Mind of an Artist Part 2


Part 2


When we reached the loft I thought Zan would pounce, ripping our clothes off so we could make urgent love. In the cab his hands had roamed over my body, caressing every inch of exposed skin, like he couldn’t touch enough of me. And in the elevator, he’d pressed me against the wall, devouring my neck until I gasped for breath.

But when we got inside, he simply took me into his arms, holding me tightly.

“I love you so much, angel,” he whispered into my hair.

Sometimes I wondered what a handsome, sophisticated man like Zan saw in me. I’m not anything special, and I have nothing other than myself to offer him.

Zan does so much for me, and I worry that I don’t have anything to give him in return. I worry I don’t do enough for him. And sometimes I wonder what I’ll do when he gets tired of me.

It’s not like he has shown any signs of getting tired of me. Maybe I’m just paranoid. But now that I’ve experienced life with him, I don’t want to live without him.

I hugged him fiercely. “I love you, Zan,” I said. “I love everything about you.”

I wanted Liz, but I wanted to slow down. We both enjoy sex, but I always want her to feel loved. We just had a good fuck, now I wanted to take things a bit slower, to savor Liz and make love to her.

I pressed my lips to her forehead, and then each cheek before gently kissing her soft lips. “Angel, you surprised me so much at the bookstore.”

“Did I?” she asked, genuinely surprised. She reached up to touch my face. “But you liked it, didn’t you?”

“Liked it,” I said, holding her eyes, and smiling wickedly. “I fucking loved it. You have no idea how it turns me on to see how much you want me.”

“I’m glad,” she said throatily, pressing her body to mine. “Because I always want you.”

Shit. I promised myself that I was going to take things slowly, but my angel is making it hard.

Rock hard.

Grasping her ass, I pulled her against me as I took her lips again. I lifted her off her feet and walked us into the bedroom, never breaking the kiss. And setting her down next to the bed, I let my hands start to wander.

Slowly I moved up, slipping my hands under Liz’s shirt, caressing the soft skin on her back. My fingers smoothed across her ribs, and up her spine until I reached her bra. With a twist I released the catch and resumed my exploration.

Liz’s hands twisted in my hair, gripping my neck, holding me as we devoured each other’s mouths. She was standing on tip-toes, pressing her body to mine, like she couldn’t get close enough. And I loved it.

Of course I like a lot of sex, but I love that Liz always wants me as much and as often as I want her. It is just one of the things that make us perfect for each other.

I broke the kiss long enough to lift her shirt over her head, and I quickly stripped off my own. Liz let the straps of her bra slide down and off her arms, exposing her beautiful, creamy breasts to me.

I am always overwhelmed by her beauty, and let my eyes roam quickly over her. The necklace I had given her for our anniversary, swung between her breasts. She always wears it and I was glad. It is, I admit, a mark of my possession as well as my love.

“Angel,” I whispered, reaching for her again, and cupping her cheek, I took possession of her luscious lips.

When it comes to Liz, I feel more like a poet than an artist. I am always looking for words to describe her; the way she moves, and smells, and tastes, how it feels to touch her, to make love to her. And I always feel like I never quite have the right words, so I need to experience her one more time.

I kissed her with slow deep kisses, taking taste after taste. Strawberry. No, peach. No, honey. Sweet, rich, deep, with a hint of flowers.

Gripping the back of her neck, I trailed my fingers through her silky hair. She had let it grow in the months we’ve been together and it was a long, shimmering mass.

I left her lips, and moving down, nipped at her skin; her chin, the edge of her jaw, her throat, her neck. She was salty, but still sweet. The scent of her soap was present, and underneath was still the hint of flowers, but it was all Liz.

She leaned back, giving me better access to her neck, and small gasps escaped her as I licked and sucked my way across her skin. Each sound she made caused my body to harden even more. They were the sounds of her surrender to me, the sounds of the pleasure only I could give her, and they were driving me wild.

Her nipples hardened into tight points that pressed against my chest. I knew she would be wet, and ready for my total possession, and my cock ached to be inside her. I still wanted to take things slow, but I was starting to lose some of my control.

I trailed one hand down her neck, making sure to brush across her breast as I reached for the fastening on her jeans. I had it undone in seconds and hooked my fingers in the top of her panties, pulling both them and her pants down her hips.

Pausing, I took her into my arms, hugging her close. My hands slowly moved up over her ass and across her back, savoring the feel of her pressed against me. Her skin is so soft, like silk, or her favorite white rose petals, and I never get enough of the pleasure of simply touching her.

She shivered with desire, and I pressed a kiss to her ear. “You are so sexy, angel,” I whispered.

I know it embarrasses her a little to hear it, because she doesn’t think of herself as sexy. But that just makes her more sexy to me, and I always want her to know how much I desire her.

Lifting her again, I set her on the bed, and bent to discard the rest of her clothes. I tossed her shoes aside, and shimmied her pants and panties down and off her legs. The spicy scent of her arousal met my nose, and I inhaled deeply, wanting nothing more than to dive in for a long taste.

I stood up, and Liz’s eyes widened with desire as they roamed over my body, lingering on my arms and chest. I was glad she was finally comfortable enough with her sexuality to show her feelings so openly. I kept myself in good shape, but it was especially satisfying to see that Liz appreciated it so much.

Quickly I kicked my own shoes off and with a single motion pushed my remaining clothes to the floor. Her eyes immediately drifted to my cock, and I couldn’t help but smile.

