Mind of an Artist Part 1


Part 1


(New York City)

It has been just over four months since I moved in with Zan, and I have never been happier in my life.

He loves me so much, and I love him with all my heart. Although he is completely different than anyone I’ve ever known in my sheltered life, he is perfect for me, and I’m so lucky to have found him. He’s so wonderful; sexy, talented, handsome, a beautiful, hard body, and a quick, active mind.

As a matter of fact, Zan’s mind is one of the sexiest things about him.

He is one of the smartest people I have ever known. It doesn’t matter that he never attended college. He is interested in everything, reading constantly, and he keeps up on current events as well as popular culture. He has an opinion on almost any subject, and can discuss it intelligently. He continually surprises me with what he knows.

We often sit and just talk for hours. And not only does Zan talk to me, but he listens.

He listens to everything I say about my likes, my wants and dreams, and he remembers. He pays attention to everything about me, and he always remembers even the smallest details.

Zan wants the best for me, but he wants me to be my own person. He supports me in everything I do, and he is always looking for ways to make me happy.

He is so thoughtful. He tries to make my life outside school as simple and easy as possible so I can concentrate on my studies. He keeps the house clean and does most of the shopping. He often cooks for us, or orders food in. And when I have free time he always has something planned to help me relax.

And no, it isn’t always sex. He takes me to movies, plays, galleries, and restaurants. We go on picnics, and walks, anything we can do together.

Of course there is sex too.

A lot of sex.

Even though we’ve made love more times than I can remember, I never get enough of him, and I know I never will. Not only does Zan satisfy me every time, but everything about him makes me want him. He is so damn sexy, his hard body, the way he holds me, how much he loves me. And he is so inventive about places and positions that sex always seems new and exciting. He is constantly thinking up new ways to please me, romance and seduce me.

It has been four months since Liz moved in with me, and they have been the best four months of my life.

I knew Liz was the one for me the moment I saw her, and I’ve never been more right about anything. She is wonderful; sweet, smart, beautiful and sexy, and we are perfect together.

At first I was worried I’d moved too fast, pushing her to move in with me. I wanted her so much that I couldn’t help myself. I knew she wanted me too, but somehow it seemed like she couldn’t just slip away if I had her under my roof, and in my bed.

Since she has been with me, I do everything I can think of to make sure Liz is happy, and has no reason to want to leave. She works hard at school, and I help her all I can. And when she has free time I love giving her new experiences.

And no, I am not just talking about sex, but the sex is fucking great. We want each other all the time, and I’ve never had better. Liz was innocent when we met, and in a lot of ways that is still true. But she is a wildcat in bed, adventuresome, and the sex is the best I’ve ever had because we love each other.

And I love making her cum. I love the sounds she makes, the way her body arches into mine, the way she holds me so perfectly inside, the expression of uninhibited pleasure on her face. I bring her to climax again and again just so I can experience her every sensation.

I want Liz to know nothing but pleasure and happiness with me. Of course not everything is perfect between us, but my greatest desire in life is making sure she is happy and fulfilled in every way.

It was Monday, and I was between semesters at school, and Zan was taking the opportunity to show me more of the city.

We’d spent the morning at a gallery, and had lunch at a bistro afterward. And then he took me to an enormous bookstore.

I’d never seen anything like it. There were several floors with twisting rows of floor-to-ceiling bookshelves. It was incredible, and normally I would have been able to spend hours looking through the selections. But all day Zan had been driving me crazy.

He had hardly taken his hands off me, touching me every chance he got.

As we wandered through the gallery, he caressed the exposed skin of my arms, making me shiver with awareness. His hands smoothed over my shoulders, stroking my neck, his thumb tracing my hairline. Whenever we stopped to look at a painting, he pressed his hard body to mine, occasionally slipping his hand under my shirt to move over my back.

At lunch he’d continued touching me, stroking down my arm, drawing circles on my knee with his thumb. He’d given me smoldering looks across the table, holding my eyes, telling me so eloquently without words exactly what was on his mind.

