Mind of an Artist Part 3


Part 3


I awoke the next morning stretching and feeling wonderful.

Zan was still asleep next to me, his warm body against mine. We were on our sides, facing each other, and his arm was wrapped possessively around me.

Last night Zan let me sleep for a couple of hours and when he woke me, he’d had Chinese food delivered, with all my favorites. We ate, and then made love again before going to bed.

He stirred a little as I moved, and I pressed myself even closer to him. Lazily I stroked his skin as I pressed a kiss to his chest.

I wrapped my leg around his, slowly stroking my foot over the wiry hair on his calf. I love touching Zan, and it seems like I never get to do it enough. The planes and curves of his body fascinate me. His skin is so soft, it is a startling contrast to the rock hard muscles it covers.

Zan works out relentlessly, keeping his body strong and hard. He really isn’t into health food, or supplements, or any of the other things I usually associated with health nuts. So I thought there must be another reason he keeps in such good shape. I thought it must have something to do with his past, and how he grew up.

Maybe it made him feel less vulnerable if he was strong and could defend himself. Maybe it was something he could control in a crazy world. Or maybe it was simply a leftover ideal from his childhood. But whatever the reason, I appreciated the results.

Smoothing my hand across his sculpted back, I traced his hard muscles. Zan is definitely a work of art.

I had often thought about Zan’s life before, but because of our encounter with Danny, I had been wondering even more. I had asked Zan about it in the past, but he had only given me vague answers, briefly telling me he was raised in the foster care system. He said it wasn’t worth remembering, but I was sure he must have some good memories. And I was determined to ask about it again.

I kissed his chest, and felt his erection between us. Automatically my core dampened, and my heartbeat increased with a rush of desire. Zan usually woke up hard and horny, and I must admit that I looked forward to our morning sex, even craved it.

Suddenly he lunged forward, flipping me onto my back, and settling between my legs.

I squealed in surprise, and he grinned. “What a nice way to wake up angel, feeling your hands on me,” he rumbled sleepily.

He kissed me lingeringly as his hand started at my neck and trailed down my body. Across my breast, over my stomach, he continued down until he reached my clit and slick lower lips, checking to see if I was ready for him. My body arched up, and he slowly pushed inside.

I gasped as he filled me, my hands clutching at his back. Zan smiled and started moving.

I wanted to talk to him, but that could definitely wait until later.


An hour later we had showered and dressed, and just finished breakfast. I moved around the kitchen, loading the dishwasher, as Zan sipped coffee at the table.

All through breakfast I had considered how to ask him the questions that were filling my mind, and I still wasn’t sure what to do. But I decided to just jump right in.

I approached him with the coffee pot and topped off his cup. “So you never told me about Danny,” I said tentatively.

Zan took the coffee pot from me, and sat it on the table, before pulling me into his lap. “We lived in the same foster home for a couple of years,” he said softly. “But angel, there’s really not much worth remembering from when I was a kid.”

“But your early life wasn’t all bad was it?” I asked, searching his eyes. “You had friends, like Danny.”

With a tilt of his head, Zan gave a small shrug. “Sure I had friends growing up, and there were some good times,” he acknowledged. “But overall, I’m just glad I’m out. I worked hard to get away, and I don’t want to look back.”

He shook his head. “I do talk to a couple of the guys I knew back then, but Danny and I didn’t keep in touch.”

“Well maybe he regrets that,” I suggested. “I mean, you did live as brothers. Maybe he wants to try again.”

One corner of Zan’s mouth lifted in a crooked smile. “Maybe. But I don’t have any regrets.”

He cupped my head, his thumb stroking my cheek, as he held my eyes. “I just want to concentrate on the present and the future, angel. The future with you.”

“Zan,” I breathed. He always seemed to say the perfect thing.

Leaning in, he kissed me tenderly. “You make my life so perfect,” he whispered against my lips.

I smiled. “You’ve made my life perfect too.”


Liz and I spent a relaxing day. After breakfast, we took a walk in the nearby park, and got sandwiches from our favorite deli. Then we went to the college store and bought the textbooks and supplies for her new classes. In the afternoon I painted a little, and she started looking through her books.

I glanced at my watch as I swirled the brush in the edges of the green and black paint on my palette. With thick, short strokes, I applied it to the canvas, barely paying attention to what I was doing as my mind turned over the earlier conversation with Liz. All day I had expected her to ask more about Danny and my past, but she seemed to be satisfied with my answers.

At least for now.

It was inevitable she would ask me about it. I knew her curiosity wouldn’t let it pass unexplained. I just couldn’t believe I’d gotten off the hook so easily this time. I also knew she would ask me again, but that was okay. One of the things I loved most about Liz was her active mind.

