Eyes of an Artist Part 2


Part 2


The next afternoon I was even earlier to meet Liz after her class and I had to wait more than fifteen minutes before she came out. When she emerged my eyes went instantly to her neck and I felt a rush of satisfaction that the mark I had made was very visible against her pale skin.

I greeted her with a kiss and looked around for the preppy, intending to show him he was wasting his time with Liz. My body vibrated with adrenaline anticipating the confrontation, and I held Liz deliberately lingering outside her building. But as more and more students passed us and I didn’t see the preppy, I started to think he hadn’t attended.

One of the last people to exit the building was Dave. We had hung out many times, especially when I was getting to know Liz, and I hadn’t realized that he was in her class this semester. I greeted him warmly and Liz and I joined him and a few others from her class for coffee at our usual table on the quad.

Liz sat on the bench and I slid in behind her, straddling her so I could keep her close. I was relaxing, coming down from the adrenaline rush, but I still felt very possessive and protective of her and I wanted her in my arms. I loosely encircled her waist and she leaned back into me, the feel of her soft body against mine relaxing me even more.

The group fell into easy conversation, telling jokes and laughing, but as I relaxed more I started to realize other things. The fresh scent of Liz’s hair filled my nose, her small hand was on my arm and her soft ass was pressed against my hardening cock. I brushed her hair to one side and pressed a kiss to her neck. Liz placed her hand on mine, lacing our fingers together and I rested my chin on her shoulder.

This was how it should be, I thought. Hanging out with people I liked, all of them knowing Liz belonged to me. I was beginning to think that I had overreacted about the preppy, when suddenly he was approaching the table.

“Hey guys,” he greeted. His eyes lingered on Liz, angering me instantly.

“Hey Tom,” a few of the others answered.

Tom. Fucking Tom. I finally had a name, and it echoed through my head as I watched him take a seat across from me and Liz, next to Dave.

He looked at Liz again and smiled, and I had the overwhelming urge to leap across the table and remove the grin from the fucker’s face with my fists. Instead I tightened my arms protectively around Liz.

Tom avoided looking at me and continued to brazenly stare at Liz. Suddenly he spoke up. “Hey Liz, you’re going to your discussion section tomorrow right?”

Liz nodded. “Yeah.”

Tom smiled. “Well if you don’t mind, I thought I would drop by and get your help with something.”

Dave started laughing and slapped Tom on the shoulder. “That’s a great one Tom. You, actually going to a class.”

I could tell Tom was upset by Dave’s words but he pretended to laugh it off. “I’m re-evaluating my priorities,” he said smoothly.

Dave laughed harder but Tom ignored him and looked to Liz again. “Liz, you don’t mind, do you? You just explain things so well.”

“No,” Liz said, “I don’t mind.”

Tom smiled. “Good, I’m having trouble with the…”

Tom continued to speak but the anger surging through me drowned out the sound of his voice. The asshole was actually making arrangements to meet my Liz right in front of me.

In a way I felt helpless. I couldn’t say or do anything to Tom. If he had insulted Liz or touched her inappropriately I could have destroyed him. But for simply talking to her, looking at her, I knew Liz would think I was overreacting if I said or did anything to him.

But the powerless feeling didn’t last long. As Tom continued to look at Liz the helplessness I felt was quickly replaced by my growing anger, jealousy and possessiveness.

I felt the need to claim Liz, to mark her as mine so he could see. I always wanted Liz but the anger raging inside me stoked the fires of my desire for her. I wanted to lift her up onto the table and take her right there. But I would settle for touching her, and I would make sure Tom had no doubt that Liz was mine and we were lovers.

I leaned in and placed another kiss on her neck near where I had marked her as mine with the hickey. “Mmmmm angel,” I rasped softly so only she could hear, “you smell so good I want to taste every inch of your skin.”

I felt Liz’s body quiver against me and she squeezed my hand. It was a start but I wanted her desperate for me.