My desire had been building slowly all day, fueled by his constant caresses. And when we finished lunch, I was flushed and shivering with arousal, craving his touch and his possession. We left the restaurant, I thought we would go home to make love, but Zan took me to the bookstore.

In the cab he wrapped an arm around me, settling me against his side, nuzzling my neck, as his hand occasionally brushed the side of my breast. His other hand traced over my knee, lightly drawing circles over my jeans, following my leg up dangerously high. And when he was sure the driver wasn’t watching, his fingers would stroke over my clit.

By the time we arrived at the bookstore, I was going insane with desire for him. My whole body pulsed, my heartbeat and breathing were fast, and my core was soaking wet. I literally felt like I was going to combust if I didn’t have him.

“I know you’ll want to see the used books,” he rumbled. “They have tons of out of print books in the back. I’ll show you.”

He kept his arm around me as we moved through the store, holding me close to him. I could feel his solid body, feel his muscles flexing as he walked. It made me picture his beautiful nakedness, as he thrust into me, every one of his sculpted muscles working together to bring me to climax.

I took a deep breath, trying to calm down, and attempted to concentrate on the books around us, but it was impossible being so near to Zan. Everything was making me think about sex.

As we walked through the art section I saw a book on sculpture, the cover showing an abstract form, but the lines and contours reminded me of two lovers entwined.

I gripped Zan a bit tighter as we continued through History, Biography, and Hobbies.

Down the Home Improvement aisle, I glanced a book on bathroom remodeling, and thought about all the times Zan and I had made love in the huge, jetted tub in our own bathroom.

I turned my head toward Zan and took a deep breath. His scent surrounded me, overwhelmed me, just like it did when we were making love. A rush of desire ripped through me. I felt so hot, but I was shivering, and I couldn’t seem to catch my breath.

Fiction, Sci-fi and Horror went by in a blur.

In the Mystery aisle, the title of a book jumped out at me, James Patterson’s The Quickie.

Oh hell!

I wanted Zan so much! I needed him!

Every inch of me seemed to vibrate, but at the same time I felt like I was melting.

Finally I couldn’t stand it anymore. The next empty aisle we walked past, I grabbed the front of his shirt, and used my body weight to turn him around the corner and press him against the bookshelf.

Standing on tiptoe, I fitted my body to his, and kissed him hard.

A growl left him as he grasped my head, taking control of the kiss. His hand moved down my back, arching me against his erection, as his tongue thrust into my mouth.

Feeling his hard length against me, made me desperate for him. My nipples drew to tight points and my core pulsed with need. I wanted to rip his clothes off and have him right there. I wanted to devour him, but after a too brief moment he pulled back, breaking the kiss.

A crooked grin lit his face. “Not that I am complaining, angel,” he rumbled, “but what brought this on?”

I used to be embarrassed about initiating sex, but Zan has been so patient, coaxing me to ask for what I want. He is always so receptive, that I feel much more at ease, and hardly even blush anymore.

I couldn’t help myself and pressed a kiss to his neck. “I want you,” I whispered, breathing hard. “Right now.”

His smile widened. “I was trying to be patient,” he growled. “I wanted you to have a normal day,” he explained. “A day that wasn’t interrupted by us rushing home for sex.”

I kissed his neck harder. “Zan, I love that we want each other so much. And I’ve never felt like I was missing out on anything.” I nipped at his chin and lifted my gaze to meet his. “We are together, that’s all that matters. I love doing everything with you.”

I felt a blush rise up my cheeks, but I held his eyes as I spoke. “But I must admit, that I especially love the sex.”

He smiled wickedly and brushed a quick kiss to my lips. “Let’s get a cab,” he rasped.

I kept him pressed against the bookshelf with my body, and shook my head. “No,” I whispered. “I can’t wait any longer. I have to have you now.”

Reaching down, I rubbed his erection through his jeans, as I held his eyes. “I need you inside, right now,” I said breathily. “There must be somewhere we can go, somewhere close.”

Zan’s eyes glistened with satisfaction and desire. “Yes angel,” he growled triumphantly. “I know just the place.”

