Mind of an Artist

TITLE: Mind of an Artist

AUTHOR: RoswellOracle

RATING: ADULT for language and sexual situations

CATEGORY: UC, L/Z (Awakened Dreamer) - Liz & Zan POV, AU no aliens

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Any additional characters or situations not mentioned in the show are the creation of my dementia.

Thank you to all of my wonderful friends and betas who helped with this story - Smac, Veronica, Erina, Cassie, Steph & Ellie Thank you all so much.

This story switches back and forth from Liz's POV (in regular type) to Zan's POV (in italics).

SUMMARY: Zan smut!
Liz is a straight 'A' student at NYU. Zan is a bad boy artist.
This is the fifth story in The Artist Series - Nude Studies. It's not necessary to read the other stories first but this one will make more sense if you do.

STATUS: Complete - May/2008

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Feedback for Mind of an Artist


I'm a lurker that's coming out of hiding. Three pages of feedback and no
update? I refuse to believe this!

I am absolutely in awe of this story. It touches me, pains me, and makes me
squeal horribly with excitement. Wherever I am, I cannot help but go back to
this story. Seriously! I saved this story and added it onto my blackberry so I
read it while I'm rocking back and forth on the subway. It gets quite
embarrassing when I get to the good parts in a car full of strangers though.
I even read it while I'm waiting for my class to start.

Zan and Liz always has such a loving, passionate, yet complicated relationship.
Both need to just sit down and settle all their feelings out in one sitting.
Whenever I write a new chapter to my story, I look up to this story for
inspiration. Each chapter is written so beautifully and so realistically that
I can truly believe these are real characters. You bring such life to them.
- kyliemou


Wow, amazing part! I think this is my favourite portrayal of Zan that I've ever
read. He has everything, he's dangerous and strong yet loving and gentle.
Such an amazing mix. Love it!!
- foreverdreamer


Wow ...I can barely breathe ...your writing is amazing...thank god you are back!

ok that first part where they make love ...if you continue to write like that
I"m going to nee oxygen when I read your updates..holy freaking cow..ive said
it before and Ill say it again no one write those scenes like you ..whew!!

ok and the next part just perfect....my heart was breaking for Zan ...so
emotional you are amazing!!
- jake17


Aww, honey. That is too sweet. I love all of the different facets to Zan's
personality. You really have a way of getting inside of your character's heads
don't you? Chapter two was incredibly beautiful...not to mention totally HOT! lol.
- Zanssoulmate08


Exscuse me while I catch my breath! Wow! That was so hot! Oh how I love that
man! Zan is so friggen delicious. I seriously had shivers when I finished
reading that story. So hot!
- Dreaming in Purple


The best part yet! I swear your stories just keep getting better and better.
And it was well worth the wait.
As always exceptionally hot, but I really like how you waited until this part
to actually write in detail about, not so much nookie, but more of the slow
intemacy between them.
- touched by an alien


OMG, the emotions are so intense in this chapter. I love your Zan. This version
of him- this rough yet gentle duality is outstanding; the depth with which you
portray the caring intimacies is touching and breathtaking. I was ready to cry
at the end because this installment was so moving. You laid to rest all my
doubts about the Danny situation- despite the obvious drama that will ensue;
and the way you showed Liz's weakness, her insecurity is how I envision any
woman would react. This was excellent. Stupendous. Grade A product here. Loved
every bit of it. Sensual, loving, and realistically flawed.
- Egyptian_Kiss


I find it enthralling how you spin the bond between the two characters.
Their relationship is so touching.

I find it necessary for their future relationship to go through this tough
time. This is a point in a relationship where you see if it can last or not.
Liz and Zan have to work trough the issue of Zans´┐Ż past but I am be sure that
they will manage. I was touched the way Zan cared for Liz.

In the chapters before I acknowledged the use of language. I must say that you
pick quite nice vocabulary. It gives the whole story a higher nous of reading.

Nominations & Awards

***Roswell Fanatics***

2008 - for:
Best Lead Character Portrayal in a UC fic
Best UC Fic
Best POV fic

Voted 2008 Round 12

***Roswellian Chronicles***

Nominated 2008 - for:

Best Out of This World Fanfic
aka Best UC/slash fic

Voted 2008 Round 4

aka Best UC/Slash Fanfic

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