Eyes of an Artist Part 1


Part 1


(New York City)

I have lived with Zan for just over a month. Thirty-four days to be exact, and it has been the best month of my life.

I wanted Zan the first moment I saw him and quickly fell in love with him as we got to know each other. When he suggested that I move in with him I didn’t hesitate, and I haven’t regretted my decision for a moment.

Zan loves me fiercely and he is so good to me. For example, he brought me to a park near our house today just so I could relax and have a good time.

It is summer semester at NYU where I attend school and I am taking a full load. Last week was the first week of classes and because it’s a shortened semester the teachers are piling on the work. So today Zan surprised me with a picnic in the park.

He ordered all my favorite foods from a nearby deli and hired a cab to take us around to a quiet area of the park. We ate and talked and laughed all afternoon, and then Zan tickled me until I was out of breath and begging for mercy.

“Please Zan,” I gasped. “I’ll do anything.”

His hands stilled against my ribs and he smiled crookedly. “Anything?”

I nodded, knowing his terms would be sexual.

Zan leaned over me to kiss my forehead. “Okay baby,” he agreed. He leaned closer and his voice dropped to a whisper. “What I want is for you to turn over so I can rub your back.”

I looked at him with surprise and he smiled wider, mischief dancing in his expressive amber eyes. I turned over and Zan straddled me. He brushed my hair to one side and placed a kiss on my neck before pushing my tank top up, exposing my lower back. His hands smoothed over the skin of back and arms, gently touching and caressing.

“Ummmm, that’s nice,” I said.

The pressure of his hands increased and he massaged the tension from my muscles, placing ocassional kisses on my neck and shoulders. The sun was warm against my skin, and my eyes slid shut. I felt so relaxed and loved. Everything was perfect.

(Zan’s POV - in italics)

Liz has lived with me for just over a month. Thirty-four days to be exact, and it has been the best month of my life.

I knew Liz was the woman for me the first moment I saw her. I fell in love with her instantly.

She is small but perfectly formed, her long, shining hair framing her beautiful face. A work of art. But it wasn’t just her appearance that attracted me. She exudes purity of spirit and innocence, and I don’t just mean sexual inexperience. Although it was obvious to me that Liz was a virgin when I first saw her, the innocence I’m talking about is her belief in the goodness of others, in the goodness of the world.

I grew up on the street, an orphan in the foster care system and I’ve fought for everything I have. I lost my illusions a long time ago. But Liz’s innocence is one of the things that drew me to her and it’s something I cherish and protect.

But that wasn’t all that attracted me to Liz. As I got to know her I fell in love with each new thing I discovered. Her mind, her sense of humor, her sweetness and strength and the passion I was sure I could sense beneath the surface of her carefully controlled actions.

And I was right about her passion. Liz puts her whole self into everything she does, school, life, love. She loves me with everything that’s in her. And she makes love with nothing held back, her reactions and pleasure so genuine that it’s intoxicating to me.

And even though the sex is fucking amazing, our relationship is about more than just that. We love being together, doing everything together. We are each other’s best friends and we share every aspect of our lives. Our relationship is everything I’ve ever wanted. It’s perfect.

I continued to caress the soft skin of Liz’s back even though I was aware that she had already fallen asleep. Touching Liz is one of my greatest pleasures. I can hardly keep my hands off her. I love to hold her in my arms, run my fingers through her silky hair, touch her soft skin. I feel like I’ll never get enough.

I leaned down and placed another kiss between her shoulder blades before moving off her. One of my other greatest pleasures is drawing Liz. I reached for my sketchbook and pencils and leaned back against the trunk of a nearby tree. I flipped to a clean page and automatically started the rough lines of Liz’s shape. My eyes skimmed over her sleeping form but I didn’t need to look at her to draw her. I know her body so well I could have drawn her with my eyes shut, but I never get enough of looking at her either.

I love knowing that she’s mine and I can look at her as much as I want. Liz is so beautiful and graceful that watching her do even simple everyday things is a pleasure. I watch her every chance I get, dressing, showering, studying, or just moving around our loft. I watch her when we make love and I watch her when she sleeps.