Liz lay back on the bed and spread her legs wide, welcoming me. “Zan,” she breathed throatily, her voice full of desire.

A jolt of electricity shot through me, and I swear I nearly came. I couldn’t stand it any longer, I had to have her body pressed to mine.

Climbing onto the bed, I moved between her legs. I kissed her knee, and then her inner thigh, moving closer to her sweet pussy. Her spicy scent was so intoxicating, and I longed to thoroughly kiss and lick every inch of her, but I knew I wouldn’t be able to hold on that long.

So instead I satisfied myself with a kiss on her clit, before moving upward. I licked my way up her flat stomach, stopping briefly to dip my tongue into her navel. Slowly I crawled up the bed until I was positioned exactly over her, and then I lowered my hips so our bodies were perfectly aligned. My cock rested against her hot core, and her entire body shuddered with the sensual contact.

Again I tried to slow down, and bent to take her breast into my mouth. I swirled my tongue around the rigid tip several times before brushing over it.

A small cry escaped Liz, and her body arched into me. Her fingers threaded into my hair, and she grasped my head, holding me close. Slowly her hips started moving, sliding her slick pussy along my cock, attempting to draw me inside.

Shit, it felt so good!

I kissed her deeply, moving with her, rocking my cock against her. I had to use almost all of my concentration not to just plunge inside her. We moved back and forth for long minutes, kissing hungrily, grinding together. I thrust my tongue into her mouth, stroking hers with the same rhythm as our bodies. And finally it was too much.

On the next upstroke, I angled my hips and pushed just the tip of my cock into her tight passage. I hadn’t meant to take her so quickly, but I just couldn’t wait any longer.

Liz gasped, and I slid completely into her and stopped. Reaching up to touch her face, I met her eyes as I savored the sensations. My angel is always so wet and welcoming, and she holds me so sweetly inside.

“Mmmmm, baby,” I whispered, as my lips met hers. “You feel fucking amazing.”

She smiled, her hands wandered across my back. “Then it’s about time you came inside,” she teased. Her legs wound around me and she grasped my ass. “You’re going to fuck me good and hard now, right?”

“Shit, angel,” I practically choked. I had tried to take things slow, but my angel wanted to fuck. How could I refuse her? Her words severed the last of my control and I started to move.

I could tell Zan was trying to draw out our pleasure, but I really couldn’t wait any more. I ached for him.

I know that nothing turns him on like me talking dirty, so I gave him just a taste. It pushed him into action, and I loved I could break his rigid control.

His first few strokes were tentative, but he quickly found a fast rhythm, and I moved my hips to meet his. “Zan,” I moaned. He always feels so amazing inside me.

My hands roamed over his back, feeling his muscles strain as he worked to bring us both to climax. And with the speed he was pistoning into me, we would be there in no time.

I dug my fingers into his muscles as my body started to tighten. “Harder,” I gasped. “Harder.”

“Yes, baby,” he groaned.

He pounded into me, slamming our lower bodies together. “Oh Zan,” l moaned. “That’s so good.” My legs clamped around him and I angled my hips to take him as deep as possible.

I felt my inner muscles start to flutter, and grasped at his back desperately. Just a few more of his powerful thrusts pushed me to the edge, and then I suddenly came, my whole body spasming.

My muscles clamped down on his cock, and Zan groaned as he followed me, his hips pumping, empting his seed into me.

Finally we stilled, both breathing hard. Zan smiled as he met my eyes, and stroked my cheek with his thumb. “Angel,” he whispered, “you continually surprise me.”

His words caught me off-guard. “Do I?”

“That is just one of the things I love about you,” he whispered against my lips, and then kissed me briefly.

Slowly he pulled out of me, and settled next to me in the bed, pulling a blanket over us, before taking me in his arms. I snuggled in next to him, and lay on his chest, wrapping my arm around him. Zan kissed the top of my head, and gently stroked my back. I was so satisfied I felt almost limp, and my eyes fluttered shut. “I love you, Zan,” I whispered.

I stroked Liz’s back for long moments, savoring the feel of her silky skin beneath my fingers. I listened to the sound of her heartbeat and breathing gradually slowing, and knew she had drifted off. We hadn’t eaten dinner yet, but I would let her sleep for a while.

Everything about my angel is amazing, but there is nothing like the feeling of Liz’s soft, naked body next to mine. Sex is intimate, but somehow sleeping next to a naked Liz seems even more intimate. It means she trusts herself to me completely, and willing placed her life in my hands.

I kissed her head again, inhaling the fresh scent of her hair. Liz is so completely open with her emotions, I never have any doubt about how she is feeling. It made me feel a little guilty that I haven’t been more forthcoming about my past with her.

Seeing Danny brought up all the things in my life I had attempted to leave behind me. And it made me even more sure that in the past is exactly where they did belong.

It’s not like I was a completely different person back then. But growing up in a rough environment didn’t exactly give me the best start. I did things I’m not proud of, but I quickly saw that was no way to live my life. I wanted more for myself. And not just more money, but a better life. I wanted to be a better person.

I started a new life when I left the old neighborhood behind, and worked hard to achieve my goals. But even though I had succeeded, and was reasonably happy, I hadn’t realized how full my life could be until I met Liz. She has made me happier than I ever thought I could be.

She is good and clean, and so innocent about the bad things in the world. And it’s not that I’m trying to hide my past from Liz, but I want to protect her from it. She is my love. My angel.

Everything I’ve done, even before I met Liz, was for her.



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