking me, up to her eyes. A wicked grin lit her face. “I hope you like watching,” she purred.

I smiled. “You know I do, angel.”

She leaned down kissing my chest, scraping her teeth over my skin. Her breasts brushed lightly across my abs, just her hard nipples grazing me, and I sucked in a sharp breath.

Her mouth closed over my nipple, sucking and licking, as she started to move her hips.

She was so wet from the orgasm and all the foreplay that her juices were pouring out of her, completely coating my cock, and making me slide easily inside her.

“Oh yes, angel,” I moaned.

Gently she bit into my pec, and slowly started to sit up as she continued her rhythm on me.

Her hair was like silk as it brushed across my chest, and I watched greedily as her beautiful body was revealed to me. Her breasts bounced enticingly as she started to move more quickly.

Finally she was sitting all the way up, making me slide as deep inside her as I could go. She wasn’t bouncing up and down, but undulating her hips, so I barely moved within her. It was so fucking sexy.

I wanted to grab her and finish her fast and hard, but I also wanted to keep watching her. She always comes quickly when she’s on top, and I didn’t want to miss a moment.

A gasp escaped her and knew my cock must be hitting her G-spot. Instantly she sped up, grinding on me.

It seemed like I was more aware than ever of every move her body made; the way she flexed and arched, the way her breasts bounced, the brush of her hair on my body, the racing of her heartbeat, the feel of her hot liquid core pulsing around me, the sounds she made, the quickly indrawn gasps of air, the soft moans and whimpers that rose in pitch as she approached climax. Maybe it was because I was so conscious of almost losing her, but I was greedy to hear and see and experience all of it with her.

She was obviously getting close to cuming, because her back arched and she leaned backward, her mouth falling open as she gasped for breath. Her breasts bounced harder as she sped up even more, lifting herself off my cock and plunging back down.

I could see every inch of her, all the way down to where we were joined, and I watched my cock disappearing inside her. It was so good, I’d cum any minute.

And suddenly I couldn’t stand it any more. Sitting up, I pressed our bodies together, and cupped her head, drawing her to me for a searing kiss.

She continued moving on me as our lips clashed together, trying to breathe around the kiss. My hand moved to the small of her back, holding her, helping her rhythm, as I started pumping my hips up into her.

“Zan,” she whimpered.

She was so close, I could hear it in her voice.

Reaching down, I stroked her clit and she came instantly.

I slammed into her twice more and followed her over the edge.

I kept her wrapped in my arms as we shook together, gasping for breath. There is nothing better than holding my angel after we’ve made love, and I stroked her hair for long minutes, just savoring having her in my arms.

Finally I leaned back, taking Liz with me as I lay on the bed.

“If this is punishment,” I said in a low voice, “you can punish me anytime.”

She laughed. “Well, I’ll have to punish you again soon,” she teased, kissing my chest, “because you broke all the rules.”

I smiled. “I’ll be ready for more punishment in just a few minutes, baby.”

(Liz’s POV)

I lay across Zan’s chest as he held me in his arms, stroking over my back. He was still inside me, and I had no intention of moving. I wanted to feel him growing when he started getting hard again.

I kissed his neck, loving the feel of him all around me, and wanting him to feel my love in return.

Of course, I realized now why he hadn’t told me about his past sooner. Not only did he not want to relive those terrible times, but he’d been afraid of my reaction. If I’d known I could have reassured him that anything he had done in his past, was just that, the past.

What I’d said to him earlier was the truth. I was so proud of him for getting out, and putting all of it behind him. But his past helped shape the person he was today, and he was a good man. The best man I’d ever known. That’s why I loved him.

His arms tightened, holding me so close, as if he was afraid I’d disappear. And maybe he was. He’d thought I’d left him.

And obviously he was thinking the same thing.

“I’m so glad you didn’t leave me, angel,” he rumbled. “I would have missed this too much.”

Kissing his neck again, I looked up into his eyes, smiling. “Is that all you’d miss?” I teased. “The sex?”

He smiled. “I’d miss lying with you in bed, showering together, studying with you, just being in the same room with you, hearing your voice, your laugh. He kissed my forehead. “I love you. I’d miss everything about you.”

My smile faded. “I love you. That’s why I’d never leave you, Zan,” I said. “I’d miss everything about you too.”

The corners of his mouth twitched. “Now she tells me.”

I punched at his arm teasingly, but he caught my wrist and brought my hand up to his lips, placing a kiss on my palm.

I almost didn’t want to ask, but I had to know. “So, if I had left,” I said softly, “what would you have done?”

He held my eyes. “You’re mine, angel,” he growled. “I finally found you, and I’d never just let you walk out of my life.”

I smiled. “I’m glad, but. . .”

Zan interrupted me. “But what would I have done?” he said softly, kissing my forehead again. “Anything, baby. I was ready to beg, promise, and seduce. I would have followed you home to your parents’ house, or to the end of the Earth.”

He pressed his lips to mine. “I was willing to do anything I had to do, to get you back, and I wouldn’t have stopped until you were with me again.”



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