I moved my free hand to her shoulder, using my thumb to gently caress the back of her neck. Slowly I traced down her spine until the reached the bottom of her shirt and then I slipped my hand underneath. I rubbed the soft skin of her back as I placed another kiss on her neck.

Liz shivered against me and pressed her head to mine. She wanted me, it was working.

I moved my hand back to her shoulder and slid down her bare arm exposed by the tank top she was wearing. When I reached her hand I brought it to my lips, placing a kiss on her palm before returning it to her lap.

Then I put my hand on her hip and so slowly moved up her side, brushing my fingers over her stomach and ribs, stopping just as I reached the underside of her breast. I felt Liz suck in her breath, her whole body practically vibrating under my touch.

Tom continued to avoid my eyes but his gaze followed every move of my hand as I touched Liz.

I left my hand dangerously close to her breast, tightening my grip slightly as I whispered into her ear. “I want you so much baby. Do you want me?”

Liz nodded.

I slightly shifted my hips rubbing my rock-hard erection against her and kissed her neck again. “Can you feel how much I want you?” I whispered.

“Yes,” Liz whispered back, and her small hand gripped my thigh.

I moved my hand below her breast a fraction of an inch higher and Liz’s body jerked. I smiled, knowing my words would shock her, and most likely push her into action. “If you were wearing a skirt,” I whispered, “I could lift you up and slide inside your sweet pussy right here, and nobody would know.”

Liz’s whole body shook. Reaching back she placed her hand on my jaw and held me to her as she turned her head and kissed my other cheek. Then she whispered in my ear. “Zan I want you so much. Let’s go now.”

I smiled again as I nodded silently, knowing it would appear to Tom that Liz had suggested leaving so I could fuck her. I rose immediately, helping Liz up. “It was great to see you guys,” I said, “but we’ve got to get going.” I turned to Tom with a shit-eating grin but he was looking away scowling.

I held Liz closely to my side as we quickly walked away back past her building. I knew Tom would be watching us and as we approached the entrance I pulled Liz inside. That fucker’s imagination would be running wild about what we were doing.

I didn’t object at all when Zan pulled us into my building. I wanted him so much and I knew it meant he would be inside me sooner.

It was close to five o’clock and the building was practically empty except for the occasional student studying in a quiet corner. Zan took us down a side hall and I realized he was heading toward the bathroom. Briefly I wondered how he knew where it was, but I didn’t really care.

He stopped us outside the Men’s room and ducked inside, checking to make sure it was empty. Then he looked both directions down the hall before pulling me inside. We went to the last stall and Zan flicked the lock before pushing me against the wall and kissing me hard.

I stood on tiptoes and kissed him back, devouring his mouth. Zan’s hands immediately went to the fastening on my pants and pushed them and my panties down my legs.

Suddenly he spun me in his arms so I was facing the wall and he pressed his body against me. He brushed my hair aside and grazed my neck with his teeth. “Are you ready for me angel?” he growled.

I was so turned on that I didn’t feel capable of speech and simply nodded.

Zan kissed my neck and I heard the sound of his zipper and then his pants hitting the floor. I felt my feminine core clench and my whole body trembled in anticipation.

Then Zan gripped my hips and pressed his erection against my bare ass. “Spread your legs baby,” he ordered.

I obeyed instantly, pulling one leg out of my pooled clothes, opening my stance. And with a growl and a powerful thrust Zan’s hard cock filled me.

“Yes Zan,” I whimpered.

He pressed me against the wall whispering into my neck. “You’re so fucking wet,” he rasped.

“You were driving me crazy out there,” I said. “You made me want you so much.”

His hands slid under my shirt, pushing my bra up and grasping my breasts. “I’m right here baby,” he said, biting my neck. “I’ll give you everything you need.” He growled, withdrawing slightly and thrust back into me hard.

I whimpered again, unable to stop my reaction. In this position I couldn’t do anything. I couldn’t see or touch him and I placed my hands on the wall and surrendered to Zan completely, allowing him to control the situation. And closing my eyes, I simply focused on the sensations.

Zan stroked my breasts and kissed and bit my neck and shoulders as he set a steady pace, pistoning into me again and again.

