Hands of an Artist

TITLE: Hands of an Artist

AUTHOR: RoswellOracle

RATING: ADULT for language and sexual situations

CATEGORY: UC, L/Z (Awakened Dreamer) - Liz POV, AU no aliens
(No Max bashing in this fic so don't worry. Max doesn't exist in this universe.)

Please ask permission before reposting. I like to know where my story is going to live.

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Roswell, the characters and the story, are owned by Melinda Metz, Jason Katims and Fox Studios (although the way they have abused them I don't think they deserve them) and are used here purely for entertainment purposes.

Any additional characters or situations not mentioned in the show are the creation of my dementia.

To Ellie, my beta, my friend, thank you so much for all of your help, feedback, suggestions and continuing support.

Story takes place from Liz's POV

SUMMARY: Zan smut!
Liz is a straight 'A' student at NYU. Zan is a bad boy artist.
This is the first story in The Artist Series - Nude Studies.

STATUS: Complete - Sept/2005

1 Part Story

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2005 - © RoswellOracle & RoswellOracle.com


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Feedback for Hands of an Artist


OMFG! People are going to die when you post that. I hope if you're Catholic that you're all caught up on your confessions, you may be causing the spontaneous combustion of several not so innocent readers with this stuff.
Damn that was so hot it seriously needs a warning label. Careful may cause singed fingertips, heat stroke, rapid breathing and not for use if you have high blood pressure.
Dayum girl what are you doing/eating/drinking before bed to cause inspiring dreams like this and where can I get some?! Whoo!

Hooray it's here! Thanks for posting this so soon girl!
I act like I haven't read it a zillion times as a WIP , but this fic is seriously one of my all time favorites. It was so much fun getting to read this and sending you fb, or just requests for more nookie! Hey, you do it so well, give the people what they want. And I'm sure you'll see soon that they want more Zan Smut!
Awesome piece of work.
- Ellie


Damn!! That was HoT!!
Whoa...a cold shower is definitly calling my name right now. That was definitly worth the read!! Wow!! I can't wait to read more stories from you!!
THat was frickin amazing!!
- linliz68


Whoa, that was smokin'
- FaithfulAngel24


OH my goodness! Finally a new Zan and Liz smut that's head over heals fantastic!
The only thing that makes me sad is that it's only a one parter. Could you possibly find it in your heart to make another chapter for us pretty please
- touched by an alian


That was amazingly hot. I generally lean towards Max, but I'll take Zan as written by you anytime!
Come on, I'm sure there's much more to this story that you could tell us...
- BehrObsession


GULP! Absolutely amazing! Great Job. The imagery had me reeling!
When i saw your signature I was so pleasently surprised to see that you were the same person who wrote one of my all time favorite Roswell fics - Alpha & Omega. I'm constantly raving about that story and i'll constantly rave about this one as well!!!
I certainly hope theres more. Thanks so much for posting!
- Temptress


I just found this story. Phew! Is it hot or what?
Great story. I didn't notice that it was a one parter until I finished reading it. Now, I'm bummed.
Could you be bribed into writing a sequel to this one? Chocolate help?
- NorafanofMaxandLiz


I'm just loving this!!! That was so amazingly hot and sexi!!!
It would be wonderful having more of this!!!
I'm gonna soooo re-read this story again and again and again... Well you got what I was saying...
- VeronicB


This is awesome. Wow, thats all I can say Wow
- harroc83


holy shit! that was HOT!!!!
I loved the descriptive way Liz looked at Zan...mostly his hands...I love the thought of men with big powerful sexy hands......I loved this story.....great job!!
- sarammlover


This is really amazing!!
I love it you need to write more Zan and Liz!!
- Aly


that was some sizzling hot stuff....
I really enjoy it hope to see you write more
- ScarlingFaerie


Good lord! I need a shower with my own personal Zan now.Sheesh!
I hate reading this stuff at work Can't wait for the sequel!
- Earth2Mother


Isn't it great?!
It was all sorts of spicy with those paintings and drawings of his! And that library scene!!!
yea... *still blushing*
- roswellianprincess16


Oh My GODDDDD!!!!!!!!!!!
That was so hot!! That was so great!! I love that story!! I love an artist Zan with the young Liz!!! WOW!!!
Like Abby said: "I really hope you write some more Z/L stories." Well YEAH!!!! Please come back soon with more!! You really did a GREAT job!
- Liz86000


Damn that was amazing, you gotta love pure Zan smut.
This story is so sexy and original, I loved every minute of it.
- abbs007


Oh My Gosh! That story was so good! I am an absolute Zan and Liz freak and you wrote them so well. I loved every minute of it. From the first moment they saw each other to their declerations of love and more. Sigh... I was wonderful.

Their pent up passion for each other was killing me. I kept wondering why he was holding back. You showed it well how he wanted more but was keeping himself from touching her more intamately than he really wanted to for some reason. I'm glad he did, but it was killing me. lol I just wanted him to kiss her already. lol

I loved this story so much. Thank you so much for taking the time to write it so well and share it. It's awesome. One of my new all time favs.
- Dreaming in Purple


An influential Awakened Dreamer fanwork.
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Nominations & Awards

***Roswell Fanatics***

2005 - for:

Best Dupe Fic
Best Short Story
Favorite Portrayal of a Dupe (for Zan)
Favorite Lead Character Portrayal in a UC Fic (for Zan)
Best Fanfic No One Seems to be Reading, but Everyone Should

Voted 2005 Round 8

for Zan


2006 - for:
I Never Read UC Until This Fic
Best UC Fic

Voted 2006 Round 9

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April 2013
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2006 - for:

Best Portrayal of the King
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Best Use of a Dupe in a Fan Fic (for Zan)

Best Unconventional Fic

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Most Recommended
UC Story of the Season

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