Eyes of an Artist Part 3


Part 3


The next day I started to feel guilty.

All day the guilt built within me.

I love Liz and I always want her, but for the last few days our lovemaking hasn’t just been about us. I had allowed my jealously and anger to dictate my actions too many times. I had treated Liz like she was the prize in a pissing contest between myself and Tom that Liz didn’t even know existed.

Yes, I wanted her and she wanted me, and yes I had given her pleasure, a lot of pleasure, but I still felt guilty that I hadn’t been completely truthful with her.

And I had made her miss her class. I still couldn’t believe I had actually done that. Liz’s schooling was just as important to me as it was to her. Missing one class wouldn’t ruin Liz’s academic career, but it just proved to me how out of control I was.

But most of all I was worried that Liz might see my actions as a lack of trust in her and the strength of our relationship. Nothing could be further from the truth but I wanted to make sure that she understood completely.

By the afternoon I was determined to confess everything to her.

I left a little early to meet her at school and waited outside her building. Finally her class let out, but when I didn’t see her after a few minutes, I went inside.

As class ended I quickly gathered my books and went out the door but I was stopped in the hall by someone calling my name.

“Hey Liz,” the deep male voice called out.

I turned to see Tom from my class coming toward me and waited for him to catch up. “Hey Tom.”

“Liz, you didn’t come to the study group last night,” he said stopping near me.

I felt myself blush thinking of how I had allowed Zan to tempt me into bed with him instead. “Um, yeah, I um, something else came up.” I blushed again realizing the unintended double meaning.

Tom leaned in closer. “Well I was thinking we could get together tonight. I could buy you dinner and you could explain some of the equations to me.”

I shook my head, taking a step back. “Tom I have a boyfriend.”

“That punk guy who had his hands all over you the other day?” he asked and then shook his head. “Tattoos and facial piercings Liz,” he said with a mockingly raised eyebrow, “that really doesn’t seem like your type. You’re a nice girl, you can’t be serious about him.”

I shook my head again. “Zan isn’t just my boyfriend, I live with him. I love him.”

Tom leaned in again reaching to touch my arm. “Come on Liz we both know you’re slumming, just looking for some hot sex. I can give you that on Park Avenue, you don’t have to go to the hood.” He winked at me. “Isn’t it time to get out of the ghetto?”

I hadn’t realized Tom liked me like that, and I had tried to be nice and let him down easy. But he obviously wasn’t the nice guy I’d thought he was and it made me angry how he was talking about Zan. I pulled away from him with a frown. “Tom you don’t know what you’re talking about,” I said softly, trying to hold my temper. “You don’t know me at all…”

“I’d like to get to know you better,” he said cutting me off and reaching toward me again. “Tonight, just you and me.”

I walked down the hall toward Liz’s classroom and couldn’t believe my eyes. Fucking Tom was talking to her again, touching her. Immediately my anger rose to boiling point and I had the overwhelming desire to pound the guy into a bloody pulp. But the guilt of making Liz miss her class yesterday helped me keep my temper in check and I settled for clenching my fists as I approached them.

I heard Tom say something about the ghetto and it was obvious he was dissin’ me. I couldn’t hear what Liz said but she pulled away from him. That’s my girl, I thought with a smile, but Tom reached for her again.

Neither of them could see me because I was approaching from the side and I clearly heard him ask her out. I couldn’t have hidden my anger if I wanted to and I let all of it show in my face as I stopped behind Liz and took her into my arms.

I was about to refuse Tom again and leave when suddenly a pair of familiar arms slid around my waist from behind and I was pulled into Zan’s warm, solid body.

“The lady already has plans,” Zan growled. “Permanently.”

Tom looked at Zan over my shoulder and I saw him pale a little. I could just imagine the scowl on Zan’s face; his golden eyes hard and burning with anger, his body language conveying his arrogant certainty that he could back up his words. I leaned back into him knowing I wouldn’t be bothered by Tom the jerk again.

Tom nodded once, just a jerk of his head, and backed a couple of steps before turning and walking away.

I turned in Zan’s arms intending to kiss him but he grasped my shoulders. “What the hell is with that guy?” he snarled. “I don’t want you talking to him again,” he ordered arrogantly.

“What?” I asked instantly angry. “He’s in my class Zan, my discussion group. I can’t…”

“Your discussion group?” he growled cutting me off. “That asshole is with you three afternoons a week?” he asked incredulously. “Change groups.”