It felt so good having Zan’s thick cock pounding into me and I was building quickly to orgasm, but I needed more. My breath came in pants. “Harder Zan,” I gasped breathlessly. “Fuck me harder.”

“Fuck yes baby,” he groaned triumphantly.

He slammed into me, practically lifting me off the floor. His hands gripped my breasts almost painfully, using them as handholds and he sank his teeth into my shoulder.

I couldn’t stop my sounds of pleasure with each of his powerful surges. My breath came faster and faster and my whole body felt limp. I was unable to hold my head up any longer it fell back against Zan’s shoulder.

He pressed me harder against the wall, his solid body holding me in place. I could feel my climax rapidly approaching and I said his name, over and over, almost like a chant, knowing he would give me what I so desperately needed. “Zan. Zan. Zan.”

He growled, his breath coming in hot puffs against the skin of my shoulder. He pinched my hard nipples, and even though I hadn’t thought it possible he thrust into me even more forcefully, once, twice, the third surge sending me over the edge. I came hard, my whole body shaking and convulsing, forcing a high-pitched moan from deep inside me.

Zan thrust into me two more times and then he groaned his completion, his hips bucking against me as he came. He continued to place soft kisses on my neck and shoulders as we worked to catch our breath.

“Zan,” I breathed, “that was so good. It’s like you were on fire.”

He kissed my shoulder again. “I’m always on fire for you baby, because you are so fucking hot.”

We went home and showered and I took Liz to dinner at our favorite Thai place. After dinner I surprised her with a visit to a lingerie store.

Okay, okay. I admit the lingerie store was as much for me as it was for her, maybe even more. I love giving Liz things, but I really liked the idea of her wearing underwear I had bought her. Only she and I would know she was wearing it and it was a like a part of me she would always have against her. When she wore them she would think of me. I would make sure.

Together we picked out several bra and panty sets. Liz chose more conservatively, satin and lace in pastel colors, and I picked ones that were more risqué, see-through mesh in red and black and thongs.

We collected quite a pile and Liz protested. “Zan I don’t need all this underwear.”

I put my hand on the small of her back and rubbed in slow circles, leaning into her. “I think we should replace all of your old underwear with new that I’ve bought for you. That way whenever you wear it, it’s like I’m touching you all over, my hands cupping your breasts, brushing against your pussy.”

Her wide eyes snapped to mine and she blushed furiously. “Zan!” she gasped, shocked. But as I held her gaze her eyes darkened with desire and I knew she liked my suggestion.

My mouth lifted in a knowing smile and she blushed again. “Go on baby,” I whispered, “try them on.”

Liz nodded and I allowed my eyes to skim her body as she moved away. Knowing Liz’s body so well, I could imagine exactly what she would look like in each of the things we had picked out, and my mind was working overtime. I could see the colors and textures against her skin and I could feel the flimsy materials in my hands as I tore them off her.

Taking her against the wall earlier in the bathroom kept replaying in my mind. The way she had surrendered to me, her soft moans of pleasure, her breathless request for me to fuck her harder, my name on her lips as she’d cum. I don’t think I’ve ever been so turned on in my life and my cock hardened just remembering.

I felt a rush of satisfaction knowing that Tom would never get to see Liz like I did, never touch her like I did. But the fact that he was going to meet her tomorrow in her class kept resurfacing in my mind. I kept picturing him leaning in too close, touching her arm while he was talking to her.

My anger and jealously was working overtime just imagining him anywhere near her. I kept reminding myself that she was mine, that she gave herself to me willingly any time, any place. But I felt the need to prove it to myself. I felt the overwhelming need to take her here and now to prove to myself that she was completely mine.

I watched the clerk take Liz into the back where the dressing rooms were. Liz would be in a small, private room, surrounded by mirrors, and I instantly imagined fucking her while we watched ourselves in the reflections.

The images in my head mixed with the memories of our earlier bathroom encounter, driving me wild. Once again I heard Liz’s soft plea in my mind, “Harder Zan. Fuck me harder,” and it pushed me over the edge.

