Body of an Artist Part 2


Part 2


Zan had gotten a door installed at the bedroom entrance when I moved in and he closed it behind him as he went into the other room.

My whole body hummed because of his touches and I took a deep breath trying to get myself under control. How was it that I could still want him so much? We’d spent the day making love and he’d brought me to climax again and again, but one look at his beautiful body and I wanted him again.

Quickly I finished getting ready, putting on my dress and slipping into a pair of shoes before grabbing some earrings and an evening bag and quickly transferring a few essentials inside. Then I took a deep breath and joined Zan and his agent in the other room.

Zan crossed to me slipping a possessive hand around my waist. “You look incredible angel,” he growled into my neck. He turned to his agent. “See Steve I told you she’d be out in a minute. Liz’s isn’t one of those prissy girls who primps for hours. She doesn’t need to, she’s naturally gorgeous.”

I felt myself blush.

Zan indicated the other man. “Liz this is my agent Steve Holbrook.” Zan kissed the top of my head. “Steve this is my angel, my muse, Liz Parker.”

Steve was a little taller and thinner than Zan, and he had kind of a hard face, but Zan trusted him and that was enough for me. I reached out to shake Steve’s hand. “Nice to meet you.”

“Nice to finally meet you too Liz,” Steve said with a smile. “Zan has told me a lot about you.”

“He has?” I asked surprised.

Steve nodded. “Zan’s right you are beautiful and you must be inspiring him. He’s been prolific this last month and the work is not only good but it has this powerful quality to it that I can’t quite define.”

Zan leaned into me whispering. “I had to do something to keep my mind off sex while you’re in school.”

I blushed again and Steve motioned to the door. “Are you ready to go?”

Steve had a limousine waiting and he took us to dinner. I hadn’t even realized I was hungry until I smelled the wonderful food but then I remembered that I’d only had coffee for breakfast and Zan and I had skipped lunch, instead spending the time in bed.

The food was wonderful and the conversation was lively and it was almost nine o’clock by the time we left. Steve glanced at his watch as we got back into the car and turned to me with a grin. “I think it’s late enough for Zan to make his entrance. We’ll be over an hour late and it will just add to his bad boy reputation.”

Zan looked at me and rolled his eyes. “You know how much I hate that poser shit Steve. I refuse to show up with a hip-hop posse or talk Ebonics to the dealers even though it might sell a few more paintings.” With a grimace he teasingly flashed a gang sign. “Wasssup homie.” He shrugged. “If that’s the only reason people are buying, then fuck ‘em. I may have grown up on the street, but I don’t live like that any more. I live my life for me, the way I want to live.”

Steve smiled. “Even better, the bad boy with a code.”

Zan took my hand and pressed his lips against it. “This is why I hate these things angel.”

I touched his face. “I think it’ll be great. I’ve never seen your work displayed in a gallery. I mean that’s got to be exciting to know that people like it so much that you get your own show.”

Zan smiled and kissed my cheek. “You’re right baby.” He turned to Steve. “You see why I fell in love with her.”

Steve nodded. “You’re a lucky man. Beauty, brains and she loves you too. Most men never find that.”

We arrived at the gallery and I must admit that I found it all a bit overwhelming. There were photographers and a lot of people vying for Zan’s attention, including some of the most beautiful and sophisticated women I have ever seen, but through it all Zan kept me at his side. And he was constantly touching me; a hand around my waist or at the small of my back, touching my arm, holding my hand. He introduced me to everyone as his angel, but his tone of voice and possessive touch and attitude left no doubt about the status of our relationship.

When we got a quiet moment I asked Zan about his choice of words. “So I’m your angel?”

Zan grinned and cupped my cheek as he leaned in for a brief kiss. “You know you are baby. You’re mine and I want everyone to know it.” He leaned in for a longer kiss. “Girlfriend sounds too innocuous, like we’re in third grade or something,” he leaned in closer whispering, “and I don’t think you want me telling all of these people that you’re my lover. Of course I can’t keep my hands off you so I’m sure they’ve guessed that already.”

At that moment Steve motioned to Zan to get his attention. “Steve wants me to talk business with this dealer Liz. It might take a while. Do you want to come or you could just look around?”

I smiled. “I want to look around and see all of your work.”

Zan kissed me again. “Okay angel, I’ll find you as soon as I’m done.”