I raised my chin stubbornly, holding his eyes. “I’m not going to change groups,” I said angrily.

“Liz,” Zan growled a warning.

I shook my head again. “I won’t allow you or anyone else to tell me what to do.” I didn’t want to be mad at Zan and I took a deep breath trying to keep my temper. “I’m going for a walk.” I turned to leave to give us both some time to cool down.

Liz started to walk away from me and I knew I had gone too far. I wasn’t worried that I was losing her to Tom, but I wanted to keep her away from him to protect her and stop him manhandling her. I hadn’t realized he was in her discussion group and the surprise had made me speak rashly. Now Liz was mad at me and she was leaving. Suddenly I was afraid of losing her, not to Tom but to my own stupidity.

“Liz,” I growled, my tone ordering her to stop. She’s mine, everything I’ve ever wanted. We’re perfect together and there was no way I was simply going to let her walk out of my life.

I started to walk away and Zan growled my name again, but I didn’t stop. I had no intention of arguing with him about something so irrational. I didn’t have a destination in mind, just somewhere away for a while, but I should have known Zan wouldn’t give up that easily. I heard his solid booted footsteps behind me a moment before his arm snaked around my waist and he pulled me into a small, dark supply closet.

Quickly I looked around, noting that there were shelves along the walls and a desk, the light was off and the only illumination was from a small window high up on the wall. Zan pulled the door shut and plunged us into almost complete darkness.

I turned toward him. He stood between me and the door and locked it behind him. I frowned. “Zan let me out of here.”

There was no way she was getting out and I held her eyes letting her see how serious I was. I started toward her shaking my head, showing her there was no escape. “Come here baby,” I ordered softly.

The small amount of light barely illuminated Zan’s face but I could still see the intense look in his expressive eyes, and it made me step back. “What are you doing?” I asked.

He held my eyes as he continued forward, speaking softly. “I’m not letting you out of here until we settle this.”

“There’s nothing to settle,” I said angrily, taking a few more steps back to stay out of his reach. “Who do you think you are telling me what to do?”

“I’m the guy who belongs to you,” he rumbled, “just like you belong to me.”

I shook my head and backed a few more steps. “That doesn’t give you the right to tell me…” I stopped as my back hit the wall.

“To tell you what to do?” Zan finished softly, closing the distance between us. He pressed his body against mine very effectively blocking my escape.

Still angry I put my hands against his chest and pushed. “Let me out of here Zan.”

He easily captured both my wrists in one of his hands and raised them above my head, holding them against the wall, showing me how completely he controlled the situation.

His eyes were barely visible in the low light but they seemed to glow with desire as I met them. I wiggled against him trying to put some space between us and I could feel his erection pressed into me. “Let me go Zan,” I said. “I’m mad at you and I’m not having sex with you in here.”

No sex?

I’m sure she meant it, but she’s mine and I intended to have her here and now. I would just have to change her mind.

Zan stroked my cheek as his head descended slowly toward mine and I could see his crooked smile. “And waste all of this good anger?” he asked.

I have to admit that I was turned on. Just being near Zan is enough to make me want him. He was so close that the scent of his soap and clean skin invaded my senses making my breath come faster, and I knew I was in trouble. As he came infinitesimally closer his beautiful eyes burned into mine, holding them, refusing to let me look away. I could see the depth of his desire reflected in his gaze, and felt myself being drawn into his molten amber web.

With supreme effort, fueled by my anger, I was able to break eye contact but unfortunately my gaze went to his lips. I imagined them brushing against my lips, feathering over the skin of my neck, sucking my breast. I shivered against him and came out of my fantasy just in time to notice that his lips were almost touching mine.

I turned my head trying to avoid his kiss but he simply gripped my chin and held me while he attacked my lips. I was determined not to kiss him back and I kept my lips still as his moved over mine, licking and nipping, trying to coax a response.

I saw the desire in Liz’s eyes and thought for sure she would respond to my kisses, but she was mad enough to resist. I could feel her anger just below the surface and I intended to release it, channel it into our passion.

She might be able to resist me kissing her lips but there was no way she would be able to resist what else I had in mind. Liz is so responsive to me that she’d be melting in my arms in a matter of moments.

I started to place feather-soft kisses on her neck. She squirmed a little, a small sound escaped her and I couldn’t stop my smile of satisfaction.

Zan kissed my lips for several long moments but when I didn’t respond he moved down to my neck. He went directly to the most sensitive spot, which he had discovered, brushing his lips across my skin. The sudden jolt of pleasure surprised me and I couldn’t stop a slight groan of reaction.