I waited for the clerk to re-emerge from the back and turn to help one of the other customers before I moved. Casually I headed to the back, grabbing a few more items on the way. If I were caught I would have the excuse of taking more things to Liz, but I didn’t intend to get caught.

I paused at the dressing room entrance and checked to make sure no one was watching and then I slipped inside. It wasn’t difficult to tell which room Liz was in, she was the only one there and she was in the only closed room.

I knocked softly on the door. “Let me in angel.”

She opened the door instantly. “What are you doing?” she whispered.

I smiled. “Getting caught if you don’t let me in.” She was stunned and I took her shoulders in my hands and walked her backwards, closing the door behind us.

“Zan,” she whispered her protest, “someone will catch us.”

I smiled wider and winked. “Not if we’re quiet.”

Her eyes widened as she realized what I intended. “We can’t.”

“Oh I think we can,” I said smoothing my hands down her bare arms. She had already removed her clothes down to her underwear and I let my eyes roam over her beautiful body.

“Zan,” she started to protest again.

I slid my hands back up her arms to her shoulders and stepped closer so our bodies barely touched. I leaned in and placed a kiss on her neck. “Don’t you remember how good it was this afternoon?” I whispered. I kissed her neck again, sliding my hands over the soft skin of her back.

She nodded, shivering under my touch. “Yes, but…”

With a twist of my fingers I unhooked her bra as I bit her neck. “Don’t you remember how I made you cum?” I pushed the straps off her shoulders and the bra fell to the floor.

She nodded again, her breath coming faster.

I cupped her breasts and leaned down to briefly take one soft mound into my mouth, licking her already hard nub. I looked up meeting her eyes. “Well imagine me taking you like that again.” I put my hands on her waist and moved around behind her. I turned her slightly so she could see our reflection and I placed another kiss on her neck. “Now imagine watching in those mirrors as I fuck you.”

Her wide eyes met mine in the mirror and she trembled against me.

I knew she was out of protests. She was mine and she wanted me. I held her eyes in the reflection as I smoothed my hands down her hips, pushing her one remaining article of clothing to the floor. It was incredibly sexy, seeing her completely naked and me fully clothed. I continued to hold her gaze as I brushed my hands up over her stomach and breasts. “Look how beautiful you are baby. Is it any wonder that I want to be inside you all the time?”

I reached lower, my hand briefly covering the triangle of dark hair at the juncture of her thighs before I brushed my fingers over her clit and through her folds. She was wet and ready and I kissed her shoulder. Then sliding one arm around her waist I used my other hand to undo my jeans. I didn’t bother pushing them down I simply reached inside and freed my aching cock.

I was aware that Liz was watching my every move in the mirrors and I turned her slightly so she had a better angle. I kissed her shoulder again as I led my shaft to her pussy, and I watched her in the mirror as I slowly pushed into her.

Her eyes widened as she saw my cock disappearing deep inside. “Zan,” she whispered with a touch of awe in her voice.

“Now you can see how even more beautiful you are when I fuck you.” I whispered. I stroked her breast slowly as I withdrew from her half way and pushed back inside, starting a leisurely rhythm in and out that coincided with my whispered words. “When I move inside you your skin flushes, your breasts pucker, your body arches, and when you cum your face and eyes are incandescent. You look like an angel.”

I kissed her neck again and increased my pace. “Can you see how much I want you baby?” I rasped against her ear.

“Yes,” she gasped.

I pulled her tighter to me, splaying one hand between her breasts, and placing the over her triangle of dark hair to hold her hips. Again I increased my pace but I carefully watched Liz in the mirror as she watched us. “Can you see my cock sliding in and out of your tight pussy?” I whispered.

“Yes,” she gasped again as her inner muscles clenched around me.

Her breath was coming faster and her body strained to meet mine, I knew she was getting close. I grasped her breast and quickly stroked her hard nub. I felt her pussy start to flutter around me, and her back arched as she gasped my name. Liz’s eyes slid shut as her pleasure reached the edge but I wanted her to see us cum.