I moved to the painting nearest me, studying it closely. Zan’s work is somewhat impressionistic. He paints seemingly regular scenes but he uses dark, strange colors that give his compositions a brooding, otherworldly quality. I asked him once why he made the choices of subjects and colors, and he said he just paints what he sees.

I happened to glance at the price before moving on and I nearly choked. I knew the loft must have cost a fortune but I have no idea how much money Zan has. If the price on this painting was typical he must be doing very well. I didn’t care about the money and I knew it was only important to Zan because it allowed him to concentrate exclusively on his painting. He told me in the past he had worked all kinds of odd jobs to pay the bills and he was just glad that now he didn’t have to have a real job.

As I continued around the gallery, carefully examining each composition, I noticed that more than one painting already had a sold sticker across the price. I stopped in front of a skyline of the night view from the loft’s balcony. It had a sold sticker too and I felt a tinge of regret. It was a beautiful, lonely scene and it was the first thing I had watched Zan paint.

Suddenly Zan’s arms encircled my waist from behind. “What’s wrong baby? You look so sad.”

I motioned to the painting. “It’s just that this is the first painting I watched you do, and I’m kind of sad to see that it’s sold.”

“I’m sorry Liz,” he said. “If I knew you wanted it I would have given it to you.”

He kissed my head. “There’s another painting over here I want you to see.” He took my hand and led me to a back corner of the gallery where a single painting was hanging with a red sign next to it that said Not For Sale.

Immediately I could see it was painting of me. It showed me lying in bed on my stomach, the sheet pulled up so it only exposed my back just below my shoulder blades. My face was turned so that the profile was visible and my hair spilled across my pillow and back. The scene was illuminated solely by the moonlight and the tones were very muted, blacks, blues and the occasional hint of yellow and pink.

I had never seen the painting before and I was struck not only by the beauty of the scene, but the sense of wonder and awe that it seemed to convey. Zan had painted me as some kind of delicate, beautiful, otherworldly creature, a fairy or an angel perhaps. And suddenly my eyes flicked to the title and I smiled. It was called My Angel.

I turned to him so I could see his eyes and leaned against the wall next to the painting. “Zan it’s so beautiful.”

He shook his head as he reached out to stroke my cheek. “You are the one who’s beautiful. You inspired me to paint it.” He braced his arm against the wall near my head, and his voice dropped to nearly a whisper as he leaned in. “The night we first made love I couldn’t sleep and I got up and sketched you for hours. I wanted to capture that night, how beautiful you were, how you made me feel. I worked on the painting while you were at school and Steve saw it when he stopped by the other day. I would never sell it but he convinced me to display it. I want everyone to see how beautiful you are.”

Careful not to let our bodies touch, he dipped his head and placed a kiss on my cheek. “I knew you wouldn’t mind me displaying the painting because it’s very modest.” He kissed my nose. “No one gets to see the other painting or sketches I did of you, ever.” He kissed my lips. “Your beautiful body is for my eyes only,” he said possessively.

I saw the light of passion ignite in his eyes as they skimmed over my breasts. He leaned in again pressing a kiss to my neck. “Do you have any idea how much I want you right now?” he groaned.

We were in a very public place and there were people all around, but I couldn’t help tempting him. “Tell me,” I whispered.

Zan’s hand remained against the wall and the only part of him touching me was his thumb tracing my jaw, but I felt the electricity that surged through his body at my words. He was still leaning over me, his mouth near my ear, and he didn’t move. “Angel,” he rasped softly, “if we were alone I’d lift you up against this wall and jam my hard cock into your hot, wet pussy again and again until I took your breath away.”

“Zan,” I gasped as a shiver of desire raced through my body. My nipples hardened, pressing against the thin material of my dress.

He noticed immediately and his hand lightly brushed down my bare arm. “Liz,” he growled.

But at that moment we were interrupted.

“Zan, the big dawg himself,” a masculine voice called out. “I’ve been looking all over for you man.”

“Shit it’s Rick,” Zan groaned as he turned toward the man.

My first glance at the man approaching us showed me an older man, slightly balding, holding a large glass of some kind of brown alcohol. He wasn’t drunk but he’d had enough to drink to make him loud and obnoxious, or maybe he was just like that anyway.

Rick’s gaze raked over me, lingering on my breasts as he spoke to Zan. “I was coming to talk to you about this painting,” he said motioning to the painting of me.