I thought he would concentrate on that spot but his soft lips moved across my neck and I almost released a sigh of relief, until his fingers trailed down my side. My body jerked at the unexpected contact and I braced for another touch but Zan simply continued placing kisses on my neck. After a moment I started to relax and then his thumb brushed the underside of my breast.

Zan held me immobile and the room was dark, I couldn’t see his hand or even guess where he was going to touch me and I knew that was his intention. My whole body was focused exclusively on the sensations he was causing and I practically vibrated as I waited for his next caress.

I had Liz trapped against the wall, hands secured, her whole body completely at my mercy and it turned me on more than I thought possible. I wanted her badly, but I wanted her to want me just as much so I continued kissing and licking her neck while I touched her, coaxing, arousing, seducing.

Suddenly Zan’s hand pressed against my stomach, moving slowly down, and just as suddenly was gone. The wiry hair of his beard tickled my neck and a moment later his fingers skimmed across my ribs. I tried to stay angry and detached but his simple touch was arousing me so much that I couldn’t stop my reactions.

I felt it the moment Liz started to surrender, started to respond, and a surge of pure animal lust rushed through me.

I kissed her neck near her ear. “Come on baby,” I whispered, “I know you want me.”

I did want him but his words made me determined not to let him know how much he was affecting me. I stayed carefully still, refusing to admit it, and a moment later I felt his chin stud graze the super-sensitive place on my neck. I shivered involuntarily and Zan sucked my delicate skin into his mouth, brushing it with his tongue. He concentrated on the area grazing it with his teeth, licking and kissing over and over again. Suddenly his hand brushed over my breast causing my nipple to instantly harden.

I gasped, unable to contain my pleasure and Zan immediately took possession of my lips. He thrust his tongue inside my mouth and I trembled against him. I was still angry but I wanted him so much. I kissed him back, stroking his tongue with mine and arched into him, struggling to free my hands.

But Zan held my wrists tightly as he continued the kiss. His free hand wandered across my stomach before cupping my breast and lightly grazing my nipple through my shirt. I moaned and he used his thumb to brush my nub again and again sending jolts of pleasurable electricity through me.

His hand suddenly left my breast and I whimpered at the loss until I felt his fingers slide across the juncture of my thighs, raising my skirt and slipping into my panties. He brushed over my clit, his fingers sliding easily through my slick folds. Breaking the kiss he nuzzled my neck near my ear as he continued stroking me with his fingers. “You’re so fucking wet for me angel,” he growled. “Just admit you want me.”

I was still angry, but I wanted him so much that I didn’t care. “Yes,” I gasped, “I want you.”

He withdrew his fingers and released my wrists to grasp my hips and lift me up onto the desk. With another growl he climbed on top of me and kissed me again hard, pressing me back against the surface.

I wrapped my arms around him, kissing him back hungrily and bent my knees cradling him between my thighs. His erection pressed against my throbbing center and I arched into him desperate to have him inside.

He kissed down to my neck and reached between us freeing his cock. And pushing aside my panties he surged inside.

A wave of electricity went through me and I squeezed my eyes shut as I arched into him moaning my pleasure.

He started to move inside me, setting a quick pace, thrusting into me hard and deep. “Look at me Liz,” he demanded.

I opened my eyes and his golden gaze held mine. “I want you to see who’s fucking you,” he growled as he continued to surge into me. He withdrew almost all the way and slammed back inside. “I want you to see who’s making you moan with pleasure, who’s making you cum.”

I held his eyes. “I know,” I assured him breathlessly.

“Say it,” he growled increasing his pace. “Say my name.”

I dug my fingers into his back raising my hips to meet his thrusts as I felt my orgasm quickly approaching. “Zan,” I gasped, still holding his eyes.

“You’re mine,” he snarled.

“Yes Zan,” I said, my breath coming in pants. “I’m yours.”

The corner of his mouth lifted and he surged into me again. His hand slid down my body going directly for my clit, and he rubbed it in hard, fast circles making me come immediately.

The orgasm caught me by surprise and my whole body tightened. I felt my inner muscles powerfully contracting around Zan’s hard length and he came with a groan.

He continued to hold my eyes for long minutes as the waves of pleasure washed through us. Gently he stroked my cheek and smoothed the hair off my face. He kissed my forehead and pulled back to meet my eyes again. His warm amber gaze seemed to be searching for something in my eyes.