I looked over to where she was sitting cross-legged, reading her thick science textbook. She had an expression of concentration and eagerness on her face that made me smile. There is nothing sexier than a smart, beautiful woman.

I dabbed at the palette absentmindedly again, transferring more paint to the canvas.

Of course Liz wanted to know about my past. She loved me, and wanted to know as much as possible. But she doesn’t really understand what she is asking. She doesn’t know how bad things can be, because she grew up in a loving family, in a nice part of town.

My eyes traced the perfect line of Liz’s neck, down her shoulder to her breasts, and I had the urge to paint her. I often sketched her, but it had been a couple of months since I had put her beautiful form on canvas. I’d have to make a portrait of her my next project.

As I looked at her, I felt my cock harden, and couldn’t help smiling. It seems like I’ve had a constant hard-on since the first time I saw Liz.

She turns me on like no other woman ever has.


I looked closely at the canvas and almost laughed. I had started the outline of Liz’s body in the middle of my painting; her naked breast jutting out enticingly, her neck elongated, her chin tilting up at a teasing angle. It was a beautiful line, but it really didn’t belong in the cityscape I was working on.

More importantly, Liz’s body wasn’t for anyone’s eyes but mine. I’d have to paint over it. But first I grabbed a sketchbook and copied down the exact line so I could capture it again later.

Covertly I glanced at my watch again. I had a surprise for Liz. Well, I smiled, it was for me too, I had to admit. But it was late enough now, and we could get ready to leave.

I stored my palette and covered the canvas I had been working on. Reaching for a rag, I wiped my paint stained fingers, as I looked at Liz. My activity caught her attention, and I winked at her across the room.

“I’m going to take you to dinner, angel,” I said casually.

She nodded, putting her book aside. “Where do you want to go?”

I crossed to her, and pulled her off the sofa, and into my arms. “How about I surprise you,” I suggested.

A smile spread across her face. “I always love your surprises.”

Wrapping her arms around my neck, Liz stood up on tiptoes, pressing her whole body against me, as she gave me a quick kiss. “Do I have time to take a shower?”

I gripped her ass, holding her against me. I wanted to take her right on the sofa, but instead I kissed her forehead and said, “Sure baby.”

I had to exert a lot of control not to join her in the shower, and waited until she was finished before I quickly washed in a cold spray. When I emerged from the bathroom I was congratulating myself on my self-control, until I saw Liz.

She was wearing a dress I had never seen before. It was black with thin straps, and clung to the curves of her body, hanging just below her knees. Her legs were bare, and her feet were encased in sexy black heels. It was also obvious she couldn’t be wearing a bra.

I felt my mouth go dry as my eyes raked over her. The thought screamed through my head that she was only wearing two pieces of clothing; the dress, and whatever lacy panties she had chosen. I had the overwhelming urge to see which ones they were, and then rip them off.

Shit, I wanted her.

“Baby, you are so beautiful,” I said, my voice sounding gruff even to my own ears.

A blush spread across her cheeks. “So you like the dress?” she asked.

I smiled, crossing to her and taking her in my arms. “I like it so much that I’ll try not to tear it when I strip it off you,” I teased.

“Zan,” she said exasperatedly but with a smile, and she pushed playfully at my chest.

I kissed her briefly, and then released her and turned determinedly toward the closet. If I didn’t get dressed quickly and get us out of the loft, we wouldn’t leave.

In honor of Liz’s new dress, I passed over my usual jeans, and reached for a pair of black slacks and a deep blue shirt she had given me.

Liz was turned away, doing her makeup, but I could still feel her eyes on me in the mirror as I dressed.

She wanted me too.

Drying my body quickly, I mechanically pulled on boxers and pants, and slung the shirt around my shoulders, stuffing my arms inside. I think I missed half the loops with my belt, but I didn’t stop to fix it. I tucked in my shirt, and fastened up, but as I pulled on my boots, I could feel Liz’s eyes on me, and turned to find her looking at me hungrily.

Usually I would have said fuck dinner, and just taken my angel to bed, but I had been planning this evening for a couple of weeks. Swallowing hard to keep my desire in check, I grabbed my jacket and winked at her. “Ready to go, baby?”

She nodded, but I could see her eyes were dark, and her cheeks flushed with arousal.

We really needed to leave.

Somehow I was able to get us out of the bedroom, through the living room, and out the door. Waiting for the elevator, I wrapped my arm around Liz’s shoulder and pulled her against me. It was an automatic reaction to have her near me, but feeling her soft, willing body pressed to mine really tested my self-control. I had to have another talk with myself about patience as the moments passed, but once the elevator arrived I felt safer.