Zan started shaking his head before Rick even said another word.

“Don’t say no yet Zan,” Rick said. “My clients want this painting and they are willing to pay.” He mentioned a sum that made my eyes widen.

“It’s not for sale,” Zan said. “For any price.”

Rick smiled. “Everything is for sale.”

Zan shook his head again. “Take off Rick, you’re just pissing me off.”

Rick’s eyes raked over my body as he spoke. “Zan you’ve never brought a date to any of these things before,” he motioned to me, “so I guess this must be your bitch. She’s a fine piece of ass, I have to compliment your taste…”

“Shut up Rick!” Zan growled fiercely, cutting him off. He stepped between me and Rick poking a finger to Rick’s chest. “Liz isn’t anyone’s bitch! She’s a lady, a straight ‘A’ student at NYU. And you’ll treat her with respect, not like some street ho!”

I was practically in shock because of what Rick had said. No one had ever spoken like that about me, at least not to my face. I’ve always been a good girl, boring even. I guess to others Zan and I might seem like a strange couple, he looks like a rock star and I look like a librarian. And if you don’t know us you might assume he was only with a good girl like me for the novelty, and I was just living on the wild side. But I still couldn’t believe Rick would say it while I was standing there.

Rick backed a step and Zan advanced on him, speaking softly. “And just so you don’t get any ideas, Liz isn’t my date, she’s just mine, period.”

“Chill homie,” Rick said, trying to laugh it off. “I didn’t mean anything. I was just…”

Zan shook his head, his voice soft but fierce. “I don’t give a shit what you were doing. The painting isn’t for sale and neither is Liz, so just fuck off!”

Rick moved away and Zan turned his focus back to me. He touched my face gently. “I’m sorry angel, that guy is just a slime. And I didn’t mean to come off like a Neanderthal but I know what he’s like and I wanted him to know he didn’t have a chance with you.”

I’m not the kind of person who can’t stand up for herself, but it made me feel protected and loved that Zan had defended me so quickly. It also made me want him even more.

I put a hand to his chest and backed him into the wall. Zan remained silent and I think he was waiting for me to get mad. I smiled and rose up on tiptoes to kiss him. “Thank you for what you said, for defending me. My own personal knight-in-shining-armor.”

Zan smiled and I kissed him again. “I love it when you get possessive.” I leaned in closer. “And when we get home I’ll give you a big reward.”

Zan took my face in his hands and kissed me hard. “What kind of reward?” he asked teasingly.

I shrugged. “Any kind you want.”

Zan growled again. “I don’t know if I can wait until we get home.” He looked around and his eyes lit on a nearby door. He kissed me again. “Keep that thought.” Crossing to the door he opened it and quickly looked inside. He came back to me and took my hand, leading me to the door. Once again he looked around to make sure no one was watching and he pulled me inside and locked the door behind us.

I glanced around the room, noting the multiple monitors, computers and control panels. “What is this?”

Zan closed the distance between us, pressing our bodies together. “It’s where all of the lighting for the gallery is controlled.”

“So no one’s likely to come in right?” I asked.

Zan shook his head and I stood up on tiptoes pressing my hands to his chest and kissed him. I reached down knowing I would find him hard, and rubbed his erection through his pants. “Is this the kind of reward you want Zan?” I whispered.

I watched his eyes darken with desire, and holding his gaze I slowly started to pull down his zipper. When I had it down all the way I slipped my hand inside and was surprised to find that he wasn’t wearing underwear. But with the pants he was wearing I guess he had to go commando.

I reached further inside and grasped his erection, gently stroking the velvety skin. “So soft,” I whispered.

His whole body shook and a soft groan escaped him. I was about to kneel down and take him into my mouth when suddenly Zan pulled my hand out of his pants with a growl. “You’re going to drive me insane baby.” He kissed my hand and winked as he pulled up his zipper. “And I had something else in mind.”

His hands skimmed across my breasts and down over my hips. When he reached the hem of my dress his hands slipped underneath and brushed up my legs raising the dress. “I want to see the panties I gave you,” he whispered. His fingers hooked into the elastic top and he pushed them down my legs.

“Zan,” I gasped as the scrap of lace fell around my ankles.

He knelt before me and raised one leg and then the other removing my panties and put them to his nose inhaling deeply before stuffing them into his pocket. Then his hands slid up the back of my legs, squeezing my ass as he passed over it and hiked my dress up so the entire length was bunched up around my waist. “Sit down baby,” he rasped.