“I don’t want to fight with you baby,” he said softly. “Come home with me.”

I could see the tension in his face even in the dim light. He was worried I wouldn’t go with him. I touched his face. “I’m not mad at you.”

Zan raised a questioning eyebrow.

“Okay,” I agreed with a smile, “I’m a little mad, but I don’t want to fight either. I want to go home.”

Zan closed his eyes and pressed his forehead to mine, releasing a deep sigh of relief. After a moment he cupped my head and kissed me so sweetly that it nearly brought tears to my eyes.

He helped me fix my clothes and hair and checked the hallway to make sure we wouldn’t be seen emerging from the closet. We walked home slowly and Zan kept his arm around me, holding me tightly against his side. I could feel the tension vibrating through him.

When we reached the loft he seemed to relax a little, but it was easy to see that he was still worried about something. He held the door open allowing me to enter first, and closed and locked it behind him, but he didn’t move farther into the room.

I wasn’t sure what was wrong and I was still somewhat angry because of his words, but I met his eyes. “So, our first fight.”

He raked a hand through his hair. “I won’t lose you angel, especially not because of some preppy asshole.”

I suddenly realized that Zan was jealous of Tom and some of my anger evaporated. I should have suspected something was wrong because of his actions the last few days, the continual touching, the urgent lovemaking. I shook my head. “I...”

“I won’t let you leave me because of a stupid argument,” he growled. “I’ll fight for you any way I have to.”

I smiled. “By seducing me in a supply closet?”

He nodded. “By reminding you how much you want me, and how much pleasure I can give you.” His eyes seemed to glow with intensity. “By reminding you that you love me. And I love you Liz, so much.”

I held his eyes. “I want you Zan, all the time. And I love you too.”

“I know,” he said arrogantly. “I just wanted to remind you.”

Suddenly I realized that Zan was blocking my exit.

“Zan,” I said softly, moving toward him. I noticed that his body seemed to tighten but I went to him, put my hands on his shoulders and looked up to meet his eyes. “I wasn’t leaving you.”

He looked at me warily. “You were walking away from me.”

“I just didn’t want to fight with you, so I was taking a walk to give us both time to cool down. But I was coming back.” I shook my head. “I wouldn’t leave you because of an argument. I love you Zan, don’t you believe that?”

He nodded. “Of course. I know you love me.” He touched my face, caressing my cheek. “But you’re so young. I’m your first lover, your first love. The connection between us happened so fast and I wanted you so much that I rushed you into moving in with me. And I’m not exactly conventional, certainly not the type of guy you pictured yourself with. It’s natural for you to have doubts, to wonder if you made the right choice being with me, especially when things aren’t perfect.”

I clasped his hand that was touching my cheek and turned to kiss his palm before meeting his eyes again. “Zan I don’t expect things to be perfect, and I don’t feel rushed or uncertain, I feel lucky. I love you for who you are. I wanted to be with you and I’ve found more with you than I ever imagined existed.”

He released a deep breath. “I’m sorry Liz. I’ve been acting crazy.” He shook his head. “But with that Tom guy trying to seal you away, I’ve been so jealous and angry.”

“Zan I don’t want to be with Tom,” I assured him. “He can’t steal me unless I want to be stolen.”

Zan nodded. “I know you don’t want to be with him, that never even entered my mind,” he assured me. “But he wants you and he was spending so much time with you. I kept seeing him touch you, and it was driving me crazy thinking about what else he was doing. Today I heard him ask you out and then you told me he was in your discussion group, I just lost it.” He shook his head. “I shouldn’t have said those things to you, but I don’t want you near him. I’m just trying to protect you baby.”

I smiled, my anger now completely gone. “So you protect me by seducing me?”

Zan groaned, running a frustrated hand through his hair. “I feel so guilty about that, about making you miss your class. I was just so insanely jealous. I thought if I showed Tom that you belonged to me he would leave you alone.”

I shook my head. “So all the touching, the lovemaking was just about showing Tom?” I asked. “You didn’t really want me?”

“Of course I wanted you,” Zan said fiercely, cupping my head with both hands. “I always want you and the circumstances made me want you even more.”

I held his eyes as I took a step closer to him, using my hand to slowly trace a path down his chest. “So you wanted me, and I wanted you, and we had some amazing sex that gave us both a lot of pleasure.” I smiled. “I don’t see a problem.”

The surprise on Zan’s face was so evident that I almost laughed.