When we stepped out of the elevator on the main floor, I could see the cab I had ordered through the glass door, waiting in the street. With my free hand, I pushed the door open, maneuvering us both through, so I didn’t have to release Liz.

It was dark, and as we left the building, I automatically looked around. It was an old habit, a leftover from growing up in a dangerous neighborhood. Perhaps some would say it was paranoia, but just because we lived in a fairly safe part of town, it didn’t mean bad things couldn’t happen. Being safe was more important to me than ever, because I wasn’t just looking out for myself anymore, I had Liz to protect.

My practiced eyes slid over the people on the street, and took in our surroundings, looking for any possible threats. I paid more attention to the shadowed areas, anywhere a person could be concealed.

Just as I was satisfied nothing was out of place, I caught a glimpse of a face in the crowd across the street that made me do a double take. Danny. What the fuck was he doing in this neighborhood?

Quickly I looked back, my eyes darting around, searching for him, examining every face. But after scanning the area thoroughly I realized I must have imagined it, because he just wasn’t there. I had been thinking about him lately, and I must have seen someone in the crowd who resembled him, that was all.

I released a tense breath, but I guess I hadn’t realized how long I had been distracted. Liz touched my chest. “Zan?”

“Sorry angel,” I said, pressing a kiss to her head. I moved us to the cab, and opened the door, putting Liz inside first. Over the roof, I scanned the opposite side of the street one more time, my eyes lingering on the dark alley. Fucking Danny. He was the last person I wanted to think about at a time like this.

Settling next to Liz, I took her in my arms again as the cab started moving. I wasn’t going to let thoughts of my past ruin the night.

As we drove, Zan held me close, stroking lightly down my arm. I leaned into him, resting my head against his chest. I was kind of surprised that we had actually left the loft. It was obvious how much he wanted me, and seeing his beautiful, naked body as he emerged from the shower, had instantly turned me on. But there was something else on his mind.

Zan said he was going to surprise me, and I was betting there was more to it than picking a restaurant. He loved to do things for me. He must have something already planned.

Yes, I was hungry, and I had jumped at the chance to go to dinner when Zan suggested it. But now I wanted Zan more than food.

I took a deep breath, inhaling his scent. He always smelled so good, and it seemed to warm me from the inside out, making my body shiver with desire. I ached for his touch, and my core was soaking wet, and pulsing with need.

I wanted to ask him to turn the cab around and take us home, but I couldn’t do that to Zan. I would just have to be patient, and wait until later to have him.

We rolled to a stop, and Zan helped me out of the cab, but I was surprised to see where we were. I was expecting a restaurant, but instead we were outside the gallery where Zan had gotten a contract to display his work.

His agent had started the deal on the first night I had gone to one of Zan’s shows, and they had been negotiating and setting it up for months. The contract gave Zan a permanent place to sell his art in one of the most popular galleries in town. And tomorrow night was his opening.

Through the window, I could see the gallery was dark, and I couldn’t imagine that we were going inside. But I got an even bigger surprise when Zan took some keys out of his pocket and opened the door.

“How did you get those?” I asked suspiciously.

He winked at me. “I told you I had a surprise.”

Zan led me into a partitioned section of the gallery near the front. A moveable wall separated Zan’s area, and made more space to display his work. Some of his paintings were hanging on the walls, but most were simply leaning against them in groups, as if someone were still deciding where to put them.

In the center of the space, there were several benches where people could sit and admire his creations. It was almost like his paintings were displayed in an art museum.

I turned in a slow circle, taking in all of Zan’s work surrounding me. It was so incredible to have his talent and passion displayed, all the pictures I had watched him paint. But it was also sad. Each painting represented a time in our lives, and I was sorry to see them for sale because they marked the days of our happiness.

Of course we couldn’t keep all the paintings Zan created. We’d soon have the entire loft full of canvases. But I knew if there was a particular painting I couldn’t stand to part with, all I had to do was tell Zan.

He actually did most of his painting while I was at school. When I was home he only painted when I had lots of homework, or I needed to study. Most of the time when we were home together, we had more, um, important things to do. It brought a smile to my face.

And as if Zan read my thoughts, his hands slid around my waist and he pressed his body to mine. “What do you think angel?” he rumbled.

I turned in his arms. “It’s wonderful Zan. I’m so proud of you.”

He smiled. “I’m pretty proud too,” he rumbled. “But there is one thing that would make it even better.”

His eyes sparkled, and I had no doubt about what he meant.

“You are insatiable today,” I said with a grin, feeling almost weak with relief. I wouldn’t have to wait to have him!