Currently she was laying on her stomach her head turned toward me, her expression so peaceful and innocent in sleep. A slight breeze blew Liz’s hair and the sun picked up its red and purple highlights. I reached out and took a handful of her hair, letting the soft strands slide through my fingers.

Liz released a sigh and turned onto her side. Her shirt rode up so it barely covered her breasts and I let my eyes roam over her exposed stomach. My gaze went lower skimming over her shorts and down the long expanse of her naked legs. I could easily imagine stripping off her few pieces of clothing and taking her, and I felt my cock harden instantly.

Of course sex is my favorite thing to do with Liz but since it was currently impossible I flipped to another clean page in my book and started sketching. I drew myself leaning over her sleeping form. In the drawing I had pushed up her shirt, exposing her beautiful breasts and pulled one into my mouth. I drew my hand disappearing beneath her shorts, imagining my fingers delving into her wet folds.

Quickly I turned to a new page and started another sketch, my mind filling in the events in between. Liz awoke to the touch of my fingers and I stripped off her shorts and underwear, moving down to dip my tongue inside her sweet pussy. And that’s what I drew, Liz’s legs parted wide for me, her puffy lower lips wet and welcoming, my mouth mere inches away from tasting her nectar.

I could taste her smoky juices on my tongue as I flipped to a new page. Again I imagined the events leading up to the new drawing. I licked through her folds again and again, teasing her clit and pushing my tongue deep inside her until she came apart. Then I stripped off my own clothes and moved over her. And that was my next sketch. Liz’s beautiful body laid out before me as I led my hard cock to her pussy and started to push inside her.

As I continued to draw, I imaged Liz’s hot, tight passage enveloping me. I could feel her taking the length of me inside and I shuddered with the pleasure.

Suddenly Liz rolled onto her back and a small sound escaped her that I instantly recognized. I had heard it many times before, and had taken great satisfaction in causing it. The sound was Liz’s sexual pleasure. She was having an erotic dream.

I put my sketchbook aside and fascinatedly watched her body, her slight movements echoing her dream. She shifted her hips and arched her back slightly as if I were caressing her.

I couldn’t help myself and reached out to touch her, brushing my hand over her breast. Liz moaned slightly and moved into my touch.

I lay down next to her, propping myself on one elbow. I placed my hand on her stomach and slowly moved up, sliding my hand under her shirt, caressing the underside of her breast with my thumb. I leaned down and placed open-mouth kisses on her stomach, tasting her skin as I brushed my hand over her hardening nipple. Again Liz moaned and I put my lips near her ear, my voice a soft whisper. “You like that baby, don’t you?”

“Zan,” she sighed, still caught up in the dream.

My name on her lips enflamed me even more. I wanted her so much I was practically going insane. I trailed my hand down her stomach to the juncture of her thighs and brushed her clit through her clothes.

I love talking dirty to Liz. It shocks her and makes her hot, and conveys the seriousness of my intensions, how much I want her. It’s like a private language between us. I kissed her neck as I continued to stroke over her clit. “Are you ready for me angel?” I whispered. “Do you want me to fuck you good and hard?”

“Zan,” Liz gasped, and she came awake breathing hard. Her desire-darkened eyes focused on me. “Zan I was dreaming about you.”

I held her eyes and smiled as I moved my hand back up to her bare stomach. “Was I fucking you angel?” I whispered.

“Not yet,” she said breathily, reaching out to me.

I leaned down and took her lips in a searing kiss. I had intended ending this day with my cock buried deep inside Liz. But I hadn’t intended to turn us both on so much so far away from anywhere we could consummate.

Liz’s hands roamed over my back, pulling me to her. She wanted me as much as I wanted her. I moved over her letting her feel the weight of my body, pressing my erection between us. I had to have her soon.

Quickly my mind flicked through the possibilities. I immediately discounted the public restrooms and the few nearby businesses. I know semi-public sex is okay with Liz but I am careful where I take her. Liz deserves somewhere clean and safe and that didn’t describe anywhere nearby. But we were only a few minutes from home by cab and I decided that we would have to wait until we got there.