I sat gingerly, my bare butt on the chair feeling odd.

Zan settled between my legs and grasped my hips pulling me forward until I was as close to the edge as possible. Then he lifted both my legs, putting them over his shoulders, opening me to him. “I didn’t get nearly enough of a taste earlier,” he growled.

I could feel the cool air of the room against my heated, wet folds and I shivered in anticipation of Zan’s touch.

“You’re so beautiful,” he said softly, his hot breath brushing against my sensitive skin. “Pink and perfect like a delicate flower.” He leaned in for a lick, his tongue going deep between my folds. “You smell like exotic spices and taste like heaven.”

He took another long lick from my aching core to my clit, his tongue swirling around my nub, and my body jerked in reaction.

“Mmmm baby,” he purred, “you like that don’t you?”

I reached down tangling my hands in his hair. “Zan that feels so good.”

Again and again his soft, warm tongue brushed through my lower lips and I couldn’t stop my moans of pleasure. He licked over my clit, briefly sucking it into his mouth and grazing it with his teeth. He was purposefully avoiding my core and I writhed under him, pulling at his head trying to encourage him to touch me where I needed him.

Using a hard pressure of his tongue Zan circled ever closer to my core, and my breath came in gasps as I anticipated his tongue sliding deep inside. But he moved back up to my clit, darting his tongue against it with quick short strokes before grazing it with the stud in his chin. Electricity surged through my body and it felt incredible but I whimpered still needing more.

Suddenly Zan’s fingers slid through my lower lips, brushing briefly over my core. He used his thumbs to separate my folds, completely exposing me to him, and flicked his tongue quickly over my clit several times before plunging it deep into my aching core.

I grasped at his head as I arched into him. “Zan,” I moaned.

He withdrew his tongue and thrust it back inside drawing another moan from me. Faster and faster he stroked into me as he brushed my clit with his thumb.

It felt so good having Zan’s mouth on me that the orgasm caught me completely by surprise. I arched into him as my core clenched powerfully and I flew over the edge. My whole body shook with pleasure and my legs clamped around his head.

He continued his ministrations as I rode out my climax, gently kissing and licking every inch of me as if he couldn’t get enough. His hands caressed my thighs urging them apart and my body suddenly felt boneless allowing him to open my legs again. He slowly brushed my clit with his thumb, each touch sending a jolt of electricity through me, but somehow soothing me at the same time.

After long minutes my body stopped shivering and my breathing returned to normal. “Zan that was incredible.”

With a final long lick, he came up from between my thighs and kissed me lingeringly. “Baby I love making you cum. Seeing your reactions, watching your body move, hearing your sounds of pleasure, tasting and smelling you, there is nothing I like more.”

He kissed me again. “We have to go home now. I need full access to every inch of you so I can touch and taste you. I need to feel our naked skin pressed together while I thrust into you and make you cum again and again.”

I nodded agreeing immediately, but then my sense of duty kicked in. “But Zan we’ve been here less than two hours.”

Zan kissed my neck. “It’s long enough.”

He helped me put my panties on, fix my dress and hair, and wipe off my smeared lip gloss. Then he went to the door and checked to make sure no one was watching before he motioned for me to come out.

Once the door closed behind us he squeezed my hand. “I’ll just tell Steve we’re going angel. Meet me in the front in five minutes?”

I nodded and watched him thread his way through the people, the motion of his chiseled thighs in the form-fitting leather holding my attention. His shirt hung down blocking my view of his tight leather-encased ass and I made a mental note to get a good look when we got home.

When he disappeared into the crowd I wandered slowly toward the door. My path took me past the painting of the cityscape so I could see it one last time, but I noticed with regret that it was gone. The new owners must have taken it already.

I reached the front before Zan and looked back across the crowd scanning the room for him. I spotted him almost immediately. He stood out among the other people, at least in my mind. Whether it was his handsome face, his muscular body, his arrogant, self-assured attitude or his sizzling sexuality, I wasn’t sure. Maybe it was just the fact that I’m in love with Zan that seemed to make him more vivid than everyone else.

Zan was talking to Steve and a couple of other men I hadn’t met.

Suddenly a beautiful blonde woman in a too-tight dress approached them. Smiling, she put her hand on Zan’s arm, pressing her body against him, her breasts practically spilling out. Instantly I was horribly jealous.