I slid my finger across her clit making her body jerk. “Open your eyes baby, and see what you do to me.”

Her passion-drugged gaze met mine in the mirror and I rubbed her clit in hard, fast circles as I continued to plunge into her. With only a few more strokes her body arched again and I held her tighter and bit her shoulder. Her mouth opened and she panted attempting to stay silent. “Just a little more angel,” I whispered. “I’ll get you there.” I rubbed her clit harder. “Feel me inside as you’re watching it happen.”

I kissed her neck. “Mmmmm baby so good.” I thrust into her harder. “So fucking good.”

Her body suddenly tightened as she came, and she whimpered softly unable to contain the sounds. With wide eyes she watched as I slammed into her again before releasing my control and allowing the clenching of her tight pussy to bring me.

My hips bucked against her as I came and I panted harshly in an effort to remain quiet. I noticed with satisfaction that Liz watched it all greedily in the mirror.

Her eyes came back to mine and I smiled. “Oh angel you liked that,” I teased her. “You came so fast.”

Liz blushed but she held my eyes and nodded. “I liked seeing us,” she said. Reaching up to my neck she turned her head and pulled me into a hungry but brief kiss. “But next time,” she whispered, “I want you naked too.”


I sat in class trying to pay attention but my mind kept wandering back to the night before. I had been scandalized by Zan’s suggestion to make love in the dressing room in front of the mirrors, but I admit he hadn’t needed to do much convincing. Just a few of his whispered words can set me on fire and I really was intrigued about seeing us together.

Zan watches me all the time. What ever I am doing his burning amber eyes follow me, his gaze caressing my body so possessively. I love that he looks at me, it makes me feel so beautiful, sexy and loved.

Zan especially likes to watch me when we are making love. He often chooses positions that allow him to see as much of my body as possible. He says it turns him on so much to see his cock slide in and out of me. He made me curious to see it too but there isn’t really a position where I can see very well.

So the thought of watching us in the mirror had aroused me so much that I had hardly objected at all. And it was so good. Seeing Zan’s cock pushing into me while I could feel every long inch of him nearly drove me wild. And his whispered dirty talk and words of praise quickly pushed me over the edge.

After Zan and I had made love, I hurriedly dressed and sneaked him out. I was embarrassed even though I’m sure that no one saw us, and I wanted to leave. But Zan insisted on buying all of the underwear that we’d picked out. I reminded him that I hadn’t even tried any of it on but he was confident he knew my proportions.

He wanted me to wear the black see-through mesh to school today, but I hadn’t washed it yet, so we compromised. I wore a matching red bra and panties that he had purchased for me a couple of weeks ago, the ones I had worn to his gallery opening.

Zan had watched me put them on this morning and then he’d kissed me hard. His hands smoothed over my breasts as he trailed kisses to my neck. “Remember angel,” he rasped, “this bra is my hands cupping your breasts, stroking your nipples.” His hands roamed around to grip my butt. “These panties are my hands are holding your sweet ass and brushing against your soft pussy.”

Even if he hadn’t reminded me I would have remembered his similar words from last night. All day they played through my mind, over and over, and it was like his simple words had oversensitized my body. I was aware of every brush of the fabric against my skin almost as if Zan was touching me.

I’d been wet practically all day and I found myself counting the minutes until I was with him. I glanced at the clock and silently groaned. More than two hours left. I was going to go insane.

All day I couldn’t stop thinking about the fact that Tom was going to Liz’s discussion group just so he could have extra time with her. Sure they were in class together but that didn’t present any opportunities for him to touch or even talk to her. But Liz had told me that a discussion group was a more informal, smaller group where the students could ask questions and help each other solve problems.

I could just see Tom sitting next to Liz, pretending to have trouble. He would lean in close while she wrote out equations, innocently trying to help him. He would take the opportunity to touch her, brushing the soft skin of her arm, inhaling the scent of her hair, his eyes roaming over her breasts.