Wrapping his arm around me, he held me tightly to his side. As he started to lead me, he pressed his lips to my head. “Just upstairs baby,” he whispered harshly, “on the top floor they sell CDs, records, cassettes, even 8-tracks.”

I nodded as we climbed the stairs, not really understanding how that helped.

“They have small rooms,” he continued, “where you can shut yourself in, and listen before you buy.”

I smiled. Zan always had the best ideas. “That sounds perfect,” I whispered.

We hurried up the stairs and I was glad to see no one was around. Zan motioned to the rooms toward the back, and as we headed in that direction, he grabbed a few random CDs off a display. I thought it must be to provide us with a cover.

But finally we reached one of the small rooms and all of my thoughts ceased except having him inside.

Zan let me enter the tiny room first, and he shut the door behind us. I heard the lock click as my eyes darted around quickly, taking in the different types of audio equipment on a table and one chair. There was a turntable, 8-track, cassette, CD players, along with headphones, but it barely registered.

Immediately I turned back to Zan, where he leaned against the door. “How do you want me baby?” he growled.

Crossing to him, I kissed him hard, tugging on his shirt and leading him a few steps. I pushed him down onto the chair and straddled his legs.

I pulled back slightly. “Right here, right now,” I ordered, breathing hard.

Sitting on him, I kissed him again, grinding my aching center against his hard length.

Zan’s hand tangled in my hair, holding me to him as he kissed me hungrily. His other hand rested in the small of my back, arching me against his erection. A deep rumbling growl came from his throat as we started to rock together.

Oh, this was what I wanted!

Well, almost.

And suddenly I couldn’t wait any longer. I stood up, breaking the kiss, and quickly unfastened my jeans, pushing them and my panties down my legs.

At the same time, Zan opened his fly, simply freeing his cock, not even bothering to remove his clothes.

Impatiently I kicked off one shoe, and pulled one leg free of my jeans and panties. I didn’t stop for any preliminaries or foreplay, but gripping his shoulders I straddled his legs again, and sank down, taking his entire length inside in one long stroke. “Oh yes,” I moaned, my eyes sliding shut in utter bliss as his velvety hardness filled me. “Oh Zan.”

He gripped my ass, settling me against him. “Mmmmmm baby,” he groaned, as he pressed his lips to my neck. “You feel so good.” He kissed me again. “So warm and wet,” he breathed. “I’ve hardly been able to think of anything else all day.”

I met his lips, and tried to slow down a moment and savor the feeling of him inside. He was big and hard, and pulsing with warmth and life. There is nothing that satisfies me like him filling me. There are times when I think I’ll come from him just pushing inside.

My core clenched around him. He felt so good that a shiver of desire ripped though me, and I couldn’t hold on any longer.

I started to move, and as soon as I felt the incredible friction of his cock inside my soaking passage, I caught fire.

Grasping his shoulders tightly, I moved quickly, grinding my hips against him. I rode him hard, keeping him deep inside, only allowing a few inches to slide in and out. But it was enough.

It was incredible.

“You feel so good, Zan,” I gasped, arching into him.

He held me tightly to him, helping my rhythm. “Fuck yes angel,” he growled.

I was so aroused that it didn’t take me long to approach climax. I moved even more quickly, pumping my hips up and down. Zan grasped my ass with one hand, keeping me steady. His other hand reached between us, going directly for my clit.

He stroked me quickly as my motion became frenzied, and my back arched with the exquisite pleasure. “Zan,” I gasped. “Oh Zan!”

His cock twitched inside me, and a moment later we both flew over the edge. Electricity rushed through me, my body spasming with the power of the release.

I collapsed against him, resting my head on his shoulder as I tried to catch my breath.

Fuck. I had wanted Liz badly all day, but I had intended to wait until we got home to take her. But Liz was the one who couldn’t wait, and it excited the hell out of me.

I was just glad I had remembered this room that allowed my angel to hover over me, greedily taking my aching cock into her soft, welcoming pussy.