Okay, I’m not naïve. I know before he met me Zan was with other women. A man who’s whole being screams sex like Zan has surely had a lot of women in his life. He has never made a secret of that fact. But he has never lived with any of them, and he has never loved any of them.

He loves me and I know he would never be unfaithful. But just because we’re together doesn’t mean that women will stop making passes at him. I had seen women looking at him when we’ve been out, but never had I witnessed anyone so brazenly make a move on him.

I glared at the blonde bimbo across the room, willing her hair to fall out.

With a bland expression Zan looked down at her hand on his arm and then back into her eyes. He spoke a few words and she drew her hand back, the smile dissolving from her face as she put some distance between them. Pouting prettily she handed him a small leather portfolio. Zan turned away dismissing her and clapped Steve on the shoulder briefly before he started threading his way through the crowd toward me.

I felt a rush of satisfaction and possessiveness and let my eyes roam over Zan’s body as he walked toward me. His movements were graceful, self-assured, dangerous even and so sexy. He looked like a lean, dark wolf among a herd of sheep. The hand gripping the portfolio flexed the muscles in his powerful forearm, the silk shirt alternately tightening and loosening across his solid chest. The motion of his shoulders and leather-encased hips and legs made me picture his strong, naked body. A shiver of pure desire ripped through me, my whole being on fire for him instantly.

I feel so lucky to be with Zan. He is an incredible, beautiful, loving, sexy man and suddenly I felt guilty about my shyness in expressing how much I always want him.

I glanced back at the blonde and saw that she was still watching Zan and I made a conscious decision to show her she was wasting her time, while at the same time showing Zan my desire.

From a few feet away I saw his eyes skim my body, his heated gaze almost like a touch. A smile lifted the corner of his mouth as he met my eyes and I could see the desire burning within.

When Zan reached me I instantly moved into him and he wrapped his arm around me holding me to him. I skimmed my hand down his chest and stomach, stopping almost indecently low, and leaned in close whispering so only he could hear. “I want you so much Zan. I need your thick cock inside me. I need you to fuck me good and hard.”

“Liz,” he growled, obviously surprised by my words but pleased. His arm tightened around me, pulling me even closer and he kissed me hard. “Steve said we could take his limo,” he whispered into my neck. “We’ll be home in just a few minutes baby, and I’ll fuck you any way you want.”

Zan kept his arm around me holding me tightly against his hard body as we went outside. We had to wait for a few minutes for the limo to arrive, and I motioned to the portfolio in his hand. “What’s that?” I asked.

Zan shrugged. “Just something I left here.”

We got into the limo and Zan talked to the driver briefly before putting up the privacy screen. Then with a growl he pulled me to him.

“Can he see us?” I asked, looking at the smoky but transparent glass separating us from the driver.

“No,” Zan said pressing a kiss to my neck. “We can see him, but he can’t see or hear us.”

“Oh,” I said with a smile. I hiked up my skirt and straddled him, pressing my hot core against the bulge in his pants.

He kissed me lingeringly and his hand found the hem of my skirt and slipped underneath and into my panties. His fingers slid over my lower lips with a feather’s touch. I felt a rush of liquid between my thighs and Zan groaned into my mouth as his fingers brushed through my damp folds.

Every few strokes his fingers slid over my clit and soon my body was shivering with need. Zan kissed a line down my neck licking and sucking the tender skin as he continued with his fingers. And even though Zan’s touch was slow and light I was quickly building to climax, my breath coming in gasps.

But without him inside I felt so empty. I reached down and unfastened his pants, slipping my hand inside to grasp his erection. He groaned as I pulled him out, stoking the soft skin. I shifted my hips and led him to my aching core. “I need you now Zan.”

“We’re almost home angel,” he growled. “We don’t have time to finish.”

I held his eyes as I lifted up positioning myself over him and Zan smiled crookedly as he helped me by pushing my panties aside. I sank down onto him, taking all of his thick length inside and my whole body shook with the wonderful sensation of being filled completely by him. “Zaaaaan,” I gasped, “you feel so good.”

“Fuck baby,” Zan growled, “you’re so hot.” He pushed the neckline of my dress aside and took my breast into his mouth sucking the delicate skin.