But his surprise quickly turned to regret. “No angel, the problem is that I shouldn’t have been treating you like that. I shouldn’t have been touching you so intimately in front of him. I wanted him to know we were lovers and I got carried away.” He shook his head. “There’s touching, and then there’s the type of touching that only people who are lovers do. That’s how I touched you.”

“I like you touching me,” I assured him. “I like how possessive you are. It makes me feel wanted and loved and so happy that you want everyone to know that we’re together.” I looked down, a little embarrassed about my next confession. “And I have to admit that I’ve done it myself.”

Zan tilted my face up to meet his eyes. “You’ve done what angel?” he asked with a soft smile.

I smiled shyly. “I’ve gotten jealous of other women looking at you when we’re out, and I I’ve touched you like a lover to show them we were together.”

Zan’s smile lit his face. “You have?”

I nodded.

His smile widened. “I like that you get jealous and territorial about me Liz. I like it a lot.”

I nodded. “So I can understand that you don’t want Tom around me, and I forgive you for ordering me to change classes. But after that confrontation in the hall I doubt he’ll be speaking to me again. Even if he does I certainly won’t be nice to him now that I know what a jerk he is.”

“I still want you to change classes,” Zan said. “I don’t like that guy anywhere near you but I think you’re right and he finally got the message.” He groaned. “But that wasn’t the worst thing I did baby. I seduced you into coming home with me and I made you miss your class,” he admitted. “That was really wrong.”

I shook my head. “It was just a discussion group Zan, it’s not a big deal. And I had already made the decision not to go back to class when I agreed to leave campus with you."

I did laugh then at his surprised expression. “Besides,” I said, “I could have resisted you if I really wanted to.”

Zan’s eyebrows rose and a smile lifted the corner of his mouth. “You think so?” he asked. With a feather’s touch he brushed his knuckles over my breasts. “Well, we could test that theory,” he rumbled, a cocky smile lifting one side of his mouth.

I felt a blush creep across my cheeks as I smiled. After our earlier encounter in the supply closet I wasn’t actually sure that I could resist him, and it really didn’t matter because I had no intension of stopping him.

He held my eyes and I could see his desire burning brightly, but it was tempered with uncertainty. “So we’re okay angel?” he asked, running his fingers through my hair. “You’re not mad?”

I shook my head. “Just talk to me next time before it gets so out of control.”

Stepping closer to me, bringing our bodies together, he slipped his arm around my waist as he nuzzled my neck. “There is one good thing about arguing,” he rumbled near my ear.

I shivered against him as his hot breath brushed my neck. “What’s that?” I asked breathily.

He kissed my neck and I could feel his smile against my skin. “Make-up sex.”

A smile crossed my own face as I wrapped my arms around him and whispered near his ear. “I like the sound of that.” I kissed his cheek. “By the way, when we were in the supply closet did you notice which underwear I have on?” I asked teasingly.

Zan drew back with surprise and looked into my eyes shaking his head. “No.”

I took hold of his shirt with both hands and pulled as I walked backwards toward the bedroom. “Don’t you want to find out?”

But we didn’t make it to the bedroom. Zan pushed me back against the wall, thrusting an aggressive knee between my legs. With a growl he ripped my shirt apart, sending the buttons popping off.

His hands went immediately to my breasts. “Baby you wore the black mesh,” he groaned. He dipped his head, sucking one peak briefly into his mouth, licking my skin through the material. A moan of pleasure escaped me and I wrapped my arms around him, pulling him closer.

He placed a line of wet, open-mouth kisses across my chest and up to my neck, stroking my hard nipples with his thumbs he ground his erection against me. “Did you think of me today?” he whispered near my ear.

I shivered against him as desire ripped through my body. “I’ve been wet for you all day.”

His teeth slid over my earlobe. “Have you angel?”

“All day,” I gasped.

I felt his hot breath on my neck again an instant before his mouth touched me. His hands left my breasts and skimmed down my sides. “Did you wear the panties that go with that bra?” he rasped.

“Yes,” I said breathily.

His hands reached the bottom of my skirt and slid underneath. “Then I know what I’m going to find under here,” he growled. He reached around, caressing up the back of my thighs, cupping my bare butt. “Baby, if I knew you were wearing a thong…” He trailed off with a growl as he squeezed my ass, pulling me closer and attacking my neck in earnest.

“Zan,” I gasped.

I wanted Liz badly. My stomach still fluttered with the nervous butterflies I had acquired when I thought Liz was leaving me. I felt an almost overwhelming need to take her quickly and claim her to reassure myself that she was mine.