I was driving myself crazy with the images and moved restlessly around the loft. I tried to draw, I tried to paint, but my imagination was working overtime and I couldn’t concentrate. So I went to the nearby basketball court and picked up a game. Playing hard for more than an hour I tried to burn the thoughts of Tom with my Liz out of my mind, but it didn’t work. I kept looking at my watch as the day grew later knowing that soon Liz would be with him.

I admit I even considered getting a few of my old crew together to hunt down Tom and kick the shit out of him. In the past that’s what I would have done and not even given it a second thought. But that isn’t me anymore. I don’t want to live like that. I want to be the kind of guy that Liz is proud to be with, a good man. But it didn’t stop me enjoying the picture in my mind of Tom’s bloody face at the end of my fist.

So I went home and took a shower, letting the cold water pour over my body, trying to extinguish the anger and jealousy burning in my head.

Another idea had also been taking shape in my mind all day, and I had pushed it aside several times knowing it was unfair to Liz. But as the time for her class approached the idea wouldn’t go away. Liz had over an hour between her class and the discussion group and usually she stayed at school and studied or did homework. But if I met her I during that free time I could seduce her into coming home with me, and keep her in bed so she missed the discussion group.

I wanted Liz to do well in school and I knew it was terrible to make her miss a class, but I was that out of my mind. It wouldn’t stop Tom from going to another of her discussion groups. But a nagging voice in the back of my mind kept saying that if Liz didn’t show up after she said she would help him, Tom would think she had blown him off.

That could stop him from pursuing her. And finally that was what decided my actions.

I hurried to the campus and waited for Liz in the hall outside her class. She was surprised to see me but welcomed me with a warm smile and moved instantly into my arms. “You’re early,” she said.

“I couldn’t wait to see you baby,” I told her honestly. I noted with satisfaction that Tom saw us and I took Liz aside into the relative privacy of the doorway of the next classroom and kissed her thoroughly.

It was almost three o’clock and the building was pretty much empty except for her class and it only took moments for the hall to clear. I pressed her against the closed door, my eyes holding hers. “I haven’t been able to stop thinking about you today,” I rumbled seductively. I took a quick look in both directions to make sure we were alone, and then lightly brushed my thumbs over her breasts. “I need you so much,” I whispered. I leaned in and kissed her neck lingeringly. “Come home with me so I can have you.”

Liz shivered against me and I smiled. She wanted me, my plan was working.

“But my class,” she objected.

I pressed my body into hers and slowly rotated my hips, rubbing against her, letting her feel my hard cock. I kissed her neck again near her ear. “We have more than an hour,” I said, careful not to make any promises about getting her back on time. I didn’t want to lie to her. I reached between us and brushed my fingers over her clit through her pants. “Baby that’s plenty of time for me to make you cum.”

Liz gasped and I felt her surrender before she spoke. “Yes.”

When we got home I didn’t waste any time. I pulled her into my arms, kissing her thoroughly and divesting us both of our clothes as I walked us into the bedroom. We were both naked in moments and I lifted her onto the bed, covering her body with my own. I kissed her again, slowly moving down her chin to her neck. I lingered, nipping and sucking the sensitive skin, concentrating on the hickey I had already made to deepen the color.

When I was satisfied that the mark would stand out against her pale skin, I moved lower, kissing a line between her breasts. Liz arched into me, silently begging me to touch her peaks but I had something else in mind. I placed wet, open-mouth kisses down across her stomach, tasting every inch of her skin as I moved toward my final goal.

I could smell Liz’s arousal before I reached the juncture of her thighs and it made my blood boil knowing it was just for me. I went directly to her sweet pussy and dipped my tongue barely inside, needing a taste of her. A sort of whimper escaped Liz and her body jerked.

I flattened my tongue and pushed it hard against her, licking deep through her folds and up to her clit. Liz squirmed again and I smiled against her, knowing I was driving her wild. I held her hips and took my time licking every inch of her from her pussy to her clit, over and over again, lapping up every sweet drop of her juices.

Liz’s breath was coming in gasps as I built her orgasm. I knew she was close and I moved up to kiss her clit as I slid two fingers inside her.