I lifted my hips up and down, again and again, setting a steady rhythm, letting Zan’s cock slide almost all the out before I took him back deep inside. Both directions his soft tip brushed against my G-spot causing shivers of incredible pleasure to wash through me. “Oh Zan,” I gasped, my whole body arching as I felt the start of a flutter inside.

Suddenly the car stopped and Zan withdrew. I was so close to orgasm that I thought I would go insane.

Lifting me out of his lap Zan put me back on the seat quickly fixing our clothes, and a few moments later the driver opened the door. Zan helped me out of the car and pressed a tip into the driver’s hand. I was so aroused I felt like I couldn’t even think and it annoyed me a little that Zan seemed to be unaffected and functioning normally. He wrapped an arm around my waist and I allowed him to lead me into the building.

I knew Zan would be inside me as soon as we got through our front door but it seemed like we would never get there. The elevator was taking forever to arrive and I leaned against Zan shivering. He held me tighter and placed a kiss on my forehead. “Just another minute baby and I’ll give you what you need.”

Finally the elevator arrived and we stepped inside, and when the doors closed Zan pounced. He dropped the portfolio and pushed me against the wall devouring my mouth as he ripped his zipper down and took out his hard length. Then he easily lifted me against the wall, pushed my dress up and my panties aside and surged inside.

I cried out with pleasure as he filled my aching core and I wrapped my arms and legs around him.

Zan groaned and pounded into me hard and fast. “You’re mine angel,” he growled. “I’m the only one who gets to see and taste your body. The only one who turns you on and the only one who fucks you.”

“Oh Zan yes,” I gasped.

“Say it angel,” he growled between powerful thrusts. “Say you’re mine.”

“I’m yours Zan,” I gasped. “Only yours.” I felt my inner walls start to flutter and my body tightened.

He thrust into me again and again, hard and deep. “Come on baby,” Zan rasped. “Cum just for me.”

The orgasm flashed through me suddenly, my core pulsing hard around Zan’s cock. He growled and collapsed against me, pressing me into the wall. I was unable to stop my head falling forward onto his shoulder as I struggled to catch my breath. “I always wondered about doing it in the elevator,” I gasped.

Zan kissed my neck. “So did I angel, and it was definitely worth the wait.”

We arrived at our floor and the door slid open. Zan held me against him, picked up the portfolio and walked us to the door, somehow managing to unlock and open it. Once inside he kicked it shut and put the portfolio down. He was still buried deep inside me, and as he put me on his worktable I realized he was still hard.

“Zan,” I gasped. I tightened my legs around him and smiled knowing he would soon be pounding into me again.

With a growl he gripped my hips and pulled forward to the edge of the table. He slid the straps of my dress down my arms exposing my breasts and brushed his thumbs over my hard nubs. I arched into his touch and he teased my breasts with a few more strokes as he kissed me hard. One of his hands threaded into my hair and he wrapped the other around my waist holding my body to his.

I was aware of every solid inch of his chest pressed against mine, his chiseled pecs separated from my breasts by only the thin layer of his silk shirt. He withdrew and surged back into me, and his movements caused his pecs to rub against my sensitive nubs brushing them with the ultra-soft silk. I cried out with the exquisite sensation of pleasure and Zan smiled. “Baby I knew you’d like that.”

He held me to him tightly, thrusting into me hard and fast, setting a quick rhythm that made my breath come in gasps. We had never tried this position before and it allowed me to take him so deep. I was extremely sensitive from the other orgasms, and the continued brush of silk against my nipples coupled with his strokes sent electric sensations through my whole body.

Suddenly I remembered the drawing Zan had done of us making love in this position. It had shown him taking me on the kitchen counter, my legs wrapped around him. It was a fantasy of his to have me this way and I knew he would never forget, especially because we were doing it on his worktable. Every time he used this table he would picture us making love here.

But I wanted to make it even better, even more memorable.

I knew he loved it when I talked during sex and I gripped the muscles of his back as I expressed my pleasure. “Oh Zan you feel so good inside me.”

“Yes baby,” he growled, nipping my shoulder. “You hold me so tight inside your sweet pussy.”

I dug my fingers into his back tighter and angled my hips. “Faster Zan, harder.”

He complied with a growl, thrusting into me faster, slamming our lower bodies together. “Like that angel?” he groaned into my neck. “Is that what you need?”