I broke the kiss. “Let’s go home baby, where we can do this right.”

She nodded and we quickly gathered our stuff. Hand-in-hand we hurried to the street and I flagged down a convenient cab. The ride home was practically silent, and seemed to take forever as I struggled to keep myself under control.

I wrapped my arm around Liz’s shoulders pulling her into my side, needing the physical contact. I wanted her so much that I could barely keep my hands from wandering into dangerous territory.

But I couldn’t stop myself from touching her.

I allowed my other hand to brush through her hair and down her arm, and Liz shivered under my touch. I savored the feel of the silky tendrils and the smooth warmth of her skin, but it wasn’t even close to enough. My imagination was on overload from sketching her in the park and all I could think about was having her.

My whole being ached for Liz, every nerve in my body completely attuned to her. Her head rested against my chest and her small hand was around my waist, slowly, gently stroking my back. The fresh scent of her hair filled my nose and I swore I could smell her smoky arousal. Her soft breasts were pressed into me, making me even more aware of her rapid breathing and racing heartbeat.

It excited me even more knowing that she wanted me so much, that she was so ready for my possession. But it was pure torture knowing that even though she was in my arms I couldn’t have her yet.

I pressed my lips to her forehead. “Soon baby,” I whispered, but I honestly wasn’t sure if it was Liz I was reassuring or myself.

I leaned against Zan’s chest, loving the feel of his solid body pressed to mine. I wrapped my arm around his waist trying to get as close to him as I could, to melt into him if possible. I wanted him so much and I couldn’t seem to stop my hand from caressing the hard muscles of his back.

In the park I had fallen asleep as Zan massaged my shoulders and back, but obviously my mind had continued to think about him touching me even after I drifted off. I dreamed about his lips and strong hands wandering over my body, caressing, arousing, and then I had woken to find him actually touching me.

I wanted him instantly and our kisses quickly got out of control, so I eagerly agreed when he suggested going home. But sitting in the back of the cab so close to him, but so far, was driving me crazy.

His arm was wrapped around me holding me tightly, the heat of his body enveloping me. His fingers sifted through my hair and slowly caressed my arm, every brush of his skin against mine sending electricity surging through me. I inhaled deeply, drinking in the intoxicating scent of his skin, the smell of his soap mixed with that unique masculine scent that was just Zan. I could hear his rapidly beating heart, feel his shallow, aroused breaths, and I knew if I looked up into his eyes they would be dark, and filled with heat and hunger for me.

Zan’s body was visibly still but I could feel him practically vibrating with the effort it took to keep himself in control, and it made me want him even more. And when he pressed his lips to my forehead it took every last ounce of my own self-control not to pull him into the searing kiss I so desperately wanted.

Finally we arrived at our building and went inside.

I intended to take her in the elevator but unfortunately this was one of the few times that we encountered our downstairs neighbor. He was waiting for the elevator in the lobby and rode up with us. So I waited until we got inside our place before I pounced.

I dropped the stuff I was carrying and grasped Liz’s hips, taking her lips in a kiss as I lifted her against me. She kissed me back hungrily and wrapped her arms around me and I carried her into our bedroom. I put her on the bed and watched her strip off her few pieces of clothing as I quickly threw my own aside.

Liz held out her arms to me. “Now Zan,” she said throatily, “take me now.” She knelt on the bed completely naked, waiting for me and it was one of the sexiest things I had ever seen.

I climbed on the bed with a growl and took her in my arms, pressing her back into the mattress. Both of us were so aroused that no more foreplay was necessary. Liz was wet and ready and I lifted her legs over my shoulders, opening her to me completely. And with a powerful thrust buried myself to the hilt inside her tight pussy.

We both moaned with the sensation. This position aligned our bodies perfectly and allowed her to take me completely inside. Liz shuddered beneath me and I knew neither of us would last long. I also knew neither of us was in the mood for slow, leisurely lovemaking and I grasped her hips, holding her steady as I found a quick rhythm.

I pumped into her again and again, faster and faster. Liz’s body writhed and bucked and her hands clenched the sheets as I felt her inner muscles start to flutter. “That’s it baby,” I growled between thrusts, “that’s what you needed.”