Our mouths crashed together and I squeezed Liz’s bare ass with one hand as I reached between us freeing my cock. I couldn’t even wait to go the few feet into the bedroom and gripped Liz’s hips, lifting her against the wall. She gasped with surprise at the unexpected move and I growled as I plunged into her. Liz cried out with pleasure and instantly wrapped her legs around me, her small hands grasping my shoulders.

I knew neither of us was in the mood for slow and I immediately set a quick pace, thrusting into her tight pussy hard and fast. I held her against the wall, surging up into her, filling her again and again. Liz’s breath came faster and faster and her hips thrust to meet mine. Her small sounds of pleasure were driving me wild and I wanted more. I wanted, needed to make her cum.

I buried my head against her shoulder and increased my pace, pushing into her with all my strength. I groaned with the effort, every muscle in my body working, straining to bring her to completion. Suddenly Liz’s body arched and her tight passage started to flutter against me, but I didn’t slow my pace, pumping into her fast and hard, over and over until she exploded.

I paused in my rhythm as her wet heat clenched my still hard cock. But it wasn’t enough, it wasn’t nearly enough. I wanted to make Liz cum again, a mind-numbing, explosive orgasm that she would feel all the way through her body and never forget.

I barely allowed Liz a moment to catch her breath before I pulled out of her and lowered us to the floor. With a single motion I ripped her panties off and then covered her with my body. Liz’s hips arched into me aligning her soaking pussy with my cock. I groaned as she rubbed against me, her slick folds parting easily to draw me in and I surged back inside. Liz wrapped her legs around my waist, pulling me even deeper.

“Oh baby,” I growled, “you take me so fucking deep.”

“Zan,” she gasped, “I want all of you inside.”

I pulled out and surged into her, slamming our lower bodies together, enjoying the sound of skin hitting skin. Liz was oversensitized because of the other orgasms, her whole body shaking with pleasure. Her hands tightened on my back, trying to pull me even closer.

I felt a rush of satisfaction knowing Liz was mine, reveling in her uninhibited response to me. Her sweet pussy was so hot and wet and I groaned with the incredible sensation of being inside her. I surged into her hard, each of my thrusts moving her body across the rug.

I wrapped my arms around her grasping her shoulders to hold her to me and give me even more traction. I felt the need to mark her, to imprint her body with my own and I pumped into her even harder. But I didn’t want to hurt her and I watched her reactions closely.

Liz gasped her pleasure with each of my powerful surges. I could feel the electricity rushing through her causing her body to jerk and her head to thrash from side to side as her fingernails scoured my back. And with just a few more thrusts her tight passage started to flutter around me.

“Fuck baby,” I groaned. “So good, so fucking good!”

“Oh Zan yes!” she gasped.

I love hearing my name on her lips when she cums and I pumped into her as hard as I could, again and again. Her whole body tightened and she arched up digging her short nails into me. Her breath came in harsh pants and I increased my pace even more, knowing she was on the precipice.

I pistoned into her again and again, burying myself to the hilt with each powerful stroke. Liz whimpered with each of my movements in and out, her sounds of pleasure encouraging me to an even greater speed. I grasped her tighter, growling with my exertions and a few more surges sent her over the edge.

She arched into me, crying out her completion. “Zan!”

Her pussy squeezed my cock powerfully and I thrust into her a final time, burying myself deep as I climaxed. “Liz!” I groaned.

I collapsed onto her, loving the feeling of her soft body beneath me, around me. Her inner muscles pulsed around my cock to the time of her rapidly beating heart. I could feel the surges of electricity continuing through her body as the orgasm rushed through her and I smiled with satisfaction knowing I had given her so much pleasure.

I stayed inside her, not wanting to break the connection yet, and held her eyes silently as I caressed her cheek with my thumb. Gradually her breathing slowed and her body calmed as she came down from the powerful release. I placed soft kisses on her forehead, her nose, each eyelid and cheek, savoring the closeness.

Liz touched my face. “I love you Zan,” she said fiercely. “I love you so much. You make me feel so safe and sexy and beautiful and loved. I’m yours completely and I’ll never leave you.”

I knew all of that but I loved hearing it. “I love you,” I said softly. I kissed her tenderly, putting all of my love into it and then drew back to meet her eyes. “You are the best thing that ever happened to me. You belong to me angel and I’ll never let you go.”

Liz smiled at my arrogant statement and I kissed her again harder. “My angel.”



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