“Yes Zan,” I gasped. “Oh yes!” Again and again he surged into me, his silk shirt brushing my breasts faster and harder as he grasped me to him. He kissed and nipped at my neck and shoulders as he continued, his powerful surges taking my breath away. My body started to shake and I arched into him grasping his back harder as I angled my hips up to meet his thrusts.

I’d read an article about how to make it even better for your guy and I decided now was the perfect time to try. Zan thrust into me and I clenched my inner walls around him, gripping him as tightly as I could as he withdrew. He felt even bigger inside me causing the friction between us to increase, and his tip to brush across my G-spot. Then I loosened my muscles as he pushed back inside.

I did it again and again and I felt Zan’s body jerk with pleasure.

“Shit baby,” he groaned. “So fucking good.”

His hand tightened in my hair almost painfully and I let my head fall back exposing my neck completely to him. Zan growled, and his teeth grazed over the skin of my throat. With only a few more strokes my whole body tightened and my breath came in quick gasps as I teetered on the edge. “Zan,” I whimpered.

Zan increased his pace even more and somehow held me on the brink for a handful of moments. Electricity surged through me with each of his movements and my body jerked and spasmed. I couldn’t seem to control my muscles and Zan’s next powerful thrust pushed me over the edge. I cried out as the incredible orgasm ripped through my body and Zan followed me on his next deep stroke.

“Liiiiz!” he groaned as he emptied his seed inside me, his hips jerking against me twice more.

He held me tightly to him and continued to kiss my neck and shoulders as the electric sensations washed through our bodies. We both gasped for breath as we slowly came down. I felt boneless and completely sated.

I tried to lift my head but it didn’t seem to want to obey. A satisfied smile curved the corners of my mouth. “Mmmmm Zan,” I breathed. “That was amazing.”

His teeth grazed my ear. “I’d say fucking amazing angel,” he rumbled.

After long minutes we both caught our breath and I was able to move again. I smoothed my hands over his strong back reveling in the feeling of his hard body pressed so tightly against mine.

Zan cradled my head and brushed the tousled hair out of my face, kissing me tenderly. “I love you so much baby.”

I met his eyes and smiled. “And I love you, especially when you get possessive.”

Zan pulled out of me and pressed a kiss to my forehead. “I have something for you angel.” He reached for the portfolio and took out a wrapped parcel handing it to me.

I quickly unwrapped it and gasped when I saw the painting of the skyline. “How did you…?”

Zan smiled. “I’ll just told the gallery manager to give the people back their money because I changed my mind and it wasn’t for sale.”

“You can’t do that,” I gasped.

“The hell I can’t,” he said with a grin. His hands slid up my thighs as he stepped between my legs again. “I’m a bad boy artist remember? People expect outrageous behavior.”

“But the money,” I whispered. “It’s worth a fortune.”

Zan smiled. “Your happiness is worth more than any amount of money.”

“But doesn’t the gallery get a commission or something?” I argued.

Zan shrugged. “Steve will fix it.” He touched my arm. “Don’t worry angel. I want you to have it.” He took my hand and kissed it as he looked at the painting. “This is the last painting I started before I met you and I thought I didn’t want it around to remind me how lonely and incomplete I felt. But when I saw you across the gallery looking at it, I realized that is exactly why I should keep it.”

He touched my face. “I’ve had other people in my life but I never loved any of them and I always had this place inside that I thought would never be filled, until I met you Liz.

I smiled. “Thank you Zan. That really means a lot to me and I feel the same way about you.”

I felt tears well up in my eyes and Zan noticed immediately. He cupped my cheek. “What’s wrong baby?” he asked concerned.

I smiled. “The painting, defending me, helping me study, and everything else you do, you’re just so good to me.”

Zan held my eyes. “I love you Liz. You give me so much every day. I want the best for you. I want to make you happy.”

I threw my arms around his neck and hugged him tightly. “You do Zan, you make me so happy.”

After a moment Zan pulled back enough to look into my eyes, and one corner of his mouth lifted in a smile. “Well angel I’m ‘up’ to making you happy again if you’re ready for me.”

I put my hands on his chest brushing over his nipples before starting to unfasten his buttons. The silk had been incredibly pleasurable but this time I wanted nothing between his beautiful, strong body and mine. When I finished with the last button I pushed the shirt off his shoulders and leaned into him placing an open-mouth kiss to his chest. My hands skimmed over his bulging arms and I reached around to his back, pulling him closer. “I’m always ready for you Zan. Always.”



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