“Zan,” she whimpered.

She was on the edge and I increased my pace, greedily watching every one of her reactions. Her head thrashed from side to side and her breathing came in harsh pants and I knew a few more thrusts would finish her.

Liz’s body suddenly tightened and she cried out, and I surged deep inside, letting the strong grip of her inner muscles around my cock bring me.

I kissed her calf as I worked to catch my breath. It was over in a matter of minutes but we’d both wanted it like that and we’d both cum. “Angel, that was so fucking good.”

Liz nodded and reached for me. I put her legs down and moved to cover her body with mine as I kissed her.

When we broke apart Liz touched my face and held my eyes. “Thank you Zan, for today, for everything.”

I understood what she meant but I couldn’t resist teasing her. “Baby you don’t have to thank me. I’ll fuck you fast and hard any time you want.”

Liz smiled swatted at my shoulder and I smiled and kissed her again.


I hurried out of the building tired after the long day and bemoaning the fact that it was only Monday. This semester I have three classes but with labs and discussion groups I am in school all day, and I was anxious to go home. Since I get out so late in the afternoon Zan has been meeting me on campus and I left the building immediately looking for him.

But it wasn’t Zan I saw coming toward me, it was a guy from my class, Tom. He was a good-looking blond guy and he seemed nice but he was having trouble. He had asked me for help with the complicated equations last week in our discussion group and I had spent about half the hour going over them with him.

“Hey Liz,” he called out as he jogged toward me. “I just wanted to say thanks for helping me last week. I think I’m starting to get it finally.”

I smiled at him. “That’s good, it’s not easy stuff.”

He shook his head. “It’s pretty easy for you, but you’re very smart.”

I shook my head but he cut me off, leaning in and speaking softly. “Don’t deny it Liz. You’re smart, and nice to help me out, and I just wanted to say thanks.”

I smiled. “You’re welcome.”

He smiled back. “See you in class tomorrow Liz.”

I saw Liz across the quad. It would have been impossible for me to miss her. When I’m not with Liz it seems like all I do is look for her, count the minutes until we’re together.

She was wearing a red shirt, my favorite color on her, and her hair danced in the wind exposing her luscious neck. I could taste her skin in my mouth as I imagined kissing her, but of course my imagination didn’t stop there. I could feel the weight of her perfect breasts in my hands, her naked body pressed against mine, her soft, wet heat surrounding my cock. It made me hard just thinking about her.

Then I noticed that she was talking to a guy.

Okay, Liz talks to guys. I know this. I don’t like it, but men make up half the population and occasionally she will have to talk to them.

But this guy was different.

I had seen him talking to Liz before, a couple of times last week. He was one of those blond, pretty-boy, preppy guys who think the whole world should fall at their feet. And his body language definitely said that he was interested in her. He was standing too fucking close to her, leaning in.

I felt an instant flash of anger, jealousy and possessiveness. Liz is mine and I couldn’t believe that asshole was trying to move in on her. My first instinct was to run across the quad and stomp the pretty-boy into the ground.

But I kept my temper and slowly walked toward them, and before I got there the guy took off.

Liz turned and saw me and a smile lit her whole face. Then I was glad that I hadn’t beaten the guy to a pulp. Liz loves me, I don’t have any doubt about it. That guy was the problem not Liz, and as I took her into my arms I had already decided to meet her earlier tomorrow. I would show the fucking preppy that Liz belonged to me, and that would be an end to it.

But for now I felt an overwhelming need to take Liz, to prove to myself that she is mine.

As I hugged Zan I could feel his erection pressing into me. I pulled back and looked into his face with a smile. If I had any doubt about his intensions the smoldering look in his golden eyes would have left me with no other conclusion. Zan has a way of putting sex into his eyes, one simple glance telling me without a word that he wants me. We had made love that morning but that had been many long hours ago and I wanted him too.