We had made love when we woke up, but I’d wanted her again as soon as we left the house. I’d tried to keep my hunger in check, but I hadn’t been able keep my hands off her. And obviously my caresses had set her on fire too.

I kissed and sucked Liz’s neck as we came down, the small taste of her skin making me crave even more. A quick fuck is always good, but I wanted all of her.

I wanted to see her beneath me, watching her body react as I thrust into her. I wanted to feel my body pressed to hers, our sweat-slicked skin sliding together, the hard nubs of her nipples grazing my chest. I wanted to feel her legs wrapped around me, lifting her hips to take me even deeper inside. I wanted to hear the sounds of her uninhibited pleasure, every moan and gasp. I wanted to feel her small hands on my back, her nails digging into my muscles, and gripping my ass, urging me to go faster. I wanted to hear her cry out as I pushed her over the edge.

Shit, I was turning myself on just thinking about it, and my cock stirred inside her.

“Let’s go home angel,” I rasped. “I want you completely naked so I can kiss every inch of you.”

She smiled shyly, holding my eyes, and nodded.

Even though I had just satisfied her urgent hunger, I knew she hadn’t gotten enough of me yet. I could see it in her eyes. She wanted a long, hard ride as much as I did.

“That sounds perfect,” she agreed.

We quickly fixed our clothes, and Zan kept his arm around me as we quickly left the building. When we got outside he playfully turned us around, pulling me close, and kissing me. “Mmmmmm baby,” he said between kisses, “the things I am going to do to you.”

I pressed against him, needing to feel his hard body fitted to mine. “Tell me,” I said breathlessly.

He smiled wickedly, raising his hand to hail a cab. “Well,” he started, but he was interrupted by someone shouting his name.

“Zan,” a male voice called out.

We both turned toward the man as he came jogging over to us. He was about Zan’s age, a bit shorter, with sandy blond hair.

“I knew it was you Zan,” he said as he stopped before us.

He held out his hand and they did some sort of special handshake.

“Hey Danny,” Zan greeted. He held me close as he made the introductions. “This is Liz.”

Zan kissed my temple. “Angel, this is Danny. He was one of my foster brothers.”

I was surprised. Zan never really talked much about growing up, or the foster families he had lived with, and I had never met any of them. “It’s nice to meet you,” I said.

Danny’s eyes raked over us. “Damn Zan, I heard you were doing well. You’re some hot shit artist, lots of money, and a beautiful girl. I always knew you’d make it big.”

I could tell Danny’s words made Zan uncomfortable, but he just shrugged. “I’m doing okay.”

He motioned to Danny with a jut of his chin. “How about you bro?”

“Well,” he drawled, fidgeting, “nothing as impressive as you. I’ve been doing some construction work, and remodeling. I hang out with some of the guys from the neighborhood, Jimmy and Nate. I’m sure you remember them. But I haven’t settled on one girl yet,” he said with a glance at me. “I’m keeping my options open.”

Zan laughed. “That means none of them will have you,” he teased.

I thought I saw a flash of annoyance in Danny’s eyes, but then he laughed, and I knew I must be mistaken.

Even though they weren’t biological brothers, they certainly acted like real siblings. I couldn’t help but smile.

Danny slapped Zan on the shoulder. “Let’s go get a beer. I can get to know Liz better, tell her about you in the old days. Maybe I’ll even try to steal her from you,” he said with a boyish grin.

Zan nodded. “A beer would be great, but Liz and I were just headed somewhere.”

“Oh sure,” Danny said, obviously disappointed. “You’ve got that jet-set lifestyle.” He glanced at me again. “We’ll catch up another time.”

I smiled encouragingly at Danny. I wanted to make love to Zan, but I could have waited until we’d had drinks with Danny. Obviously Zan didn’t want to wait, so I kept silent.

“Yeah,” Zan agreed, “another time.”

Danny left, and I waited until he was out of earshot to ask Zan. “You didn’t want to have a drink with him?”

Zan shrugged as he flagged down a cab. “A choice between having your naked body pressed to mine, or having a drink with him?” He nuzzled my cheek. “That is no choice at all.”



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