“Not just today angel,” he growled, smiling wickedly as he gripped my ass. “I never get enough of you.”

Automatically I started looking around, wondering if there was anyone to catch us. But Zan anticipated me.

He started walking me backward as he spoke. “No one is here, darlin’. I made sure the place would be completely empty, and there are no cameras in the gallery.”

Pressing me into the wall he kissed my neck as he pushed an aggressive knee between my legs. “Mmmmm, I’ve imagined making love to you here since the day I made the deal to display my art in the gallery. And after tonight, every time I’m here, I’ll remember having you, and I won’t be able to stop smiling.”

He fitted his body even closer to mine as he devoured my neck. His teeth grazed my sensitive skin and I shuddered with desire. “You want me,” he whispered between kisses. “Don’t you baby?”

“Zan,” I gasped. “I want you so much, I didn’t know how I was going to make it through dinner.”

A growl escaped him as one of his hands twisted into my hair, and he kissed me hard. His other hand started to pull up my dress, going directly to the top of my panties and stripping them down my legs.

Suddenly he lifted me, and I thought he was going to take me against the wall, but he turned us and walked the few steps to one of the benches. He sat me down, and knelt before me without breaking the kiss. His hands smoothed up my legs, gripping my panties where they hung just below my knees, and pulled them the rest of the way off.

I grasped at him, pushing his jacket off his shoulders and letting it fall to the floor. Then I unfastened the first few buttons of his shirt before I became too impatient and just reached for his belt.

But he pulled away with a smile. “Not so fast, angel.”

His hands slid up my parted thighs, inching my dress higher, until it was around my waist. Then gripping my hips, he pulled me to the edge of the bench. He winked. “I need a taste first.”

Liz’s eyes widened with desire. I don’t know which of us enjoys me going down on her more. Of course, she cums, but I love giving her pleasure. I love the way her body moves, and the sounds she makes. And tasting her honeyed essence is almost like tasting her soul.

I inhaled deeply as I caressed her silky thighs, wanting to savor every sensation. The smoky scent of her arousal filled my nose, and my cock hardened painfully. Liz is always so wet for me that foreplay really isn’t necessary, but I wouldn’t skip it for the world. I love every moment of my time with my angel, every kiss, lick, nibble, and taste.

Lifting her leg, I put it over my shoulder. I pressed my lips to the inside of her knee, and slowly moved upward, licking and kissing a path to her sweet center. I stopped as I approached the hollow of her thigh, and reached up to her flat stomach. Lightly, I trailed my fingers down, through her dark curls and traced over her puffy lower lips, barely touching her.

Liz squirmed and gasped as I took my time exploring her. I carefully avoided her clit, tracing around it, and stayed to the edges of her ultra-soft lips. Her flesh was blushed with her arousal, and sweet liquid flowed from her like nectar from a ripe peach. She was so beautiful.

Her hips lifted, trying to get closer to me, and I couldn’t wait any longer. I dipped my head, going directly for her core. I slid my tongue into her, taking a brief taste, and continued with a long lick, through her lips and up to her clit.

She moaned with pleasure and I stopped to suck her nub into my mouth, swirling it around with my tongue. Liz’s gasps grew more sharp, and her hips tilted, opening her even more to me. So gently I grazed her clit with my teeth, and she cried out.

Immediately I released her, and dove down, plunging my tongue into her soaking passage. “Zan,” she gasped.

Instantly I withdrew, but the taste of her essence made me greedy for more.

I placed a kiss over her core, and then on her lips, and then her clit. I licked over it again, and then slowly moved down, carefully parting her with my tongue, taking small licks, teasing, delving gradually deeper.

As I reached her center again, I could tell Liz was holding her breath. She wanted me to come back inside.

With my tongue, I dipped in for another brief taste, making her gasp again. Moving back up to her clit, I took it inside my mouth. Quickly I stroked my tongue over it, first from side to side, and then up and down. I sucked it hard, and Liz’s body moved, her gasps rising in pitch.

I could make her cum by concentrating only on her tiny nub, but I wanted to be inside, tasting her. With a final kiss I left her clit, and sucked briefly at each of her succulent lips before reaching her core again. This time I didn’t tease or hesitate, but plunged my tongue deep into her.

Sweet nectar poured from her passage, and I eagerly lapped it up, dipping into her again and again. Liz’s fingers twisted in my hair, holding me where she needed me. I gripped her hips, pulling her closer, and concentrated on bringing her to climax.

With long, deep licks I pushed into her, making sure to curl the tip of my tongue up, and hit her G-spot each time I withdrew. Liz’s hips starting moving in time with my strokes, and her leg tightened over my shoulder. She was getting close.