He held my eyes as he reached out to stroke my cheek. “Come on angel,” he rumbled, “I’ll take you home and fuck you so good.“

A shiver of desire raced through me and I simply nodded. Zan kept one arm around my waist as we quickly walked home. He always touches me, but especially when we’re out together in public. I know it’s partially because he likes to touch me, but it’s also because he wants there to be no mistake about our relationship. It is his way of declaring his possession of me and warning off any other guys. And I don’t mind. In fact I like it. I feel protected and loved, and I love the fact that Zan wants the whole world to know that we’re together.

It seemed like it took forever to reach our building and as soon as we got into the elevator I put a hand to Zan’s chest and pushed him back against the wall. He smiled crookedly and let me have my way and I stood up on tiptoes, pressing my body against his as I kissed him.

Zan growled his approval and his hands roamed down to my grip my butt, pulling me closer to him.

I wanted Liz badly, but I wanted both of us completely naked, skin against skin as I thrust into her. When we reached our floor I unlocked the door and lifted her small body into my arms. Her gasp of surprise and pleasure was like fire in my veins and I kicked the door closed behind us and carried her straight into the bedroom.

Within moments I had us both naked and I lifted her onto the bed, only pausing briefly to let my eyes roam over every inch of her. Her eyes were darkened with desire, her legs parted, her lower lips already wet, welcoming me. I climbed onto the bed and fit my body to hers, settling between her legs, my aching cock nestled against her soft folds. I pressed almost my entire weight on her letting her know that I would accept nothing less than her total surrender.

I kissed her hard and her body lifted into me, and I knew she wanted me as much as I wanted her. I moved my hips rubbing my erection through her lower lips, each back and forth motion parting her a little more, drawing me ever closer to my goal. Liz writhed beneath me and angled her hips aligning our bodies, and with my next motion I allowed my cock to enter her.

So slowly I pushed inside her tight, wet pussy, struggling to keep control as Liz moved beneath me attempting to draw me deeper. I stopped about half way in and pressed all of my weight against her, holding her immobile beneath me. Liz’s eyes were wide with pleasure and her breath was coming in gasps, turning me on even more knowing that she wanted me so much.

Then I slowly pushed in to the hilt, pausing to savor the sensation of being held inside Liz. She is so small and tight and I always have to concentrate not to come as soon as I’m buried completely within her.

Her small hands roamed over my back, her fingers digging into my muscles and her breath was coming faster. I withdrew from her a few inches and thrust back inside. Her eyes widened and a small sound escaped her.

It is intoxicating watching Liz’s reactions as I fuck her, hearing the sounds she makes, feeling her body beneath me, around me, and I knew I would never get enough.

I wanted Zan so much I was practically desperate for him. He had barely entered me and already I could feel my inner walls starting to pulse. Suddenly he withdrew again and pushed back inside, starting a steady pace. His weight was holding me against the bed and I couldn’t lift my hips to meet his thrusts. Helpless to do anything else I grasped his chiseled ass, encouraging him to increase his pace. “Zan,” I said breathlessly.

He complied with another growl, slamming into me. Sweat coated both our bodies and they slid together easily, Zan’s hard pecs brushing against my breasts sending jolts of energy through me. I whimpered with pleasure and with a few more strokes I felt my orgasm coming.

Zan must have felt it too. He gripped my shoulders to give himself more traction and increased his pace even more.

My whole body felt almost limp with pleasure and my breath was coming so fast I thought I might pass out. It was all I could do to keep my arms wrapped around Zan, and then suddenly my orgasm hit. Every muscle in my body tightened and I cried out, aware that the first clench of my inner walls brought Zan over the edge with me.

I stroked Zan’s back as we attempted to catch our breath. “You’re right Zan,” I said breathlessly, “that was really good.”

Zan looked into my eyes, smiling crookedly. “I can do better angel.”


Class let out a few minutes early and I took my time gathering my books and leaving the room, knowing Zan probably wouldn’t have arrived yet. When I got outside I saw Tom and Dave talking. “Hey guys,” I greeted.

“Hey Liz,” they said.

Dave spoke up. “Can you believe that the professor assigned two whole chapters for tonight?” He shook his head. “I’ll be up half the night reading, after I get off work that is. What about you guys?”

Tom nodded. “Me too.”