She moaned and her body bucked beneath me and I placed my arm across her hips holding her down. I intended to make her cum but on my terms.

I sucked her clit into my mouth and teased it with my tongue and teeth as I slowly pumped my fingers into her, concentrating on her G-spot. It only took a few moments and she was teetering on the edge, her whole body quivering, her breathing erratic. I slowed my pace licking her clit hard as I pushed my fingers into her, brushing the sensitive spot inside. I paused, holding her on the edge, and then reversed direction. As I hit her G-spot again she came apart, her whole body tightening, her inner muscles clenching my fingers.

But I didn’t intend to let it end there.

As she rode out the pleasurable sensations I left my fingers inside her and continued to lick her clit. And when her breathing started to even out, I began building her up again. With my free hand I reached up and used my thumb to brush over her hard nipple. I pumped my fingers into her, slowly building speed, making sure to graze her G-spot both directions.

And using this method, I brought her again, and again, and again, barely allowing her any time in between to catch her breath. I had done this to her before and I knew that multiple orgasms caused by her G-spot would totally exhaust her.

As I started to build her up the fifth time glanced at the clock and smiled with satisfaction. Her class had started fifteen minutes ago.

Only then did I think about my own release. My hand was covered with her juices and I tried not to think about how good her soaking pussy would feel around my cock. I was painfully hard but I resisted the urge to plunge my erection into her hard and fast because I wanted to make her cum again with me.

Instead I stilled my hand within her and kissed a line up her body, taking her breast into my mouth. Liz’s body was so sensitive because of the many orgasms that everywhere I touched her caused her body to jerk and writhe in reaction. I withdrew my fingers and pushed them into her, matching the rhythm with my tongue over the hard nub of her breast.

Liz moaned and raised her hips and I knew she would be ready for me with only a few more thrusts of my fingers. I concentrated on her breasts drawing one peak and then the other into my mouth, licking and nipping.

Suddenly I felt Liz’s inner walls flutter around my fingers and I knew it was time.

I withdrew my fingers and led my aching cock to her pussy and thrust inside. We both groaned with the sensation and I had to grit my teeth not to cum immediately. I panted hard for a handful of moments to get under control and then I started to move within her. I tried to start slow but I was so close I could barely think straight. I felt my balls tighten and gave in to the urge to take her hard and fast.

I reached between us and rubbed Liz’s clit in hard circles as I pistoned into her. Liz whimpered with every one of my thrusts and her whole body shook and tightened. She grasped my back, digging her short nails into my muscles and angled her hips taking me even deeper inside. I knew she was on the edge and I increased my pace and rubbed her clit harder.

With only a few more thrusts she came screaming. I pushed deep inside as her inner muscles clenched my cock and I finally loosed my control and allowed myself to cum. I growled my satisfaction as my hips pumped and I came inside her.

Both of our bodies were shaking with the exertion and covered with sweat and I thought Liz had never looked more beautiful. I brushed the wet hair off her face and kissed her forehead. “I love you angel.”

Liz touched my face and smiled. “I love you Zan.”

I glanced at the clock again, this time letting her see. “I think we got a little carried away. Your class started already.”

Liz nodded unconcerned. She smiled and blinked sleepily, barely able to keep her eyes open. “How can I complain when you made me feel like this?” she asked, her complete satisfaction evident in her voice.

I kissed her again and pulled out, gathering her sated, limp body in my arms and lying back against the pillows. I held her against my chest and she fell asleep within moments, exhausted just as I knew she would be. Cradling her soft form I placed a gentle kiss on her head and let my own eyes drift shut. We slept for a couple of hours and then I ordered in some Chinese. After we ate we made love again, slow and sweet, savoring every moment.

I felt nothing but arrogant satisfaction that night; satisfaction that I had seduced Liz into leaving school and kept her in bed so she missed class, satisfaction that Tom had seen us together, satisfaction that I was winning, satisfaction that I had made her cum five times, even the satisfaction that I had practically fucked her into unconsciousness.



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