“Oh Zan,” she gasped. “Yes, Zan.”

I increased my pace inside her, and Liz’s gasps turned to moans, and then whimpers. I heard her shoe hit the floor, and then her bare leg wrapped around my back. Her fingers tightened in my hair, and her body arched. Moisture continued to pour from her, and her inner muscles began to pulse rhythmically.

Plunging into her as deeply, and quickly as I could, I reached up and flicked over her clit with my thumb. It only took a few more strokes and Liz came apart. Her muscles clamped down, squeezing my tongue to the time of her racing heartbeat.

Instantly I withdrew, and stripped my shirt over my head. Then reaching down, I quickly unfastened my pants, pushing them and my boxers down.

At the same time, I moved up her body. I kissed her sweet core again, then her clit, and flat stomach.

Meeting her eyes, I grinned as I took my cock in hand, and aligned myself with her soaking passage. I couldn’t wait any longer. I inched into her, and didn’t stop until I was completely inside. Her inner muscles were still pulsing from the orgasm, but I didn’t give her time to recover. I started to move, slowly stroking in and out.

“Oooohh,” she moaned. “That’s so good.”

I kissed her briefly. “You always feel so amazing, baby,” I told her. “Your pussy is always so wet and ready for me.”

She wrapped her arms around my neck. “Because I always want you inside.”

I continued to move inside her as I pushed the straps of her dress down her arms. Trailing my fingers back up her soft skin, I stroked over her shoulder and across her collarbone before moving lower. Tracing her skin along the edge of her dress, I slowly pushed it down to expose her beautiful breasts.

Leaning in for another kiss, I palmed her soft mounds, stroking her rigid nipples as I rocked inside her. I could feel the shocks of electricity shooting through her body, her muscles clenching as her hips moved with me.

I heard Liz’s other shoe hit the floor and both her legs wrapped around me. On my next stroke, I sank inside her even deeper, and I had to grit my teeth not to cum.

“Shit, angel,” I groaned.

Her legs tightened, and her hands gripped at my back. She was close, and I couldn’t wait much longer either.

I tried to keep my pace inside her slow, but I couldn’t help myself, and began to move faster. I pressed my lips to her throat, nipping at her skin, as she writhed and moaned below me. Moving lower, I took her breast into my mouth, sucking hard.

Liz came again, but I didn’t slow down. Instead I loosened my control and thrust into her hard and fast, pounding our bodies together.

“Stay with me baby,” I whispered, reaching down to stroke her clit.

Her whole body arched, her breath coming fast, and every time I surged into her she gasped with pleasure. After so much stimulation she would cum quickly.

I held her hips steady as I pistoned into her even harder and faster. Her breasts bounced to the time of my thrusts, and I met her eyes, wanting to see every emotion that passed through them.

Her fingers tightened on my back, holding me close, her eyes dark and wide with desire. The quick gasps of her breath turned to soft whimpers as she approached another climax.

My own breath was coming in harsh pants, and I had to concentrate not to cum. The sensation of being inside Liz was amazing. She was so wet, and tight, and her inner muscles were pulsing around me. And watching her pleasure was driving me to the edge.

Her head fell back as her body arched like a bow, her hips lifting into my strokes. Oh fuck, she was taking me so deep!

Every muscle in her body seemed to clench, and I watched her greedily, knowing a few more thrusts would finish her. I stroked her clit quickly and a look of wonder flashed across her face as she came apart in my arms.

It was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen, and suddenly I knew that is how I wanted to paint her.

“Zan,” she gasped.

Holding her tightly, I let myself cum into her, groaning with the release.

Her inner muscles continued to flutter around me as her breathing slowed. I gently brushed my fingers over her clit, causing shocks of electricity to rush through her, and more gasps of pleasure on her lips.

Our eyes held as our heartbeats returned to normal. I watched the desire in Liz’s eyes turn to satisfaction, and then tenderness and love.

Having my angel in this place, surrounded by my work, meant more to me than I could express. It was solid proof that I had finally achieved my goals, and escaped the trap of my past. My hard work had all been worth it, and I had succeeded more fully than I ever imagined.

Sure I had monetary and commercial success, but I had done it on my own terms, and never sold out. I painted what I wanted, I lived how I wanted, but more importantly I had found an angel who loved me, for me. She meant more to me than any of the rest. I would give it all up without hesitation for her.

Brushing her lips with mine, I whispered against them, “I love you, Liz.”

I stroked her cheek as I savored the sensations of being with her. My angel held me inside, her hot, liquid honey surrounding me, her body wrapped completely around me. I looked into her beautiful, dark eyes, and I would have been happy to sink into her soul.



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