“Um, I already read the next two chapters,” I admitted.

“Of course you did,” Dave said with a smile. He looked at his watch. “Hey, I’ll catch you guys later,” he said. “Maybe I’ll actually get to work on time today.”

Tom turned to me after Dave left. “So you’ve already read the chapters, want to give me a sneak preview?”

I arrived early as I had planned but Liz’s class was already out, and again across the quad I saw the same preppy guy talking to her. I lengthened my stride determined to get to them before he left so I could set him straight. But again before I reached them he walked away.

I scowled at his retreating back. It’s like he had some kind of danger radar, but not enough to leave my angel alone.

Liz turned toward me and I quickly replaced my scowl with a smile. I kissed her briefly and took her into my arms looking over her head, my eyes going directly to the preppy. And as if he felt my gaze he turned back toward us.

I watched him as he watched us and I didn’t see any signs of surprise. The fucking asshole knew Liz was taken and he was still making a play for her.

I slid my hands under the hem of Liz’s shirt in the back, savoring the texture of her warm, soft skin. And I dipped my head putting my lips close to her ear. “I want you so much baby.”

Her body shivered under my touch and she tightened her arms around me, pressing even closer against me. “I want you too,” she said breathily.

Her need enflamed me even more and I kissed her neck lingeringly. When I looked up again, I noted with satisfaction that the preppy was still watching us and I smiled, knowing I had won. Liz was mine, she lived with me, she slept in my bed, she fucked me. He was shit-outta-luck. I looked away from him, dismissing him as the unimportant distraction he was and concentrated on Liz.

And eager to claim my prize, I pulled back to meet her eyes. “Let’s go home,” I whispered.

Zan and I hurried home and we barely got through the door before he started ripping off our clothes. My shirt went first and then his. He pulled me to him with an arm around my waist and kissed me hard as his free hand went to the fastening on my pants. Deftly he opened my jeans and pushed them down my legs.

Then cupping my butt he lifted me against him and carried me into the bedroom. When he placed me on the bed my hands went directly to the opening on his jeans. I lowered his zipper and pushed his pants and boxers down his hips and reached for his hard shaft.

Zan growled when I took him in my hands slowly caressing his soft skin. His hands went to unhook my bra and he tossed it aside palming my breasts. Quickly he brushed his thumbs over my nubs and I arched into his hands. He kissed me hard pressing me back onto the mattress. Kissing a line down my neck he stopped at a particularly sensitive spot sucking and biting. I knew he would leave a mark but I didn’t care because it felt so good.

Suddenly he gripped my hips and pulled me forward to the edge of bed. Then he stepped between my legs, parting them and led his cock to my throbbing center. He held my eyes and one corner of his mouth lifted in a grin as he thrust inside.

I gasped with pleasure and he grinned wider. Then holding my hips he withdrew almost all the way and thrust back into me hard, burying himself to the hilt. “I love taking you like this angel,” he growled as he traced his hand between my breasts. “I can see your whole body as I fuck you, every expression, every reaction.” He leaned down placing his hands on either side of my head and kissed me. “And I can see you taking my cock all the way inside your sweet pussy.”

I gasped in surprise and Zan kissed me again. His hands went back to my hips as he straightened up. He withdrew from me again and pushed back inside, quickly finding a rhythm, taking me hard and fast. Again and again he thrust into me causing delicious friction between our bodies, and I couldn’t stop my moans of pleasure.

Zan smiled again. “Oh baby you like that,” he growled as he increased his pace.

“Yes Zan,” I said breathlessly. I raised my hips to meet his thrusts as I felt my orgasm approaching.

My whole body shook and a few more of his hard surges pushed me over the edge. “Oh Zan!”

He followed me a moment later with a groan of pure male satisfaction and collapsed onto me pressing his head between my breasts.

I wrapped my arms around him and caressed his back as we both attempted to catch our breath.

Zan kissed my chest and then took my breast briefly into his mouth, drawing his tongue over my hard nipple. “Mmmm,” he purred with satisfaction, looking up to meet my eyes. “I’ll never get enough of you angel. Every time we’re together it just keeps getting better.”



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